Thanksgiving One Family One Table One MealYearsThis Dramatic, Highly Inventive Novel Presents The Story Of One Family Through Many Generations, As Thanksgiving Dinner Is PreparedThe Narrative Moves Swiftly And Richly Through Time And Changes As We Experience The Lives Of The Morleys Against The Background Of Historical Events This Is History That Comes Fully Alive, For We Become Part Of The Family Ourselves, Sharing Their Fortunes And Tragedies, Knowing Their Truths From Their Lies, Watching Their Possessions Handed Down Or Lost Forever All Along, In The Same House, In The Same Room, Morley Women Are Getting Dinner Ready, One Part At A Time, In A Room That Begins With A Hearth Of Colonial Times And Ends As A Present Day KitchenThanksgiving Serves Up History In A Lively, Entertaining Way That Offers An Original Viewpoint Of The Everyday Concerns Of One Family Across The Generations

I m writing a new novel, my tenth When I came to rural, midcoast Maine twenty one years ago, it was supposed to be all about finding quiet for brief periods quiet as a change from a busy, crowded life in Cambridge MA But I stayed, and I keep on staying All I see from the windows of my writing room are trees and sky The ocean s close by, and the Kennebec River, and a large freshwater pond It

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    Thanksgiving by Ellen Cooney tells the story of a Massachusetts house and its inhabitants, especially the women, over a period of three hundred and fifty years It also focuses on the celebration of Thanksgiving and the preparation of food for this important occasion However, this excellent novel is so much than a list of menus and how the Morley women prepared the food for their families over a period of years We learn about these women s innermost thoughts and feelings We read of their fears and lies also, the ill treatment suffered by some of them Each episode, roughly thirty years apart, gives us an insight into the political and social history of the time, but the historical aspect is secondary to the highs and lows experienced by the Morley women Over the centuries, the house is extended and modernised, but throughout, it remains an important character in this novel.I loved Thanksgiving As an English woman, I enjoyed learning a little about American history I liked the way the author maintained continuity between one generation and another and how often, the events described in a subsequent episode would throw light on an earlier mystery I was delighted that the novel began with Hester in 1662 and finished with another Hester in 2012 For those who like this style of book, I would recommend some of the novels written by the English writer, Norah Lofts Her trilogy about the house at Old Vine followed a similar format, as did her novel Bless This House Likewise, if you enjoyed the Norah Lofts novels, then Thanksgiving is something you will like.I would like to thank NetGalley for providing me with Thanksgiving free of charge, in return for my honest review.

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    One family One house 350 years.Thanksgiving is a great concept brilliantly executed The book tells the story of the Morley family and its variously waxing and waiting fortunes, over the course of 350 years, and fifteen generations, seen through the eyes of the women of the house as they prepare for the family Thanksgiving celebrations.Starting in 1662, when the Pilgrims arrival in America was still within living memory, we meet Patience and Caleb, preparing for Thanksgiving in their new, but inexpensively built, home in rural Massachusetts In each chapter, the reader is taken further forward in time, meeting each generation, as they love through key events in American history, from war with the indigenous population, through Independence, slavery, Civil war, suffrage, Depression, Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, to the modern day As each generation passes, new stories are carried forward in memories, old stories become legends, and family characteristics show themselves to live on generation after generation.The danger with the concept and structure of this book is that, as we spend only two or three chapters in the company of each generation, and with each chapter being shared by three or generations, there is a risk that the reader could fail to feel drawn into the lives of the family members It is therefore to Cooney s credit that she skilfully avoids this pitfall, interweaving the stories of each generation, and building interesting characters, whose attitudes and experiences reflect, and are affected by, the respective eras in which they live The common threads, the legends and heirlooms of the family, pull the story together across the generations, drawing the reader into the family s lives, and demonstrate that no matter how unique we may think we are, we are also all a product of our past.

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    I loved how all the stories had little ties to each other and how the old family stories changed and evolved with each generation The turkey story and then later the turkey song stayed the same and changed at the same time and kept getting passed down as an important family memory At first I wasn t sure I was going to like it because it felt bleak and hard with all the loss but it also felt true to the times it was representing I also liked how the house went down through the women and even though it was rebuilt and changed several times it came to have a life of its own and spoke to certain women than others, like it was choosing its next owner I liked that the last Hester sang like the first Hester and loved chestnuts like her too I also liked that the moment that Mary Pearl decided what she wanted to do with her life centered around the knife that Patience buried at the very beginning We don t always see the ties we have with our past but that doesn t mean they aren t there.

