Revved Race Car Mechanic Andressa Andi Amaro Has One Rule No Dating Drivers With A Good Reason Behind The Rule, She Has No Plans On Breaking ItCarrick Ryan Is The Bad Boy Of Formula One With A Face And Body That Melts Panties On Sight, And An Irish Lilt That Leaves Women On Their Knees, Begging For He Races Hard And Parties Harder The Youngest Driver To Ever Sign With F, He S Still At The Top Of His Game Five Years Later, Breaking Hearts On And Off The TracksWhen Andi Is Offered Her Dream Job Working In The Glamorous World Of F, She Leaves Her Home In Brazil, Positive She Can Handle Working For Carrick But She S Not Prepared For The Off The Chart Sparks That Fly The Moment They MeetNow, Andi Has A Crush On The One Man She Can T Have, And Her Resolve Is About To Be Put To The Test, Because Carrick Has Decided He Wants Andi, And He Plans On Testing Her To The Very Limit

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❴Epub❵ ➟ Revved Author Samantha Towle –
  • Paperback
  • 410 pages
  • Revved
  • Samantha Towle
  • English
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9781508776208

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    5 Chocolate Kisses Revved is a sexy standalone romance that s full of angst, heartache, humor, friendship and love There were moments I was stressed to the max while reading, but I loved every second I fell in love with this hero and heroine and I adored their story.Andi is a female mechanic about to take her dream job with Formula One She will be working on the race cars of one of the most successful drivers Carrick Ryan Carrick is sex on a stick He s a player, the bad boy of racing And Andi knows she has to stay far far away Andi has a rule She doesn t date drivers Not ever Andi has a very good reason for this rule, but Carrick does everything in his power to get her to break it Andi and Carrick have this insane chemistry Since they re with each other so much, they become friends With this friendship comes tons of flirting and banter These two together at the beginning just melted my heart I loved carefree Carrick with Andi Even though they become best friends Carrick still wants her bad And Andi is fighting the same want So, is that a good fuck or a bad fuck Every fuck is a good fuck, Andressa at least with me it is So what would happen if Andi broke her rule Just this one time, let her self be with a driver It wouldn t be so bad if Carrick was just another driver But he s not He s not just a guy to Andi And she s not just a girl to him It would be so much easier if that was the case Let me just take a moment here to talk about Carrick Carrick is the ultimate MUT Male slut He is good at what he does and he knows it He s extremely attractive and he knows it Yep he s that kind of guy Sounds like a bit of an ass well, he kind of is at times But he s also a sweetheart There were moments Carrick broke my heart completely And there were moments that my heart broke for him He s sexy, driven and cocky I just loved him Andi is fun, feisty and fabulous Even though things she did made me want to pull my hair out at times, I really did get her I understood her choices even though I didn t necessarily agree with them As much as I loved both of these characters separately, together is where they really shine Carrick and Andi s journey was not an easy one I cried than once and bit my nails to the quick while reading I ve said it earlier and I ll say it again IT IS ANGSTY But it s really the best kind of angst Your heart will break, but it will be put back together When you re finished reading, you ll be on a Carrick and Andi high.Samantha Towle is a wonderful writer Her stories always flow, are so easy to read and well written I love that she can make me laugh, make me cry, make me swoon, make me want to pull my hair out and get me all worked up all in the matter of a few hours while reading I think Tom will always be my favorite boy of hers, but Revved is my favorite story and her best work yet If you re looking for a romance that is a standalone don t we all LOVE those that s emotional, angsty, steamy and captivating, look no further This book is amazing and comes highly recommended by me

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    Teaser Deny it all you want, but you know it s true You want me to fuck you And you want to fuck me, I fire back Sure I do I m not the one denying it here He lifts his hand from my waist to cup my cheek, his thumb touching dangerously close to my lips So what do you say To what Fucking I d say you re seriously overconfident about it He throws his head back on a deep laugh It makes me glow inside.A smile is still touching his eyes, when he says, You say that now It ll be a different story afterwards Unedited, subject to change, etc.

