Rock Notes (Heartbeat, #1)

Rock Notes (Heartbeat, #1) Madison Tierney S A Writer, Whose Husband, Thomas Suddenly Left Her AfterYears She Is Destroyed And Now Recently Alone And Divorced She Picks Herself Up Slowly Trying To Restore Her Lost Confidence And Ability To Love Again She Follows Her Writing Passion And Ventures To Follow A Local Band Rolling Isaac S And Write About Them, Raw And Real And How They Follow Their Dreams Her Book Is Titled ROCK NOTES Her Ex Husband Wants To Come Back, And She Is Torn With What She Had For Ten Years With Him Which Was Safe, Comforting And A Committed Relationship And Now She Is Falling Hard For The Band Singer Max Rand Madison Calls Him Rand , Who Is Several Years Younger Than Her And Every Moment With Him Is Intense And Unpredictable Rand Has Tragically Lost Love In His Life He Has No Love Left To Give He Fills His Time With Many Groupies And Late Nights The Story Travels You To Various Concert Venues, From A Sexy Piercing Party To A New Years Rocking Eve There Are Many Interruptions And Assumptions For This Couple Along Their Journey While Madison Is Writing ROCK NOTES, Somewhere Along The Way She Begins To Write LOVE NOTES, Which Are Personal Secret Love Letters For Rand Also Rand Is Always Writing Music With The Hope Of Creating His First Solo Album Both Madison And Rand Appear To Be Able To Write Their Feelings On Paper Effortlessly But Have A Hard Time Conveying Them To One Another This Story Is About Being So Broken Inside From Having Your Heart Ripped Apart, To Attempting To Rebuild Trust, Follow Your Dreams And Hopefully Find Love Will There Be A New Beginning For Madison And Rand Or Will The Passion That Ignites Between Them Fade After The Concert Lights Dim

out to her at author reneeleefisher.comRenee resides in Eagleville, PA with her husband Michael, of many years and her two cats Nyah and Cody She has a great support system of Love from her family and friends.Renee BELIEVES you should follow your DREAMS and that The HAPPIEST of people don t have the best of everything,they simply make the best of everything.Renee loves to travel, especially to St Martin Netherland Antilles She enjoys meeting new people to inspire her and she will always write down a person s name that is unique to use as a potential character in her future writings.

[PDF / Epub] ☁ Rock Notes (Heartbeat, #1)  Author Renee Lee Fisher –
  • Paperback
  • 274 pages
  • Rock Notes (Heartbeat, #1)
  • Renee Lee Fisher
  • 18 May 2018
  • 9781490383361

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    Renee has a well written, hot, and believable romance that grips your heart and does not let go I am a definite follower of all she writes now, because this was her first book and it is a stellar read I cried to the point I couldn t breathe through my nose because certain parts are so hard to read because of the emotion you know the characters are going through YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK I am Team Renee all the way and would read the ingredients on a cereal box if she wrote them

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    Gosh I don t know how I got though that, but I made a promise that I will always finish what I start If you are similar, a word of caution, do NOT start it The storyline is not believable at all.An interesting note is that when I first saw this all three books in the series they each had over 1000 reviews and ratings and now had only a small portion of that Seeing how those ratings were removed I have to believe that over 800 GR users had their accounts inactivated Wow that is odd, with all of those inactive users all rating the three books in the series As a person who like patterns I also did notice at that the most of the remaining GR users that read the three books in the series seem to have very similar characteristics For example they rate all three books within minutes of one another wow they read fast Usually very shortly after the account is created and also vote on all three books on some lists Oh yeah and they throw in the ratings of some other books at the same time.

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    I absolutely loved this story It made me smile and it made me cry Can t wait for book 2.

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    I don t read many rockstar books now days because I felt that they are being over done but this one had been on my kindle for over a year so figured why not I like how Madison didn t give up when her husband left her She was still spunky deep down, and I loved her perseverance Max Rand is your typical rock god Young, hot, talented everything a women could want Him being mysterious really drew me into his character I liked the plot, and the direction the author took With out going into to many details I ll say that I was able to feel the emotions that the author was trying to invoke in readers.Overall, I will read the next book, because I like the characters even when I hated them because of their actions This was my first book by this author, and the slow burn aspect of the romance really drew me in I can t wait to read 4 stars 2OCCJD

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    Rock Notes was an enjoyable read with all the rockstar band tidbits you would expect I enjoyed getting to know the characters and look forward to having time to read from Renee Lee Fisher

