She Who Remembers (Kwani, #1)

She Who Remembers (Kwani, #1)I loved this book It s a great story about an Anasazi women who is accused of being a witch and driven from her home I have been studying the Pueblo people in one of my classes, and this story has a ton of historical accuracy I couldn t put it down, and at the end, I had to run to the library to get the 2nd book to see what will happen to Kwani. we judge too quickly, don t we, about so much, about so many people this story takes outcasts and gives them a chance to tell us their story, as well as the outcasts giving others the same opportunity an amazing bit of literature Kwani A Beautiful Woman Born In The American Southwest Into The Long Extinct Anasazi Tribe, Long Before Columbuswhose Blue Eyes Marked Her As A Witch And Set Her Apart From The Indian Tribe That Raised HerFollowing Her Path Of Destiny In A Vanished World Of Great Stone Cities And Trackless Wilderness Warring Tribes And Mysterious Trabelers From Other Lands, Kwani Found Love With Kokopelli, The Toltec Magician, Who Rescued Her From Death And Took Her To The Place Of The Eagle Clan There She Was Transformed From An Outcast To The Chosen Of The Gods, Where She Became She Who Remembers And Taught Young Girls The Ancient Secrets Only Women Knowsecrets That Provided Her With Inner Power To Overcome And Triumph And Change Her Life Forever This novel was to be an American pre history novel about the ANAsazi Indians 1270 AD I very much like well researched historical fiction and hoped for much from this book The book jacket stated we would learn about KOKOpelli.Oh what a disappointment There was no clue that this would be A bodice riper romp really rabbit skins I didn t even find it amusing that Vikings were roaming the South from me. Kwani had been born with blue eyes because of that her tribe believes her a witch and she was exiled.She soon finds a protector and becomes She who Remembers Although the love making in this book is not described, there is much violence, most of it against Kwani Kwani journeys far before her child is born, meets much evil but also four men who love her or think they do One is Thorvald, another blue eyed one and a Norseman who wishes to take Kwani as a captive to Norway Then there is Okalake, the father of her child, Kokopelli, the wanderer from the Toltec nobility who like Thorvald plans to be rid of her baby Tolanqua, like Kwani has dreamed of the White buffalo and wishes no harm to her child Events come together in the canyon where Kwani s child is born and Tolanqua nearly meets his death.I really liked this novel of the Native Americans before the white man came except the white man had already come in the form of the North Men It left me with questions than answers The Norsemen came and left, yet they do not appear to have left smallpox behind or any of the other diseases of the white man such as Columbus men left Yet we have evidence that long before Columbus, the men of Norway were here. She Who Remembers is the first book in the Kwani series by Linda Lay Shuler A prehistoric fiction, it is compared to the Clan of the Cave Bear series quite often And while I see some similarities, I don t think it s quite as engaging as that series.Kwani is of the Pueblo, Anasazi actually But because of her startling blue eyes she is accused of being a witch and driven from her home It is during her wandering that she stumbles into the path of Kokopelli, a proud and mysticized trader that decides she is perfect for his mate But Kwani may be meant for , and will her love for Kokopelli hold her back I can t say that any of the characters in this book are really likable They re all quite selfish actually And Kwani I didn t quite understand She s born an Anasazi, yet when she goes to another tribe they have to explain customs to her that are shared across the tribes It seems like she should have known them all already I can understand when she goes to tribes that are not Anasazi and having to learn the customs, but that wasn t the case all the time Kokopelli was a jerk and definitely not how I had envisioned such a popular figure In fact, I think men were done a real disservice in this book because most of them didn t have anything good about them and were seen as controlling While I recognize that men play a stronger role in some cultures, it just painted too broad a brush on their personalities.But as much as I complain about the characters in this book I do have to say that the plot was well done It was engaging, hard to put down and really researched quite well for being fiction I learned things about the Southwestern region that I didn t know before And the journey was lifelike and exciting So much of what Kwani had to endure was probably true to the times and realistic There was a lot of sex, and some of it was quite graphically written and there is rape as well so anyone who doesn t like these topics in a book should probably steer clear There is also some violence I m definitely looking forward to reading the next book and hope that the character development is a bit better Or that there s at least a likable one The series has such a great premise that it could be something truly terrific with those aspects.She Who RemembersCopyright 1988395 pagesReview by M Reynard 2013More of my reviews can be found at This book is interesting because it gives context to the pueblo ruins in the southwest It has flaws, but it is a fiction book and as I see it, this book was researched well considering what information is available for pre history The list of references at the end of the book is impressive Lyn does a great job The book has been engaging all the way It is a long book about a young 16 year old Anasazi woman and her adventures in her growth If you like the subject matter and are willing to take a bit of time to read it, I recommend it. A novel of the prehistory of the Americas I liked the historical fiction part of it, but there was just too much romance for me So much is made now of non indigenous persons writing about the indigenous way of life I am not sure how I feel about that, but think that in his case she may have overstepped the line of current sensibilities Just my opinion, and an issue that I need to explore further. I m not reviewing this one as such, just explaining why I never finished it My wife and I started reading this novel together, back in 1989, because it got a glowing endorsement on the back cover from Jean Auel, and we both greatly like her Earth s Children series, and her wonderful protagonist Ayla in particular Unfortunately, we both found Shuler s work to be in sharp contrast to Auel s The reaction we both had and I stated it at the time, though I don t recall the exact words , is that while Ayla comes across as a 16 year old woman, and an adult can relate to her as to a fellow adult, Shuler s Kwani is clearly a 16 year old child even though she s in contexts where she badly needs to show a lot maturity, and her culture would expect her to and her glaring childishness destroys any real possibility of relating sympathetically to her This experience tended to leave me with a permanent distrust for laudatory blurbs for any given book from other authors I ve always suspected though I never investigated it to confirm or disprove the idea that Auel and Shuler may have had the same publisher for their hardcover editions, and that the firm s management may have used their leverage to pressure Auel for an endorsement. Ever want to know who this Kokopelli guy is You know the guy with the flute that s in so much native american art Well, now s your chance This books is a great mix of myth, fact, and entertaining fiction I suggest it for anyone 18 and older I think women would enjoy it , as it focuses on the female side of things But I d recomend it for men, too.Keep in mind, if you decide to read this, that the first time I read it was in college My Native American History professor had all of his classes read it Ain t college odd

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