The 3rd Option

The 3rd OptionLoved this book and the imaginative story I enjoyed the intrigue, the premise, the international travel and the discovery It could be real, this third option, and the power and money struggles behind that could, indeed, create the outcomes the author conceives in this book I was drawn into the book, and wanted to both know the end of the story as well as not have any ending at all The characters were likable, if meant to be, and hated, if meant to be I enjoy an author who makes the descriptions vivid enough for me to see reading this book was like watching a 3 d movie of my own casting, with the costuming, scenery and dialog provided by clever Mr Sharpton.Well done Thoroughly enjoyable, thoroughly worth the read. Allan Chappel Enrolled In Seminary To Change The World, But People Lied And People Died, And He Turned In His Clerical Collar For An Office Cubicle Now, Years Later, The Ghosts Of His Past Are Back To Haunt Him, And They Re Uglier And Powerful Than Before When The Offices Of A New Medical Think Tank Called IncUbator Are Destroyed In A Fiery Blast, Allan Finds Himself The Prime Suspect And The Target Of An International Manhunt Forced Into Hiding, He Sets Out To Find The Terrorists Responsible And Clear His Name But His Quest For Answers Only Leads To Questions What Were The Researchers At IncUbator Hiding And Who Was Willing To Spill Blood To Keep Their Work A Secret Allan Must Stay Alive Long Enough To Untwist The Truth Unfortunately, The Forces Opposing Him Will Stop At Nothing To Prevent The Release Of The Rd OptionWS THE Rd OPTION Is A Finalist In TheForeWord Reviews Book Of The Year Contest In The Action And Adventure Category What a great read I was hooked,lined,and sunk from the get go I found myself not wanting to finish this suspenseful, edge of my seat, thought provoking novel THE 3RD OPTION would make a paramount movie If I were to wishfrom this read, it would be that it was too short As I said, I didn t want it to end The third option,as Ben relays at the end of this incredible read, is possibly an option we should all incorporate into our everyday livesenabling each of us to make the most informed and respectful decisions in our global world Now, I can only patiently await Ben s next book and hope it s soon on all our horizons I really enjoyed this novel It is a short quick read that brings together a heated debate of pro life versus pro choice.It is suspenseful, and a very gripping novel Sharpton is able to show how a powerful person speaker can get the masses to follow without considering the options and choices It shows how people can get drawn into a cause and loose themselves while thinking that they are doing the right thing The book is a great story but it has a deeper meaning.I can definitely recommend this one. I received the paper back edition free via Goodreads.A very interesting book that looks at a 3rd option to pro life or pro choice The science seemed very possible, I liked the characters and the story A couple of times in the book there were situations that worked out in ways that I could never see happening like, easily talking down a crazed killer with just a few words.But hey, it s fiction and I really enjoyed the book.This would be an excellent choice for a book club selection. Excellent read Taut, engrossing thriller Very entertaining for fans of thrillers. I really enjoyed this book Among the action and mystery of the plot, Sharpton manages to raise some questions and make the reader think Overall, a very enjoyable and fast read. I m wavering between 3 1 2 stars and 4 Four stars because it was well written with an interesting concept Three and a half stars because of a few nit picky things that bothered me This suspenseful novel is fast paced and packed full of action One of the real winning points for me was how the author handled the pro choice pro life issue The author could have easily used his story to push an agenda leaning toward one side or the other Instead, he took a middle approach, maybe not a perfect approach, but at least one that didn t make this reader feel beaten over the head with his moral beliefs.I would have liked to have seen a little deeper character development of the MC and Carole In many suspense novels character development tends to be overlooked for the sake of the action and thriller aspects, but I think this story could have even beenpowerful with a deeper sense of why the characters got so involved.I enjoyed the story and thank the author for providing me with a copy of the book to review. Just terrible..there are very few books that once I start I cannot finish, but I just could not do this one.I really don t like saying that about a book that I have chosen to read, but there is it.Sorry Mr Sharpton.. Review to come

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☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ The 3rd Option By Ben A. Sharpton ✐ –
  • Paperback
  • 178 pages
  • The 3rd Option
  • Ben A. Sharpton
  • English
  • 07 April 2019
  • 9780985935849

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