Rhapsodic Callypso Lillis Is A Siren With A Very Big Problem, One That Stretches Up Her Arm And Far Into Her Past For The Last Seven Years She S Been Collecting A Bracelet Of Black Beads Up Her Wrist, Magical IOUs For Favors She S Received Only Death Or Repayment Will Fulfill The Obligations Only Then Will The Beads DisappearEveryone Knows That If You Need A Favor, You Go To The Bargainer To Make It Happen He S A Man Who Can Get You Anything You Want At A Price And Everyone Knows That Sooner Or Later He Always CollectsBut For One Of His Clients, He S Never Asked For Repayment Not Until Now When Callie Finds The Fae King Of The Night In Her Room, A Grin On His Lips And A Twinkle In His Eye, She Knows Things Are About To Change At First It S Just A Chaste Kiss A Single Bead S Worth And A Promise ForFor The Bargainer, It S Than Just A Matter Of Rekindling An Old Romance Something Is Happening In The Otherworld Fae Warriors Are Going Missing One By One Only The Women Are Returned, Each In A Glass Casket, A Child Clutched To Their Breast And Then There Are The Whispers Among The Slaves, Whispers Of An Evil That S Been Awoken If The Bargainer Has Any Hope To Save His People, He Ll Need The Help Of The Siren He Spurned Long Ago Only, His Foe Has A Taste For Exotic Creatures, And Callie Just Happens To Be One

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  • Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • Rhapsodic
  • Laura Thalassa
  • English
  • 22 July 2019

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    This was one of those stories that takes you by surprise I had never heard of this author and wasn t expecting to like this book as much as I did I had already braced myself for disappointment Was I ever wrong This book ended up being great The first book in The Bargainer series, Rhapsodic was a terrific love story It had plenty of romance and angst, as well as danger and adventure It was sweet, without being overly cheesy and had just enough tension to keep me on the edge of my seat.Callypso Callie Lillis is a siren As a teenager, she makes an impulsive decision, which could have dire consequences for her Desperate for help, she calls upon the Bargainer, aka the Lord of the Night, to use his magic to clean up behind her From that point forward, she and the Bargainer form an unlikely friendship As Callie grows into a young lady, going to college and entering her early adulthood, the Bargainer is her closest companion and only friend She falls in love with him Then, he disappears from her life for years.Callie has done her best to put the Bargainer behind her She has had several relationships, trying to move on and forget him Nothing has worked To make matters worse, Callie knows that the Bargainer always shows up to collect a debt and she owes him than anyone else alive.When the Bargainer finally shows up to collect Callie s debt, she is forced to comply Fae warriors are disappearing and the women are returned in glass coffins, a creepy new breed of children along with them Nobody is talking Whatever evil is behind this is even feared than the wrath of the Bargainer, something that is almost unfathomable.As Callie works with the Bargainer to get to the bottom of whatever is going on, it becomes harder and harder to deny her feelings No man has ever held her attention like him To further complicate matters, it seems that she has caught the attention of the same thing that is responsible for the females disappearances The Bargainer will have to work diligently to keep her safe.From start to finish, this book held my attention I was drawn to this futuristic world that Ms Thalassa created It was magical It was highly entertaining There was just enough action to keep me on the edge of my seat, while there was plenty of romance to hold my interest I will definitely be looking forward to the next book in this series to see how things work out for Callie and Desmond, aka the Bargainer.Check out of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com

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    uh oh someone please admit me into rehab because i am A D D I C T E D i started this last night, just wanting to read a couple of chapters before bed and the next thing i knew, it was 2.30am and my eyes were glued to each page i swear this book is a drug, with each chapter feeling like taking hit i just couldnt put it down this is far from perfect the writing is nothing special and the world building is lacking, but goodness me this story is exactly what i needed fellow mood readers will know the feeling, of finally finding a story that hits the right spot and what a relief that is i guess paranormal romance and men with wings is my kink and im not even sorry 5 stars

