Dostoïevski, du double à l'unité

Dostoïevski, du double à l'unitéA valuable study of Dostoevsky from the standpoint of Girard s mimetic theory Well worth reading. 6 5 stars. In A Fascinating Analysis Of Critical Themes In Feodor Dostoevsky S Work, Ren Girard Explores The Implications Of The Russian Author S Underground, A Site Of Isolation, Alienation, And Resentment Brilliantly Translated, This Book Is A Testament To Girard S Remarkable Engagement With Dostoevsky S Work, Through Which He Discusses Numerous Aspects Of The Human Condition, Including Desire, Which Girard Argues Is Triangular Or Mimetic Copied From Models Or Mediators Whose Objects Of Desire Become Our Own Girard S Interdisciplinary Approach Allows Him To Shed New Light On Religion, Spirituality, And Redemption In Dostoevsky S Writing, Culminating In A Revelatory Discussion Of The Author S Spiritual Understanding And Personal Integration Resurrection Is An Essential And Thought Provoking Companion To Dostoevsky S Notes From The Underground Bellissimo saggio bellissima la critica di Girard. Dostoyevski nin n nde yaln zca iki yol kalm t r tam delilik ya da deha, nce delilik, ard ndan deha Kitab n ortalar nda bu c mleyle kar la acaks n z Ren Girard, Dostoyevski ve romanlar n analiz etti i bu kitab n zeti i te Lakin kitab okudu unuzda zetlenecek bir kitap olmad n n fark na varacaks n z Nezdimde Dostoyevski nin t m eserlerini okumadan da okunabilir Hatta daha g zel olabilir Zira analizler alg da y n belirleyecektir. The art of the tempter novelist consists in revealing, behind all human situations, the CHOICES they imply.Triangular or mimetic desire our desires are copied form models or mediators whose objects of desire become our objects of desire But the model or mediator we imitate can become our rival if we desire the object he is imagined to have Or other imitators of the same model may compete with us for the same objects Jealousy and env As for me, I have never done anything but push to extremes in my life what you yourselves would dare to push only halfway in the process you call your cowardice wisdom and so console yourselves with lies So that I am perhapsalive than you Golyadkin Underground pride The novelist projects his own feelings upon those around him and transforms his obsessions into a universal system of interpretation all knowing guru this is my experience should be yours as well kinda thing Drowned in rhetoric, one forgets the book is about Dostoyevsky This book is an attempt a professional one to dissect Dostoyevsky, except Dostoyevsky is not a frog you should feel free to operate on. yes Con questo libro ho capito il mio problema Il sottosuolo l inferno. Girard s take on literary masterpieces is different from that of most other literary critics because of his discernment of mimetic desire fueling the plots and character development of novels Dostoevsky is the greatest genius of all in this understanding well, along with Shakespeare Anyone interested in Dostoevsky will profit from grappling with Girard s take For my own comments on Brothers Karamazov introduction to Girard s thought, see my article Violence and the Kingdom of God on my blog at

Ren Girard is a French born American historian, literary critic, and philosopher of social science whose work belongs to the tradition of anthropological philosophy.He was born in the southern French city of Avignon on Christmas day in 1923 Between 1943 and 1947, he studied in Paris at the cole des Chartres, an institution for the training of archivists and historians, where he specialized in m

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  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Dostoïevski, du double à l'unité
  • René Girard
  • English
  • 13 February 2017
  • 9781611860375

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