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See Me (See Me, #1) While Most Seventeen Year Old American Girls Would Refuse To Let Their Parents Marry Them Off To A Stranger, Robyn Mason Dreams Of The Mysterious McKale In Ireland, Wondering How He Ll Look And Imagining His Cute Irish Accent Prearranged Bindings Are Common For Magical Families Like Her Own, However When She Travels To The Whimsical Emerald Isle She Discovers There S To Her Betrothal And McKale S Clan Than She Was Led To Believe What Starts As An Obligatory Pairing Between Robyn And McKale Morphs Over Time Into Something They Both Need But One Giant Obstacle Stands In The Way Of Their Budding Romance A Seductive And Deadly Fae Princess Accustomed To Getting What She Wants And What She Wants Is McKale As Her Plaything Love, Desire, And Jealousies Collide As Robyn S Family And McKale S Clan Must Work Together To Outsmart The Powerful Faeries And Preserve The Only Hope Left For Their People

Wendy Higgins is the USA Today and NY Times bestselling author of the SWEET EVIL series from HarperTeen, the high fantasy duology THE GREAT HUNT, her independently published Irish Fantasy SEE ME, and her indie NA science fiction UNKNOWN trilogy.After earning a Creative Writing degree from George Mason University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford, Wendy taught high school Eng

