The 37th Parallel

The 37th Parallel Please do not buy this bookThis may be the worst book I ve ever read It s indescribably bad Stupid nonsense would be a compliment for this The only parallel here is this book to any other horrible book Thank you New York post for your review on this bookas usual I can t believe a word you publish I had a lot of issues with this book Mezrich writes in a way that stylistically resembles a novel So while that makes for an interesting read, it discredits the research he s done and thus discredits his subject s argument that there s a secret UFO highway on the 37th parallel I went into it thinking something new would be revealed in the field of ufology, only to be sorely disappointed I don t think anyone who has done even a small amount of research on UFOs will be surprised by the information presented in this book It was a lot of rehashing of old tropes and theories And the worst part, this 37th parallel thing That s just bull crap Plenty of UFO sightings and phenomena have taken place outside the 37th parallel and Zukowski simply saw the pattern he wanted to see To make matters worse, in the final chapter Mezrich makes an attempt to be clever or mysterious by redacting some of the action, but all it does is turn what could have been an interesting and thought provoking book into a joke I think skeptics or people who are new to ufology might have fun with this one Otherwise, not worth your time There are better UFO books out there. A Real Life Mix Of The X Files And Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Mezrich Writes Vividly And Grippingly A Terrific Story That Will Make A Heck Of A Movie The Washington Post Here Is The Fascinating Publishers Weekly True Story Of A Computer Programmer Who Tracks Paranormal Events In Remote Areas Of The Western United States And Is Drawn Deeper And Deeper Into A Mysterious ConspiracyLike Agent Mulder Of The X Files, Microchip Engineer And Sheriff S Deputy Chuck Zukowski Is Obsessed With Tracking Down UFO Reports In Colorado He Even Takes The Family With Him On Weekend Trips To Look For Evidence Of Aliens But This Innocent Hobby Takes On A Sinister Urgency When Zukowski Learns Of Mutilated Livestock Whose Exsanguination Is Inexplicable By Any Known Human Or Animal MeansAlong An Expanse Of Land Stretching Across The Southern Borders Of Utah, Colorado, And Kansas, Zukowski Documents Hundreds Of Bizarre Incidences Of Mutilations, And Discovers That They Stretch Through The Heart Of America His Pursuit Of The Truth Draws Him Deeper Into A Vast Conspiracy, And He Journeys From Roswell And Area To The Pentagon And Beyond From Underground Secret Military Caverns To Native American Sacred Sites And To Wilderness Areas Where Strange, Unexplained Lights Traverse The Sky At Extraordinary Speeds Inspiring And Terrifying, Mezrich S Dramatic Narrative Connects Dots We Didn T Even Know Existed Something S Clearly Happening Out There In The High Meadows And Along Desert Highways Kirkus Reviews The Th Parallel Will Make You, Too, Wonder If We Are Really Alone Like Fox Mulder I want to believe The 37th Parallel is Ben Mezrich s chronicle of the life of Chuck Zukowski, electronics component engineer and UFO investigator Mezrich follows Zukowski as his interest in UFO and related phenomena grows into an obsession, becoming the focal point of family vacations, relocating to another state, and taking time and money for equipment and investigations His expertise and his opportunities to investigate grow, eventually becoming known nationwide in the investigating community as an authority in instances of animal mutulation Mezrich s writing is clear and smooth, his descriptions easily followed.The story s development, though, is uneven Like a crow inspecting a debris field outside Roswell, the focus of the narration jumps from chapter to chapter, returning regularly but without obvious reason to the site of Zukowski s first animal mutilation investigation The chapter organization follows no pattern of time or of geography or of Zukowski building expertise In one instance, extensive background material is presented in one chapter that was covered in the previous chapter, only four or five pages earlier The largest problem is the 37th parallel theory For such an overriding idea that it commands the title of the book, it only appears in the last twenty pages Even then, the idea only came to Zukowski after plotting two earthquakes on his map and noticing that many of the sightings and phenomena he d marked seemed along the same latitude According to Mezrick, Zukowski then removed all his marking pins and repopulated the map with those reports between the 36th and 38th parallels of latitude, because they were most recurring, and voila pattern.Five minutes of Google searching led me to any number of maps of UFO sightings and related phenomena None of them showed any sort of organized sightings tendency, whether by lines of longitude or latitude or elevation.As for discussion of a UFO