The Anatomist's Wife

The Anatomist's WifeScotland, Following The Death Of Her Husband, Lady Darby Has Taken Refuge At Her Sister S Estate, Finding Solace In Her Passion For Painting But When Her Hosts Throw A House Party For The Cream Of London Society, Kiera Is Unable To Hide From The Ire Of Those Who Believe Her To Be As Unnatural As Her Husband, An Anatomist Who Used Her Artistic Talents To Suit His Own Macabre PurposesKiera Wants To Put Her Past Aside, But When One Of The House Guests Is Murdered, Her Brother In Law Asks Her To Utilize Her Knowledge Of Human Anatomy To Aid The Insufferable Sebastian Gage A Fellow Guest With Some Experience As An Inquiry Agent While Gage Is Clearly Competent Than She First Assumed, Kiera Isn T About To Let Her Guard Down As Accusations And Rumors SwirlWhen Kiera And Gage S Search Leads Them To Even Gruesome Discoveries, A Series Of Disturbing Notes Urges Lady Darby To Give Up The Inquiry But Kiera Is Determined To Both Protect Her Family And Prove Her Innocence, Even As She Risks Becoming The Next Victim

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  • Paperback
  • 357 pages
  • The Anatomist's Wife
  • Anna Lee Huber
  • English
  • 11 December 2019
  • 9780425253281

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    I m going to be the bad guy here and leave a 2 star review amidst all the 5 star ones that motivated me to read this book in the first place THE ANATOMIST S WIFE had such good potential, plot wise Murder mystery set in a castle Check 1830s Scotland Yes, please Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations at all The characters were predictable and their speech and actions reminded me too much of a cheesy romance novel a side point any main character who refers to her own hair, in first person narrative, TWICE, as my chestnut tresses just makes my teeth hurt Another beef I had is that Keira was supposed to be a gentlewoman in the 1830s and while as a widow would not be naive or inexperienced, she came across as way too modern soooo many references to her eye rolling and the male characters were much too open with her of their exploits in bedding various women ugh, cringe worthy stuff This is not a prudish issue that s a whole other story but if I m reading historical fiction, I expect it to be realistic The reason it even got 2 stars from me Let me redeem it a little and say that the mystery was intriguing enough for me to finish reading, even if certain aspects of it were blindingly obvious when mentioned view spoiler the chasteberry and raspberry tea references were so clearly meant to inform us that the lady in question was having fertility issues Why did this not strike Keira at the time She immediately thought of it later That was goofy hide spoiler

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    I found myself completely immersed within this story that I was surprised when I reached the end I was stuck between being at awed and disappointed that it was over Lucky for for I still had two books to look forward While dealing with subject matters, Anna Lee Huber kept the reader going with a strong mystery that prompt you to continue even when at times the story did tend to slow You along with Lady Darby and Gage pick up small clues that may lead to one thing or another Lady Kiera Darby was a character that I felt deeply for Stuck in a sort of limbo after the death of her husband who was to put it lightly was a major asshat and put her through hell Thrown into this case breaks her out of her hiding and self imposed cage along with her growing relationship with Sebastian Gage an inquiry agent who confuses and infuriates her Gage started off an an enigma and ended as one, with only bits and pieces given I m very curious about him and how he ll developed through the series I quickly picked up the second book of this series and don t mind the lack of sleep this series will no doubt bring me

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    May 2012 Four stars Started re reading on April 16, 2018, to remind me of the particulars, before catching up with the series4 21 18 Almost finished my second read of this book, and unfortunately not as pleased as I was the first time around Still an interesting historical mystery, but the characters have a bit less depth than I remembered I like the setting in 1830s Scotland but I m noticing dialogue with anachronistic phrases This is irritating me, but might not bother others Lots of twists and details in the murder plot but maybe 50% mystery and 50% romance I hadn t remembered that much romance Changing my mind, and considering this one as of a three star book I d still like to continue the series, though.4 29 18 Finished my second reading, six years after the first go The last quarter was heavy on the romance which is fine, if that s what you re looking for , but light on any clues about the murder A great deal of the sleuthing took place inside the main characters heads, and without access to our protagonists thoughts readers were left wondering, with very little to go on The murder resolution was very dramatic, but by the book s conclusion, our reluctant and ambivalent, and shrinking violet heroine, the anatomist s wife herself, has begun rather illogically to think of herself as somewhat of a super detective She desires praise and accolades and is perturbed when she does not receive them However, despite some frustrations with the plot and anachronisms , the writing quality is very good, the story is fast paced, and the characters are interesting 3 firm stars.

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    I enjoyed this rather dark mystery with a fabulous balance of grittiness and engaging characters I felt like I really got to know Kiera, Lady Darby well, but there is still to learn about her and I m excited for the next phase of her life Not to mention the mystery of Gage I can t wait to find out about him and his past I m reading the next book immediately

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    Find this and other reviews at someone please explain why it took me so long to read Anna Lee Huber s The Anatomist s Wife I m trying to come up an excuse, an amazing alibi that would explain such an egregious oversight, but I ve got nothing You know, besides a tbr list that is fast approaching the three thousand mark and really, who doesn t have one of those In stark contrast to the myriad of atypical heroines that plague this genre, Kiera isn t an overly progressive liberal, striving to prove herself in a male dominated society In point of fact she is a bit of a recluse who prefers the quiet solitude of her studio to the communal pastimes of her peers Existing on the social fringe, she stands out from the crowd, but her personality and character are not so outlandish that she feels inappropriate to the period in which her story takes place.The relationship between Kiera and Sebastian also held a lot of appeal Evolving slowly, their burgeoning attraction feels authentic and natural Present almost from the start, it grows stronger as the story progresses, but never overwhelms the narrative or takes away from the mystery at the heart of the novel A master in the art of misdirection, Huber offers up just the right amount of detail, steering her readers first one way, then another, bringing them ever closer to the culprit without divulging her antagonist s identity until the final chapters of the narrative Unfortunately, her ability to keep me guessing was undermined by a weak and overly elaborate resolution Maybe I m alone in this, but this is one of those instances in which I genuinely feel less would have been Reminiscent of Carol K Carr, Deanna Raybourn, Tasha Alexander and Amanda Quick, Huber s work is both intriguing and entertaining Ultimately less convincing than I wanted, but a promising debut just the same.