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    McKale was from another family of ancient magic His people had only been able to produce male children for many, many years now I was told they needed a special, magical girl to bind herself with one of their special, magical boys to ensure the continuation of their family s bloodline It sounded extraordinary to me as a child like I was a princess special, chosen. Well, aren t you both just so fucking special What s the fucking point of having leprechauns in a book when the sole leprechaun love interest is a motherfucking giant Why are you completely screwing with mythology here This book was just terrible Read it if you want a good laugh, because I found myself howling with laughter at the many moments of utter absurdity, but it is just so laughably bad This book is so much worse than typical YA hilarity.You guys remember the feminist movement Well, this book takes us back about 100 years in terms of female empowerment This book lets girls think that it s ok to be completely on board with getting into an arranged marriage at 17 as long as the guy is hot This book lets you think that it s ok to slut shame your little sister and constantly remark on how profane she is and how much she sleeps around as long as you still love your sister and is there to comfort her when she inevitable gets trouble for having loose legs Oh, Cassidy Renee, she whispered into the air Her eyes watered Why must you learn everything the hard way This book lets you think that, when two people are cheating, it s the girl s fault for being the seductress Let me tell you something It takes two to fucking tango You kissed her He nodded once His eyes were strained Really kiss her Another nod.Jealousy reared, but I didn t feel angry at McKale I knew he did what he had to do. This book lets you think that it s ok to live in a society of people who thinks it s just tradition to believe that women are lesser This book lets you believe that sexual harrassment is ok, just as long as, you know, men didn t MEAN to offend There was an abundance of winking going on, and no female s backside was safe from an onslaught of pinches, including mine.It wasn t viewed as an act of disrespect Even McKale thought it was funny. To that, I give a big Fuck you to this book.This book has a Ken doll of a love interest Which is to say, McKale is a desexualized ideal, a boy who is everything that a girl could ever want, without flaw, wholly romantic, wholly pure intact with virginity and without indecent thoughts.In short like a Ken doll, the guy doesn t have a fucking penis.The Summary At 17, we all have dreams, aspirations Some girls want to be astronauts Some girls want to take over Hollywood Some girls want to be CEOs.Robyn Mason wants to get married The term prearranged marriage was thought of as something from the old days, or something that other societies did I should have been terrified or indignant, but the way Mom presented my future eleven years ago made me feel important and useful. There was never such a beauty as Robyn Mason Cleopatra gnashed her teeth in jealousy Helen of Troy could only aspire to such beauty Queen Elizabeth I would have eliminated Robyn in her cradle Wait, what Did you say cradle Yes, I said cradle BECAUSE SINCE THE DAY OF HER BIRTH, ROBYN MASON HAS BEEN GLORIOUS FA BU LOUS snaps fingers I want you to go get your baby albums Take a look at yo newborn self I m sorry to have to tell you this, but you re ugly Hideous Nothing like the main character in this book She was beautiful Stunning Absolutely bloody gorgeous, from birth Her 3 week old self was so marvelously divine that she charmed the hell out of the Faery Queen consort Her mother had a sudden fervent wish that Robyn was bald and funny looking like so many precious babies she d seen Instead, the consort admired an inch plus of wavy chestnut hair, rounded pink cheeks and the sweetest puckered mouth Chocolate eyes and black lashes blinked at the Faerie Beauty. She has been engaged since birth to a special guy from a special family.What her parents failed to tell her is that this special guy is from a special family of leprechauns Mom My heart pounded and I chose my words carefully What is McKale s clan called She wouldn t look at me The cabin space seemed to close in on me It was forever before she answered in a cracking voice They re the Leprechauns But it s ok, because special, different, 5 11 Robyn She s the 3rd 5 11 YA heroine I ve read this year I d always felt like an woman, standing as tall as the guys at school, and even taller than many of them. is going to marry the special, different McKale Who is a giant among Leprechauns Who has always feltdifferent He sighed and swallowed When I was a wee lad, I dreamed of running away I didn t understand why I had to be different Not just my height Yes Yes, ladies and gentleman Robyn, somehow, finds herself the mate of the one, sole, GIGANTIC FUCKING LEPRECHAUN IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD.What follows is a courtship A romance They meet a cousin of the Leprechauns the Clourichauns Men even smaller than Leprechauns, except, for some fucking reason, the guy they meet the guy Robyn s sister falls forcan enlarge himself insert sexual joke here at will So you can get big, like us she asked her tiny admirer He nodded Can you do it now A short blast of tingling magic hit us at our backs and we spun around There on the top of the table sat Rock, full sized, limber legs crossed. The entire book is composed of a fucking courtship There is no plot beyond that I don t know how, but it took the entire fucking length of the book for McKale and Robyn to fall in love when they already fell into insta love when they first met I d expected to feel emotional when I laid eyes on him But I hadn t expected the emotion to be so intense that it would impact me physically Blood rushed through my veins at an alarming speed My mind swirled and I swear I tilted to the side, off balance and unable to fully fill my lungs. The entire book is composed of such inanities as soccer playing At one point I had the ball and when I turned to dribble away she tripped me, and then we were at it again The crowd was clapping in sync and chanting, Ma son Girls Ma son Girls Hopper racing Hopper racing, McKale said.As we got closer I could make out the barrier of rocks lining the racetracks and a dozen frogs hopping every which way inside. Clubbing My Leprechaun had rhythm And it was hot in a way that made me dizzy I let myself lean back hard against him, raising my arms to the air and moving my hips. And sexual harrassment At one point in the game Cassidy screamed, The next pair of