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Sarah Canary Two Unlikely People Form An Unexpected Bond In Bestselling Author Karen Joy Fowler S Captivating Historical Novel A New York Times Notable BookWhen Black Cloaked Sarah Canary Wanders Into A Chinese Labor Camp In The Washington Territories In , Chin Ah Kin Is Ordered By His Uncle To Escort The Ugliest Woman He Could Imagine Away Far Away But Chin Soon Becomes The FollowerIn The First Of Many Such Instances, They Are Separated, Both Resurfacing Some Days Later At An Insane Asylum Chin Has Run Afoul Of The Law And Sarah Has Been Committed For Observation Their Escape From The Asylum In The Company Of Another Inmate Sets Into Motion A Series Of Adventures And Misadventures That Are At Once Hilarious, Deeply Moving, And Downright Terrifying Powerfully ImaginedDrop Everything And Follow Sarah CanaryHumor And Horror, History And Myth Dance Cheek To Cheek In This Jack London Meets L Frank Baum WorldHere Is A Work That Manages To Be At The Same Time And Often In The Same Sentence Dark And Deep And Fun The Washington Post Book World

I was born in Bloomington, Indiana I was due on Valentine s Day but arrived a week early my mother blamed this on a really exciting IU basketball game My father was a psychologist at the University, but not that kind of psychologist He studied animal behavior, and especially learning He ran rats through mazes My mother was a polio survivor, a schoolteacher, and a pioneer in the co operative

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    Exhaustive research and exquisite writing, but this one just didn t add up to an enjoyable story for me It is viscerally uncomfortable, with its depiction of madness, race and gender in the post Civil War West.

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    First, I didn t know Karen Joy Fowler had written so many books.Second, this one is as different from the only other one I ve read by her, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves as it s possible to be leading me to think her repertoire is appealingly eclectic.Third, it s fantastic, especially if you like 1 quirkiness, lots of humour2 picaresque sort of it s episodic and adventuresome at least 3 historical fiction, with4 a post modern twist many twists 5 summarizing interjections of real history that illuminate the narrative like little jewels6 plus same goes for Emily Dickinson epigraphs heading each chapter7 the year 1873 it seems to have been a doozy 8 myth subtle, unobtrusive but definitive, which offers also9 a meta and sly wink to storytelling generally10 a fantastically strong cast of characters who really bond with and love on another despite their vast differences, revolving around the eponymous Sarah Canary whom we never really meet, but who acts as a foil and catalyst for all the action11 PNW setting, dripping with rain, populated by seals, mermaids and dragons and lots of fleas 12 a layered, subtle social commentary about misogyny and racismPeople have called this a re telling of The Wizard of Oz, but I didn t get that at all Also, I have no idea what is sci fi about it, tho it seems to have been Nebula nominated there s some myth and fantastical story elements, but nowhere did this read as sci fi to me Please to edumacate me in comments, if you get either of these references.Super worthwhile read.

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    Mystified I m completely mystified Clearly I missed something Why is this listed as SF And why was it a Tiptree nominee What did I miss A woman wanders into Chin s camp His uncle decides that Chin should take her to a nearby asylum both men fear that she might be an enchantress or an immortal Along the way, the woman later called Sarah Canary she doesn t speak except in nonsense sounds repeatedly slips in and out of Chin s life as he desperately tries to care for her without understanding his own motivations Along the way he picks up a couple of other people all of the people involved seem to orbit around Sarah.It s really very strange and I m absolutely sure that I missed something Hopefully my reading buddy has some insight.

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    The Jane Austen Book Club somewhat misrepresents Karen Joy Fowler s prowess as a storyteller Sarah Canary is her first novel, and it s riveting, mystical, gorgeousa mysterious mute woman wanders into a 19th century Washington railworkers camp and gets misplaced when the Chinese laborer who finds her attempts to escort her to an insane asylum I have no idea what else to say about it except that you should read it immediately

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    A vividly imagined and charming retelling of the Wizard of Oz, with a liberal pinch of sci fi thrown in the mix Fowler reimagines Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Straw Man as Old West characters that romp their way through the Pacific Coast, San Fransico s Chinatown and numerous frontier towns Along the way they butt up against an appropriate Wicked Witch of the West character,but continue on in pursuit of their individual and mutual dreams just like the film One suggestion don t read the Epilogue, in fact, tear it out and forget it was ever there Trust me on this A very enjoyable read.

