Rocked (Lost in Oblivion, #1)

Rocked (Lost in Oblivion, #1) 3.75 rock me sweet stars She was his ultimate song that would never have an end. Harper was raised living the roadie life, so it isn t any surprise she finds herself working the kitchen for Oblivion as they tour She has a plan and can t risk her dream for anyone especially a musicianbeen there, done that, has the panties on the wall to prove it But then in walks Deacon McCoy, with his smileI m not sure what you ve got against musicians, Harper, but I m not going to fit in any of these little neat boxes you ve got in your headDeacon carries the weight of the band on his soldiers, his band mates relies on him for everything and the gig they landed opening for Oblivion is HUGE Being on the road is tough but at least he can burn off some of his stress with his brutal workouts and rely on the cute little chef to keep him fed and happy He isn t interested in anything quick or casual, but Harper isjaded than anyone he has ever met unlucky for her he is twice as stubborn and determined to make her see that he is differentIf you deny something is happening between us, I m going to kiss you stupid again, Harper PruittWhat could it possibly hurt, it s all in good fun and at the end of the tour, they can turn and walk away After all they both have their own goals and futures ahead of themRocked is a sensually sweet rocker romance, Deacon is the GOOD guy, the NICE guy, he doesn t care if he has to play the bad guy to wrangle them all if it is to the benefit of the band Harper is young and jaded, trust doesn t come easy for her and one by one Deacon knocks each of her pre built stereotypes down, opening her up to new experiences and new friends The book goes over the struggle of life on the road and being so new in the industry The other band members all play a role in this, as we get to know each and everyone of them This is a dual POV stand alone read that is easy light and steamy, no major plot twist, no big angsty roller coasters, just Harper and Deacon s stubborn battle It s a fairly long read, one I have to admit I as hesitant about reading, but once I settled in for the read, I fell right along into the story Recommended reads for my band lover friends ARC kindly provided by Fido Publishing, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication. Currently Free together with novellas 0.5 and 1.5 onstory about love, music, and friendship that will tantalize all your senses with its rich descriptions and alluring plot and will leave you happy, sated and curious about what s next for this so very different but great group of characters.This book is not a clich story about a whorey bad boy musician that meets a sweet girl and changes his deviant ways It s not even just about a boy and a girl It s a story about rock band that loves music and wants to make it big It s also about a career minded woman with ambitions of her own It s a great telling of what happens when Deacon McCoy, bassist for Oblivion meets Harper Lee, chef for their tour.Harper is an independent, carefree woman that grew up with roadie parents who were constantly on the road Besides being solely interested in staying unattached, she has build an immune system to artists mainly because she understands what happens in that lifestyleWomen are a commodity, a vice, and a temptationFocusing on her career working as a chef on tour won t be a problem Or so she thinks.Deacon McCoyis the definition of a Boy Scout With a merit badge in hotAnd underneath his tall, tatted and talented exterior lay a patient man, the backbone for everyone, determined to lead his band to success They didn t expect each other, but once they came across each other it seemed like they were destined to be together And now this man that had torn through her like a summer storm was beside her, steady as a rock She d seen it in his eyes Forever As if he could actually inject it into her veins like a drug, with the passion between them There would be an indelible mark on her, no matter what A Deacon tattoo that branded her heart as his Even whenhis career and hers were on completely different trajectories Besides giving us great characters and plot, Taryn Elliot and Cari Quinn have crazy writing skills Rocked is funny, flirty, swoony and oh so darn sexy It s also filled with beautiful descriptions and analogies that will make your mouth water when their talking about food, You gotta tell me your name She stuffed a hunk of potato in her mouth Why do you care Because food orgasms are personal, and I need to know who s giving me one the man was lethal Ok so that was Deacon and Harper flirting because of food, but food does play an important role in the story Their metaphors will make you picture all the sights the characters witness, imagine the great music they produce even when you don t know the tune or lyrics, and overall it will make you experience touch and intense emotions through their words Every single time he touched her, the sense of belonging strengthened