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    Bargainer, I would like to make a deal FAST FORWARD SEVEN YEARS I know why he s here This is it, the moment I ve been waiting seven years for I exhale You re finally here to collect HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AN AMAZING START We go from past teenage Calie trying to survive AFTER MURDERING HER STEP DAD to present Callie badass detective who basically owes her life to the Bargainer The Bargainer aka Des is a legend within the supernatural world Speak his name and you can bargain for what you want most in the world But the bill must be paid Enter present day Cassies owes 322 debts so as she struggles through that while we get sneak peaks of the past and how she wound up with the Bargainer In response I slam my door shut in his face Probably not the wisest way to deal with the King of the Night, but right now I don t really care too much Oh, and Des is also a King of the Fey To be perfectly honest I just wanted him to be the Bargainer It seemed like a way interestinng unique position within the world but whatever And now our heroine Cassie Oh Cassie, what shall I say about you Oh My Sweet Lord F ck you, mouth F ck you to the fiery pits of hell Shes just so flippant about everything And there was a definite change between past and present I lean in close to his ear, shifting my hips until I hear him groan Seven years, you f cker, I say or rather, the siren says, since she s leading the show at this point There was such a strong sense of time passing and this made her world building 100000000X betterThe past with Callie first learning about Des s world and the present witih Callie mastering all the rules to play her own game My favorite thing about this book was you totally saw how their dynamic changed from the years both characters obviously changed and developed They went from indifferent strangers, to tentative friends, to best friends, to distant enemies, to friends, to lovers You read about the present with scenes in the past wondering and hoping to figure out what changed Now the comedic side kick, Temper Darling Little disappointed in the bestie who pretty much there for advice and info to move the plot along At first it was a cool dynamic but she kinda fades away sadly Maybe in book 2 Show some of her badass witchery stuff She answers on the first ring Where the fuck are you girl she says, panicked I m back at home Home Home Her voice rises Your house was ransacked, there s a bounty out for your capture, and you re home And now Des the Bargainer My Des I would actually KILL for another book of these events but from Des s perspective Just so so so good His character really evolves from the original arrogant prick who first sees a 16 year old asking him to get rid of a dead body and simply responds with i don t work with minors What are you doing Stan demands I can see the whites of his eyes We re going to visit the Otherworld Des unlocks the driver s side door And once we get there, I m going to feed you to the scariest motherfuckers I know I love him so much His relationship with Callie is so well developed He knows Calllie as a victim, killer, broken girl, self sucifient woman, detective, and general badass He s seen it alll and he keeps coming back for her Okay this was a unique twist to her world For Fey, when they meet their mate their wings uncontrollable and just keep popping out something about a sign of trustEXCEPT DES FORGOT TO MENTION THIS PIECE OF INFO So when Cassie later calls her friend Temper and casually mentions THIS WINGS ARE ALWAYS OUT.TEMPER LOSES HER SHIT AND WASLIKE SERIOUS CASSIE HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW About your wings, I say Is it true that you ve been flashing them to let everyone know not to touch me That I belong to you He freezes You bastard, I say Were you ever going to tell me He stops in front of me, looking a little menacing And I don t give two shits I poke him in the chest Were You Are you telling me theres character development, interesting relationships, and a motherf cking intense plot to go with it Its must be my birthday Gaelia shakes her head manically He s just a shadow just a shadow Where is he Des asks.She shivers, not even bothering to fight our questions any Everywhere Her words raise my gooseflesh Do you know his name I ask Thief of Souls, she mutters Thief of Souls What does he want the Bargainer growls.Her eyes meet ours Everything Shit is going down in the Otherworld and Des needs Cassie s help to figure it out Woman disappearing Demon children A whispering shadow Calls himself the Thief of Souls Well Cassie thinks its the mad king that she runs into But its not over yet So was it really Fuckity fuck, thats not good.Cassie justs got her whole world turned upside down and is no longer the most powerful At least for now He dips his mouth close to my ear Cherub, people like us are not victims We re someone s nightmare I m not a victim.I m not a victim.How had I forgotten this Because, somewhere along the way, I had forgotten And it nearly broke me.My eyes move to Des Teach me again how to be someone s nightmare LITERARLLY WHAT A FREAKING FUCKING BOOK ALL THIS AMAZING SHIT ALL FOR ME GOD IM SO EXCITED FOR BOOK 2

