Rocky Mountain Freedom

Rocky Mountain FreedomVivian Arend s Six Pack Ranch is one of my favourite western series, and I especially appreciate the uniquely Canadian view she adds to the stories I think this is probably my favourite so far of the series Travis is a unique story, and the family s reaction to his revelations is pretty typically Canadian we re a very tolerant and understanding nation for the most part, and proud of it I m a fan of menages, and the m m f is one of my favourite formationsof course that s not the only formation in this book, and that s one of the things I really enjoyed about it Ms Arend really knows how to do steamy scenes right, and this book definitely does not disappoint in this area My one issue was the length It was considerably longer than the rest of the books in the series, and just a little longer than I preferseemed to drag in spots All in all, though, only a 1 2 star deduction for this 4.5 stars This one was a little spicer than the others It centers on Travis Coleman, Ashley, and Cassidy Travis secret is about to come out He has been hiding it for years and his lover Ashley knows, but his large family doesn t He has been attracted to his best friend Cassidy for quite a long time and he feels sure he cares for him, also Travis has to face the fact he is bi sexual He likes both This is a good story of their journey Travis, Ashley, and Cassidy are SMOKIN hot together I honestly adored their dynamic as they slid into a relationship and I LOVED how the Colemans took Travis s sexuality in stride when he brought his two special someones home I dunno, it totally worked for me.But it took a while for the trio to reach the point where they were heading home to meet the folks To start with, Travis had some issues to work out Heck, Cassidy had some issues to work out Ashley was the most accepting of the group, but even she had to work her head around them being a collective THEM Because a menage relationship in a small town comes with its own set of problems Like gossipy townsfolk and prejudices.Watching each of them come to terms with their feelings was everything Throwing in the insanely supportive Coleman clan who aren t ones to back down when they believe their doing the right thing and you have a sweet, sexy, SMOKIN hot romance between two cowboys and a free spirited artist.Man, I like these Colemans Kelly Reading the Paranormal KcLu s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.5 STARSIf you are like me, you have been soaking up every word to come out of Vivian Arend s brain and into the Six Pack Ranch series And have probably been scared and excited about this one Finally we get to see what the heck has been going on in the head of Travis Coleman I have wanted inside his head since book one All along I thought we would end up with a MM, and get to see the trials of coming out in that part of the world Never did I think we would get this complex MMF story These three grab you by your emotions, and have you walking this complicated path with them It is one of those great stories that you just can t put down.Travis Coleman has loved two people, and they have both walked out on him neither being able to come to terms with what Travis needs Travis has a dark need for pain, and up till now he has gotten that through fighting But Ashley being back in town, has him looking for other outlets for those needs Ashley loves Travis, but refused to watch him get himself killed, so she left Now she is back, and wants him to let her photograph him and his family for her art When Travis gets asked to help out his cousin Karen, he takes Ashley along with him She can still get her pictures while he gets the camp set up Last thing Travis expected was to run into the man that has had him tied up in knots for the last nine months.Cassidy ran from the sizzling heat that burned in between him and Travis, but now he is forced to work with him in close quarters There is a part of him that hurts to see him with Ashley even though he is trying his best to hide it, and another part of him that confuses the heck out of him that also would like to get his hands on Ashley Can he be around them long without giving into the explosive chemistry between them Can any of them get away without a broken heart, or is there a possibility of a HEA I absolutely loved this book To be honest I was expecting it to make me into an emotional basket case, but that wasn t the case Although it did get me by the heart quite a few times This is one of those series where each book is just truly amazing, and I so can t wait for the next one I can t recommend this book and series enough Sixth in the Six Pack Ranch western romance series and definitely an erotic romance as well, as it involves a m nage trois that isn t exactly acceptable in this small town in Alberta, Canada.It explores the fears of one bisexual man who knows what s coming for the three of themand after the example his father set, he s not anxious to push that envelope Yet the Six Pack family is a supportive one, and you can t help but love them all. Previously reviewed here us first take a moment to drool over this fantastic cover This is truly cowboy perfection.I began my stalking campaign for an ARC of this book almost as soon as I heard that book 6 of the Six Pack Ranch series was to be Travis book You see, this author, over the course of the previous 5 books has hinted at things only to suddenly throw in a wrench and change what I thought I knew about Travis She has kept us readers on a short leash and we hungered for any little tidbit that she would deign to give us where Travis was concerned From book one, I speculated on what was Travis kink until every time I thought I had him figured out, I d learn something new that would only confound me again In Rocky Mountain Freedom, we get Travis, all