Revenge of the Wannabes (The Clique, #3)

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Lisi Harrison is the author of the 1 New York Times best selling series The Clique , Alphas , Monster High, Pretenders, and her first adult novel The Dirty Book Club out 10.10.17 Lisi was born in Toronto, Canada, and lived in NYC for 15 years while she worked at MTV She now lives in Laguna Beach, CA and is a member or her own Dirty Book Club.

[PDF / Epub] ☀ Revenge of the Wannabes (The Clique, #3) Author Lisi Harrison –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Revenge of the Wannabes (The Clique, #3)
  • Lisi Harrison
  • English
  • 19 August 2017
  • 9780689875465

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    I learned from this book that not everyone is nice While Claire is just starting to fit in with the Pretty Cometie, Alicia is starting her own because she feels that Massie isn t being the best of friends even though it was her and Olivia who switched the pictures on the ballet boxes to win the OCD school uniform design contest When Claire startes to get a crush on a cute Bryerwood boy, Massie doesn t accept it because she too has a crush on Cam Fisher When Alicia and Olivia start their form of the Pretty Commety, they try and find Kristen and Dylan replacements in their swimming class Alicia was trying to get everyone on her side Even the girls in Massie s commety They trick them and give then fake scarves and tell them that if they wear these scarves that they will be safe with Alicia forever Some accept it and others don t trying to stay with their own gut But everything bad happens once Massie and Claire try and ruin Alicia and Olivia s Teen Vouge photo shoot When Claire is still mad at Massie for breaking her and Cam up, when Alicia is mad at Olivia for buying fake scarves for friends, when Dylan and Kristen are mad at Massie for telling their deepest darkest secrets, when Massie is mad at Alicia for lying to Kristen and Dylan, when Cam is pissed at Claire for breaking up with him becuz she has a boyfriend back in Florida, and even when Massie developes a crush on another boy who never wears pants anything can happen And everything goes wrong when Massie loses her most prized posetion And wait till the every end when Todd s eavesdropping problem helps him finf out where they are going.

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    Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison was a really good book It is one of my favorites in the whole clique series The genre is fictional I like it because I can relate to it There are five main characters in this story, Massie Block, Claire Lyons, Kristen Gregory, Dylan Marvil and Alicia Rivera They are all best friends and they are all there own clique Massie is the leader alpha of the clique of girls and they all look up to her They go through a lot of drama and problems The main problem is this story is that Alicia wanted to have a Friday night sleepover with some of her dance friends Massie throws a Friday night sleepover every Friday for all the girls her in clique So Massie and the other girls get mad at Alicia and kick her out of their clique Alicia starts her own clique and things get bad Kristen and Dylan keeping going from clique to clique and need to pick and Massie has a new girl move into her guest house named Claire Will she join the clique Read it to find out what happens It is so good, and keeps you wanting to know what happens next The theme of this story is probably Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated , Be Friends With Everyone and Have Fun I recommend this book to girls middle and high school age You should defiantly read this book.

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    I loved this one my friends just reading it now actually I was shocked when Alicia tried to get her own clique but understood Whatever it was awesome

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    Find this review, plus , on my blog Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat Kindle Pages Length n aGenre Young Adult Chick LitReason For Reading I have issues At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession NoCliff Hanger NoTriggers n aRating 3 starsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 7Plot 7Characters 6World Building 6Flow 8Series Congruity 9 Writing 8Ending 8Total 7In DepthBest Part Fighting Worst Part Claire bear Thoughts Had I like my fluff ConclusionContinuing the Series YesRecommending SureShort Review This wasn t as bad as i thought it was going to be Alicia forms her own little clique and wants to get everyone on her side First, Alicia is a total bitch in this book, she calls her friend Olivia Faux Olivia for most of the book Then she really messes up when she tries to take the other two from Massie, i don t see why she needs them, just accept the new girls and you would have been fine The mural they painted was messed up for real, i was thinking that these girls need serious mental help after that Claire was her normal Flip Floppy self, i really don t like reading from her POV any The revenge wasn t too bad either Misc Book Boyfriend Pass Best Friend Material Bean Review in GIF Form

