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Reunion Pass I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.This is a very sweet sometimes funny Romance by Emily March about Chase Timberlake and Lori Reese.Chase and Lori dated when they were young but didn t stay together Now we find that Chase is a adventure photography for a TV Show and ins not engaged to another women Lori has always wanted to be a veterinary and knew she had to work hard to achieve that goal Now we find them in the present day meeting again and finding out if they made the right decision They really are getting a second change and we get to see if they take it. I ve been waiting for Lori and Chase s story and now that I have it I can only say it was well worth the wait As with all the Eternity Springs stories the characters are fascinating, real, and someone you would want as your friend Lori and Chase first met in high school and everyone in the small Eternity Springs community thought they would be together forever Unfortunately life got in the way Lori is pursuing her dream of becoming a vet while Chase is exploring a new career in action photography With both of them so busy, the relationship just seemed to fall apart and they went their separate ways That is until Chase returns a broken man and it seems that Lori is the only one who can get him living again.This is a wonderful story and one you don t want to miss I highly recommend it. Copy received from publishers via netgalley as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.This is my first time reading an Emily March book and definitely won t be my last, there was just something so sweet and heart warming about this book that it was literally like reading my favourite book I knew what I was getting but it was just so charming I didn t care some of the beautiful this Celeste says too are just ugh so charming and honestly this book just speaks to you I totally love books like this full of heartbreak, loss, family and plenty of healing, they re just perfect for curling up with on the couch on a cold and dark night.Even though I haven t read the previous books in this series I don t think it really matters you totally get a sense for the characters and the town of eternity springs that you literally can not put this book down Chase and Lori were are just perfect characters they tug on the heartstrings and make you adore them the pain and suffering that each have had to endure before they find there way back to each other is just captivating There really is so many beautiful moments in this book it is hard to find a favourite but I can safely say this book totally warmed my heart and I can t wait for the next instalment in this series definitely a firm favourite Everyone needs at least one heartwarming magical tale a year let this be yours Happy reading everyone. A beautifully crafted second chance at your first love romance that will tug at your heart, tickle your tear ducts, and massage your funny I had a delightful read with times of sorrow, tears, and laughs getting to see Lori and Chase reunite again This was my first read from Emily March and I found something that would bring me back again Loir has her heart set on the world she knows and Chase had his set on the world yet to be discovered Their first crack at love and HEA was not what was expect but the second chance has something promising in store for them both For those of you new to Eternity Springs come on in and see the real deal and for those of you returning you will find what you have been missing since Heartsongs Cottage Chase and Lori finally gets their chance to make a romance in the making happen for themselves This ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 4 1 2 Star Review Wow I was not expecting to fall in love with this book It s nothing against the author You all know I don t usually go for a typical romance book This one sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a go It definitely was not typical and was beyond what I had expected If you are expecting a sweet and loving read with this book, think again This book is a tear jerker And if you know me, I do not say that very often There were many parts I was covertly wiping my eyes so much so, the husband thought I was picking my nose and sniffling like a baby This book will not only touch your heart, but it will break your heart Emily s writing is so unique and well developed I couldn t put this book down Her characters are so full of life, energy, emotion They are real and raw Her story telling is just the brand I love I held my breath through so many parts of this story that it s a wonder I don t have brain damage from the lack of oxygen.I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone, no matter your preferred reading genre This book is one of those that will be universally loved by all. ARC REVIEW Reunion Pass is book 11 in the Eternity Springs series, and for most fans of the series we have been waiting for this story almost from the very beginning of the series This one isn t as dark as some of her others but just as emotional at about 30% of the way into it I was already teary eyed Part of why I love Emily March is how she writes her active setting, Eternity Springs is written so well it almost seems to come to life as well as the people who live there But mainly the reason I love them is that each book is an emotional journey to healing and love in Chase and Lori s case a second chance at