Storm Centre

Storm Centre Strictly for fans of CL s sadistic anti heroes and the masochist women who love them. Hard to know how to rate this The writing was superb, as always, and my attention was captivated the whole time However, I m rating this by how I felt at the end of my reading experience I felt manipulated Like I had read a second chance story of manipulation and not romance Oh, I could see the twists coming neither one had cheated on the other while they were married and the child wasn t the hero s The author didn t manipulate me, but she allowed all of her characters to manipulate the heroine and in a weird way I felt complicit in their bad behavior.The hero by faking amnesia.The hero s mother by aiding and abetting his story.The heroine s father by never telling her the hero s actions after she left him.The heroine s fianc friend who lied to the hero that they were having a sexual affair.The OW who climbed in the drunk hero s bed and passed her child off as his for the world to see And the OW cheated with her sister s husband It was all so cold blooded A slap in jealousy I can understand, but weeks and weeks of pretending And now the heroine will join the manipulations by letting the poor child continue to believe the H is his father and covering for the cousin who cheated on his sickbed wife Gross. 2.5 stars Damn it s hard to rate a Lamb I made a rhyme Her technical skills as a writer are FAR above many of the other writers in the series genre She can draw you in and make you feel what the h is feeling I feel like I have to give a grudging extra.5 stars for that Her content, however, was far too disturbing for me to rate this higher The ex lit major in me wants to give credit where credit is due for writing skill and that s why this rating system is so hard I ve been trying to base my ratings solely on as the scale indicates how much I liked a book and go with that gut reaction versus a technical rating sigh The hero was too violent, hateful, and angry We saw perhaps an ounce of tenderness in 200 pounds of angry, jealous male The 2 consecutive ear ringing slaps with no apology or show of remorse were too much He was obsessed by the fact that in the 5 years they were divorced she slept with another man She didn t, although she had the right bet he wasn t celibate However, if she had I m afraid he d have killed her over it.Thing is, there were characters in this book who saw exactly what the hero was, which makes me think that Lamb wasn t drinking her own Kool Aid Lauren s father despised the H and was very turned off by the fact that the H saw his daughter as a possession He was scared for her, I think So was I.So was I. Holy crap on a cracker He hit her, the blow almost knocking her head off her neck Ears ringing, she stared at him in shock You swine He hit her again and tears sprang into her eyes, she was shaking, suddenly terrified because there was savage jealousy in his eyes and he was a black stranger, a primitive barbaric enemy who might do anything. My hero, what a dream boat Why did he hit her you ask Of course she deserved it because she told him that while they had been divorced she d slept with another man Right after this he tears her clothes off and rapes her.Does he ever apologize to her Does he even feel bad Does she hold it against him Nopity nope nope I suppose it s worth reading for the crazy old schoolness of it all But he hit her, people Enough to snap her head back and make her see stars And we re OK with this Once you step into Charlotte s world,you can never get out of it until its over,i have been captured by many books by this author,the dramatic plot with its cruel anti heroes are always unforgettable,and this one surely top the list Storm Centre are one emotional and HELL AS SEXY INTENSE second chance lovestory in which the Dynamic and Dangerous Hero Andreas Keralides uses every little trick to win his heroine back.You name it people,pretending amnesia blackmail kidnapping inprisonment blackmail seductionthe whole freaking package.I really hated to love this Anti hero..but oh was he irresistable Lauren Grey really seemed to hate him first,so i was deeply surprised when she shouted out her love for him to the OM after a few pages.She REALLY hated that she loved Andreas so much.And i knew and felt that there was deeply huge misunderstandings between them,and WOW was i right I know that many feels that Andreas dominates Lauren,but i felt like both of them dominated EACH OTHER They both had equal power,desire and love for each other.They had a undestroyable bond a deep connection that made them addicted to each other..the way they couldn t get enough each other showed it.The intense jealousy they felt WOW..Andreas was REALLY murderous and scary in those times.But isn t that the entertainment we all enjoy An unforgettable 5 star read i will never get,WOAH Charlotte really are an expert when it comes to epic angsty romances WARNING There are a scene where the Hero slaps the heroine two times. One of my all time favourite by CL I know it s no p.c but seriously this guy really loves his wife and I could feel it throughout so if your looking for an insanely jealous hero this is for u I went into this book knowing that the hero had some anger issues That aside, I still thought it was an above average old school HP. She Couldn T Refuse A Dying Man S WishIt Took Just One Phone Call To Shatter Lauren S Peace A Peace Painfully Acquired Through The Years Since Her Bitter Divorce From Andreas KeralidesHis Mother S Frantic Phone Call Was Intended To Bring Lauren To Andreas S Bedside A Near Fatal Accident Had Robbed Him Of His Strength And Memory He D Forgotten The Incident That Had Changed Their Lives Thought They Were Still Blissfully MarriedBut Lauren Would Never Forget Especially When She Considered The Wife And Son Who Had Succeeded Her In Andreas S Heart This was a hard one to rate I came up with the decision of four stars for the first part of the book, and two stars for the second part averages out to three.Lauren and Andreas were married five years ago Lauren divorced Andreas after walking in on him in bed with another woman Dun dun DUUUUNNNNNNNN Five years later, Lauren is recently engaged to a long time friend, someone who Andreas was incredibly jealous of when they were married, and Andreas, now a widower he married the chick Lauren found him in bed with shortly after the divorce and the OW had his baby a few weeks weeks after the wedding with a son Then Lauren receives the news from her former mother in law that Andreas has been in a terrible car wreck, has amnesia, and cannot remember the last five years, thus believing the two of them are still married Of course Lauren has to rush to his side, because she believes he s dying and she hates him, but she also kind of still loves him, but thankfully, she does so after getting a few good digs in.A few chapters in, Andreas is feeling better, though he is still convinced they are still married He wants to return to Greece to finish his convalescence and of course, because Lauren is ostensibly his wife, wants her to come along Lauren, her father, and her fiance all wonder if he s faking it, but she can t figure out what his reasoning would be.And here s where I have to start spoiler tagging view spoiler Turns out Andreas wasn t faking it at first, but he has been since after her second hospital visit It s all been an elaborate scheme to trap Lauren on an island in Greece of course there s no escape since he s Greek and powerful and no one in the area wants to piss him off by helping the woman he has trapped with him Seems even though he s the one who was found in bed with another woman, he blames Lauren for their divorce Every time she calls him on his infidelity, he demands to know if she was sleeping with her now fiance remember him The old family friend that Andreas was jealous of while they were married the whole time Of course because this is an HP published in 1980, Lauren has never had another lover, although I was kind of happy to hear that she had thought about it and even attempted to take one the night she found out he d married the OW, backing out at the last moment hide spoiler

Sheila Holland,

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Storm Centre  ✩ Charlotte Lamb –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Storm Centre
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9780373103713

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