The Big Chill

The Big Chill The Big Chill Book Three In The Sam Smith Mystery Series The Series In Order Sam S Song Love And Bullets The Big Chill Emergency Christ Who Shot Her Don T Know What A Mess Better Call Dr Warburton Bright Lights A Sharp, Antiseptic Smell Pain Nausea Feel So Weak The Cat, Who Ll Feed The Cat Marlowe She S Babbling She S Lost A Lot Of Blood Blackness Have We Lost Her I Don T Want To Die A Jumble Of Images, My Mother, My Father, But His Face Is So Vague Daddy Nothing A Man Scowling, With A Needle I M Going To Put You To Sleep You Won T Feel A Thing Just Count Backwards From Ten Ten, Nine, Eight Nightmares, Very Vivid, All Too Real So Confused So Weak Distant Voices Laughter A Nurse, Smiling, Reassuring Alan, Tears In His Eyes Don T Cry, Alan, Don T Cry Aching All Over Can T Move My Shoulder Or My Arm Very Tired More Nightmares Too Black To Dwell On Make Them Go Away Sweating Drowning I Catch My Breath, Like Breathing For The First Time Eyes Blink Awake Gasping Try To Rise, But Head Hurts Too Much Fall Back On To The Pillow I Ache All Over, But I M Alive I Was Alive But With A Snowstorm Gripping The City And With An Unknown Assassin Closing In, I Faced The Most Dangerous Moment Of My Life And The Very Real Prospect Of Feeling The Big Chill

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Big Chill book, this is one of the most wanted Hannah Howe author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • The Big Chill
  • Hannah Howe
  • English
  • 07 July 2018
  • 9780956690975

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    Book 3 in the Sam Smith series is all about Sam, herself She s shot early in the story and has to solve her own shooting since the police detective assigned to the case seems willing to settle for an easy, but unlikely, suspect Meantime, the real shooter may not be content until Sam is dead You really get to know Sam in this episode And her romance with the psychologist picks up steam All of which I enjoyed I guessed the culprit right away but the cat and mouse of Sam figuring out who really did it was fun to read.

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    Great story from a great writerI ve read and enjoyed several of the Sam Smith PI mysteries and I m happy to report this is another great one As with previous books, the writer has a style that is easy to read, easy to follow and is well paced I like a strong, determined, unflinching, female protagonist, and Sam Samantha is a superbly constructed character with great strengths and flaws This story reveals of Sam s emotional side as the investigation contains a personal dimension Sam survives a gun attack As with previous books, there is a cracking mystery to solve and this one kept me turning the pages to the very end There are touches of humour, which are perfectly placed to bring a wry smile Highly recommended.

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    A whodunnit that will keep you guessing I love the Sam Smith series She is feisty and funny and determined Sam is shot in her office and as part of her recovery, she is not going to rest until she finds the person who did it The list of potential suspects is unnervingly long I couldn t stop reading until I reached the last page, and now I m a little sad it s over I highly recommend this series They just keep getting better

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    Fast, clever, intelligently written, and humorous are some of the adjectives that come to mind in looking back at this delightful read An interesting premise is that the protagonist is both the attempted murder victim and detective trying to solve the crime Although this is a fast paced read it is not lacking depth Sam with a history of abuse vulnerably opens to trusting a love interest, Alan who happens to be a psychologist , which puts a nice twist into the story These two characters along with Marlow the cat were the chore people feline of interest in the story What propels the story along is Sam s keen adeptness to notice clues and heed where they lead, which keeps the action up and certainly kept me wanting to know what was going to happen the mark of a good read This is a sit down in front of the fireplace and read in one great pop read right to the very satisfying special bonus ending I m a fan of this author and can t wait to dig my eyes into her next book Sue Grafton watch out you have real competition in Hannah Howe.

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    Sam has become like a friend to me It was a real joy to visit with her again In this part she is both the victim and the detective, which was a neat spin I also really enjoyed seeing development with Sam and Alan, I really love their relationship Sam continues to grow and deepen as a character as do several of the secondary characters, some a bit shocking, which was a nice touch I also liked the dynamics with Sam and Mac in this part.The pace was fast In fact, I read it in one sitting It had a light tone amid the serious themes, which is part of what I love about this series and Sam The solution to the mystery surprised me with a very satisfying conclusion.If you are looking for a great mystery series, I highly recommend this I ve loved every moment of the first three parts and have no doubt I will feel the same about the rest.

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    Murder, Body Guard, and a Murder Attempt or TwoSamantha lovers her office Luckily she was bent over behind her desk when the assailant entered and the shot hit her shoulder and she lived Her boyfriends friend, Dr Felicity, took good care of her and even made house calls Dr Alan had to go to France after Christmas to see his parents so she got a big burly bodyguard She and the police disagree over the guilt of a homeless man named Jesus, but as she gets sicker by the day, every suspect is not guilty Giving up and excepting the verdict of the police, she is surprised by the real culprit I figured she would find the right person , but the ending was a big surprise

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    It had been a while since I d read the first two books in the Sam Smith series and reading this was like catching up with old friends I really like the way we see Sam s character develop throughout each book and as usual, The Big Chill had a cast of colourful supporting characters to keep things interesting As for the mystery, I thought I had it all worked out and was thinking myself exceptionally clever, when Hannah Howe completely blindsided me with an ending I never saw coming Great writing

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    Trials and tribulations of a Private Eye When PI, Samantha Smith is shot, things start to go haywire quick smart There is a female police officer full of animosity and a doctor who seems not a little devious Someone is out to get Sam, but who is it There is a rather long list of suspects Boyfriend Alan is a welcome diversion, but is it really what Sam wants And will she quit her job Will it all be too much

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    The I read this series, the I like it Samantha is great character whose development brings the story alive strong, brave with a brilliant sense of humour.It s well written and fast paced, and has plenty of action tempered with emotional depth The character cast suits the genre and even though I did guess the outcome, it is an enjoyable read.Very good and recommended.

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    A thrilling series that gets better and betterThe Big Chill follows Sam Smith through heavy ordeals Sam struggles with life and death, clinging to what she knows in an attempt to uncover the truth.I ve always loved Sam s mind, as odd as that may sound She is hard working, determined and even when defeated, she never gives up.Would definitely recommend.

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