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    It s LIVE everywhere US UK BN Kobo Revved is a standalone story about Carrick and Andressa, a formula 1 driver and a female mechanic It s a story of fear, control, hope and love with steamy, delicious sexual attraction laced throughout The juxtaposition of these themes provides the most gorgeous, romantic love story with the perfect dose of angst Revved completely pulled on my emotions I totally bought into the heroine s psyche, her motivation and her reasoning And my heart fell in lustful, dreamy love with Carrick Carrick Ryan is a playboy from Ireland, he s super talented and champion star of the formula one racing scene Racing is in his blood, it s who he is and it makes him as sexy as sin He s handsome and a womanizer, a scintillating mix that makes for a sexilicious hero, one that I couldn t help falling in love with Andressa or Andi as she s known has experienced devastation in her life, devastation that s left t s mark, given her strength of character It led her into the life of a mechanic and gave her a realization of the type of man she definitely does not want in her life Her life plan is to avoid potential devastation at all costs Issues burn in their hearts and mind, issues that have evolved from deep rooted events in their past issues that provide the protagonists with the perfect motivation for all aspects of the story, including the authentic push and pull of the inner turmoil, the reasons why Andressa makes decisions based on what she thinks she needs, decisions that have consequences in terms of her emotions and ultimately that of the readers She s ruled by fear, it controls her, consumes her thoughts I was moved to tears at times, it was emotional and angsty, they both made mistakes with the way they behaved but that made them human real They frustrate each other, at times she frustrated me, but she had her reasons and completely credible motivation I felt her inner struggle I wanted to reach into the story and talk to the heroine, tell her my thoughts, give advice and be her friend Carrick and Andressa develop a wonderful friendship I love their banter, the ironic humour and his cheeky chappy approach to attracting her There s oodles of intense sexual chemistry between them There were parts so hot, I tingled in all the right places, it s absolutely delicious and sexy and packed with lovely HOTNESS I love Samantha Towle s writing style, the cosmopolitan characters she brings to the table and her authentic British isms because, of course, she s flying the flag for the UK, but nothing which is overt or too much, the tone is perfect The additional characters each add a layer to the feel and development of the story, showcasing the protagonist s personalities through their interactions Especially Petra who perfectly mirrored my feelings about the heroine she becomes a close friend, is the voice of reason and lessened my legitimate frustration with her Andressa s mother, though not a huge part of the entire story, is in essence a pivotal element A particular scene between mother and daughter moved me to tears with its emotionally charged poignancy.The execution of this story is set to perfection, the way it s all laid out, the introduction between the hero and heroine, the premise, the anticipation of secrets being revealed It completely captured my attention from the very beginning and did not let me go until the very last page I laughed, I cried, I swooned I spent a large proportion of my reading time smiling with the warm fuzzy book feels This story, these characters I just LOVED every single minute of the angst, the drama, the sexiness the whole feel of it just worked perfectly for me If you re a romance lover, an angst addict, steam devourer and a reader who loves characters with depth, heart and soul you will fall in love with Carrick and Andressa s story

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    Advanced copy given by the author, via Shh Mom s Reading, in exchange for an honest review

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    DNF 75 PercentThe back and forth of an annoying heroine with her I like him, I want him, I can t be with him, I like him, I want him, I can t be with him, runaround irked me by the second time and third time around She s a runner and quite franky with NOTHING else going on the story I found it boring I really do like angsty stories but this heroine and the plot was not only just blah for me but I didn t buy the heroine in the slightest Andie was wishy washy and her being a competent mechanic mechanical details and scenes would have been helpful and not a high schooler who s pouting over the guy SHE is pushing away was a stretch for me Also her issues I mean if they were that bad then go work at Sears Auto Center where it s all safe.Carrick was an ass but I liked him enough to push through, well as far as I made it I really tried to finish but being that there is absolutely NOTHING else going on in this story except for the push and pull wasn t enough for me to stick with it to the end Sadly, I just don t care when she ll come clean and if these two will ever get in the same lane and stay in it.

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    Even if your on the right track,you ll get run over if you just sit there.5 CarrickCrushers STARS Andi and Carrack Well, fuck me I was expecting someone With a penis and a deep voice Sorry to disappoint So, you missed me then With every fiber of my being A simple yes would have sufficed The sparks began to fly as soon as these two MET I couldn t WAIT for Andi and Carrick to get together It was only a few pages in that they met and I remember thinking WOW how is the next 400 pages or so going to play out Andi doesn t date race car drivers for good reason and especially ones that she works for So Carrick has no choice but to be the bestest of friends with Andi Don t worry Andi I LOVE CARS TOO DisneyMoviesFTW The fact that these two could sit around and enjoy ones company by watching CARS is legit CoupleGoals except they weren t a couple YET The friendship between these two was incredible because they fully got to know one another before pursuing anything else The chemistry between these two was undeniable as was that sexual tension I don t know what you re thinking sugarBut I just got that feeling sugar Anyway, where were we I called you a Neanderthal, and you snorted whiskey up your nose Thanks for the thorough recap Carrick Ryan Props to Andi for being as restraint as she was which is incredibly hard for various reasons The main reasons being that Irish tilt and who wouldn t want to get at the end of THAT rainbow and claim the pot of gold He s a bad boy and we all know it s hard to resist a bad boy whose a good man Saying Carrick is forward is an UNDERSTATEMENT however if you ask me I quite like his forwardness He knows what he wants and he stops at nothing to claim his prize Jesus, you re so bloody forward You don t get anywhere in life by going backward And nothing s holding back the two of usBaby this is getting serious I ve read two books prior by Samantha Towle and didn t love them I did see potential in her work and didn t hesitate to pick up this novel The only regret I had Keeping this novel in my TBR for as long as I did The plot has been crafted to perfection, the characters are well developed, and the dialogue could make me ugly cry and then laughing the next I have to say that it has been days later and I still can t stop thinking about how much I absolutely LOVED this novel definitely in my ALL STAR category I know forSURE that I ll be re reading this many times.So, whatever it is that s stopping youfrom being with me, like we both know whatyou want, then fight it, babe, becauseI can t be without you a moment longer.The podium can wait because I already have the greatest win of my life right here in my arms.Revved Samantha Towle

