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Tall Man Small Shadow It Is My Debut English Novel Based On Existentialism Salil Loves A Shadow Which Transforms Into Many Characters To Reveal The Secrets Of Life Aalya, His Neighbor, Is Doing Research In English Literature Her Guide Seema Is A Childless Lesbian Paul, Husband Of Seema, Is A Drama Director I Am The Protagonist, Who Coins Philosophies For Day To Day Events And My Wife Sulekha Is The Second Protagonist Who Makes Coincidences Happen With Her Artful Manipulations Read On To Learn What Happens When

Vipin Behari Goyal is an Indian author with distinctive style of writing His love for books is unparalleled making him an avid reader as well as a prolific writer.His debut English novel Tall man small shadow based on existentialism was published in July 2013 His novels Maya in search of Tantric father and The old man and the nymph are also published in paperback.He has also dabbled in docu

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  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Tall Man Small Shadow
  • Vipin Behari Goyal
  • English
  • 20 March 2019

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    wow..it is an amazing story..its not actually a series of events..instead feelings of 5 different human beings mentioned..the way the author has mentioned their emotions..actually creates a beautiful love story of 3 different persons..whose lives are entwined in a very beautiful way..yes..full of coincidences..being a software engineer..i really loved the character of Salil and his ambitious attitude..and of course who can forget Anupam this story will make you pause for a moment and make you wonder that life is indeed very beautiful..yes because through this story the author has taught us that life is very precious and it can be lead in a very beautiful manner by respecting the value of life the story is told in a very impressive manner..full of beautiful phrases..and the ease and clarity with which the author explains difficult situations and issues of life is really very very impressive..Finally recommended to all my friends

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    It is a very well written and engaging book about down to earth characters I liked the entrepreneurship of Salil who mobilizes his resources to promote his software company Each character has depth which is so rare in contemporary Indian English novels I strongly recommend the book for readers of all ages in all countries.

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    I think it is not only an interesting story, but also compels you to think about deeper aspects of life.

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    What is Existentialism Why would anyone base his novel on it Whats so great about it that anyone would consider making it the core of their book All these and questions I faced when I took up Tall Man Small Shadow by Vipin Behari Goyal for reading.Well first of all, I hadn t heard the term existentialism before I came across this book and that s one reason why the book appealed to me The other being the cover where a tall man standing projects a small shadow of a woman Pretty intriguing..huh. Tall Man Small Shadow is Vipin Behari Goyal s debut English novel and it keeps the concept of existentialism at the core of the story The book is primarily narrated by Anupam his name is disclosed in the later part of the book who is happily married to Sulekha and has a daughter, Aalya Salil is their new neighbor.Anupam is getting old and he is worried for his daughter s future He wants her to marry a good man and live happily but is also afraid of his own life after his daughter s marriage He feels that Aalya is the one who fills the vacuum in his life She cares for his ailing wife who is unable to do the simple daily chores like cooking, mending, shopping etc and brings youthful exuberance in their otherwise dull lives Aalya, who is completing her doctorate under her mentor Seema, is fascinated by Salil from the first instant and is not sure of her feelings for him Meanwhile she gets into an affair with Seema, who is a lesbian and in a unsatisfying relationship with her husband ,Paul Seema has had lesbian relations with numerous of her students but still feels a certain responsiblity towards Aalya and doesn t wish to force her into having an affair with her Salil is fascinated by Aalya s shadow which according to him takes many forms during the course of the story He had loved a girl in college, Nasrin and when she got married he couldn t bear it and got depressed eventually trying to commit suicide Later in the novel, after his introduction and friendship with Aalya, he starts understanding that he loves Aalya and that she has taken the place that once Nasrin held in his heart But does Aalya also love him or is her fascination to him only skin deep If they both love each other then can Aalya commit herself to him and finish her affair with Seema Will Seema let go of Aalya so easily if she wishes to finish their affair The characterization is very strong and each character has multiple dimensions to their nature Example, Seema at one point is shown as a reckless, vengeful person who is ready to ruin young, naive girls for their prospective future married lives by luring them into having lesbian relations with her But at the other time is shown as a good and considerate person when she lets go of Aalya once she tells her about her feelings for Salil.The story takes different paths with each character having his her own story to tell and own philosophies to follow There is the content and deeply philosophical, Anupam who tries to make sense of each occurrence in his life and how it affects the future scenarios His primary function in the novel is to coin existentialist philosophies for the day to day events that take place in his life, which centers on his wife, Sulekha, and their only child, Aalya Aalya, his daughter is intelligent and wants to excel in her studies but is also fascinated by her neighbor, Salil Salil is a loner who doesn t want anyone to disturb him and has therefore foregone even a nameplate outside his house He is obsessed with shadows which transform into many characters to reveal the secrets of life in the story and is an avid reader with only books as favorable company He is well read and has his own philosophy for life and the ever occurring circumstances Sulekha, Anupam s wife is shown as an ailing and sensitive woman who is very punctual about her routine such as her time of tea etc but otherwise acting as just a witness to daily events with almost no participation This however, proves a camouflage and she is shown in her true avatar as a strong and intelligent woman and a good planner and manipulator who knows how to achieve what she desires without being too evident about it, in the later part of the book It is she who bridges the gap between what is socially unacceptable to what is acceptable to ensure her daughter s happiness Seema, Aalya s mentor and teacher in college, also has a strong presence in the story as a discontent, unsatisfied wife who is neglected by her husband, Paul and therefore seeks contentment and satisfaction in her work as well as her students.Although seeming like a simple love story, this book is unlike any other book that I have ever read Its thought provoking and the narrator deals philosophically with various topics like relations, marriage, life, youth,society, suicide, depression, husband wife relations etc leaving the reader deeply affected and forced to question his inbred conceptions to everything he knows about these topics and Tall Man Small Shadow is no leisure read but a very serious book with some well researched points made to liberate the reader and open his mind to controversial scenarios and explanations to life and human behavior The author has experimented by taking a risk in writing such an unconventional book which deals with controversial topics also and has succeeded in making the reader wait and take notice The idea of giving each and every character a voice at some or the other point in the story is refreshingly new and effective though at some places the sudden change in the voice confuses the reader and one has to stop and re read that part to make sense This could have been taken care of with some time at editing I also felt that the part where Salil engages in a one night stand with Nasrin after her marriage just because she requests him for a son was unnecessary and also made me wonder about the point that the author wanted to make by sketching such a scene Why was Nasrin so sure that having physical relations with Salil would surely grant her a son and not a daughter And how was she so sure that having physical relations only once was enough to impregnate her Also there was no explanation why she didn t go to her husband with her demand Was he in some way compromised I seriously felt that the story could have done perfectly without it There was absolutely no reason to include it Also some grammatical errors present in the book could have been rectified with editing.There are ample twists in the story which surprise and keep the reader hooked I was specially astounded by the ending which was pretty unexpected and will be welcomed by all readers wholeheartedly A book for the mature and open minded, it is a complex book with multiple layers to it and which are beautifully revealed as the reader progresses with the story I don t have enough words to explain all that is going on in my mind after reading this book but know this, it is a book that teaches as well as makes us dwell on all our beliefs and morals I give it a 4 out of 5 and a strong recommendation to read and dwell on it.I was given a free copy by the author, Vipin Behari Goyal and I am very thankful to him for introducing me to this thought provoking book The review is my personal and honest opinion and in no way influenced.This review is also available at