grabby hands that touches my boobs or butt is getting a beatdown But not all is well in Ireland There is an evil Fae princess, by the name ofKhaleesi Her tiny oval face was made of delicate features that would break any girl s heart with envy I was mesmerized by her big, almond shaped eyes of icy blue and her round, innocent flower of a mouth Her hair was amazing long, past her hips, straight and thick without a single hair out of place The color was like white gold the ultimate platinum blonde. Crap Sorry Sorry Wrong book Wrong show I meant her name is Khalistah What a powerful name Khalistah Not to be confused with her friend, Melindalah I daresay not, Melindalah, Khalistah answered. Or her other friend, Mirandalah Is this the one who fancies you to pieces, Princess The very same, Mirandalah Khalistah wants him That bitch She has the nerve to desire McKale I don t know why, since he doesn t have a penis, but there you go, she wants him Will Robyn be able to save the innocent, virginal McKale form the evil seductress fairy princess s evil clutches Will she able to do it before I pass out from hysteria induced by extreme laughter The Setting Doesn t make any fucking sense I have so many questions The world building is utter crap, and believe me, I know crap when I read it This has got to be one of the worst Fae related settings I ve ever read because it is so completely undeveloped takes deep breath Why the fuck are the Fae so fucking dangerous We are never, ever given any reason to truly fear the Fae We re told that, oh, we humans must do ____ and ____ in order not to piss our evil Fae dictators off BUT WHY WHY ARE YOU SO SCARED In the book, the Fae do fucking nothing but Glamour stuff and make you feel desiiiiiiiiire Faefever style My entire body tightened and pulsed with a sensual charge I was filled with need and want and Oh please, feelings of horniness I get wetter every time I see Tom Hiddleston s face onscreen.Can you blame me The point is that the Fae, to me, posed no danger at all, because there is no explicit threat shown to me within the book I don t know why they re so fucking scared of them The Fae are really pretty That s all.Have you ever heard of a fucking babysitter Robyn got into this fucking mess in the first place because her parents had to bring her into Faeryland They work for the Fae king queen and they had to give a report They tried to hide Robyn in a basket, and like a baby, ROBYN CRIED I am shocked SHOCKED, that a baby doesn t keep its mouth shut Why did they have to bring the fucking baby to work Get a fucking baby sitter Leprechauns What the FUCK The Leprechauns exist because they are the shoemakers to the Fae.WHY THE FUCK The Fae have human agents Haven t they fucking heard of Gucci Chanel Payless Why the fuck are they employing an entire race of completely obsolete shoemakers who create trouble when the Fae can just send their human agents THEY HAVE HUMAN AGENTS to fucking BUY SOME SHOES.Why are the Leprechauns so isolated when they can easily get from their world into the human world Why are they so ass fucking backwards when technology is readily available and just a car ride away So many questions No answers Poop Poooooooooop.Politically Correct Ranting I m gonna get a little anal about this book, mainly because hey, if I m going to protest in one book about the misrepresentation of Asian people, I might as well be fair and call out bullshit when I see it in other nationalities races If you re Irish, and you re pretty fucking sick of all the OMG LUCKY CHARMS jolly little green men stripping naked and playing football that s soccer to you Muricans and having a grand ole time, you might find yourself a wee bit offended by this book If you want to take the stereotypical portrayals tongue in cheek, and you think I m a politically correct pain in the ass who sucks all the joy out of reading, well, you re perfectly entitled to your opinion, too Do me a favor, she said to Rock Say They re always trying to steal me Lucky Charms There s no shortage to Irish stereotypes in the book The main character is a redhead They all play fiddles They get really rowdy, naked, and drunk They dance on tabletops They get drunk some They play fiddles Ye gods Cass sang, They re magically delicious WHAT FUCKING LEPRECHAUNS What s the fucking point of featuring Leprechauns in a book if you re going to make him the love interest the ONE SINGLE GIANT FUCKING LEPRECHAUN IN A SEA OF TINY ASS PEOPLE What s the point of using a lesser known type of leprechauns, an EVEN TINIER RACE, if you re gonna give the main character s little sister a Clourichain love interest WHO CAN GROW HUMAN SIZED AT WILL Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell is this fuckery There are some things that the YA genre should just leave the fuck alone, because really, I can t see myself ever falling for a leprechaun Even a tall one.The Romance He pulled me to him again and laid his lips gently against mine I fancied it when ye called me Kale McKale or Kale, as he prefers to be called is not a man He doesn t have a penis.He is a 50 year old virgin He really is 50 I watched him go, noting his long limbs and thin frame It was hard to believe he was fifty years old and his body still had some filling out to do. Am I the only one who finds this incredibly creepy Leprechauns age slowly, but still 50, dude No.He paints her toenails He is bashful He can t meet her eyes He has never kissed anyone well, except for KHALISTAH but that s only because SHE made him It wasn t his fault at all I mean, who would want to kiss a beautiful Fae princess Pfft So not his fault He paints her toenails He brings her baskets of berries He sniffs her hair I felt my ponytail lift and I stopped cranking A slow turn of my head caught McKale letting the hair fall from his hand He d been smelling my hair And now he wore an expression like a boy who d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. They are content to sit there, gazing lovingly into each others eyes His hands held each side of my face I reached up and held his forearms until he pulled away just enough to see my eyes We sat there, reading each other and savoring our prospects. Well, savoring our prospects That s just gosh darned dang diddly romantic Why the FUCK does Khaleesi sorry, sorry, Khalistah want him She has been on his ass for years, years She wants him She is obsessed with him WHY What the fuck makes him so bloody special Why is this stunning Fae princess so enad I had never met a living thing like you Brave enough to seek me, yet too shy to touch me Such a refreshing change from the arrogance of Fae males WELL THAT JUST EXPLAINS EVERYTHING Are you fucking kidding me

