Season of Fire

Season of FireAfter Tackling Her First Mission And Coming To Terms With Her Power Of Empathy, Andriana Discovers Her First Battles Were Only A Taste Of What Is To Come She And Her Knight, Ronan, Have Admitted Their Feelings For Each Other, But Their Bonds Are Tested When Dri Is Captured By Their Mortal And Spiritual Enemy Sethos And His Master, Keallach, Emperor Of PacificaAndriana Is Certain Keallach Can Be Convinced To Follow The Maker S Plan And Join The Other Remnants But In Time, She Must Decide Whether She Really Can Pull Him Back To The Way, Or If Sethos S Web Of Darkness Has Slowly And Thoroughly Trapped Them Both Forever Lisa T Bergren s Remnants series is amazing She once again treats us to beautiful realms, deep emotions and adventure that just doesn t stop While I was reading, it wasn t unusual for me to get so lost in the world, that there would be jolt when I had to come back to reality I want to say that I devour these books, but honestly, I think they devoured my mind I didn t want the reading to end When I got to the last page and saw that the next book isn t due out until 2016, I was unhappy to say the least I know Lisa and I understand how much she s juggling, but I really wish she could write faster These books are perfect for anyone who loves Divergent, The Hunger Games, or the Maze Runner In fact I have found the Remnants series surpasses these books in nearly every aspect Bergren has always been an incredible storyteller, but the plot she s put into place this time is breathtaking There s always something happening that keeps the reader guessing and wondering what is around the next bend for these amazing characters There are very few areas where the pace slows Most often, you ll find yourself completely caught up in the adventure and frantically turning pages to see what s next This is the kind of book that begs just onechapter and then leaves you flailing in the wee hours of the morning, wondering what you re supposed to do now that you ve finished it I m seriously unsure what I m supposed to do with my time between now and 2016 I ll probably be that annoying little fly buzzing around Lisa s ear begging for news of the next book In all honesty, I ve never been disappointed by a book from Lisa Bergren and I can t recommend them highly enough for anyone who loves books She s a favorite and has earned her well deserved spot on my list of favorite authors. This review was updated to the Official Rating System on March 22nd, 2016 This book was first reviewed on March 11th, 2015About this bookAfter tackling her first mission and coming to terms with her power of empathy, Andriana discovers her first battles were only a taste of what is to come She and her knight, Ronan, have admitted their feelings for each other, but their bonds are tested when Dri is captured by their mortal and spiritual enemy Sethos and his master, Keallach, emperor of Pacifica Andriana is certain Keallach can be convinced to follow the Maker s plan and join the other Remnantsbut in time, she must decide whether she really can pull him back to the Way, or if Sethos s web of darkness has slowly and thoroughly trapped them bothforever Series Book 2 in theThe Remnantsseries Review of Book 1 Here Spiritual Content Very much the Light vs the Dark storyline All about the Call high gifts Many, many, many Prayers A couple blessings over food Talking to Focusing on the Maker Witnessing Preaching Many, many, many Talks about the Maker, his plans, power presence, his mercy grace, along with listening, trusting relaying on him and focusing on Who s you are H s are not capital when referring to the Maker easy to assume that the Maker is supposed to be God Quite a few Scriptures are quoted remembered Spoiler view spoiler Raniero is an angel hide spoiler I loved, loved this book It was so action packed The good vs evil aspect of the story was EPIC Lisa knows how to display spiritual warfare I have to admit, even though I wanted to like Andriana s and Ronan s ongoing romance, I thought it was kind of, well, stupid not written well shrinks back to avoid slaps from fangirls I know, I know I just thought it was kinda stupid BUT, I realized I might as well at least embrace it so it didn t really bother me too bad while I was reading it, just mainly now, afterward.The villains Pacifican soldiers, Sethos, Keallach, the Sheolites, etc WERE AWFUL I hated them so bad But I loved how much I hated them It was fun bahahahaha The Remnants are so amazing I mean, GOSH EVERY single character has a different power One is healing one of my personal favorites , one is evil sensing, and Andriana s is EMOTION READING screams out loud like mad person They are kick butt like nobody s business But, really, the characters and especially the development was great, well written, and just SO FANGIRL PROVOKING.This book involved Biblical references and Scripture A LOT Which was supppperrr cool.Now that I ve kinda gotten my feels out, now for the negative content.NEGATIVE CONTENT I have to say, this book is not for the faint or sensitive in the stomach It s pretty gory There s lots of fighting, wounds, blood and surgery ALSO, even though I M sensitive to creepy things and demons and all that I m very sensitive I was NOT BOTHERED by it at all Besides, good always wins, right There are inappropriate references but honestly, even though I m strict with it, apparently she wrote it well enough that it didn t prick my conscience.WHO SHOULD READ IT Anyone mature or over the age of 12 who like Christian allegories, fantasy or dystopian.NOW ON TO MY SPOILER Y FEELS SPOILERS Why, oh why, Lisa must you rip my heart out.The scene with Keallach trying to control Andriana s body to kiss him Hmm To describe my feelings Um, Anger from Inside Out Yep The fire Yeah That was me Also, Andriana s time in Keallach s castle in Pacifica were probably some of my favorite scenes in the whole book They were really cool Raniero being an angel WHat I DID NOT see that coming I figured he did have SOME sort of power, since he would just appear and disappear randomly and it seemed he always knew what A was thinking, but STILL UNEXPECTED PLOT TWIST Discussion questions for those who have read the book What was one unexpected plot twist for you While A was in Pacifica, did you feel that Keallach and Andriana should marry What do you think about the romance Do you like it SPOILERS END So, that s that I REALLY hope you enjoyed this review Let me know if you have read it or want to read this series By His Grace,Halee This was pretty good middle book for a trilogy But there was just something that didn t grab me as the first one did.With her power of empathy now seemingly under control, the Remnants continue their mission to free Kapriel Andriana and Ronan have shown their love for each other and now must make some hard decisions But things go array for them when Andriana gets captured by Keallach, Emperor of Pacifica, and his replaced Knight, Sethos Andriana against all odds believes that Keallach can come back and follow the Maker s plan But at some point she might have to choose between escaping from Keallach or falling into Sethos s trap with him.The characters were great, again I wantedNeiro and it didn t seem I was going to get that, but the end made up for it I missed Ronan in this book, badly Though quiet a few times it switched to Ronan s point of view and that was awesome The Remnants kind of faded to the background in this book It focused mainly on Andriana and Keallach Oh Keallach He was one of the most hardest characters to decide on whether I like him or not, though that ending might have made up my mind I love and hate him at the same time Then I felt at times he was just a manipulated child.The plot was intense, but I think it might have been lacking a little bit from something I m not sure It started in the middle of an scene so it took awhile for me to get my bearings Then it felt rushed at the beginning and at the end The bad situations felt to easily gotten out of It was exciting and intense.Sometimes the romance almost got inappropriate, but it never went farther than intense kissing It lightly mentioned in conversation a few times some subject matter that isn t appropriate for younger people It was a bit violent of course with some fighting scenes.So I really loved this and I m recommending it to older teens and up It is a really good Christian dystopian trilogy and I can t wait to see how it ends You can check out this review on my blog too, at Thanks

AboutLisa Tawn Bergren is the best selling, award winning author of over 50 books, with than 3 million copies sold She is in the middle of writing The Sugar Baron s Daughters Series KETURAH, VERITY and SELAH , and recently finished a teen series called Remnants SEASON OF WONDER, SEASON OF FIRE, and SEASON OF GLORY She s also written the River of Time Series WATERFALL, CASCADE, TORRENT,

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  • Season of Fire
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  • 12 September 2018
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