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    Review Tall Man Small Shadow A Game of CoincidencesTall Man Small Shadow written by Vipin Behari Goyal is a debut novel from the writer but not his first published work Prior to this he has two good books to his credit He has written a useful travel handbook on TirthRaj Pushkar which is about a holy place in Ajmer district in Rajasthan, India After that Vipin wrote a poetry book in Hindi Tej Dhoop Ka Safar And now his third work is a love story woven in a very different style in fiction genre Vipin has also an award winning short film Mines are Mine to his credits.The cover of Tall Man Small Shadow is quite neat and matches well with the theme of story A tall male straight standing shadow in black with a small shadow of a female standing with a style Best part of this book is multi narrative style Each character narrates his her own experience as the story goes along The main characters of this story are Aalya and Salil who are young living in neighborhood Aalya is the only daughter of Anupam and Sulekha Aalya is doing her research under her guide Seema Salil lives alone in the same vicinity where Aalya lives with her parents Characterization is quite strongly done by Vipin.Salil in his college days fell in love with Nasrin who was the most beautiful girl in the college Salil is quite serious, introvert and studious kind of guy This love, being inter caste is not well taken by Nasrin s parents and she is forced to marry with her cousin by her parents This gives a jolt of his life to Salil who goes into deep depression and tries to attempt suicide by taking overdose of sleeping pills But he survives due to timely medical attention Though he could not comes back to normal even after his survival, but his life goes on as he joins a job after that.Aalya s mother Sulekha is quite active on social networks and uses internet to connect to people of her choice to drive the story of Tall Man Small Shadow Sulekha s husband Anupam is having a good hold in society, bearing a good amount of influence of top brass of the city Seema s husband Paul is a well known figure in the world of Arts being a Drama writer and director Paul and Seema, though are married for long, are childless and have some differences between them, and appear a good couple to external world around them Aalya gets attracted to Salil and they get married with the blessings of both their parent s consent and blessings.The story has a number of twists that keep interest alive throughout Eventually story has two strong factors that keep it alive right since beginning till end First is the narrative style of writing by Vipin where each character has his own chance to narrate story in its own voice Second is the number of twists woven in the story that keeps it alive and interesting throughout.Regarding characterization of the characters of this story, there was no need to show some characters, and that too the main ones, as shabby by highlighting their dark side Character of a character of a story or a novel totally depends on the writer of that story as he is the sole creator of them In my opinion there was no need to show Seema and Aalya as lesbians and even at some moment of time in the story, Aalya s mother, Sulekha, vetting for it The story would have gone well in the same manner, even without this part At some moment of time reader might get hurt by the looseness of Salil when he has sex with Nasreen after she getting married to someone else , Aalya falling pray to Seema s pull due to being lesbian, Seema herself being so successful in her carrier and being lesbian etc.Overall Tall Man Small Shadow is an interesting read The last twist in the story is a Pandora box for the readers of this book.