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    Sarah Canary, wearing a battered but fashionable black dress, appears out of thin air to Chin in the archetypal forest of the American west Initially, he mistakes her for the ghost lover, who will abduct him for an enchanted evening of love and return him a century later in human years, leaving him prosperous beyond his wildest dreams Instead, Sarah Canary is a totally addled, ugly white woman Is she a crazy woman A traumatized victim, left to roam the woods Someone s lost, mentally challenged daughter No one knows Eventually, Sarah and Chin end up in an asylum where they meet B.J., an inmate who is sporadically insightful despite his general confusion The newly formed trio resume their journey, and encounter a showman named Harold who has just purchased a mermaid for his act Unbeknownst to him, the mermaid is a fraud, fashioned from a monkey Harold, however, does not become one of Sarah Canary s loyal companions Instead, Adelaide, a suffragette who fears the conventional roles of women lover, wife, mother joins Sarah Canary s merry band of followers Harold develops a love hate relationship with Sarah Just when it looks like he will destroy her, she vanishes into thin air She comes from nothing, and she returns to nothing Sarah Canary is like a sleepwalker, passing through without malice or mercyWe dare not waken the dreamer We, ourselves, are only her dreams I heard a story like that once Only instead of a woman in black, it was a girl in ruby slippers And instead of a Chinese man looking for love, it was a tin man without a heart Instead of a mental patient, it was a scarecrow without a brain Instead of an insecure suffragette, it was a cowardly lion Instead of a creepy mermaid, it was flying monkeys Except for that, it was the same story.

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    Now this book will rattle any feminist Told from a historical standpoint of about 1873 it is full of antecedents about the treatment and psychological and physical characteristics of women I have a feeling a lot of it is meant as black satire however it leaves an unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach remembering how far women have come Having finished it now, definitely satire, and if taken in a different light quite funny too I really enjoyed her opening couple of pages to each chapter that highlighted a current news event for the time period.

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    2,5 5 This book was not what I expected, it is a story about feminism, post war America, Indians and Chinese working in railroads, mental illness I still love her writing very much but I must say that I was bored during the second half of the book

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    I m not sure what to make of this dreamlike story This is an exciting, wild, sometimes fractured woman chase, and the chasers are a wild team of men and one woman with varying levels of sanity and cultures laced with superstitions and myths The wild woman they pursue is called Sarah Canary.I m a one book at a time reader who likes to sink into a story and read it straight through Unfortunately I was constantly interrupted during my reading of this book, and it is a testament to the writing that I was as frustrated as I was I had to restart many times and I often had trouble recalling who people were And the details in this book are important.My introduction to Karen Joy Fowler s work was her novel We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves it made me want to read all her other books Sarah Canary is a very different creation a historical novel that shows, from a sly writer s perspective, the unfair plight of women and animals in our culture, and the unclear nature of truth A man says something Sometimes it turns out to be the truth, but this has nothing to do with the man who says it What we say occupies a very thin surface, like the skin over a body of water Beneath this, through the water itself, is what we see, sometimes clearly if the water is calm, sometimes vaguely if the water is troubled, and we imagine this vision to be the truth, clear or vague But beneath this is yet another level This is the level of what is and this level has nothing to do with what we say or what we see.I resonate with this quote I understand it But in this book I m not sure what Fowler said or what I saw Nevertheless, it was an interesting ride and I still want to read all of Fowler s books.

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    WHY I READ THIS BOOKFowler is best known as the author of The Jane Austen Book Club Based on that book, I had dismissed the author as a chick lit writer and never so much as glanced at her other work.Several months ago, there was an ongoing online discussion about why female authors were rarely nominated for a certain sci fi book award Unfortunately, I didn t bookmark any of the articles, and now I can t find them As a result of that discussion, some well known authors posted lists of what they considered underappreciated sci fi books by female authors, and Sarah Canary was on one of those lists.Fowler wrote sci fi Really Yup In fact, she began her writing career publishing sci fi short stories Artificial Things, 1986 My understanding, though, is that she doesn t write hard sci fi with spaceships and robots and such Wikipedia defines her style as eccentric tales of implausible history I guess it s like science fantasy.MY THOUGHTS ABOUT SARAH CANARY Oh my goodness Wow.And to think I might have missed this book based on a false assumption about the author Sarah Canary completely captivated me It is very well written in every way, from grammatical styling to story structure And it has so many different angles a fantastical journey that is a metaphor or a fable examination of cultural differences and feminism legends and history.As soon as I finished it, I wanted to read it again There is so much going on in this book that I could read it over and over to analyze it and dissect it.I wish I could say something incredible to convince you to read this, but I really can t find the words except to say this Sarah Canary is a treasure and I highly recommend it.

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