Shit my History Teacher DID NOT tell me!

Shit my History Teacher DID NOT tell me! If You Re A History Or Philosophy Buff This Book Should Be As Irresistible As A Kebab To A Pisshead So What S It All About Then History, That S What Errgghhh Boring Boring Bollocks Boring, I Had Enough Of That Crap When I Was At School History Just Went On And On And On And On And On And On And On Nothing Different Ever Happened Well That S Where You Re Wrong, Because I M Going To Bring It Alive Not All History Books, Or Even Books About Teaching History, Have To Be Tedious I Ve Looked Under Every Rock, In Every Nook And Cranny I Ve Searched All Over The Place And Dug Up Some Really Interesting Little Titbits Stuff Not A Lot Of People Know So Stay With Me On This One I Ve Chosen To Look At Past Events From The Birth Of The Planet To The Birth Of Christ That S Enough For One Book, Isn T It Well, Not Really, Because I Ve Gone Off Track A Little Bit From Time To Time, But I Do Tend To Do That So Don T Worry About ItIf You Ve Got A Teenager Who S Studying The History Of This Period, Download A Copy For Them Now Because It S All Laid Out Nice And Clear But Let Me Warn You, I Have In The Past Been Accused Of Having An Inappropriate Sense Of Humour, So If You Want A Little Bit Of A Chuckle Watching Me Make Fun Out Of Everyone I Meet Down The Years, Then This Is The Book For You And If Your Offspring Is In Their Early Teens Then It Probably Isn T The Book For ThemAs I Say, I Do Tend To Stray Into The Modern Day From Time To Time To Bring Things Into Focus, But I Promise You This Book Will Surprise You, Inform You, Keep You Interested And Put A Smile On Your Face From Time To Time I Discuss Philosophers And Philosophy A Lot, Including Ancient Greek Philosophers, Chinese Beliefs And Philosophy From Around The World, But If You Think It S All Socrates, Plato And Aristotle, There S A Lot Here To Be Discovered You Ll Be Surprised, For Instance, At The Similarities Between The Celts And The Native Americans The Rosicrucians Will Fascinate You, As Will Some Of The Secrets Held By Alexander The Great It S High Time We Had Some History Books For Adults

Karl Wiggins Author, humourist, raconteur and unfortunately master of dysphemismI m an author with seven books on Kindle, and I ll state right from the start that I have a particular aversion to fellow authors who befriend you and then immediately message you saying, You might like my book check it out I don t do that If people wish to know about my books the

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    So this take on various historical tidbits was quite extraordinary, shedding a new light on many famous, and less famous, events that we were ran through by the educational program, usually yawning so badly our jaws muscles would hurt and this comes from a declared history buff these days Well, no one would yawn reading Karl Wiggins history What would likely to hurt through this reading would be your stomach muscles too much laughing can do that.I can attest that I enjoyed every word of this book, every single one of them even if there were small parts I did not agree with, those who came dangerously close to the areas of my expertise I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn while having a good time I would put this book into the high school program as well More chances of our kids coming out educated

