Taken (Give & Take, #1)

Taken (Give & Take, #1) ABDUCTIONHe Steals Her Away To A Deserted Island, To The One Place She S Dreamed Of Being The One Place She Can T Go He S Used To Buying Whatever He Wants, But He Can T Buy HerDUCTIONHow Can She Resist The Magnetism Of His Body, The Longing Ache Deep Inside Her She Wants Him To Take Her On Her TermsSPERATIONEvery Attempt He Makes To Love Her Only Hurts Her How Can They Go On Like This This Is The Story Of How She Was TAKEN

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 166 pages
  • Taken (Give & Take, #1)
  • Kelli Maine
  • English
  • 18 May 2019

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    Take Fifty Shades of Grey, stir in a little Captive in the Dark, add a dash of Comfort Food, sprinkle liberally with Bared to You, simmer gently for 300 pages Hey Presto TAKEN Sadly, it s not as special as any of those books and it never quite came together for me It s too full of contradictions and I just felt nonplussed reading it it never seemed to quite add up.I think this book is trying to ride the crest of the Fifty Shades wave and it s not quite working, at least not for me It s written in the second person present tense POV and it s a style often used in YA and this really does feel like YA The characters are given a distinct lack of emotional maturity by the writer and they read like teenagers despite the fact that he is a 32 year old self made billionaire and she a 25 year old contract manager There are far too many similarities to Fifty too he s a self made billionaire, he flies his own helicopter, they have argumentative email exchanges to mention just a few but it really doesn t come anywhere near to matching the emotional intensity of Fifty It all feels just a little bit shallow.So, Rachael has been offered her dream job overseeing the renovation of a new island resort for Rocha Enterprises but she lost her father to cancer a year ago and the job entails moving to another state and her mother throws a shit fit at the thought of her moving away so she declines the offer So what does, Merrick Rocha, the well respected, 32 year old self made billionaire CEO of said corporation do when his preferred candidate turns him down He decides that this job is exactly what she really, really wants and drugs, kidnaps and ties her to a bed in the derelict hotel she was supposed to renovate Perfectly normal This all sounded very intriguing at first but Merrick s character for the rest of the novel completely fails to match up to what I expected He s kind of whiny, feels a bit sorry for himself, isn t very alpha it s almost impossible to believe that he could have carried out that abduction and it s that contradiction that causes the whole novel to fall flat for me Rachael also doesn t behave in a way which has me believing in her character either Despite waking up bound to a bed after being drugged and abducted, she almost immediately finds herself desperately attracted to him and caring for him She s nowhere near afraid enough for long enough.I really do love the cover though The image of a man s finger raising the woman s chin gently with one finger to make her look at him really has me melting in a submissive puddle and I really wanted to like this book The premise called to me on so many levels and I m really sorry that it didn t work for me and I truly mean no offence to the author I can see by other reviews that this has worked for some people so please don t let my review put you off if you re considering reading this.2 stars contemporary romance

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    Also find this review on Don t Stop Readin ARE.YOU.FUCKING.KIDDING.ME SERIOUSLY SOMEONE WROTE THIS AND SOMEONE AGREED TO PUBLISH THIS AND SOME PEOPLE EVEN LIKED THIS Just imagine if Gemma in Stolen A Letter to My Captor had lost every ounce of her dignity and had forgiven her abductor.If Ty and Gemma had jacked off together in the beginning, then made provocative passes on multiple occasions, then Ty had oral sex with Gemma vicariously through another woman and finally sent her home because she wouldn t agree to actually do it with him.After a few days if Gemma had asked Ty to start over, START OVER with a guy who fucking kidnapped her, then fallen in love with him when he told her the reason why he abducted her in the first place, let me remind you again fallen in love with a guy who fucking kidnapped her and had lots of sex with him at the end.And there That is the story of the wildly inappropriate, horrendously detestable book titled Taken.One of the worst books I ve read in my life.Not recommended to anyone.DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT READING THIS DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE PLEASE.

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    Unfortunately, this is a DNF for me a did not finish read.I wanted this book to work, truly I did I kept pushing at it because it has an intriguing storyline that made me extremely curious, but I felt no connection to the characters at all I love dark reads like this, I love the abductions, stalkers, alpha men with attitude and all that is associated with dark erotica, but there were a few things that put me off The writing Right from the beginning I was thrown by the point of view I don t think I ve ever read second person before, but now I know will never read it again This was the heroine speaking to herself Example This is dangerous You re dangerous. You can t just take whatever you want that includes me You seem to know that though, that s I m off limits until I give myself to you You don t want to take me at least not that way, not intimately You want me, you want me so badly you went to desperate ends You don t seem like a monster, but are you Do I even care any, or has my burning body won out already See what I mean The abductor profile In my opinion, the abductor needs to be a strong aggressor who doesn t take no for an answer An alpha male to the core This abductor is anything but that He is kind and sweet and gentle in my eyes No thanks The hero The hero wants the heroine to take the lead I m sorry, but if the hero kidnaps the heroine, HE takes the lead, not her HE tells her what to do, isn t that how it goes At least that is what I want to read I have never heard of a the abductor telling the abducted to take the lead What kind of kidnapper are you I can see how he wants her to want him, which she does, but it just did not work for me At All.I personally think I gave it a good enough shot to rate it, but sadly it just didn t work out for me The I tried to read it to read it, the I started to loath it so I just stopped Just because this didn t work out for me, doesn t mean it won t work out for someone else I have a specific kind of hero heroine I like to read when reading a kidnapping story, and this one is not it This book was provided by the author in return for an honest review.

