Runaway Wife

Runaway WifeI did not like the hero He dropped the heroine at their home in the country and continued his life in the city And the secretary accompanied him in all social functions in the city and in his travels.He dispatches their son to boarding school against the will of the heroine If he lived practically alone in London in my opinion he did not even care about his family It was another sign of social status.In my opinion he must have cheated on her at some point He is too arrogant and too aggressive and in no time I felt that he really loved her She is of a possession.Our heroine is a doormat and does nothing against the other woman She should have marked her position from the start and not been passive.She should have imposed her position as a partner in the company and put the secretary in her place or demanded that the bitch be fired.Keeping the secretary was important than keeping his marriage.She should have kicked the hero s ass and ripped off the other woman s hair It was the last straw when Oliver could not make it home for their 10th wedding anniversary Miss Sylvester wasn t there She was in Wales with Mr Ransom, Francesca was informed.Francesca wished she had someone to talk over problems with, someone she could trust the way Oliver trusted Miss Sylvester.He hadn t taken her seriously for years she had merged with the wallpaper of his life, along with Lambourne, Jon, even his father The things that really mattered to Oliver were up here, in London This was where Oliver lived Their home in Sussex was a place he visited, and she and Jon people he visited they were peripheral to Oliver s real world, the business world in which Miss Sylvester and Matt belonged and where Oliver most truly existed, was most himself, a self Francesca did not know.he shook her backwards and forwards so violently that her hair came tumbling down, the long blonde strands flying around her face and tangling in his fingers.She hadn t been imagining things there was something going on between Oliver and Janice Sylvester Humiliation stung in her throat It was bad enough that he had cheated on her, but for everyone to know about it made it seem worse.You ve been flying about all over the world with Janice Sylvester for years and getting away with.Matt looked at him then You re the one who keeps forgetting.that s why she left you Oliver might not realise it, but by taking Janice instead of her to this party he was practically making a public announcement to the staff, and Janice feverishly wanted him to commit himself.Janice was not having coffee She was sitting on Oliver s lap, her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately.She had begun to wonder months ago, puzzled by Oliver s lack of interest in her, by his long absences and his cold remoteness, picking up the malice and dislike in Janice s voice whenever they spoke on the telephone It had all pointed to one answer that Oliver was having an affair with his secretary and everyone had been dropping hints since she started work here Matt had betrayed his suspicions by his unhappy Wow..this one was different First, it was very well written and I shouldn t be surprised, since Charlotte Lamb was a very good writer I often struggle with her romances because she writes such strong alpha malesand often pairs them with inferior women that can t hold their own.But not in this book Fran is a wonderful heroine who wakes up one morning disgusted with her husband, their marriage and what she has become Oliver is a brilliant business man who has made it big quickly because of his brilliance, fortitude and hard work Unfortunately, he now has developed an ego the size of Long Island and believes the world needs to fall in line with him.I love stories about second chances and this book did not disappoint Heroine gets even with the hero.and forces him to look at himself, the life he has built and their marriage Throw in a deliciously plotting evil OW.along with a sweet OM who secretly pines for the heroine and you have a great story.If you want a fun, fast entertaining readI suggest this one Their Tenth Anniversary Was A Day Of ReckoningFrancesca Couldn T Live With Her Phony Marriage A Day Longer, Couldn T Let Matters Continue To Drift To The Outside World, She Had Everything An Attractive, Successful Husband, A Healthy Son And A Beautiful Country Home But Oliver Lived For His Work And Increasingly, Francesca Suspected, For His Glamorous Secretary Recklessly She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands How Would Oliver React When He Realized He Was In Danger Of Losing His Wife Even Important How Did Francesca Hope He D React On their tenth anniversary, hero ditches and doesn t call her because he has a crisis with his company an explosion at a factory.Heroine is tired of being left behind all the time and taken for granted so she leaves also She goes and meets up with her hubby s business partner and convinces him to give her a job working in the company as his secretary She also tells him that she s living in London and she left her hubby.Of course she s aware that something is going on with her hubby s secretary but she s not sure how going on it is The secretary makes no bones about letting her know that she s not wanted, and the business partner also thinks something is going on with the secretary All the workers know that the secretary wants him and most of them think something is going on and some of them want to believe that nothing is going on and he s too smart to fall for