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    This is an absolutely brilliant read that only Karl Wiggins could have written Karl, irrepressible, irreverent, than a little bonkers and I love him to bits You won t learn an awful lot of conventional history from Shit My History Teacher Did Not Tell Me, but you will learn that just as the paradigms are important, those big events that take us another step forward to where we are today, there are events on that long, slow journey, that bring us to the point of being fully rounded, three dimensional sentient beings There are a myriad of tales within Karl s book and Karl is a formidable story teller.Ahh, history Karl s school must have had the same ethos for teaching history as mine I think our history lessons began at around 9 years old and were utterly dull and boring Goodness knows what it must have been like for the teacher aiming to impart some sort of knowledge to us as an adult I can now see that poor Miss Worsley must have been as bored as her pupils Just as Karl kept a surreptitious eye on Miss Kingsley s boobs, Miss Worsley s boobs must have been a constant embarrassment to her Miss Worsley was a staunch Methodist and she dressed appropriately A below the knee brown skirt Brown lace up shoes with thick natural coloured stockings and a baggy green, or beige, jumper We were all fascinated by Miss Worsley s boobs, which were huge and completely dominated her appearance Her boobs were out of control Sometimes, they were tightly harnessed, inside what must have been a painful, tightly boned brassiere At other times they swung loose, voluptuous, moving with each inhale and each exhale beneath her wooly jumper Her attempts to get control over her boobs was a dismal failure Far attention was paid to Miss Worsley s boobs than anything that uttered forth from her mouth.History was just as dull in Mr Fletcher s class and followed pretty much the same time frame as it had in Miss Worsley s class The Ice Age, The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Iron age I should be an expert in those periods, but I m not History lessons were for daydreaming away the interminable boredom By the time we reached Mr Philpott s class, we d given up all hope of history being interesting, it didn t occur to us that it could be entertaining And we were right, it was neither engaging nor entertaining, it was dry and boring although Mr Philpott did get beyond the Iron Age He skimmed over 4 centuries of Roman occupation in Britain, missed out the decades of the Saxons and just about made it through to the Norman Conquest of 1066 when poor King Harold got his eye pierced by an invader s arrow, before school finished for the summer But, hang on, I m meant to be talking about Karl s book I m just saying that my history education was as dull as Karl s and countless others I know that they do things differently in schools now thank goodness For a while I gave my neighbour s kid some help with his homework and he had a project about how the Romans made the roads so straight Now that was really interesting That would have got me intrigued with history at school.And because I keep getting sidetracked, I ll return to my opening sentence Karl s book is an absolutely brilliant read Karl is not obsessed with chronology that is not the way history works for him Karl is interested in the stuff that we don t always think too much about And he does it so well where our ideas come from The ideas that prompt us into thinking about morality who gave us our ideas of what is right and what is wrong What was going on in other parts of the world, while we in Britain hadn t yet discovered fire Countries in what we now think of as the Middle East, had written language, astronomy, geometry and mathematics while we were still pondering the wheel And running through Karl s book is his infectious, irrepressible humour He s a wonderful satirist and than anything, he loves to prick the bubble of pomposity His humour is affectionate and engaging laughter is a powerful tool and should be used in education Kids are a darn sight likely to focus an interest in a subject if they can have a good laugh and that goes for all of us Kids will love Karl s book and so will adults You re not going to learn a lot about the Industrial Revolution, or the Peasant s Revolt but you will see the progress and process of history in all its vibrant, vivid colour It s a great story and it s our story.

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    If profanity offends you or you cling to a specific set of beliefs, this book will probably offend you I m not a history buff, but it was interesting and I always love to hear different perspectives All that said, it was comically written, and I thought it was hilarious I also loved the Harry Potter references sprinkled throughout.

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    Mr Wiggins has done it again This book is an eclectic group of facts most of us learned in school, but Wiggins has taken it a step further and provided details left out of our education Along with those details he has inserted his opinion and his sharp wit, making me laugh out loud on many occasions Karl Wiggins is brilliant Loved the book Carole McKee, author

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    I m sorry this book is terrible I try too avoid placing books on my can not finish self I mean you got to earn that placing this is something that earns that rating here is the passage that caused me to toss in the towelacross a website called Cute Dead Guys Anyway, there s this geezer there called Meatpie probably not his real name who writes, Since I ve already been to the morgue and seen it all I will now tell you what turns me on the most I receive a young cute guy with sneakers and black socks He is cute in the face, lean and hairy with big cock and nice balls I have to remove his black socks which of course smell Then toe tag him He is absolutely relaxed and staring into the ceiling well, of course he s relaxed, you prat, he s fucking dead He is young cute and handsome and I have to take him to that dingy smelly morgue, with the rotters I will also hold his toes and will check his cock and wash it I will also wash his anus Thank god m history teacher didn t teach me this Two stars and that s me being kind.

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    Don t waste your money If you are a junior high boy maybe you would like this Lots of vulgarity and references to teachers with big boobs Not much history.

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    Wiggins provides an interesting look at the early history of the world, focusing on philosophy and religion I enjoyed reading this funny though at times a little crude and thought provoking book.

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    Some of the stuff early on was really interesting but the 2nd half of the book was dedicated mostly to philosophers which was pretty dry and I already knew about.

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    an insightful, beyond the ordinary book

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