Rise of the Blood

Rise of the Blood Weddings Can Be WarLatter Day Olympians, Book Great Tori Karacis S Face Is On The Front Of Yet Another Tabloid News Paper, Linked To Hollywood Hottie Apollo Demas It Was ONE Dinner, And She Was Pissed With Him At The Time But That S The Least Of Her Worries Just Before Leaving For Her Cousin S Destination Wedding In Delphi, She Learns That Her Arch Nemeses, Zeus And Poseidon, Have Escaped Police CustodyDespite Looking Forward To Seeing Detective Nick Armani In A Tux, Her Bad Pre Flight Jitters Are Confirmed When Apollo, With His Sexy New Co Star On His Arm, Boards The Same Plane A Plane That A Freak Storm Nearly Tears Out Of The SkyWhat Awaits Them Atop Mount Parnassus Is Even Deadly A Prophecy, A Kidnapping, And A Bloodletting That Stirs Up The Mother Of All Trouble Literally Rhea Is Awakened, And She S None Too Happy With Her Offspring For Losing Their Usurped Dominion Over The EarthThe Olympians Have Fallen It S Time For The Titans To Rise Again Which Means It Ll Be A Bad Day For Anyone Standing In Their Way Product WarningsBloodbath Or Blissful Union Either Way, The Stakes Are High In This Destination Delphi Wedding High Atop The Peaks Of Mount Parnassus Passions Will Flare, Titans Will Rise, Monsters Will Awake, Blood Will Boil And Some Will Spill

Lucienne Diver is a literary agent with The Knight Agency and also the author of the Vamped young adult series think Clueless meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Latter Day Olympians urban fantasy series from Samhain, which Long and Short Reviews calls a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan Her short stories have appeared in the KICKING IT anthology edited by Faith Hunter and Kalay

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  • 344 pages
  • Rise of the Blood
  • Lucienne Diver
  • English
  • 01 September 2017
  • 9781619216549

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    Every time I open one of the Latter Day Olympians stories, I know that Tori has managed to find herself in trouble Of some kind Again.Normally that trouble starts of pretty minor, but very quickly expands into a cacophony of danger that she is trying to escape While working on her relationship with Nick And ignoring her attraction to Apollo And being a good bridesmaid to her cousin Gaea s attempt at revenge and rising not only tends to put a bit of a spanner into these plans, but it is also the catalyst for a very large change in Tori s life One that is going to be really interesting to follow in Battle for the Blood.Rise of the Blood also helps to reveal a little about Tori s ancestral history We know that she is a descendant of one of the Gorgons, but it turns out that she s also a descendant of Pan Which explains so much about her brother, although, it is obvious Tori inherited her many interesting traits from her other ancestor I love the total chaos that Tori s family creates Not just in her life, but the insanity of their love and roles in life Tori is still very much the outcast, but you can see where she gets her crisis handling from After all, the only family that is chaotic than Tori s is the Olympians themselves Something that is a huge driver in the final battle of the story.Although this novel does sort of end with an epic battle, it also ends with Tori finally making a decision about who she is going to choose Nick or Apollo It s the very last scene of the story, so whether it sticks or not will be seen in the next novel But, it s definitely a tale that I m looking forward to reading.