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    Let me just tell you what I love I love a book that grabs me from the very beginning and makes me feel From the very beginning I was hooked, the prologue broke my heart and from that moment I felt for Andi.Andi s dad was the star of Formula One, until the day the sport he loved took his life That is how Revved begins, with us seeing how Andi watched her father die I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache of experiencing that or how it would shape one s life, but that s exactly what it did.The story picks up years later, Andi is an adult and a successful Formula One mechanic She is living the dream she developed as a little girl watching her father race Even though she is completely immersed in the sport, she has one definite rule no dating drivers Getting involved with a driver is not an option for me Carrick is the king of Formula One He arrogant, egotistical and cocky, at least that is Andi s first impression is when she joins his team as one of his mechanics It isn t long before Andi realizes there is to Carrick then meets the eye.I absolutely loved Carrick I love my confident heroes, but what I really love is Carrick s charm From the moment I met Carrick I knew I would love him He is fun loving and lives life the fullest He makes mistakes and is immature at times, but the I got to know him the endeared to him I got.Carrick is instantly attracted to Andi and is used to getting his way Despite Andi s rule she can t help but be attracted to Carrick So when Carrick begins his pursuit it isn t long until her hard exterior is wavering Even though I really shouldn t be doing this because no good could ever come of it, I can t seem to find the will to stop Revved is a fast paced, sexy story, but what really sold me was the heart and feels These characters aren t perfect and there were moments I was frustrated with them both, but I love their love I love how Carrick turned on the charm with Andi I love that what started out as a game led to real friendship and eventually grew into .I really love how Andi grew throughout the story I am such an easy girl when it comes to my book characters Every time one of my heroines turn my heroes down I am sitting there shaking my head In this case, I actually understood Andi s reasoning Her fear was real and her actions were justifiable.I highly recommend if you are looking for a sexy standalone, with lots of heart I will warn you Andi may make you crazy, you might not understand her struggles, but Carrick will mostly likely steal your heart I love my over the top, charming, egomaniacs It was always you From the moment I saw you, it was you, Andressa ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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    3,5 Sexy Stars Andressa is a F1 mechanic and the daughter of an ex F1 legend who died in a tragic car accident Carrick is the world s most famous F1 racer, sexy, rich and playboy Andressa has a rule to never date racers, after all she already lost one in her life Carrick is decided to show her that he s the exception to her rule When feelings between them get to strong to be ignored, they have to decide if they will they give in to their fears or find a way to be happy together I loved pretty much all Samantha Towle s books before, so I jumped into this one expecting a guaranteed win So, I admit that my expectations were unfairly too high, and that s my own fault First, let me say that this was exceptionally well written, Samantha as a way of hooking the reader into her story and she does it brilliantly every time It has a strong storyline and it was a romantic and steamy book The problem for me was the first, or less, 70% It was extremely angst, and while I don t normally have a problem with angst when it s obvious that story is developing, that wasn t, unfortunately, the case here There was a lot of push pull and a storyline that seemed to go nowhere The heroine was stubborn, the hero paraded a lot of meaningless women and it was a bit too much for me The last 30% were great had all the book been like that and it had been a safe 5 stars reading for me But by that point I was already feeling so frustrated that it wasn t enough to compensate for the beginning.However, this was a good reading experience and if you re a fan of Samantha s books, F1 heroes and steamy books with some angst, give this one a try You may love it Rating 3,5 Stars Characters Development I liked Andressa, but I really didn t like her stubbornness Her fears were understandable to a certain extent It came to a point that all her pushes were just frustrating I really liked Carrick when he wasn t asshole parading woman after woman Yes, he had issues and was trying to prove a point I still didn t like it Although, towards the end I really loved him I like the supporting characters, I hope Petra s get her own book Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars I wasn t planning on reading this bookI didn t expect to even like this book based on a few of my trusted friends ratings But here I am I ve read it and loved it I totally understood Andi s pain Anxiety and PTSD is very seriously debilitating, and I think Samantha Towle did a phenomenal job with that aspect I didn t think her pushing him away was about indecisiveness It s about her fear and anxiety I had a hard time warming up to Carrick but he won me over He went through hell trying to prove himself worthy of Andi I didn t like some of his decisions I thought he was entitled and whiny but like I said, he proved himself in the end Overall, I really loved this one and I m glad I gave this book a chance I can t believe I haven t anything by this author yet What the hell was I thinking I m definitely reading her books in the future.