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    Excellent combination of eastern and western philosophies.The book is based on two important verses One is verse 3.1.1 of Mundaka Upnishad popularly known as Two birds of golden plumage The simple translation by Swami Krishanananda says Two birds, inseparable friends, cling to the same tree One of them eats the sweet fruit, the other looks on without eating On the same tree man sits grieving, immersed, bewildered by his own impotence an isa But when he sees the other lord isa contented and knows his glory, then his grief passes away When the seer sees the brilliant maker and lord of the world as the Person who has his source in Brahman, then he is wise, and shaking off good and evil, he reaches the highest oneness, free from passions Second verse is In Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 2 to 4, has said that, that world like tree has the branches in the form of the three gunas Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiv , which are extended in the three loks Heaven, Nether World and Earth above and below I will not be able to tell about that upsidedown hung tree of the world i.e about the nature s creation in this knowledge of Gita Ji, says Jagat Guru Rampal Ji.Philosophy literally means love of wisdom and sage is a person who has attained wisdom.The book is story of journey of transformation of Philosopher Anupam into Sage Anupam.His quest for seeking the Truth enlightens him.Western philosophy of Existentialism is passimistic philosophy while author has based his book on optimistic eastern philosophy.

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    To begin with, I need to confess that I cannot read a book without thinking that I am actually witnessing the events and that the characters are real Of course, with some books it is impossible to get that feeling I wouldn t bother to rate such books anyway With good books it is always like that and in the process it is quite natural to fall in love with one of the characters Though Salil is supposed to be the hero tall, handsome and all , it was Anupam I fell for He s wise and innocent at the same time Of course, the love blooming between Aalya and Salil, Salil s past and the final irony of planned coincidences are all intriguing enough But, it is Anupam s musings which make the book one of its kind Not every author has the ability to blend philosophy and romance so perfectly, and that too without using the kind of language that would compel the reader to keep a dictionary and a thesaurus at hand It s the kind of book that can entertain me during a long journey and at the same time the kind that can be used as a primary text for research Existentialism is not so depressing after all.

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is worth a Darjeeling tea What I meant to say was, that you can sit with this book, read a few pages and contemplate its meaning for hours together The author has created magic in his words where the magic is a mere illusion to the truth hiding behind them Also with the metaphors its easy to relate to and understand the context No, It s not a textbook It s a companion guide to look at the world through the eyes of six different people who appear in the book The characters are unique because you can find them even in your family or with the family down the street Too common, but that s where we make the mistake that the author has highlighted The common tag can lead you to ignore a lot of people and their thoughts When you read the book you will find that every person who is involved with other characters have their own feelings and thoughts that matters After all, life is all about being happy For a detailed review, visit my blog

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    Salil falls in love with muslim girl Nasrin They could not marry I liked the way author depicts a multicultural country like India.This book can change your way of looking at things that happen around you.This is worth reading for all those who value good literature.I would say that main character is Anupum who has a thinking mind Wisdom percolates through strainer of Life and settles in the dark hole of Death In between everything, all events, all persons that you meet everything that goes around you, should compel you to ponder over the question of meaning of life if there is any.Freedom to choose, absurdity of life, multiple choices, precedence of existence over essence and to take responsibility of what you are today has allegory in Indian philosophy The quest of meaning of life leads you to the path of self realization which is only way of filling the void or emptiness , is beautifully depicted in this novel.The hermeneutics of book are beyond an average reader, so not everybody s cup of tea.

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    What I loved about the book is how author has used a surreal concept of falling in love with a shadow in a typical Indian setting Very different symbolic It made me think about Do we love a person or his her perception Also the use of language is simple yet classy. One can easily find a sentence in every page which is like a quotation..Few existential angles have also been explored but i like the part of coincidences the most can a co incidence be a part of the plan I wonderAll in all good story line,multiple angles, multiple interpretations, good book

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