They were like layers in a song he d never hoped to create Words were only one part of them The harmony of their bodies moving together, the underlying melody of humor and rightness he felt around her, it all made up a composition he d happily give a lifetime to figure out She was his ultimate song that would never have an end It s also safe to say that I will never go to another rock concert and not think about this book and these characters It gave me new perspective and appreciation about everything that goes on stage and behind the scenes even when I m sure this was not the book s main intent.I can t wait to get my hands on their next Lost in Oblivion book I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from Netgalley The excerpts are from that copy If you d like to see all the inspiration for Deacon s book you can go HEREOr to the general Lost in Oblivion web site hereForof my reviews or those of my best book buds visit our blog. 4 Sexy Manimal Stars From the moment he touched her, he d known it was . So truth be told, there has yet to be a Rockstar Romance that my pervy little self has been able to pass on After falling in love with Cari Quinn s writing in Shadowboxer, when I saw her and Taryn Elliot have a sexy rock star romance series Well let s just say I was a little excited to get my hands on Rocked.In a sea of formulaic rock star romances, Rocked managed to truly stand out for me Why Because it didn t start off with the biggest of all manwhores and assholes falling for the girl Nope It had a deliciously sweet, tall, muscled and tatted Deacon.That s not to say that this series doesn t have it s manwhores Oh no It certainly has that And I for one cannot wait to see both Simon and Nick be brought to their knees But this book was about my sweet Deacon, so let s get back to him First I d strongly recommend reading Seduced in order to get a much deeper understanding of all the band members of Oblivion While Rocked could be read as a standalone, reading the prequel first will help you understand all the guysand girlmuch better Oblivion has finally hit the big times They re given the chance to open for their idols on their very first tour Touring and performing in front of huge crowds is a dream come truebut it s not without problems The relationship between all the band members is definitely not smooth sailing, especially when a contract is on the horizon Good thing they have the sensible, calm, and mediator bass player, Deacon.Deacon is tired of the one night stand and the faceless groupies that all seem to lost in a haze of drunken memories He wantsSo when he sees the sexy blonde chef on the catering service for the tour, he pursues her relentlesslyHarper Pruitt has been there, done that, and burned the groupie t shirt Being the daughter of roadies, she sthan accustomed to dealing with cocky rock stars She has no intention of getting involved with one, that s for damn sure Especially when she s so determined to get set up her career as a chef Too bad Deacon is nothing like what she expected and not at all what she s used to It wasn t like she was powerless against him It was so muchthan that He was warmth and promise and generosity distilled into an impossible man. She may be smart mouthed and give as good as she takes But the intensity of Deacon and his sinfully sexy body and tattoos soon prove too much to resist Add into the mix his perfectly sweet words, and it s done We re going to burn out, she said against his mouth an couldn t stop herself from tasting him again Nothing good will come of this Harper, nothing but good is going to come from this I loved the way that the relationship between Harper and Deacon was built The book is long and it gives you a chance to truly get invested in them Their struggles, their lust, and of coursethe musicWhile I did feel that the book could have been a little shorter, I can t say that I ever found myself bored with the characters or the story The band s struggle definitely added an extra element to keep me turning the pages to see if they crash and burn or shine But what truly kept me glued to the pages was the super steamy sex scenes.What I never said I wasn t shallow Don t look at me like that Just wait until you meet Deacon for yourself, you ll see exactly what I m talking about.While Harper struggles with the inevitable relationship that they have going, Deacon was all in from the very beginning There was no playing around from him He knew what he wanted and he went for it Making her his, holding on to her as if she was going to fade out like the last strains of a song wasn t a smart move Instead he had to trust that if she was truly that important, then things would fall together. Cari and Taryn managed to give their love story the perfect combination of sexy and dirty with sweet and passionate But all he could focus on was how she felt around him Like heaven and hell were pulling at him Take , give , loveLife infused around him and through him as her sweet body gave and softened for him. I am hooked on this series, line and sinker I m already salivating for every single book, and that rarely happens Usually I have one or 2 characters that I m curious about, and the rest I could take it or leave it I can t tell you who I want a book for , Simon, Nick or Gray I want them all BAD.If you re looking for your next rock star series, look no further than the boys of Oblivion In her arms is where he was meant to be And the chaos in his mind ebbed and flowed with lust and the heady first blush of emotion She filled him up, made him ache, and when her surrender came this time, it was soft and sweet.ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Forreviews visit We know from the previous book, Seduced how the band come about choosing their name They were going to have to come up with a name for the soap opera this shit was becoming As the Oblivion Turns Nope pretentious Days of Oblivion No wait Lost in Oblivion That had a certain ring to it Before I start telling you about this series let s just say that I think the band s name is totally AWESOME So COOL The first book was a prequel to the series and basically a set up to the band s they got together and how they worked getting their music out there.Rocked, the 1st novel in the Lost in Oblivion Series by Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott Rocked, begins just after the ending of the previous book, Seduced, where the band, Oblivion was finally being noticed and heard The story focuses on bassist Deacon McCoy, the level headed, quiet, nice and reliable member of the band Patient, talented and the one who keeps the band members on track to achievement their goals Getting booked for a 6 month tour as the opening act for a well know band, it s Oblivion s chance to succeeding in being noticed and heard Harper has been hired as a chef on the tour and she knows all about the world of rockstars, having seen the life her parents had as roadies She s independent, funny, and quirky and has no interest in relationships and certainly not impressed by the whole rockstar lifestyle Women are a commodity, a vice, and a temptation She knows how women are seen and treated as commodities by this industry and she has no plans whatsoever to get involved with Deacon McCoy, even if he s cute and sexy But soon finds herself unable to resist this rather gorgeous and talented man Deacon is totally smitten with Harper In fact, she s the first woman he has ever wantedthan just a one night stand But he understands her feelings and rather than act like hard assed alpha male, shows her understanding and caring.I really liked seeing their relationship evolve, and as a couple they were pretty cute The banter between the two was really funny and so original You gotta tell me your name She stuffed a hunk of potato in her mouth Why do you care Because food orgasms are personal, and I need to know who s giving me one I also enjoyed learningabout the band members and the daily lives of people who are working so hard in achieving success and fame All the good and bad things and wow Nick Simon total assholes Great characters, fantastic writing, witty and clever dialogue.I am really looking forward to continuing reading this series.My favorite quote Love Definitely Wasn T On The SetlistOpening For Their Idols On Their First Tour, Oblivion Is Living The Dream Mostly Frustrated At Being Shoved Out Of His Mediator Role By Their New Manager, Deacon McCoy Loses Himself In Brutal Workouts He Only Comes Up For Air Long Enough To Refuel And To Tease The Deliciously Cute Chef Who Makes Him Crave A Lot Than What She S Offering On Her Serving PlateAs The Child Of Roadie Parents, Harper Pruitt Has Heard Every Pickup Line Twice To Her, Musicians Are One Step Above The Scraps On Her Cutting Board All She Wants Is To Get Enough Experience To Run Her Own Catering Company, But Deacon And His Bottomless Stomach Are Too Tempting To Resist He S Far From The Typical Rock Star And Before Long, She Finds Herself Experimenting With Him, Inside And Out Of The Kitchen Apron And Panties OptionalWhen Harper Sees That Deacon S Dream Band With His Best Friends May Be Turning Into A Nightmare, She Can T Walk Away Deacon S So Much Than Just A Peacemaker And The Man Behind The Bass But She Has Her Own Dreams To Chaseeven If She S Starting To Think What She S Building With Him Might Be The Biggest One Of All You Met Deacon McCoy In Seduced, Now You Can Watch Just How Far A Big Man Can Fall I don t normally do NA, but I know that when Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott put words on paper, they bring it and they bring it hard, so I was game to try this Plus, the hero in this book, Deacon McCoy is based off Jared Padalecki so I was all in Let me tell you something, Goodreadsthis book sexy touched me in ways I didn t think were possible Sweet feathery nancy, did it ever sexy touch me Of course, being a writer myself, I must convey the important aspects The dialogue is spot on, the ensemble cast flows perfectly, the