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    I can not believe this had an average of 4.89 stars..The first thing that stuck out in this book is the utter lack of the author being able to write in proper grammar I found the word Now instead of Know , i found so many structural errors that it became very difficult to get through some paragraphs How can an author put out a work and represent themselves as a writer when they can not write in proper English I felt i was reviewing how my middle schooler writes It was reprehensible and inexcusable I kept reading, however, because sometimes an author, while unable to write extremely well can put together a story that is incredible This author did NOT do that I felt as though we were not following adult characters who enter real life circumstances with realistic outcomes Yes, books are fantasies, but this book, while having a premise that seemed plausible, worked with unrealistic reactions, conversations, motivations and sexual contact I would never recommend this book, and now i sort of feel fooled by the unusual high ratings, and the categorization in one of the lists as 2014 must there integrity in that list I now have to question that I hope i read an ARC by accident and that someone, anyone, corrected the blatant issues there had to be 1 to 2 errors on EVERY page I would say if you start this book, and by page 10 it bugs you regarding the mistakes, that you should stop, because it gets worse and annoying the further you go If you are looking for how an adult would react to sexual tension romance divorce, you won t get that here If you are looking to get lost in a romantic novel that lets you drift into one of the characters as though that could be you, forget it I am sorry for the strong reaction as least that is a positive any reaction, positive or negative might be viewed as good.because there isn t much in this book that is, positive, that is.

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    I recently discovered this author I grabbed this book as my first read from her and I loved this book First character that you are introduced from this book is Madison or Maddy I knew from the first page of this book that this book was going to be a lot of ups and downs for this character I really enjoyed reading about her character and felt really connected to her Just knowing what she had been through and how she picked up the pieces per say and moved on with her life She definitely had people in her life that helped her move on Maddy has a chance of a lifetime to go on tour with a band and write a book about them How awesome is that A world of unknown And experience of a lifetime for sure With the help of her friend she is able to pack and go along for the ride Little does she know what s in store for her.I really loved the characters of the band as well Of course Rand was my favorite I enjoyed reading about him and how he was so mysterious He seemed so laid back and easy to talk to Maddy and Rand had some kind of unexplained connection And, you ll just have to read their story to find out what happens Once I started his book I truly hoped they would get a HEA But you ll have to read the book to find out where their story ends The other characters of the band were great to read about as well I only hope they get their own books as well This story has a lot of real life situations that happen for these characters That s what truly drew me into their story Can t wait to read the rest of the story

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    I started reading this book from a box set I purchased called Live Rockers Romance Anthology, 7 Amazing books about Rockets by 7 Amazing Authors.This particular book I was hooked on from the beginning needless to say I had to purchase the other 2 books in the series the story starts with Madison, a broken woman trying to put her life back together after finding out that her husband of 10 years had been cheating on her she thought their marriage was rock solid so she is totally devastated and has a long road ahead to move on and heal and she s trying.Max Rand known as Rand one Super HOT Rocker, is the lead singer of the band Rolling Isaacs, Rand has his own demons in his past that he is dealing with and his too is a long road to completely heal, he s one very dominant sexual Hottie, combine Rand and Madison together and you get one very exciting, explosive read The one thing about this book that made me Mad was the relationship between Madison and her Ex husband it seemed they would quite often meet about various things and of course the ex wanted Madison back, if I were Madison I would have slapped his face several times and kicked him where I know it would bloody Hurt, he s is a sneaky little man trying to make his way back in.Anyway I totally loved this it was an unputdownable read and I would definitely recommend this series, especially to you Rocker Fans.

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    I gave this love story a sexually frustrating, yet amazing 5 full blown stars This was a well written love story between a newly divorced writer and a grieving lead singer You can feel the instant connection and sexual tension frustration with the characters and clearly visualize this story playing out in your head while you read If you are looking for steamy sex No this is not for you But, if you are looking for a romantic love story YES YES YES THIS IS FOR YOU I was hoping for a few hot steamy sex scenes, but this only made you want of their budding chemistry together There were a few parts in the story where I said out loud, WTF is wrong with you Madison LOL I was so frustrated with some of her na ve decisions I wished she would have told her ex husband off and really gave it to him Anyway, I would completely recommend this book to any and all of my friends and readers of romance Don t pass this one by It is a series book, but the series is complete and I am diving into Love Notes now

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