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    The Pretty Committee shuns Alicia because she switched the ballot boxes causing herself and Olivia to win the uniform design contest Alicia is sick of being Massie s beta, so she attempts to form her own clique She even tries to turn the Pretty Committee against Massie by lying and saying Massie told Alicia their secrets, but in the end they learn the truth Massie forces Claire to not see Cam because she likes him, but in the end she apologizes and the two unite Massie even forms a crush for Derrington At the teen vogue fashion shoot things become disastrous, but Massie accepts Alicia back Alicia learns that being an alpha is hard work It ends with a perfect night at a tree lighting party for their school, but it is ruined when Massie finds out that the Lyons Claire s family is moving to Chicago I thought it was a very intense battle between Massie and Alicia I thought the hate mural the Pretty Committee made of Alicia was creative even though it was extremely mean I wasn t expecting the teen vogue shoot to turn out into a full blown fight, but it was a good idea for them to use it to show holiday stress I really liked the happy ending and was shocked to discover that the Lyons are moving all the way to Chicago I am curious to see what happens because I know for a fact that Claire is in future books.

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    I didn t enjoy this as much as the first two, mostly because the Pretty Committee was split up, but I love the fact that Claire is now in, and that Massie is really starting to mature

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    Alicia decides that it s time for her to be an alpha, to start her own Clique duh Livia Ryan is her beta what she used to be but now she needs a Dylan and a Kristen The real ones would be even better But don t think for a moment Massie doesn t know what Alicia s trying to do Massie knows Alicia switched ballot boxes in the school uniform design contest so she d win, and she s finding a way to get back at her Alicia finds a way to make Claire, Kristen, and Dylan turn against Massie On the way to New York, they find out that Massie hadn t been the one spilling their secrets, it was Todd Kristen and Dylan text Massie to say sorry, etc, and Massie gets a ride into the city, via Harris, Cam s older brother, bringing Cam and Derrington along with her She apologizes to Claire, who s still mad at her for the whole Cam thing, who eventially forgives her, after Massie swears on Bean that she didn t go to Cam s house because they re bf gf To get Massie to forgive her, Alicia gets rid of Strawberry knock off Dylan and Kori knock off Kristen and while she s getting rid of them, they finish the shoot for the teen people magazine, leaving Alicia out of it.

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    This book is amazing just like all of the other Clique Books I can t wait for the summer collection to come out This book is about how OCD has a fashion show to see who can make the best uniforms for the school In the end, Alicia and Faux livia win but they aren t supposed to Read on to find out what I mean

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    don t evn know why I like these books so much Maybe its the drama Or the love triangle I really don t kniw and don t care I just like them.

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    This is where the series took two notable turns in its plot formula One for the better, one somewhat irksome.Firstly, this is where the series became of a comedy There were still serious moments, but it became much humor centered from this point on, and that was definitely an improvement.Secondly, this book set off a running trend of something happening to Claire usually dramatic then getting rapidly resolved at the start of the next book, which usually had nothing beyond the first chapter or so to do with the preceding cliffhanger In this case, Claire s family is set to move out of the guesthouse, just as the girls are finally all getting along and Claire and Cam have become boyfriend and girlfriend.The majority of this plot centers heavily on Alicia than the first two books We learn she is eager to be in Massie s shoes as leader of the clique and has wearied of playing second string when she is richer and prettier She hangs out with a dimwitted girl named Olivia who we were introduced to in the last book When Massie exiles her from the clique temporarily, Alicia finds two girls who look similar to Dylan and Kristen to be in her new group.This group eventually splits up and Alicia rejoins Massie s group, relieved to be second string again, now that she knows how tough being a leader is The Massie Cam Claire triangle is resolved by Massie accepting Cam and Claire as a couple after a few attempts to break them up and growing to like Derrick, who she knows returns her interest, instead.

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