her.The hero holds himself to a different standard than everyone else and thinks he s some kind of god in the business.The heroine really doesn t fall all over herself over him but it s known that she DOES want her marriage to work but is really separated from him and won t go back to him unless they can both work out the problems.The ending was really abrupt and I don t feel like the problems were solved to my satisfaction, but it was really nice seeing the heroine not give in to him This book should have been longer, and hero suffering He had some justifications for his actions but at the same time he s not quite convincing enough that he loves her.I did believe that he didn t have an affair with the secretary, but I found the kissing scene overly contrived More a problem with the author s handling of it than him lying It was a very awkward explanation. 3.5 starsI respected her and the various decisions she made to get her life back to become something meaningful and fulfilling and at the same time to observe her husband s relationship with his secretary before making a final decision about her marriage. Well, this was an interesting second chance story It was extremely well written It s Charlotte Lamb, after all but I couldn t rate it higher because the emotional stakes just didn t seem that high The heart of the conflict between the H h began when the hero pulled back after the h couldn t get pregnant a second time She lives on the country estate by herself son has gone to boarding school and hubby is in the city making money What s likable about this scenario is that the heroine doesn t run away she runs to the hero in London She demands a job at their company she s one third owner and she plants herself in with the other secretaries and stares down the woman she thinks her husband might be having an affair with Very refreshing The one thing I didn t like about the heroine s actions during this time was how she used the third partner in the business, the shy computer nerd who obviously had a crush on her Not fair to him Heroine did have some TSL moments such as when she drove north into a blizzard without checking the weather first but these were minimal I liked how the hero opened up about his feelings at the end and don t think he cheated He had such tunnel vision of the business, I honestly don t think he thought about much else This is an interesting scenario for a second chance story No big highs or lows but a competent story. It s been a while since I rated a book with a star I don t understand why people enjoyed this book I m really sorry, Miss Charlotte Lamb, but this book is annoying Seriously There s no part of it that made me happy Annoyed, yeah I mean, the hero s a jerk and I couldn t feel his apology at all Her wife thinks that he s having an affair yet he made no move to clear the air until she did the drastic I don t like the wife either because, if I stand in a same room with a woman who stole my husband, I ll claw her and bitchslap her But not Fransesca She just stand still and enjoying the husband stealer s mockery Whaaa I always love book with heavy angst But this one, it s not working for me. This was really good and another favourite by Lamb I loved how Fran stood up to Oliver and I had doubts about the genuineness of his love but I think I was convinced by the end and in their HEA By the Fran got him where she wants him he might have strayed before but no any Hugely recommend. HAIKU BOOK REVIEWRunaway Wife, by Charlotte Lamb.Husband cheats, wife stays,Other Woman promoted.Who is the winner This marriage in trouble romance illustrates how a strong woman can have her man hanging by the balls, so to speak I love to hate or is it hate to love this trope because the romantic in me feels bad for those poor, besotted schmucks the men, not the balls I still zipped through though, relishing the snappy dialogue and chemistry along the way The central conflict revolved around Francesca s decision to leave Oliver, her husband of ten years, because she couldn t tolerate an unhappy marriage any longer view spoiler After Oliver skipped out on their 10th anniversary dinner because of a work emergency, Francesca decided she was done with their marriage and left him without a word She then sought out Oliver s business partner and best friend for aide, who helped her settle into her new flat and agreed to give her the opportunity to interview for a position within the firm.Francesca had been living in their country home while Oliver lived and worked in London They hardly ever saw each other, apart from the odd business dinner when he brought clients home This arrangement never bothered her too much until their eight year old son Jon left for boarding school Francesca had also been wanting another child, but couldn t conceive Oliver s lack of interest in the idea strained their marriage.The root causes of this estrangement Fear, poor communication and a misunderstanding or two Turns out Oliver had been jealous of Francesca spending most of her time and energy on their son Jon When she wanted a second child he did try to give her that baby, but was ashamed that he might be sterile which eventually led to less sexy times Francesca also later suspected Oliver of having an affair with his secretary He knew Janice liked him and thought he could handle her, but once Francesca left him it became difficult I liked that he fired Janice soon after Fran half jokingly asked him to hide spoiler

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