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    Yep, this sums it up As a critique partner of the fantabulous Kelli Maine, I had the distinct pleasure of reading the mastery that is Taken before it was unleashed on the world I was Team Merrick from the moment he locked eyes with Rachael in the club I m willing to do anything to see him unleash those dimplesas well as his other assets I m also a big fan of Rachael I feel a natural affinity with her after sacrificing for my own family Unfortunately, a hot billionaire hasn t shown up to whisk me away to a romantic resort Oh where oh where, is my Merrick And I realized as one of my favorite books of the year, I needed a little gif love for this one MERRICK RACHAEL S RELATIONSHIP.WILL THEY, WON T THEY Feelings towards Merrick So many, many feelings

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    Team Merrick That man does IT for me After reading this novel I feel a lot like this

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    Definitely better than Fifty Shades of Grey from the plot to the romance to the steamy scenes This book has it all and will leave you gasping for air.When Rachael DeSalvo is drugged, abducted from a night club, and wakes up in an unfamiliar room, she s immediately on high alert Who could ve done this to her More importantly, why Her kidnapper has a motive and it s not what you think He previously spoke to Rachael on a business call, a call where she turned down his offer as project manager at the beautiful yet dilapidated Turtle Tear Hotel Resort He knew how much this project meant to her, but Rachael s priorities lay with everyone but herself Can she forgive the man who kidnapped her, or is this becoming a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome The book is written in second person, which completely threw me for a loop at the beginning However, the author does such a great job with this tense that, by the middle of the book, I wasn t even paying attention to how different second person was it s safe to say I got sidetracked with the romance aspect Overall, if you re looking for sizzling erotica with a hot billionaire mogul and a strong heroine, then I recommend you pick up this book.

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    I sent my DH a link for this book a few days ago, letting him know that hey, this is the book I m reading right now.A He should have paid attention.B He should have NOT gotten mad last night because I didn t want to go shopping.c He should most definitely realize that I have just bought the short story that accompanies it.His loss if he doesn t because hey, I m a big girl and I don t need a guy to keep me entertained wink wink Needless to say this book was HOT HOT HOT Kelli Maine weaves a story of romance and seduction from the first page to the last The love interest, Merrick, is a billionaire playboy whose inability to accept that he can t always get what he wants leads him to do the unthinkable kidnap prospective employee lover, Rachael You would assume that such an act would instantly make the reader squirm with revulsion, but such is not the case Rachael feels an attraction to Merrick that she can t quite explain, and this coupled with the knowledge that he did this to please her and give her the opportunity to take on her dream job, turns him from psychopath to sexy and desirable bedpartner The only obstacle to their relationship Rachael has to forgive and learn to trust him Most of the book tackles this obstacle of trust, even as we re shown a number of hot, sexy scenes designed to make you scream, just forgive the man already and get on with it It takes a while to get there In the meantime we fall in love with the couple, we fall in love with Turtle Tear Island I want a treehouse lover s sanctuary too and most of all we fall in love with the idea of a chemistry that defies logic All of this meat of the story is wrapped around some hefty prose that left me sighing with envy.And sighing.And sighing.And well, you get the picture.It s been a while since I ve read an erotica novel, and I m glad that I picked this one up I had mentioned before that I loved the description of this book being like Lucy Christopher s Stolen Well, I have to say that while some of the premise is similar, it s not really like Stolen at all Stolen is a mindfuck that gets under your skin with the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing I loved it and highly recommend it Taken is just fucking hot It s a romance, it s erotica, and it does what it sets out to do in that respect At first I kind of wished that there had been development with idea of Merrick being a kidnapper I wanted Rachael to spend than a few chapters trying to get away from him while fighting her attraction to him I wanted to see him as a psycho, but I admit that I wouldn t have loved him as much if Maine had taken this direction with his character Rachael s struggle isn t physical in the sense that she s physically trying to get away from him It s of a mental struggle that s played out in the bedroom In the end I was perfectly pleased with what I got from both characters, and I have to say that I wouldn t mind having a Merrick man doll myself One final word, Taken is told in a second person POV that some may not be used to I ve read this POV before so it didn t bother me in the least, and I thought that it gave an unusual perspective to the story It worked for me, and I would encourage those who are shying away from the book because of that not to Taken is definitely worth a journey into the unfamiliar.

