Sheikhs Untouched Woman

Sheikhs Untouched Woman Sweet and sassyThis story is very predictable It also needs some major editing However, I really did enjoy it I love a sassy and head strong heroine Monica is great She is independent and strong She makes something of herself That is one part of the book I liked the best. 2.5 stars THAT WORD AF CKINGAIN MISTRESS Really It s so degrading to reduce a physical relationship that should be among equals to this level, I can t even The grovel would have to be epic and guys who use that word and with that mentality NEVER GROVEL NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR ME Serena O Brien was a young idealistic student finishing up her degree in Paris She was looking for an adventure, what she found instead was a deliciously exotic man who taught her everything about love, sex and men and then he took it all away She makes a new life for herself far away, resigned to living a life without her true love When her boyfriend Raffir al Jazzari Crown Prince of Maju ul tells her he must take a wife, she mistakenly assumes she will be that wife Raffir explains that a man does not marry his mistress so she packs her bags and flees Paris without telling him of her love for him or the other secret she carries A year later, a chance meeting brings the former loves together again but nothing is the same Will Serena tell Raffir the secret she s carried alone since they parted Can he convince Serena he s a changed man and this time he s looking for forever This was a good story, I loved Serena, she was very high spirited and determined to not let Raffir get his way He did after all tell her she had been just a mistress, when she thought she had been.After losing Serena Raffir searches for a year looking for her But chance, she is practically dropped in his lap and he is determined to apologize Little does he know, Serena has a secret that will change his life forever. The one man that broke your heart wants you backA nice day read of a young girl that falls for a rich sheikh and she only sees happiness for them but he needs to marry and it isn t her She goes back home with secret that she can t ever tell him Raffir won t give up her wants Serena back in his life but she wants nothing to do him, he broke her heart and she has someone else that she needs to protect but he wears her down and she goes back with him to his country Serena knows that she can t allow him to wear her down so she puts all her energy into looking after her son and waiting to go back home in a couple of months but Raffir will stop at nothing to keep her for good this time A quick read that makes the day pass easier too short but good Romance Shekhs Unthouched Woman by Kylie KnightI really enjoyed this book wellwritten goo d story the author was great I Sheikh hurt her when called her his mistress and was going to marry some one else she left he could not find her she was pregnant with his son he finally found her and son by chance she took her son back to his home so he could get to know him he fell back in love ask her to marry him there is a lot you need to read the book it s great you will love it enjoy Margie Moran Unlike some books I have read which has a similar storyline I m pleased that in this one she had a backbone and it was him that was doing the chasing but without him finding out about her having his baby he would have happily married his bride.I did like the ending how he wooed her but a little part of me was hoping she would make him suffer a little lol. A novella, okay But this one really stepped on it.The author wasted neither time, nor words to give the story of a virgin mistress being dumped by a will marry my type only sheikh So she walks away leaving all the expensive gifts and clothes behind eyeroll Expected and cliched Only to surface a year later with a baby in tow Some words, a standoff or two, sex and lo, we get the hea Only thing they are separated for just a year and she has a kid who is sitting and playing in the park He giggles and plays and bites too I need to check on the human gestation period again.Okay another thing Will a sheikh really take a woman and kid back to his sheikhdom without the expected and acceptable legitimacy of matrimony DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED Special Bonus Book Inside ROMANCE Serena O Brien Was A Young Idealistic Student Finishing Up Her Degree In Paris She Was Looking For An Adventure, What She Found Instead Was A Deliciously Exotic Man Who Taught Her Everything About Love, Sex And Men And Then He Took It All Away She Makes A New Life For Herself Far Away, Resigned To Living A Life Without Her True Love When Her Boyfriend Raffir Al Jazzari Crown Prince Of Maju Ul Tells Her He Must Take A Wife, She Mistakenly Assumes She Will Be That Wife Raffir Explains That A Man Does Not Marry His Mistress So She Packs Her Bags And Flees Paris Without Telling Him Of Her Love For Him Or The Other Secret She Carries A Year Later, A Chance Meeting Brings The Former Loves Together Again But Nothing Is The Same Will Serena Tell Raffir The Secret She S Carried Alone Since They Parted Can He Convince Serena He S A Changed Man And This Time He S Looking For Forever BUY NOW AND ENJOY THIS SHEIKH BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS ROMANCE STORY TODAY WARNING This Ebook Contains Mature Themes And Language Intended For Readers Only

Kylie Knight Ignite your pleasure.I love writing about alpha billionaires, especially sexy Sheikhs The books are stand alone HEA books The female characters are strong women that fall in love with tantalizing alpha males I love writing romance books that provide my readers with pleasure.I write romance stories that invite readers into the lives of the characters to experience the good, the bad

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