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    Lucienne Diver s Rise of the Blood picks up a few months after Crazy in the Blood Tori s uncle is home safe and sound, but thing are far from calm The newshounds have been calling Tori constantly over a picture that was taken showing her and Apollo having dinner Explaining that to Nick wasn t easy, but he understands in some sense To add to the matters, Tori is informed that Poseidon and Zeus have escaped their prison and are gunning for her And anyone she loves is fair games as well Tori and Nick escape the chaos though when she must return home to Greece for her cousin Tina s wedding But trouble follows them across the seas.Not only is Apollo aboard the plane, but he comes with a gorgeous actress on his arm, his new costar in a movie that her uncle happens to be making Just as the plane gets ready for its voyage, it s attacked by Zeus and his lightening and so begins Tori s adventure to Greece with a near death experience Landing in Greece doesn t prove to be any safe, for now, she s on the gods home turf And there s a new enemy rising, Rhea, the mother of the gods And she s about to bring about a whole new kind of chaos onto Greece, in the world ending variety I can t believe how fast I blew through these books, granted it was only three, but still This is just an incredible series and I can t believe I only just discovered it It seriously is the prefect blend of Greek mythology and Urban Fantasy and I sooo cannot wait to read Lucienne really pushes the challenges at Tori this time, sure they are gods gunning for her, but that s nothing compared to having her new boyfriend meet her crazy family Plus there are still strifes that keep popping up between Tori and Nick It tore at my heart, because I am really rooting for these two But I can see Nick s point Tori, despite her not liking Apollo that way, really does do a lot for the god and spends a lot of time with him helping him or he helping her with whatever problems the other one has I keep hoping the two will pull through in the end, but only time will tell as the series moves on But the happier moments that Nick and Tori share together are definitely endearing and romantic Of course, that doesn t make the moments she has with Apollo any less steamy or heart racing This is a god who won t give up and I can t decide if I like that or not I keep thinking of poor Daphne and Cassandra, but it seems possible that Apollo might have changed since those times, because he doesn t really seem that way with Tori True, he throws out sexual innuendos left and right and never lets her forget that he wants her, but he still knows when to back off, for awhile at least Rise of the Blood is even action packed than its predecessors it seems There are lots of fights between Tori and her enemies, both new and old And then there was a huge epic battle at the end that was totally jaw dropping at several points There are definitely a few threads that are being put into place now that might weave us into new story points It s hard to say than that without getting into spoiler territory, but I can safely say that the ending here definitely is a game changing plan for Tori Nothing and no one will be the same by the next book and I soooo want to read that one now I ve said it twice now in my previous reviews of this series, but I ll say it again if you re looking for an action packed Urban Fantasy with the perfect blend of Greek mythology this is the read for you Tori is without a doubt one of my most favorite heroines now She has a wicked sense of humor and she s strong Even when she gets knocked down and out and beaten bloody, this woman gets up and fights again She s a character you just have to love and you pretty much love her right away I look forward to reading of her adventures and whatever mischief she gets herself into Overall Rating 5 5 stars

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    Can t a girl catch a break Traveling to Greece for her cousin s wedding along with her date, Detective Nick Armani, Tori finds that Apollo and his beautiful co star are also making the trip as the wedding, being paid for by her Uncle Hector, is being used as part of a film they are making If that s not bad enough, Zeus and Poseidon have escaped jail and are out for vengeance But wait, Rhea, their mother and a Titan who is rather ticked off at all of her children, finds a way to awaken and believes it s time for the Titans to take over again Greece might never be the same.Just a short time ago, Tori, a private investigator from a circus performing family, who had been raised on stories that they had gorgon blood and that the gods from Olympus were walking around amongst them, hadn t believed any of it But since that time she s fought against Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Hades and Dionysius, gotten chummy NOT that chummy with Apollo, become addicted to ambrosia and found pathways opening up inside of her, giving her some pre cog ability, a mental connection to Apollo and an internal warning system.We finally get to meet her interesting family, and Tori s friends are along for the event that doesn t go especially smoothly We are once again provided with a story filled with a great deal of drama, action, mythology and humor More of Tori s feelings are expressed in this installment than in the prior books There is quite a bit to experience, both with various relationships as well as what she s experiencing internally.I ve now blasted through all 3 books after discovering the story, The Parlor, in the anthology, Kicking it, less than 1 week ago I was immediately drawn into the world, characters and situations they encounter This Urban Fantasy series has the gods with diminished powers because they are no longer worshiped, living among humans who don t realize who they really are Much of the humor comes from Tori s sarcasm and it s fun to watch her mental and verbal dance when having to answer questions without giving too much away Tori is smart, funny, strong willed and has definitive convictions, and yet we see a very vulnerable side as well Thankfully she s not coming across as a Mary Sue She s got the gorgon stare which can freeze someone for a short period of time But while the abilities she gains are useful to her such as rapid healing and knowing things there s nothing new that she could use to stop another It s still her brain and strong will that makes it work.

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    The action keeps going and the interactions with the Greek gods keep things fun The series is a great read.

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    Holy Rhea This i didn t see coming This i d say is the best book in this series definitely looking forward to Battle of Blood Book 4.

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