of him, and it was a delicious ride.What I had not expected, and I say this in all honesty, was a menage I am not a fan of menage in my romance reading Very few stories have convinced me that the relationship between two men and one woman could work, and stand the test of time not to mention being accepted by others including family members who are supposed to love you unconditionally Though I like to say, I don t care what others think , it s easier said than done So, when the cover and blurb for this book was released I had my reservations I was already in love with Travis I knew he had issues, but not exactly what they were and I speculated with each book to try and understand why he was so tortured within when from the outside he appeared to others so very confident and sexy.Trust I should have hadtrust that Ms Arend would not let us down.Travis, Ashley and Cassidy are tossed together when Travis cousin Karen gets hurt and is unable to run her new business venture where city folk can experience the ranch life in a controlled environment She asks Travis to run it and Ashley, an artist and friend of Travis, tags along to work on her art projects and work on snagging Travis When they arrive, Travis is surprised to find Cassidy is there Cassidy and Travis have some unfinished business that gets tempers flaring from the get go What is also immediately apparent to the reader is the attraction between everyone Ashley, is most obvious in her very blatant inspection of Cassidy as a possible art subject She hummed happily and held out a hand Well, well You feel the urge to round anything up, give me a shout I d love to see you in action with a rope Cassidy jerked to a stop, her fingers already in his, not quite sure how to respond to that comment as he accepted her firm handshake Travis rolled his eyes You want him to strip so you can look him over a little closer Instead of blushing or getting embarrassed, Ashley s eyes lit brighter You re a genius Travis While Ashley and Travis arrive at the camp as a couple the issues that broke them up previously have not been dealt with and when one of Travis s kinks shows itself, Ashley finds herself is a precarious position and leans on Cassidy to help What follows is one of the most intensely erotic scenes in a form of sexual pleasure I don t think I will ever understand But I would be lying through my teeth if I didn t admit that it was singe your panties off HOT It also becomes the catalyst to this threesome forming an intimate bond that cements them together It will force all three of them to share their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths and that bond will only get stronger as they fully explore what they could be together.This road, however, is not without obstacles Ashley is a free spirit who was brought up in a very open style commune like family She is open to anything though she does struggle with one of Travis needs Travis as well has been open to exploring his sexual needs with both men and women Cassidy, though, has not While he had at one time tried to be open about his feelings, it was not received well and he lost people he loved because of it, so he s tried to close off that side of himself While he cannot deny how he feels about both Travis and Ashley he does fight them until he realizes that he can make the choice for himself and not worry about judgment.What truly sold me on this relationship being able to work was the fact that the men were very attracted to each other The author does an excellent job of showing us that by allowing intimate scenes between just Travis and Cassidy as well as Cassidy and Ashley without Travis I liked this a lot that each person could build ties to each other individually Additionally, we are given Travis s family who welcome their relationship with total acceptance.In Rocky Mountain Freedom, we not only get the answers to our questions, but we are given a beautiful story filled with the ups and downs of a romance between two men and a woman who each have something to overcome and are able to do so with the love that builds between the three of them I m totally satisfied with the path the author chose for Travis after leading us on for 5 books While it can be read alone, you would miss the exquisite build up that the author gives us throughout the series, so I recommend reading from book 1 you will not be disappointed as each books has something unique about its couples. I really enjoyed Rocky Mountain Freedom I have read previous menages, but Rocky Mountain Freedom was the first one that dealt with discrimination and hate I would highly recommend the rest of the Six Pack Ranch series Three Hurting Hearts Too Many Secrets One Chance To Conquer Their FearsSix Pack Ranch, Book Over The Past Year, Travis Coleman Lost The Two People He Allowed Closest To His Heart Both Gave Him Ultimatums Then Left Hell If He Needs That Kind Of Pain Again Time To Move Forward Without The Friends He Thought Might Save Him From His Dangerous CravingsWhen Ashley Sims Returns To Rocky Mountain House, Her Rambling Lifestyle Isn T All She S Hoping To Change Travis Snagged A Piece Of Her, And While Getting Tangled In His Issues Again Might Be Crazy, She Hasn T Given Up On HimNine Months Ago, Cassidy Jones Walked Away To Stop His Best Friend From Making A Huge Mistake Temptation Lingers, Though, And When Travis Shows Up On His Turf Accompanied By A Sensually Uninhibited Woman, The Combination Tosses Fuel On The Banked FirePassion Flares Among The Three Of Them, As Hot As The Summer Days But Are They Willing To Push The Limits, And Fight For Love Warning Dirty Fighting, Dirty Talk, Dirtier Sex Secrets Are Coming Out Get Ready For M Nage A Trois And Cowboy On Cowboy Action, With Ropes And Crops And The Kind Of Relentless Love Strong Enough To Set A Man Free Review originally