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    It s time to share my sweet little Irish folktale with the world Get ready for something that s, at times, quirky and silly, romantic and swoony, heartfelt and emotional, and all together different.I m happy to introduce Robyn and McKale 3 Have fun

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    This book was so ridiculous that I actually enjoyed it It is like one of those movies like Sharknado or and old Godzilla film such a train wreck that it is fun And this was a huge train wreck epic There were so many things that made me happy in this story, such as A 17 yr old girl being betrothed to a 50 yr old Leprechaun Imagine this scenario, but the guy is 3 feet tall, wearing a little green suit and a tiny green hat A village of Leprechauns who make shoes for the Fae because they love to dance so much that they naturally wear out their shoes often and have great need for shoes Said village of Leprechauns are all dwarfs, except for the betrothed McKale how convenient , who was a social outcast for being tall They wouldn t even let him play soccer with themOh, if only the book had taken this direction I might have liked it then.When Robyn and her sister took McKale and Rock out for a night on the town, they kept asking them to say, They re always after me Lucky Charms and laughed and laughed Soon afterward, they were dirty dancing with these guys Yeah, the Lucky Charms guy gets every girl hot Our main character s father, who came from our time and world, is perfectly fine with his 16 17 yr old daughters getting their asses pinched constantly by horny midgets because it s just their way of having a good time And, although McKale can t even bring his shy self to look Robyn in the eye for the first half of the story, he also finds it hilarious that all of these other guys are grabbing her ass Good times Maybe Dad and the new hubby can even make a buck by whoring you girls out on the side And, these are just a few nuggets from the book It is so funny and ridiculous, that I actually have to recommend reading it I have to You will laugh I promise.

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    Another book by Wendy Higgins Will I be reading this

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    I think I m getting old for this kind of books The amount of naivety, childishness and teenage giddiness in this book was just too much for me Which is truly sad since I absolutely loved author s Sweet Trilogy and had high hopes for this story.Dull characters with no development, shallow plotline, not enough world building That were my biggest issues with this novel.But what didn t work for me, may definitely work for the youngest of young adults However, I won t be recommending this one to anyone.

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    After Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil series, I instantly fell in love with her books and her writing I was so sad to see that series come to an end because it instantly and easily became an absolutely favorite So when I got See Me in my hands I was so absolutely stoked to read something by her and let me tell you it did not disappoint in the slightest See Me is a fanciful story filled with all the elements I adore and I literally couldn t put it down.Irish Magic Faeries Oh yes, such an amazing combo How often do we get a main boy who is not only Irish, but red headed, extremely tall, plays a fiddle, and is adorablly shy and perfect in every way Yeah, not so often, but that is McKale I couldn t loved McKale if I tried, I love how his shy demeanor morphed into strength, confidence, and sexiness Oh and I forgot the adorable accent unf I want my own McKale On his counterpart, we have Robyn Mason, who s family has been blessed with magic by the Fae Robyn is forced to be McKales betrothed and for once, I was so happy to see a girl who is actually excited to meet her man versus rebelling Robyn handles everything with strength and class and I don t think these two could have been a perfect match.More then them though, I loved all the characters we get to know especially Rock and Cass When I say Cassidy constantly had me laughing it s an understatement I just adored her and all of her outbursts and side comments Rock, whose real name is Ronan like hello hotness all around He just was another sexy and fun boy that I loved These two together just made me smile Then with Cass and Robyn s family I just loved them as well The character cast was stacked to say the least.Overall, I absolutely loved See Me and everything that came along with it I got my fantasy world with Fae that I love getting lost in, sexy fellas, family, time to let loose, a girl I love to hate, romance, and overall a story to get lost in Cannot wait for whatever Wendy Higgins next project will be Originally posted at Shortie Says

