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Surf City The Jan And Dean Story Is A Personal Story Of The Iconic Musician And Entrepreneur Dean Torrence As A Memoir The Jan And Dean Story Has Elements Of Humor, Tragedy And Redemption It Tells Their Story From The Early High School Friendship Struck Up Between Jan Berry And Dean Torrence And Their Ascent To The Dizzying Heights Of Stardom Riding The Crest Of The Surf Craze The Jan And Dean Story Is As Much About The Culture Of The S As It Is About Music Dean Has Lived An Incredible Life And Continues To Promote A Lifestyle And Surf Culture That Is Now Universally Admired And Followed Throughout The WorldThe Story Also Recounts Jan S Tragic Car Accident And His Ability To Recover Enough To Continue To Perform Will Be Inspiring To Many Readers Even Those Not Familiar With Surf Music For Pop Culture Addicts And Music Buffs Alike This Book Is Indispensable As Early Teen Icons, Jan And Dean Left An Indelible Mark On The Music Of The S And The American PsycheDean Torrence Is Still Touring And Creating Music And Often Appears With The Beach Boys And Other Groups From The Heyday Of Surf Music

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Surf City book, this is one of the most wanted Dean Torrence author readers around the world.

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    It was time to complete my surf music trifecta of autobiographies after Mike Love and Brian Wilson came Surf City the Jan Dean Story Back in the early 1960s Jan Dean than held their own with the Beach Boys with a string of surfing car hotrodding singles Their career came to an abrupt end after the horrific crash by Jan Berry in his Stingray Dean Torrance takes us back to those days with his own story He writes in a very straightforward fashion and does not try to re open old grudges or stir up any new controversies More than the Beach Boys Jan Dean lived the surfer hot rod lifestyle They were both very good athletes and spent just as much time in the garage as on the beach Dean relates the funny anecdote where they help Brian Wilson with lyrics as he really didn t know much about cars Another interesting tidbit that I found fascinating was that both Jan Dean were attending college while recording and touring This idyllic life came to a crashing stop in 1966 when Jan Berry is badly hurt in a car crash.The second half of the book covers Dean s career change as he becomes a successful art designer for other artists This is followed by a reunion of Jan Dean that lasted almost until Jan Berry passed away in 2004 I did see them perform in Michigan in the early 1980s Jan was visibly impaired but the show was great fun The book paints a much different picture as Jan Berry had suffered severe neurological injuries and this reunion was a difficult challenge I would have liked to read about Jan s recovery in the book Dean Torrence abruptly jumps from the car crash to his own personal career and does not mention Jan again till they reunite years later Nevertheless, it s an enjoyable book to read and makes you wish that you were in southern California on a beach somewhere listening to Surf City.

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    For music fans of a certain age, a must read Probably means nothing to anybody under the age of fifty Competently written account of the life and times of a group that deserves much wider recognition in the UK and contributed as much as the Beach Boys to the west coast sound of the sixties Goes on a bit too long about the later career, after the hits had stopped, but understandable that Dean would want to bring the story up to date.

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    California in the early 1960 s developed it s own unique rock and roll sound focusing on surfing, hot rods, teenage innocence and two of the bands that personified that sound were The Beach Boys and Jan Dean This is Dean s story of those years from their high school years harmonizing in the showers through Dean s stint in the U.S Reserve their success as singers to Jan s devastating accident which required Dean to move on even as he kept their presence on the music scene with the hope that Jan would eventually heal and return to studio Dean s personal career in designing group logos and album covers he was nominated several times for Grammys best album cover and actually won one The later reunion tours, Jan s cocaine addiction and his eventual death.Overall, it s an interesting read Dean seems quite flippant no matter what is happening but then he is looking back decades The drag races, the mischief, drunkenness, petty larceny are all treated with a teasing playfulness But this also gives personal insights into the early years of American rock and roll music industry which was very obviously in its infancy The only negative is that even though the title says that it s the Jan and Dean story, one Jan Berry had his accident, the following chapters were all about Dean Torrence and his business ventures before Jan finally reappears for the reunion tours There really isn t anything about Jan s struggle with brain damage and partial paralysis.2019 076

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    Dean Torrence, of the surf music duo Jan and Dean, tells the history of this influential early rock pop band of the 60s in a lively voice He brings growing up in Southern California in that era to life in a way you wish you could have been there The story of his evolution from a teenage pop artist to a Grammy award winning album cover designer and back again is interesting, even inspiring My complaint is that given the quick short read, his story telling prioritization was off rather acutely An entire chapter is devoted to a pick up game of football at a city park, replete with descriptions of plays and pass routes and pass coverages, when the only point is that Elvis was on the opposing team Meanwhile, the story of Jan s tragic car accident gets fairly short shrift Dean glosses over what sounded like an interesting episode where they were witnesses in a kidnapping trial involving Frank Sinatra, Jr., telling readers we can go elsewhere to read about it, but spends several pages unfolding a story about robbing their tour manager, only to end it saying he made it all up Setting that aside, this is Dean s honest first person version of a compelling story of triumph and tragedy in the pop music world.

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    I grew up in the era of The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Jan and Dean I picked up the book mostly out of curiosity I knew the history of The Beach Boys, The Beatles and many other groups I knew who Jan and Dean were, and some of their songs , but really not much about them The book was not really what I expected These guys were REALLY smart And outside of Jan s drug addiction after his accident, really clean, conservative guys Not what you usually find in a R R book The book is simply a written explanation of their rise to fame and the aftermath The story encompasses family and friendships, including their connection to The Beach Boys It talks about the college degrees they pursued during the most popular years of the 60 s And the ability to be able to hate and love someone at the same time Dean mentions a near escape from the Manson family and a football game with Elvis Once I started this book I did not want to put it down I just kept shaking my head and going, really And then I had to read And And .And Dean..if you read this Please bring your band to Portland, Or I would love to hear you all play

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    Mildly entertaining but badly written Torrence should ve hired a ghost writer at least The Jan and Dean story is coupled strongly with the Beach Boys in a musical way but also in a Brian Wilson way Both Jan and Brian had issues that affected the band s progress Dean, during a 17 year hiatus while Jan recovered from a devastating auto accident, founded a graphic design company that was doing very well but decided to reunite the Jan and Dean group and did that until 2004 when Jan died.

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    I love these guys.Dean s prose may not be the most eloquent, but he s a musician, not an author The story of Jan Dean is a classic story of Southern California, the music of the Beach, and true friendship I recommend reading this, and following up with Bob Greene s When We Get to Surf City Time well spent.

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    Inspirational ReadI thought that this was an inspirational read because of Deans compassion toward his close bandmate I have met Jan myself, getting his autograph numerous times I even have a picture of him that was taken with my camera I even have a camera shot of Dean, no autographs though Thank You for writing this book.

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    Just okBook was fragmented at best Problems with Jan then learn they performed snother twenty years I would recommend this book for the background on how jan and dean got started.

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    Lots of fun to remember those wonderful California boys and their music Total craziness.

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