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    Thanksgiving by Ellen CooneyI received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I can define this book in 6 words She Had Me At The Turkey That means from the very beginning I was hooked Not after meeting all the characters Barely after settling into Cooney s writing style Nearly before I could notice anything else about the book Nope From the very beginning And the rest of the way, throughout the stories of individual women all from the same family, I kept feeling that I had to find out what happens next.As well as being Women s Lit, this is also a historical novel It begins in 1662 with Caleb and Patience Morley They are newly weds, and they don t have much in the way of worldly goods This doesn t bother them very much, but Patience would dearly love to have glass panes for the windows of their small home Her father in law promised to get them for her, but since he s made it well known that he doesn t approve of her marriage to Caleb, even though he s the one who forced it to occur sooner than expected, he s dragging his feet on having the glass delivered Religion played a large part in how people perceived events back in 1662, and that influence became and obvious as information is revealed about The Morley Family both in the past and in the future Caleb s father is particularly harsh in his judgments, the results of which are passed along to his own wife and children The impact of those judgments are revealed later in the story Thanksgiving is made up of chapters, each with the name of a dish served at the Thanksgiving dinner, and in addition, these chapters label the dates in which future family members relate to those from the family s past Cooney does an excellent job of making each new generation different from the one before it in many ways, but the overall sense of these people sharing a heritage is also well preserved through the years Without fail, no matter what I thought about each newly introduced woman when I began her chapter dish story, by the time I d finished that section I admired her None of them would have claimed to be particularly strong, but that s not how I ended up viewing them They all deserved respect for a life s job well done Some stories were funny, some were sad, and some were downright heartbreaking That s the kind of diversity I look for in what I read, and Thanksgiving certainly delivered So many issues were presented as well Caring for the elderly, unwed motherhood, widows, developing skill sets for specific purposes other than vocational all these and are explored from a deeply felt human perspective And all of it serves to enrich the book in interesting ways There are also some surprises twists and turns that often showed no matter how far we ve come in years, some things never change There s also the matter of stories handed down for generations How those stories are altered in small and very big ways Everything Cooney put into this family is there for a reason, and I enjoyed what those reasons revealed later.If I were invited to someone s house over the up coming Holidays, no matter what kind of observance is being shared, I would give the hostess a copy of this book as a thank you I would also recommend it to my friends so they could do the same It s that good

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    Loved Ellen Cooney s Thanksgiving as she relates one family s autumn celebration from 1662 to 2012 Focusing on the women of the Morley family living in Massachusetts, each chapter highlights a key Thanksgiving dinner ingredient or table service The chapters, generally spaced 15 30 years apart, proceed through three and a half centuries.Cooney s creative presentation also chronicles the Morley family home from 17th century simplicity with no window glass to the rambling, modernized house of 2012 Each remodel of the structure followed historical developments such as plumbing, electricity and the latest appliances.Political issues of the times are woven into the family history independence from the British, abolition, voting rights for women, temperance, etc The Morley women cope with shunning, limited education for women, sexual abuse, religious prejudice, death, adoption, sexual orientation, and workplace equality with heroic strength and determination Skillfully and subtlety, the author follows storylines from each generation and era through 22 chapters while each could stand alone as a short story My only niggle was the final chapter which I wanted to send back for a rewrite I felt it read like a, your word count is near, wrap it up, than the otherwise carefully crafted narrative.This ARC title was provided by Publerati and Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Thanksgiving is available in ebook format through and Barnes and Noble.

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    An outstanding example of what original fiction can pull off in ways no other art form can match We get inside the heads of a succession of Morley women, all of whom are strong and wise as seen within the contexts of their time periods We jump forward through generations as they carry their truths and their lies with them, many of these relics from the corrupted past being the simple inanimate objects and family possessions alive with their own histories The author makes this all work with sensitivity and humor in a unique way not replicated by other contemporary novels This is a book that can be enjoyed in one pass or studied and marveled at with subsequent readings Highly recommend.

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    I found this to be a delightful story of a house and family constant throughout generations from the 1700s to the present time The focus of the story was Thanksgiving and the trials, celebrations, issues and family relationships that wind throughout generations It was an easy, soothing read that highlighted historical issues throughout the family s storytelling The strongest protagonists were the women of the family and the theme, for me, centered around the idea that though the challenges may be different, we have much in common.

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    I read this as an ARC courtesy of Net Galley I believe it is available as an e book only.This is an utterly delightful look at one American family celebrating Thanksgiving through the years, from colonial times through the present Looking critically at the role of women and how it has changed The ups and downs of relationships Cooney uses humor and empathy to give us an engaging and compelling look at the Morleys as they hold on to their history, their traditions and their home.

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    In Ellen Cooney s novel Thanksgiving, she follows the Morley women over 350 years, using their ancestral home and the food they prepared for their Thanksgiving table as the focal points This is a totally unique idea that has been very well executed You can read my full review here

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    OkayThis book was so so It had interesting history and how each dish evolved into the next generation However, it was really slow and I had a difficult time staying interested.

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