superhighway the cover promises, it s not even mentioned.A clear, easily understood, rational discussion of current UFO sightings and investigation would probably find a ready market, and Ben Mezrich s writing offered a promising start at the beginning of this book, but, like some of the most widely publicized UFO cases, upon further investigation there s just not enough substance to build anything concrete.Like Fox Mulder I want to believe Like Fox Mulder I was repeatedly disappointed. Chuck Zukowski has been fascinated by UFO s for years A computer programmer and geek, he has managed to persuade his family to accompany him on the trips out to Colorado visiting the locations of sightings and reports However, things are about to take a disturbing turn as he begins to read about reports of horses and cattle that have been mutilated in very strange and inexplicable circumstances Seeing the deceased animals on a ranch with a terrified owner adds a dramatic edge to the macabre scene.What starts out as a weekend hobby though rapidly becomes an obsession that takes up all his free time and ever increasing amounts of his bank balance as he heads to locations across Utah, Colorado and Kansas seeking details and meeting the folks that have seen these strange lights and experienced strange things The he finds out the stranger things become He starts working with the Mutual UFO Network, an organisation that his sister, Debbie, also is associated with and discovers that all suspicious sightings are reported to the Bigelow Aerospace Company, a mysterious organisation founded by Robert Bigelow to begin the private exploration of space, but who seem to have feelers into other pies now His journey into the unknown takes us to sacred Indian sites, into forests seeking the source of strange lights in the sky, the infamous Roswell and to the very edge of Area 51 There are moments of genuine bafflement as to what is going on is it just government programmes or something of greater significance He is trailed by SUVs with tinted windows and federal plates with the sinister men in black guys who do their best to put him off continuing investigating the unexplained I do like to read the odd conspiracy theory book, sometimes just for the entertainment factor Mezrich thankfully lifts what could be a dull story about something that you really cannot get a handle on, to something quite readable and quite dramatic at times Fairly sure there isn t visitors from elsewhere, but there is definitely something happening with government heavies all over these reports and sightings. This book is basically the story of the journey of Chuck Zukowski who while working as a computer programmer and sheriff s deputy moonlighted as a self trained UFO investigator I found the book to be a fascinating read as I have never read an account of anyone who was so dedicated to finding out what is going on while also having the logic required of being a computer programmer I was impressed by the fact that he never assumed that every anomaly was automatically UFO related but would try to debunk before accepting anything as unexplained.The writing was detailed and I found it difficult to put the book down I would love to read about Chuck Zukowski and also would really like to read a book by Mr Zukowski He has obviously seen some odd things along with his fellow investigator who happens to be his sister Highly recommended to those who are interested in this subject.I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. This is an inconclusive account of some of the adventures of Chuck Zukowski, one time policeman, amateur UFO and cattle mutilation investigator With all the appearance of being hastily written by this prolific author, it is nonetheless entertaining as a quick read for those, like myself, interested in accounts of such things.Most interesting was Mezrich s all too brief description of the first archaeological investigation of the purported Roswell Corona UFO crash site Led by the head of the University of New Mexico s department, Zukowski and his sister, a MUFON representative, discover a small metallic fragment bearing characteristics reminiscent of what witnesses say was found on the site in 1947 Electronmicroscopy and other examinations follow, but the story ends in the middle of things without any conclusions Interesting also are the accounts at a distance of the involvement of two Bigelow corporations in such UFO research a topic deserving another book perhaps.The title s reference to the 37th parallel refers to Zukowski s belief that there is a statistically significant concentration of mutilations and UFO and black helicopter sitings along that strip of territory This, as anyone who has read much of the literature would know, is a highly dubious claim Zukowski s own investigations may have been mostly between the 36th and 38th parallels, but the literature is repleat with plenty of accounts of UFOs at least elsewhere throughout the world Perhaps, however, there may be something