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    1.5 I m pretty speechless and not speechless in a good way at all Speechless in a , Oh my god, this was so bad, how in the world should I start this I have read my fair share of bad books, some worse than the others In some ways, See Me probably wasnt the worst book I ve read, but it isnt very high up, either.So I am going to try and make this review as short as I can, not only because I have nothing to say, but also because nothing really happened Robyn McKale There is no gif to describe this guy I cant recall one memorable thing about him except that he would be the worst underwear model in history AKA Excessive Blushing There was also some highly questionable character development.But frankly, I can t see it Plot Nil.Nada Unless your idea of a plot is Robyn has been betrothed to McKale for 17 years and it finally time to go and meet him But when Robyn goes to meet McKale for the first time, she finds him in the evil clutches of an equally evil Faerie Princess, Kalistah Can Robyn save McKale from Khalistah and make precious leprechaun babies with him This might have actually been cute if Khalistah wasn t a spoilt little brat and without all the slut shaming And if Robyn hadn t fallen in lurve with McKale within 2 seconds of meeting him This book practically gives a middle finger to folklore and mythology This is the basic meaning of the word Leprechaun The name comes from the Irish Gaelic word leipreach n, defined by Dinneen as a pigmy , a sprite, a leprechaun for luchorp n the latter word Dinneen defines as a pigmy, a leprechaun a kind of aqueous sprite this word has also been identified as meaning half bodied , or small bodied Leprechaun clearly means short Every single leprechaun in this book fits this descriptionExcept for McKale McKale is freakishly tall and rightly so among the short leprechaun and is constantly embarrassed because of his height Why I dont know Something about being tall is bad luck or whatever This guy is a 6 foot tall shoemaker There is nothing to him He might as well be like any other Irishman who can make shoes The world building is terrible The end There is nothing to elaborate since there was practically nothing to start with Also The irony of the title is that Robyn is a 5 11.

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    To see full review click on one of the following links My BlogBooklikesLeprechauns will never be sexy.Just saying it now.Think about it Do you find the Lucky Charms guy sexy If you do that s your prerogative I get that there is a sizable group of people obsessed with breakfast cereal mascots Though personally, if you re into cereal mascots I think you could do better than Lucky.But you can t tell me the leprechaun in the movie that Jennifer Aniston was in before she was Jennifer Aniston was sexy Even if he was six feet tall.Which he was not.That s the sort of sexiness McKale has in this book.First of all that name.Have you had kale.So not sexy.This book wants to be sexy though And I think that s why it fails so utterly in its face besides the fact it involves major slut slamming Characters who are too unrealistic to live And it shits on Ireland at the same time by constantly saying the word shitballs yes, and I thought sweet baby Jesus as a catch phrase was bad.

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    Terminado,la historia me ha gustado y sorprendido bastante y Mckale me pareci muy adorable todo el libro El problema Este libro fue digamos autopublicado o encargada la traducci n por la autora para poder traerlo en espa ol ella misma a trav s de y tiene muchos errores de traducci n y faltas ortogr ficas , una pena la verdad.

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    Ugh I think I deserve some new books for reading this Sorry, just not my cup of tea tis one.

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