love Chase broke my heart in one of the previous books when he announced that he was getting engaged to another woman From the beginning those two seemed inseparable and unbeknownst to everyone else they were in a very committed relationship But life happens and as much as they loved each other their paths drifted This book, their journey to finding each other again, is heartfelt and funny and as always Celeste is at her best.The book starts off six years ago, when Lori and Chase are happy but this one event marks the pivotal point in their lives where they start to drift Back to present day and the wedding of Chase and Lana s wedding is quickly approaching when the chance of a life time comes up and the reality t.v show that Chase and Lana are in gets prioritized and the wedding is postponed Chase should have listened to his mother as soon as they get to the tiny country surrounded by waring nations he gets a bad feeling Chase goes missing for over a week, almost two When he comes back everything is changed, he is suffering from survivors guilt and mild case of PTSD He closes himself off from everyone.Lori, no matter how much she tried to convince herself she was no longer in love with Chase still loved him When Chase was missing she final confessed everything to her mother about their relationship and how she still loved him and how it felt like he gave up on her Lori was ready to step aside and just let Lana and Chase be happy but when Chase came back Lana and Chase ended things Caitlyn, Chase s sister asks Lori to help since she knows him better than anybody and the way Chase has been acting he needed a dose of hard love not the coddling his mother has been giving him Lori is just the one to give it to him Lori starts off with getting him a dog Mac, Chase s Dad, helps by giving him a purpose And with some soul searching Chase finally works it out.Overall, this is a must read for Eternity Spring fans The book despite being slightly under 350 pages is easy to read, I inhaled it It also could be read as a stand alone, so if you haven t read any of the series yet there is no problems starting with this one, but the past cast is so large some parts of the story might feel like you are missing out on something, but nothing really pivotal to the story line There are a several flashbacks that help fill in information from their past but most of it is new information even for people who have read every book. IT S NEVER TOO LATE TO HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART Six Years Ago, Chase Timberlake Bought An Engagement Ring For His High School Sweetheart Lori Reese Thenlife Happened Chase S Adventure Photography Career Took Off, Lori S Dream Of Getting Into Veterinary School Came True, And Their Happily Ever After Never Came To PassWhen Chase S Jet Setting Life Takes A Tragic Turn, He Returns To Eternity Springs A Damaged Man Who Better To Help Mend His Spirit Than The Woman Who Has Dedicated Her Life To Healing Broken Wings Long Summer Days Spent Together Rekindles The Love That Never Died And Chase Dares To Dream Of A Future He D Thought LostBut Lori Can T Help But Wonder Whether This High Flying Man Really Wants A Small Town Girl With Roots Sunk Deep Into The Colorado Rockies Can She And Chase Turn Back The Hands Of Time And Pick Up Where They Left Off And Give Forever A Chance Another great story in the Eternity Springs books We have meet and saw the really early years of Chase and Lori s romance This book gives us insight to what happened to end it and what happened when they were away.Lori has finally achieved her goal of becoming a vet Chase has found a purpose with the photos he takes while doing extreme rafting trips and other adrenaline type activities Lori has never really moved past the non ending of their relationship and Chase is engaged to a fellow adrenaline junkie and reality star.A trip of a lifetime for Chase ends with him coming back a broken man It takes a small puppy, a trio of kids, and a steady love to bring Chase back to himself.Lori is dealing with a new vet clinic and the fact that her first love is engaged to be married Things come to a head when Chase comes back a different man than when he left She tries to work through trust issues brought by both her father s departure before she was born and Chase s departure The rollercoaster of emotions played through out the book bring us back to both Chase and Lori coming to terms with their issues and earning their angel wings A Happy Ever After many books in the making, childhood sweethearts Lori Reese Murphy and Chase Timberlake make their way back to each other in typical Eternity Springs style Although I note since Emily March has changed publishers to St Martins Press the steam level has risen a little which is always a good thing in my book, LOL. This is really 3.5 , but I upped it to 4 because of the way she handled Chase

Pseudonym s Geralyn DawsonEmily March is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the critically acclaimed Eternity Springs series Publishers Weekly calls March a master of delightful banter, and her heartwarming, emotionally charged stories have been named to Best of the Year lists by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Roma

[Epub] ➛ Reunion Pass  By Emily March –
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  • Reunion Pass
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  • 14 June 2019

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