plot hits every beat it needs to and in the end, you re left with a smile on your face and a lady boner the size of the Empire State Building Did I say Lady Boner Hell yes I did, and you want to know why Because this book was rip my panties and push me into a wall sexy from start to finish Deacon is the quintessential rock god tall, tanned, smolder to the ground sexy and sweet too Tiny spoiler, but you have to fall madly for a man that s literally larger than life that snuggles with a damned kitten Who doesn t drool over that sort of thing Harper is likable Hell, she s actually lovable In fact, the way her character develops made me damn near fall for her too The writing made me want to be an Oblivion fan I want them to be a real bad, that does dirty covers of Bruno Mars and Aerosmith s Ragdoll I want to own all of their albums and see them in concert and I want to be the president of the Demon Devil s fanclub This book was much like a great rock concert All of the thrills, the heart racing excitement, the over the top sexy, everything was spot on I have such a big hangover from this book that I m going back for another taste But Seriously, I claim Deacon McCoy in the name of her majesty, Queen Me Go read the book and you ll see why Unf Justdammit Those fingers drool Me, while I was reading this book And once it was over Quick summaryDeacon McCoy, bass guitarist for Oblivion, is adjusting to the loss of his role as de facto manager of the band and mediator by subjecting himself to strenuous exercise while they re on tour It s paying off by him having a killer body and an appetite off the charts pardon the pun Harper Pruitt, a recent culinary school graduate, is part of the catering crew for the tour and finds in Deacon someone who appreciates her cooking skills and much .The issuesDeacon is drawn to Harper like no other and that s an understatement She s grown up around rock stars her parents were roadies and she has a jaded view of musicians He s dead serious and she s not interested in going down what she sees as a doomed path She might be willing to do a casual dance but he s muchcommitted.What I LOVED Deacon Deacon Did I say Deacon He is so delicious and I m not talking about his physique, which is impressive He has an old soul and kind spirit and refuses to give up on Harper who has her own goals He s patient, willing to play by her rules and is just plain decent I couldn t get enough of this man, even when Harper s itchy nature drove me and him crazy I loved how he loved her Plus, his relationship with his dysfunctional band members was a work of art in itself with his ability to strike the right chords with them yes, I m shameless with these metaphors at just the right moments The bottom lineI m crazy about this series and just can t get enough of these stories and characters They are well written and the characters extraordinarily developed The steamy scenes are.well, just don t read them when you re in a public setting I was sad to let go of Deacon but am glad that the next novella features him again This story Rocked There, I did it again.Oh, one other thing The writers have their work cut out for them to get me back on board with Nick, the lead guitarist Right now not feeling the love 4.5 stars I received an ARC from the authors I m totally seeing Jim Morrison as Deacon. I had some difficulty with this book I realized later that I d started the prequel to this Seduced only to put it aside Now I remember why Rocked is a classic NA rock star book It has some great characters the band Deacon, Nick, Simon, Jazz and Gray Rocked focused on Deacon and his relationship with the chef who traveled with the bands, Harper Unfortunately, I never really consistently connected with Harper Sometimes I really liked her and at others, she was annoying Her sayings big guy or Sweet Pete or pal ugh annoying I liked Deaconbut I grew tired of the constant references to his body how great it was, how sculpted, how tall, etc I also, and I am almost embarrassed to admit this, grew tired of the sex I am a smut queen, but I like a little story with my sex At times, Harper and Deacon were going at it like bunnies But it felt gratuitous not at all part of the plot I even skipped a few pages The scenes with the band and the issues with the record company were actually better than the scenes between Deacon and Harper I really, really wanted to like the book but just couldn t connect well with the two MCs. Ok, only 3 stars Inthan 10 days I wanted dnf this one several times Very long book, I think it d be better to cut it in 2 parts.Heroine, firstly I hated her, she was trying to be strong and not pull her panties for this hit guy ,but she was rambling with herself I m strong, I don t blush, I don t sweat for this guy, I saw guys like him and they don t affect me gahhhhThey had a lot of out doors and indoors sexHero is a rock star, hot, tender, nice, caring, faithful manSafe book No cheating No OP scenes.

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