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    This was a 3.5 stars for me, and the reason that I couldn t rate it higher was Andressa Amaro the heroine Her decision making process in this story just aggravated me one too many times I could no longer ignore the fact that it messed with my enjoyment of the story On the flip side though, the hero Carrick Ryan was one who I first thought of as a manwhore, and slimybut ended up melting me and my panties very quickly I fell in love with him as he started to clean his act up and really, I would have been than willing to fight Andi for his affections if I could LOLThis was my very first time reading a Samantha Towle book, and it most certainly will not be the last I like her writing style, and during the parts where Andi and Carrick were together as friends, and sexually I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and their love affair Carrick was truly a wonderful hero, who did deserve so much better than he got though Quite frankly, I would have rated this story higher if it wasn t for Andi One of my biggest pet peeves in a romance book is when the couple ends up spending a majority of the book not together and in conflict As soon as that happensI become irritable and my enjoyment goes down Andi s indecision was very annoying to me, and it left a bad taste in my mouth It is a story worth reading though,and I know a ton of people that adored it regardless of Andi So, would I recommend this read Sure I would I just felt the need to put out the warning that there is an annoying heroine on board and to proceed with caution going in LOLAll in all, Revved will get your motors running, and have you falling in love with yet another sexy man Thanks so much to Steph for our Buddy Read, and for putting up with my ranting LOL

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    3 rev up my engine STARS Exactly how did we go from me not getting involved with drivers to you and I having sex We haven t gotten to the sex yet Trust me When we do, you ll know Alright This is going to be interesting I loved and hated this book all at the same time Not possible you say Hold on and let me explain The Good I loved the idea of the book Female mechanic and man whore driver for a Formula one racing team fall for each other, even thought they really shouldn t Sounds absolutely perfect in my humble opinion First and foremost, I m a Formula 1 fan While growing up, I spent every race weekend watching Michael Schumacher becoming a seven time world champion I was six years old when he won his first Grand Prix and I was eighteen years old when he won his last world championship See my point there Vettel is alright as well, but Schumacher in his Ferrari is just a childhood memory But we are going with Vettel theme here, better quality and looks like Carrick D So, naturally this is the reason for my 3 instead of 2 Star rating I never even thought about looking for a story like this before, but I sure will be on the lookout now.Of the two main characters, I liked Carrick Ryan the best He is the driver and is an arse hole man whore, until he meets the feisty new mechanic who also happens to look like a super model What s not to like Well, he has slip ups, but we talk about that under the ugly.Carrick and Andressa are really hot together I think the scenes where those two flirt with each other and eventually hit the sack are actually the most convincing and best written parts of Revved But The Bad The writing I m sorry to say this, but other than a few highlights here and there I never got into the writing style I m exactly sure what is was Maybe the overabundance of dialogue or the first person narrator It just didn t work for me at all.Luckily I was far too invested in the story and wanted to find out what happens So I had to soldier on.My least favourite main character is Andressa Andi Amaro A brillinat mechanic and daughter of William Wolfe One of the best Formula 1 drivers ever, who died during a tragic accident during a race Unfortunately, Andi wasn t a very lovable character and frustrated me to no end This is probably connected to the writing style, because since we are in her head all of the time I just felt like giving her a good high five in the head with a chair every once in a while Other than that she just felt very immature and indecisive The Ugly This is a book about racing, a mechanic and a driver For God s sake I need some technical stuff and specific lingo and what not Not too much, but just a little something to tell me that there was some research going on My dad is an engineer who loves his cars You can actually say I grew up with greasy fingers from helping him refit and restore engines That part just fell right down on its face Because a complete overhaul in 4 days is a bit optimistic for one mechanic alone Not to mention shipping for the parts And I should really shut off my brain Sorry.Bad choices all around I love a good cat and mouse game but the constant push and pull with these two was not only annoying and repetitive but also very painful There are only so many time I can hear the he is a driver I can t be with him excuseget over your daddy issues PLEASE On top of that, every time Andi pushed Carrick away he ended up with another woman WTF Serious breaking point for me.So, all in all an enjoyably awful read.

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