Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind

Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the WindGod s Nightgown I enjoyed it, but REALLY wanted Rhett The story begins with Melanie s funeral where SCARLETT makes a spectacle of herself comforting Ashley the cause of her life s destruction..that exacerbates her isolation and ostracism from Atlanta society.So..a downhearted SCARLETT returns to her beloved Tara for comfort, but all is not well there either with an aged Mammy and Suellen as hateful as ever.With constant thoughts of how to win back her only true love, the story takes us to a still occupied Charleston where Rhett makes a lucrative offer to be rid of her forever, but a frightening experience gives her hope once again. Rhett raised his head I m afraid, he said quietly, afraid that it will all begin again I know that she s heartless and completely selfish, that she s like a child who cries for a toy and then breaks it once she has it But there are some moments when she tilts her head at a certain angle, or she smiles that gleeful smile, or she suddenly looks lostand I come close to forgetting what I know With a visit to Savannah, SCARLETT spends time with her Robillard and O Hara relatives that lead her on quite an adventure across the ocean to a beautifully atmospheric Ireland With fairies and Irish superstitions from days of old, shocking news of a Fenian Brotherhood, and the horror of All Hallows Eve, a self absorbed,and still gorgeousbut ambitious SCARLETT struggles to find a new life with dreams of what could have been with Rhett at her side.Overall, the writing is good and even at 800 pages, I was never bored, but there is much SCARLETT than Rhett and I did have to stretch my imagination here and there plus live with an ending that was good, but felt rushed 3.5 Stars for me with a round up to 4.0.One final note Similar, but better storyline than the moviefor mewith characters, but in no way compares to GWTW How could it When Pigs Fly Nu era dec t o durere fizic , acesteia i putea face fa Nu putea suporta ns cealalt durere, mai greu de numit, pe care o tot am na Nu nc , nu aici, nu acum c nd nc era singur Trebuie s ajung la Tara, numaidec t Mammy era acolo, o a tepta Genunchii lui Scarlett se nmuiar Rhett nu putea vorbi serios Ce avea s se nt mple cu ea Casa de pe strada Piersicului, tonele de c rbune de care avea nevoie pentru nc lzire, servitorii care trebuiau s in casa, gradina, caii, tr surile, m ncarea pentru to i ce naiba, totul costa o avere. Scarlett The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell s Gone With the Wind, Alexandra RipleyScarlett is a 1991 novel by Alexandra Ripley, written as a sequel to Margaret Mitchell s 1936 novel, Gone with the Wind The book debuted on The New York Times bestsellers list, but both critics and fans of the original novel found Ripley s version to be inconsistent with the literary quality of Gone with the Wind 1996 1371 1371 1371 1278 1373 1375 1371 1374 1370 1371 1374 1376 1379 1385 1387 1378 1375 792 1384 1385 1388 1396 460 1384 844 1388 TRASH TRASH TRASHthe only thing insulting than this book was Timothy Dalton as Rhett Butler This book was so awful I sent it back to the publisher and demanded my money back They sent it to me. I got this book in hardback for Christmas in 1991, shortly after it was first published It was highly anticipated and, of course, there were folks lining up on both sides of the issue as to whether it could even hope to be a worthy follow up to Margaret Mitchell s epic novel or whether it should be judged on its own merits as the continuation of Scarlett s and Rhett s story No one who loved GWTW can deny that he she WANTED to know how the story of Scarlett and Rhett turned out Margaret Mitchell left us hanging and than 50 years later, the interest in this sequel was fever pitch I started reading the book very early in the morning December 26, 1991, in the waiting room of Texas Children s Hospital where my oldest grandchild was undergoing hernia repair surgery I was than stressed and the book was the perfect distraction from the agony of waiting.I enjoyed the continuation of the saga as written by Alexandra Ripley I think she tuned into Scarlett s mature self and spun a yarn worthy of her personality I was happy that Scarlett finally realized how much she loved and needed Rhett I believe Ms Ripley took Scarlett along a path of growth we all wanted for her And, finally FINALLY we get closure Lord It was way too long in coming Many have made the mistake of judging Scarlett by the horrible TV movie that was made from it Please don t This book is such a good read and really goes along with Margaret Mitchell s book Much was left out of the Gone With the Wind movie Scarlett gives closure toGone With the Windfans I ve read it multiple times and have enjoyed it each time I definitely recommmend this book The Timeless Tale Continues The Most Popular And Beloved American Historical Novel Ever Written, Margaret Mitchell S Gone With The Wind Is Unparalleled In Its Portrayal Of Men And Women At Once Larger Than Life But As Real As Ourselves Now Bestselling Writer Alexandra Ripley Brings Us Back To Tara And Reintroduces Us To The Characters We Remember So Well Rhett, Ashley, Mammy, Suellen, Aunt Pittypat, And, Of Course, Scarlett As The Classic Story, First Told Over Half A Century Ago, Moves Forward, The Greatest Love Affair In All Fiction Is Reignited Amidst Heartbreak And Joy, The Endless, Consuming Passion Between Scarlett O Hara And Rhett Butler Reaches Its Startling Culmination Rich With Surprises At Every Turn And New Emotional, Breathtaking Adventures, Scarlett Satisfies Our Longing To Reenter The World Of Gone With The Wind, And Like Its Predecessor, Scarlett Will Find An Eternal Place In Our Hearts Not only did I not like this book, I hated it I fell in love with Gone With the Wind when I was little and watched the movie over and over with my aunts When I finally read the book, it was one of the best I have ever read I even fell in love with Margaret Mitchell s story and why she wrote the book When the made for tv Scarlett movie was made, I watched it with my sister It wasn t the worst ever, but nothing to the original I eventually read this book as well and thought it was written well, but veered so far from the first book, there is no way it could redeem itself My friend claims that as a separate book, not seen as a sequel, it is a pretty good book However, I have trouble seeing it separately as it is not at all what I would think Mitchell would want to happen As its own story, it has no background and basis for the characters In conclusion, even though Ripley writes an okay story, she does not stay true to Mitchell s charcters. So I am a huge Gone With the Wind groupie I think Clark Gable is the most gorgeous man ever and I want to be Vivan Leigh I even own the Scarlett Collector s Item Barbie Scarlett A Sequel to Gone With the Wind is an amazing book It picks up right where GWtW left off and never disappoints It s about 880 pages, but I swear you never even notice The storyline is believable and the plot has so many twists and turns that you re never bored My only regret It wasn t written early enough to make a good movie sequel

B.K Ripley.

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  • Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind
  • Alexandra Ripley
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  • 13 September 2018
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