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    Reread rating 3.5 5I honestly want to read it a third time I just cannot get enough of Kiera and Gage This was so much fun to read I loved all the little things hinted at that are revealed later and the murder mystery was really good as well I disagree with some of my opinions I had made back in 2014, but I didn t feel for this seriesback then the way I feel for it now.Ratings 2.5 5 I m a sucker for murder mysteries where the investigator and an individual related to the mystery form an alliance with potential for Add to that the 19th century time period in Scotland and I couldn t wait to read the book Imagine my disappointment when the story line was not as complex as I had hoped, the characters were predictable I guessed the murderer quite early , no relevance to Scotland the entire book took place in a castle and its surrounding areas, it might as well have been anywhere else in the world and I wouldn t have cared any less the interactions far too modern and easy going for me for a second I thought it was contemporary fiction , and an unconvincing development of feelings of the heroine for the hero made it a somewhat boring read with me not really reading but trying to get to the end asap.Still, I have not given up hope I want to read the sequel and see how the author has improved.EDIT I think the one thing that distracted me most was the fact I could not figure out how to pronounce the word Gage Is it gauge or gaig EDIT 2 And why was it that I ended up calling calling the heroine Darcy instead of Darby Actually, I thought Kiera was a strange name for someone in the 19th century Maybe it was popular and I just never read a book in which it was used It seems like a name someone would have nowadays.

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    A good enough booklikable characters, some mystery But it was impossible to care even one fig about the murder victim At the end of the book, the murder is solved, but the love interest was unrequited and strung out to the next book, and Lady Darby is still being shunned by society for the sins of her dead husband That meant to me that there wasn t much point to the story The protagonists both male and female needed to be a lot compelling to overcome the general ho hum of the plot.Also, why is it that so many women detectives both amateur and professional go to such lengths to prove they are as smart as men by putting themselves in such severe physical danger that they must be rescued by a big strong man for their stupidity Why does just as smart as men always have to mean just as strong, just as large, and just as skilled with weapons That s just silly

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    Actual rating 3.75

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    This series was recommended to me by cousin few years ago, but I never got the chance to read it And now that I have started with the first in the series, I m happy to say the series looks promising Anna Lee Huber has created a likable and unorthodox heroine for the series The character of Lady Darby is solid and realistic She is intelligent and talented and reasonable I was able to connect with her from the beginning The hero of the series, the attractive inquiry agent, Sebastian Gage is quite a contrast to the heroine, Lady Darby Whereas the heroine is a sort of an introvert, the hero is charming and outgoing And of course there is opposite attraction between the two and I sense budding romance which will probably be worked out on next installments The murder mystery was worked on a good plot and although it is not complicated and at times it was easy to guess the culprit, the author drives at some twists and turns till the end I enjoyed the read and even enjoyed the characters, especially the main duo I think they will be another enjoyable couple in the historical mysteries genre I have read two other series Lady Julia Grey series and Lady Emily series of this genre set up in 19th century England But when compared, Lady Darby series seems to have potential I hope I won t be disappointed.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.When Lady Darby s husband, an anatomist, dies she goes to live with her sister and brother in law at their castle in the Scottish Highlands This is 1830 and Lady Darby is now a social outcast, considered unnatural, because her husband forced her to assist in his human dissections, using her talents as an artist to help him create a fully illustrated anatomy book After a guest is murdered during a house party, Lady Darby is asked to assist Sebastian Gage, an inquiry agent, in the investigation The other guests consider Lady Darby to be guilty of the murder, believing her to be a female version of Burke and Hare, the notorious murderers who supplied corpses to anatomists in Edinburgh In an effort to prove her innocence she reluctantly agrees to help Gage find the killer.This book is a winner Gothic castle, gruesome murder, and plenty of suspense The author knows how to set a mood, create a sense of time and place, and pull you in The characters are well drawn, especially the nasty ones I found myself outraged at times, wanting to administer a swift kick in the backside to some particularly loathsome person On the other hand, I was really rooting for Lady Darby Her fear, loneliness and isolation are palpable throughout the book, I couldn t help feeling sorry for her.There was only one character that didn t work for me, Sebastian Gage I thought he was arrogant, domineering and not nearly as clever as he thinks he is I turned to march out of the library, but he grabbed my arm to stop me Later in the same scene he squeezes her arm while pressuring her to make a promise Stop grabbing and squeezing to impose your will on others Also, don t enter a ladies bedroom without asking first Gage is described as handsome but his personality leaves a great deal to be desired I m hoping he improves in the later books.One thing needs to be corrected maybe it has been in later editions , in my paperback version it mentions raccoons Raccoons are native to North America and are not found in the wild in Scotland There were some escapees from a zoo a couple of years ago, but they were caught and returned to captivity as it s believed they would be destructive to native wildlife.I m sorry that I didn t know about this series when it began in 2012, but coming in on it later means that there are four books in the series completed, just waiting to be gobbled up.

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