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    Happy reading 3

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    5 STARS I haven t read a whole lot of paranormal romances this year but this one was really well done and the romance aspect of the story was simply delicious The story is told in a past to present scenario as a young Callypso Lillis, a siren, living in our world calls on the Bargainer, the Lord of the Night for his help Each time she calls on him or asks for his help she acquires another bead on her IOU bracelet In the present, the Bargainer Desmond Flynn has appeared after not seeing Callie for seven years and he s here to collect on those IOUs The connection between Callie and Des is fantastically written and so believable You have over three hundred favors to repay me By the time we re done, you will realize that Eli and all those other men were just a dissatisfying dream That this, and only this, is real Des needs Callie s help with a big mystery involving casket children and catatonic woman in the Other World These two once best of friends seem to be mending fences and in the past we enjoy the development of their relationship when she was a young girl The story makes for a truly a wonderful romance While the mystery was well done and will have me excited to read on in this series to see what happens next A fairy doesn t show his wings to his betrothedA fairy shows them to his soulmate The couple isn t cliffhangered but the mystery of the storyline is if that makes sense Overall, a great read that clicked all the boxes for me and I highly recommend it s also currently on KU

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    5 brilliant starsMoved my original review to another edition cause something weird is happening to it.

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    My breath catches in my throat as my gaze meets his The way he looks at me, the way his thumb is rubbing circles into the soft skin of my hand I know why he s here On some level, I knew it since I first caught sight of him on my bed This is it, the moment I ve been waiting seven years for I exhale You re finally here to collect It s ironic that I found this a breath of fresh air when it s basically ACOTAR fan fiction, but for some reason this really worked for me It was an easy, breezy read, and a super sexy romp I m hit or miss with urban fantasy, but again, this one really worked for me Excited to see where the story continues, as I hear it becomes original from book 2 Whatever parts of him I got all those years ago when he visited me, those were something else Back then, I had only seen his wicked side, his dirty deeds I d never seen his righteousness Labels can be dangerous, dangerous things, even when they re seemingly desirable Buddy read with my sis Irina in honor of resurrecting our KU memberships for 3 months.

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    How I happened upon this book Me obsessing over finishing The Wicked King in less than 24 hours and nearly passing away because I know I have to wait a year for the next one Friend I need you to read this book It has a fantasy world AND a modern world, kind of like that Cruel Prince book you told me about Me No I can t go on I m not ready for anything new I have to mourn Friend Okay, well just let me know when you re ready This one is a lot like ACOTAR In fact, it s kind of exactly like ACOTAR, but there s an excellent slow burn romance Me Is there sex in it Friend Yes Me Like Chapter 55 Friend Well, nothing can be as good as Chapt Me Sold My friend wasn t kidding This book really IS kind of a retelling of ACOTAR But, I m not even mad about it I had a hell of a good time reading it, fully knowing if I drew a Venn Diagram for Rhapsodic and ACOTAR, a lot of the key plot points would be listed in the center section.Thankfully, I was thoroughly warned of this beforehand.Actual quote from my friend You re going to read this and keep thinking, Oh, of COURSE this is what s happening now because it s a lot like Feyre, Tamlin, and Rhysand Just be aware of that Due to said warning, I legitimately enjoyed this book I laughed out loud at some of the banter, made the face during the flirty scenes, and pretended to be TOTALLY SURPRISED when just about anything was revealed Normally I don t enjoy books full of coincidental similarities, but this one gets a pass because it was fun AF to read.And that s not even because previously mentioned banter included the comeback, Ten points to Slytherin Though, HP references always help Always See what I did there