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    He wants HER to take the lead romantically It s very UN alpha male It begs the question How do you have a NON alpha male who kidnaps someone The only thing that saves this from being a Stockholm Syndrome story, is the fact that this is told in 2nd person narration and that the struggle to trust and forgive continues throughout the ENTIRE book Literally The ENTIRE book After all the fucked up ness that Captive in the Dark had to offer, the chick in that one trusted the guy faster then this drama queen So he may of chlorophormed you Get over it At least he is not selling you to be a prostitute.If this story had been written in any other way though, I don t think it would have worked That said, it still didn t work for me I just could not wrap my usual testosterone induced blushes around it She calls him you instead of him Which took a little bit of getting used to, since I would think the you was referring to me instead of me reading through her eyes Did I explain that right Oh well Honestly, I had to look up what 2nd person even meant because I have NEVER read a book in this perspective before I thought it made the first chapter very easy to get immersed into Chapter 2 however and so on Nada I was originally going to give this book 3 s until..He does something so completely ABSURD and OFFENSIVE to try to connect with the heroine sexually that I honestly had no idea what to think It wasn t something risque or dirty, but RUDE and THOUGHTLESS It was one of the few times ever that I ve thought a part of a story was degrading to the woman involved and that s saying a lot since I read plenty of smutty BDSM genere books And, to make it worse, he was completely oblivious I probably wouldn t feel so strongly against it if it would not of been one of his eX s, but it was And that was wrong.

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    Kelli Maine s book, Taken, was a first for me in two wonderful ways Not only was this the first book I ve ever read in 2nd person POV, but it is the first book I ve ever read in the erotica genre NO I DID NOT READ 50 SHADES, SUE ME.Also, I have not read an adult book in a long time I read mostly YA , so it was quite refreshing to be in the head of grown ups, dealing with grown up issues in a very grown up manner As for the book itself, let me just say WOW I m a huge fan The author s use of second person POV was very different for me It was strange for the first few pages and then I was completely hooked and couldn t imagine reading it any other way It made the reading of this story a very intimate experience and I loved being in Rachel s the MC head as it allowed me to hear, taste, smell, see, and touch feel everything right along with her The thing I really loved about this MC was that she always questioned EVERYTHING Nothing was easy, cut and dry, black and white for this MC The author s ability to write a character with the level of introspection she did, is truly phenomenal and talent at it s best Merrick, the incredibly hot and sexy LI, was very well developed with wonderfully deep, meaningful layers that were slowly peeled away, revealing a man who is everything you fantasize about on the outside while still being a broken, vulnerable person on the inside which I love My emotions ran the gamut where Merrick was concerned I despised him, liked him, hated him, loved him, hurt for him, lusted for him, cried for him, and so on Seeing the emotional growth and journeys of both Rachel and Merrick was a very fulfilling experience.Additionally, this story had a plot And a great one at that It was well thought out and believable I was blown away by the meticulous details that the author used to describe the setting, especially of the hotel and the island where most of the story takes place It felt so authentic and her ability to describe things always gave me a perfect image of what was happening and what I was seeing Sometimes it was like I was watching a movie rather that reading a book LOVE THAT.And lets not forget the smexy scenes, cause holy hotness was there some smexy stuff going on in there The romantic tension, the sexual tension, the emotional tension this book was full of tension that kept me reading late into the night The pacing was spot on and had me flying through this book in only two sittings.Overall, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book It is full of masturbatory brilliance in every way imaginable From the writing to the characters to the plot and of course, the erotic elements, this story has it all It s a finger worthy read.

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    So back in the 1920s, when Florida used to host super wealthy people who would come down and spend the winter months, there was this one really nice hotel kind of isolated on an island Sadly, it was pretty much destroyed in the 1928 Hurricane and never rebuilt.Until now Merritt Rocha, Billionaire Real Estate Developer, has bought the place and wants it restored So he interviews some candidates and settles on Rachael DeSalvo He offers her the job and she turns him down She just wasn t ready to relocate from Cleveland to Florida so soon after her Mother was widowed.So Merritt could settle for his second choice or he could spend the next 3 months stalking Rachael, and when the opportunity comes along, he buys some stuff off a guy in the bathroom, drugs her so thoroughly that she doesn t wake up until after he has flown her to the wreck of the hotel and has her tied up in the bedroom.Such a romantic.So it turns out that Merritt wasn t born rich but has this incredible ability to read people that enabled him to make his fortune Except that his employees pretty much hate him, he treats his personal assistant with the same regard he would a stapler, and somehow enthralls Rachael under the weirdest and quickest form of Stockholm Syndrome I have seen yet.I almost stopped reading at the thirty percent but I was curious to see where the story was headed I give Rachael major props for leaving after that one scene which was oddly reminiscent of Woman in Chains which is actually pretty similar to this a hero who becomes less heroic the further you get into the book.And while I actually am a big fan of first person, all the you got to me after a while.It kind of had a happy ending, but apparently there is a lot turmoil ahead.

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