posted here I have been chomping at the bit for Travis story since the first Six Pack Ranch book I couldn t wait to find out what the deal was with this sexy and mysterious cowboy Arend has been so secretive about his kink, his sexual preferences, that we ve all been left to wonder what exactly Travis deal is I have to say, I loved it I loved him with both Cassidy and Ashley, I loved getting to see what really drives him, and the sex scenes were OMG HOT E I have to say that Arend really kept me waiting for Travis story I have wondered and suspected so many different things about him throughout this series Some things he enjoyed Arend shared but it was only bits and pieces not the complete picture I am very glad to say that his story made up for the excruciatingly long wait Watching him deal with both his demons and desires as he struggled to find a balance that satisfied his needs yet did not continually alarm those who cared about him was such an emotional ride I also agree with MinnChica about the sex scenes Very intense and smoking hot MinnChica I just want to say that I am usually not a fan of menage stories, especially m f m ones But, since Travis and Cassidy were just as interested in each other as they were in Ashley, I found that I was able to believe in their happily ever afterthan with other stories One of my favorite aspects of their relationship was watching Cassidy and Travis fight themselves and their desires to be together, especially Cassidy He was so scared of losing Travis as a friend, that he feared acting on any of his desires, even after he knew they were returned Both Travis and Ashley had to almost coax Cassidy into a relationship with them, but once the three were together, they were so perfect for one another I adored their relationship, and just how willing they were to fight for their triad once they left the seclusion of their camp.E Reluctant Cassidy was so much fun The way he kept himself separate despite their urging and his own desires I also liked how he agreed to help Travis because he cared so deeply about him and Ashley He would have preferred to deal with emotional pain than to see Ashley hurt Even though he seemed self sacrificing at times he also knew what he wanted and was willing to fight for it once he knew it was welcomed In some ways I think Ashley had a harder time believing that what she wanted was possible and that she did not have to be ashamed of it I liked how she relaxed during their time out at the camp but she also had some unfortunately valid fears for their return to town.MinnChica Yes, poor Ashley seemed to be the one who was most hurt by their unconventional relationship, especially once they returned to town I was so glad to see her strong spirit come out though, because she was such a good fit for both Travis and Cassidy I always love when unconventional romance books deal with the aftermath of their relationship, not just the getting there and the sex scenes Watching Travis, Cassidy and Ashley ALL deal with the fall out of their friends and the town was so great I loved getting to see not just the good aspects of their menage, but the bad as well Plus, seeing the Coleman crew surround Cassidy and Ashley with their awesomeness was a total bonus E Oh I loved seeing the Coleman s pull together around Travis, Cassidy and Ashley It really showed how they grew as a family from the first installment through Rocky Mountain Freedom While I felt horrible for what happened I think it also cemented their commitment to their relationship and made me buy into the HEA since it wasn t all flowers and rainbows Once again Arend had demonstrated why I eagerly await each new release She just keeps getting better.I give Rocky Mountain Freedom an A.MinnChica All in all I adored finally getting to read all about Travis I loved that he had not only a secret regarding his bisexuality, but also a big secret regarding the way he deals with stress, pain, and the day to day bull shit It was wonderful to see the way Cassidy and Ashley and Travis were all able to close ranks around each other, and provide for one another in ways they never expected Again, I am super anxious to readandof the Coleman family books I give Rocky Mountain Freedom an A My own bias but I never really believe in thethan two people in a relationship HEA I know All things are possible but, jiminy, trying to navigate a relationship with one other person is a full time job When you throw in a third I can t imagine it makes it any easier This is the story of Travis and Ashley and Cassidy Travis has always been my least favorite of the clan He s violent and pretty much a manwhore He and Ashley were involved, he and Cassidy had been involved and now all three are involved Truthfully, I skimmed through this one because I couldn t get past Travis s need to experience pain and Ashley s hurt at knowing that she alone would never be enough for Travis It seems to me that when three people are in a relationship, the physical aspects of that relationship should be between three people, not sometimes three and sometimes two Every time two of this threesome paired up, I felt like there was cheating going on I particularly didn t like the riding crop Travis and Cassidy interlude Sharing this type of experience only made the bond between the two men stronger and I wondered, where does this leave Ashley This aspect of their relationship is always something that will exclude Ashely and I m not confident that it will not ultimately overwhelm whatever feelings are between Travis and Ashely I had assumed in previous books that Travis s need to periodically get the crap beaten out of himself and be a manwhore was because he was repressing his sexuality That was a story I would have enjoyed reading instead of this one. news

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