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    5 stars People like us are not victims We re someone s nightmare Rhapsodic is the tale of Callie the Siren, present day bounty hunter with a past that s always tied to her When she was a teenager, she needed help and called upon The Bargainer to help her clean up her mess Lost and alone, she kept calling him back for and favors until her wrist was wrapped in the hundreds of favors she owed him Until one day, he left her and she didn t see him again.Now, seven years later he has come back, and it s time for those favors to be repaid The Bargainer needs Callie s help, for something is wrong in the Otherworld, and she has the ability to get answers where he cannot The only problem Callie s help has made her a target, and no one knows who is coming for her Now, cherub, his words roll off his lips like honey, the first repayment of the day you re coming home with me, and you re not leaving until your debts have all been paid Rhapsodic is a book that has been recommended to me over and over again, and yet I waited because only the first book was out I binge read all three of her Fallen World books, one in a row, so I know how addictive her books can be So when the second book A Strange Hymn came out, I decided to pick this one up And I am so glad I did Thalassa writes the perfect hero At least, the perfect men for me Her heroes are flawed, and not always good, but they love their heroines and treat them well Plus there s just the right amount of alpha male where it can be considered hot but doesn t leave me banging my head on the table with frustration Des to me is perfect, he may not be your typical good guy or bad guy, but he has a job to do, people to protect, and he cares for those close to him.I fell into this book so easily, Thalassa s writing flows across the page I hope this woman does nothing but write the rest of her life, because I haven t found an author whose writing I meshed with this well in a long time I ve read four of her books so far and loved all four of them And I m a picky bitch Seriously, I ve been told that by other readers.I highly recommend this book, for all types of readers You won t regret it And the mountains may rise and fall, and the sun might wither away, and the sea may claim the land and swallow the sky But you will always be mine And the stars might fall from the heavens, and night might cloak the earth, but until darkness dies, I will always be yours Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    And mountains may rise and fall, and the sun might wither away, and the sea claim the land and swallow the sky But you will always be mine And the stars might fall from the heavens, and night might cloak the earth, but until darkness dies, I will always be yours Story Ever had a problem you needed a solution for Yes Well, the Bargainer is the perfect guy for you He ll find a solution and solve your problem But such things always come with a cost, a price you need to pay Seven years ago Callie met the Bargainer when she asked for a deal But for such a huge problem one wish isn t enough Soon they re many deals made, but before she could pay her depth, he disappears Only to appear again after seven years And with that Callie is again hunted by her past and the future that looks so much dangerous than before First of all I really liked this book It was definitely entertaining.Yes, it had some similarities with ACOTAR, but in the end it was a different story with different characters I guess the author just got Inspired by ACOTAR and that s completely fine with me It still had an unique touch But always being reminded of a different book is kind of annoying, that s why the story and the book gets only four stars But still, it s extremely funny and entertaining I enjoyed it the whole time and finished it in one day because it was so good and easy to read Characters I don t know if that s just her talent, but the author is great at imagining and creating a sassy, funny main character I loved Sara in Pestilence and I love Callie in this series She was in some way so relatable She had a tough past, but after Des became her anchor she survived it and even after Des left her she became a strong independent woman who does not need a man But still losing your best friend was hurtful and in the long years she thinks she lost him, she tries to find happiness in another person, but she can t Oh, and Des Yes, this guy really reminded me of Rhysand But only in a slight subtle way He was the ruler of a dark fairy world, but he also lived partially on earth collecting secrets and making deals with desperate people But when he saw the crying young Callie he stayed with her Every time they made a deal And with that he saved her and her broken soul He s a kind guy, who knows all your favorite food tastes and makes you laugh when your want to cry and curl up in your bed In the end he s a good guy, even though no one thinks so And when he shows this side to Callie, she can see the truth behind his mask And that s probably the sweetest thing The vulnerability from both of them And, oh my god, I found the cutest nickname ever Cherub Sounds like something fluffy and sweet World There are two worlds The underworld in which the fae and other creepy creatures live and the earth where many supernatural things life, like werewolves, witches, sirens Normally those two are separated, but the Bargainer moves between both of them The fae world is ruled by a king and a queen, but both of them have long fallen asleep magically Now they re courts that rule the fae world see the similarity to ACOTAR and each one has a purpose, power and ruler Relationships Oh My God The friendship between those two was the most adorable thing I have ever read of I was smiling all the time and in the beginning Des acted like a caring big brother or best friend but soon both of them realized that this would not be a platonic relationship But things happened and hearts got broken and the moment Des reappeared in Callie s life, her life is being thrown upside down They re conversations were mysterious but most of the time absolutely hilarious And oh my god There is some smut in there, holy sh t That s some good stuff there Hol Writing style I was really intrigued with the author after Pestilence, but now I m sure I love her writing Yes, they re curses in here and yes sometimes the language isn t the prettiest, but who cares I loved it and I smiled like an idiot reading it And that s probably the best thing ever P.S I had no problem with the word mate in ACOTAR but reading it like 717372 times, I get a little bit annoyed by it It s now one of my least favorite words in a book

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