to the claim as regards joint mutilation UFO events In any case, and like so much in this book, the author merely recounts the claim uncritically.In sum an unsatisfying, inconclusive, yet entertaining, account of the adventures of one investigator Try JUST TRY not to throw this book across the room when you reach the final page An absolute waste of time Not only did it fail to reveal any secret truth, but I actually somehow know LESS than I did when I started To misquote the principal from Billy Madison Mr Mezrich , what you ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read At no point in your rambling, incoherent book were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought Everyone who has read this book is now dumber for having read it I award you one star because I can t award you negative five , and may God have mercy on your soul. I picked this one up because I felt like I was in the mood for a non fiction book that was not related to politics or social issues in ANY way And I thought, Hey, aliens That seems like it s pretty unrelated to that kinda stuff Here s what this is not A solid narrative that answers the question, Do aliens exist Early on it s pretty clear that this is a profile of a guy who becomes and interested in the question and into finding evidence of little green men.So I find myself wonderingdo I believe there are little green men Let s start with the belief I had before I started the book.There is probably some form of life out there somewhere Intelligent or not I couldn t have said, but it seems likely that in a universe with so many possibilities, and so little of it explored by us, that there s something out there It seems MORE likely that there s nothing, but far from impossible, if you ask me.Yes, I think there s some kind of life out there somewhere, and I still think that after reading this It seems than possible, especially if you consider the possibility that there are shades to the universe that we can t perceive Now, AFTER reading the book, what s changed Wellnot much I think the most likely explanation is simple When you decide that there are aliens and start looking for proof, basically, anything unexplained that happens goes into the aliens are real bucket A helicopter flying over a given spot, cattle mutilations, black SUV following you home When you re on the alien thing, all that seems related to aliens But if you were, say, manufacturing drugs, then you d probably put all those same things as being related to that somehow because it s what you re worried about.Or think about it like this You start to feel sick You start googling your symptoms And then whatever comes up, you start thinking, Hey, I HAVE felt fatigued in addition to that other stuff And come to think of it, my mucus MAY be a different color than normal In short, when you decide on the answer and then start looking for the questions afterward, it shouldn t be surprising that you end up finding questions that lead to your answer.However, there is one difference in how I feel about paranormal shit.I do feel like I m a person who is one good sighting away from becoming a complete nut Whether it be Bigfoot or a UFO, if something pushed me to the tipping point where I believed in something supernatural, then I don t really see any other way of life other than being completely consumed by that thing.Which is a realization I came to from this book It s not a pity thing It s not like I feel bad for someone who investigates UFO sightings It s that I think I can empathize with the idea of believing in something that, to most people, seems very crazy, and I can empathize with the idea of having to move forward knowing that something so important and life changing that I ve experienced will be met with skepticism forever And the frustration of seeing parallel stuff religious stuff comes to mind that is equally bizarre and unproven, and yet a churchgoer is a pillar of the community Meanwhile, I m a total nut for having similar beliefs I believe there s something intelligent up in the sky that visits us occasionally, performs strange acts, and then vanishes without a trace.And for now, I suppose that my belief isn t that there are little green men out there, but that there are unexplained things going on, and it s good to keep an eye out Not because I want to blow the lid off some conspiracy or something, but because that s a interesting world to live in. WTF was that ending An unsatisfying gimmick of a book with an even unsatisfying gimmick of an ending It almost works as a character study, but the way Mezrich skips around and sloppily compiles the narrative out of anecdotes without other sources is insulting The upsides are I got it from the library, so it was free, and the book is so brief it didn t waste much of my time And honestly, I probably would have still given it two stars just for my interest in the subjects it covers, if not for that damn middle finger of an ending.

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