Christopher Lee, Tall, Dark and Gruesome

Christopher Lee, Tall, Dark and GruesomeThis Is The Life Story Of A Star Whose Acting Career Has Spanned Many Dark Roles, From Sherlock Holmes, Rasputin, Bond Villains And Dracula Here He Describes His Extraordinary Career, Acting With Stars Such As Errol Flynn And John Belushi, And His Role In The Animated TV Terry Pratchett Series Well Mr Lee s life is pretty dang interesting It was a long, long read But I enjoyed reading his anecdotes, especially about his friendships with great actors and his life as a father and husband I m amazed he survived so many bouts of malaria too Kudos to him I now have a desire to see every single one of his films I respect him even than I already did, after reading this. Sir Christopher Lee had a most extraordinary life His mother an Italian countess, his father a member of the elite King s Rifles, Lee was born into the aristocratic class of London circa 1922 From his childhood in Belgravia where, as a very young boy, he was awakened by his mother to be introduced to the men who murdered Rasputin , to the film sets of Hammer and beyond, Lee writes candidly, and with a self effacing humor about his life It may not be common knowledge to those who know of Lee from theLord of the Rings films, but Lee was a raconteur of the first order, and that talent is most evident in this autobiography Lee will probably be most remembered for his iconic portrayal of Stoker s Dracula, but there is so much to this man than a costume, whether it be a wizard s robe or vampire s cape Husband, father, brother, actor, singer, writer, war hero, adventurer he did it all with grace and humility Tall, Dark and Gruesome is a very worthy read.Five Stars Fascinating autobiography of this British actor often associated with Dracula or Fu Manchu despite a large number of roles over his long and diverse career Lee takes us through his ancestry and adventures as a privileged British youth, his WWII experiences in the RAF, and his entrance into acting in movies Interspersed with anecdotes about his fellow stars, the movie industry, and his deep love of golf, this book was an interesting look into the life and career of a movie star so many of us grew up with whether he was a monster in the Hammer Films, a villain in a Bond film, or a dark figure in so many other roles. As something of a personal hero of mine, it was intriguing to read about Christopher Lee from the man himself at least I hope it was he, and not a ghost writer The book deals primarily with his younger years, what he did during World War 2 and, finally, the many many films Unfortunately this book came out in the late 90s, so no mentions of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings as films are present A reader will notice, though, that he s a fan of the book and mentions taking it with him when he travelled.Now, such a trove of information, funny stories, interesting facts, details and so on surely that merits 5 stars Ordinarily I would say yes, and indeed I m glad I didn t let my bias of Lee cloud my judgement The book is dry So very dry 300 odd pages of A5, including pictures, ought to be a breeze, but at times, I struggled to get through certain passages There s a lot about golf I have no interest in the game, so these sections weren t overwhelmingly interesting.But to hear about Christopher Lee both on and off film is a marvel of itself and I m happy to have read about him, even now I feel a pang to think we will never see him in a new film or hear that amazing voice. I bought this book at Forbidden Planet London for a book signing with the great man himself I enjoyed this very interesting and amusing autobiography.Even if you a not a fan, the interesting life of Mr Lee is still very much worth reading about. This book was a total hoot from beginning to end What an interesting life he has had and his stories are terrific. First of all, I had a very, very hard time finding this book It seems very unusual to me that a story of an actor of his calibre isn t available to buy and wasn t recently republished Especially after his death It took me over 3 years to find a copy of Tall, Dark and Gruesome It was worth the wait The storytelling is slow and very aristocratic, filled with small details that reminded me how long ago he was born and how many decades of adventures he lived through When we perceive a person as a celebrity an amazing actor in this case , we tend to forget about all the other aspects of their life and this book is a wonderful way to explore the entirety of character I loved reading about Sir Christopher Lee I had the honor of seeing him speak live at a very small gathering in Istria, Croatia where I live and will always remember the depth of his voice, it was incredible hearing him speak about one of his favorite roles Rasputin The moment when he said that Rasputin was not a mad man, just a very interesting man, along with his wicked grin that gives me goosebumps will always be buried in my memory, along with the stories of his life from his autobiography. His final remark is what will he do for an encore Work with Tim Burton is the up to date answer Fitting some how for a man of his mould The reviewer that is indelibly stamped on the cover of books when they go to print can be invariably an understatement or an overstatement In this instance understatement His book is funny to hilarious to hysterical, almost, I laughed out loud many times It s not meant to be a comical book, far from it, but his style of writing is wonderful Altho one is left with the aching question, does he still throw things and is it still knives When you come across a person of masterful talents you can t help but think he she was well suited to something else In his case it would have definitely be opera But then he wouldn t have made the long trusted friends and likely would never have met the love of his life, his wife, some may call it clich , but then there really isn t anything wrong with clich s, I think people by and large are unnecessarily uncomfortable by them, at least in clich s one is still honest One wonders could there be an encore memoir Is there anything left to say that he hasn t already said One does think that at age 91 there may be some chapters to add, if he elects not to this is still a superb book and one I would look out to add to my collection. I have read all of Sir Christopher lee s autobiography books and they are awesome as i read through the book for page to page i feel like i have been on a journey with him I found in some parts of the book sad i felt sorry for him and there are times i was excited and thrilled.He is a clever actor, i have enjoyed what he enjoys like Golf and Opera,I hope one day if i get to heaven i would meet him there and have a good chat.

Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, CBE, CStJ was an English actor and musician who first became famous for his roles in Hammer Horror films and, latterly, for his roles as Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie trilogies, and Count Dooku in the Star Wars film franchise.

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