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Reality Boy Gerald Faust Knows Exactly When He Started Feeling Angry The Day His Mother Invited A Reality Television Crew Into His Five Year Old Life Twelve Years Later, He S Still Haunted By His Rage Filled Youth Which The Entire World Got To Watch From Every Imaginable Angle And His Anger Issues Have Resulted In Violent Outbursts, Zero Friends, And Clueless Adults Dumping Him In The Special Education Room At SchoolNothing Is Ever Going To Change No One Cares That He S Tried To Learn To Control Himself, And The Girl He Likes Has No Idea Who He Really Is Everyone S Just Waiting For Him To Snap And He S Starting To Feel Dangerously Close To Doing Just ThatIn This Fearless Portrayal Of A Boy On The Edge, Highly Acclaimed Printz Honor Author AS King Explores The Desperate Reality Of A Former Child Star Who Finally Breaks Free Of His Anger By Creating Possibilities He Never Knew He Deserved king.comchokengtitik

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[Epub] ➛ Reality Boy  ➜ A.S. King –
  • Hardcover
  • 353 pages
  • Reality Boy
  • A.S. King
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 9780316222709

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    This story was absolutely messed up and also incredibly fascinating, with one of the most dysfunctional family units I have yet to come across Reality shows are all the rave in the recent years, Reality Boy is the best example of how these shows are the opposite of reality Do we ever stop to think of the psychological toll they take on a child Especially when too young to understand how life can be so unfair Network Nanny, the show in this book, is not very far off from our own running Reality shows How do you think the kids in Supernanny will grow up with everyone at school, in their whole town, have seen them at their worst Imagine your childhood tantrums shown on national TV More often than not edited out of context to make it entertaining for its viewers This is the story of Gerald aka the Crapper.There are many words I could use to describe this story Traumatic Heartbreaking Disturbing Unfortunate But also with hints of hope that things could end well for our protagonist Gerald was a trouble child, which is his mom s excuse for having asked Network Nanny for help They soon become the hottest entertainment of Friday night TV Gerald, being too young to understand very much, retaliates under this pressure and change in the worst of ways as you would expect, really It s a retaliation that will haunt him throughout his childhood and teen years This story is brilliantly told in alternating past and present point of views where we see who Gerald is today, while simultaneously learning what happened in his childhood to make him so mentally defeated We go back to the filming of the show What the network has done to this family, how they manipulated the scenes, how this fake nanny actually did nothing to help them, but most importantly, we learn the truth A 5 year old boy then, Gerald only wanted someone to fight on his side As for the real problem it was not Gerald, and it was all kinds of troubling The writing is what I loved the most in this book It s written in a voice of someone who has been psychologically abused by his family and a TV network His mental state could not have been easy to portray, but A.S took it head on This story is harsh, yet honest and raw It s told through a fragmented mind, yet amazingly genuine Some parts are strange, others are simply disturbing, all are emotionally affecting Imagine being told by your mother, repeatedly, that you re retarded That the problem in your messed up family is you Eventually you come to believe it You are a child Your parents are the people you look up to and believe in My heart was breaking in two each time we went to the past and heard the thoughts of this sweet little boy The we learned of how he grew up, the it took a toll on me Having a little boy of my own, I couldn t help from being emotionally invested in this child getting the rotten end of the stick As a teenager, Gerald still uses several methods to escape reality Like Gersday an alternate reality he dozes off to whenever real life becomes too much While we journey with him, he finds his first love, his first ray of hope, and we get to observe the mental instabilities that he s trying to overcome This is the story of Gerald The price he paid for entertainment An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    A.S King is easily one of my favourite authors I was going to say YA authors but that seems to imply she can t hold her own against authors of adult fiction She can In fact, King is one example that proves that teen lit can be as well written and meaningful as any book for adults King s novels tend to focus on kids with dysfunctional lives and families, whether the main issue be bullying, death or coming out I ve liked all her novels they ve all been powerful, but this one is by far my least favourite.With King, it is first and foremost her talent for well developed characters that brings each story to life I often find myself nodding along when King crafts a relatable emotional response, even though I m thankfully not familiar with many of the situations she s describing I ve never lost a friend, I ve never experienced having to come out , and I m glad to be able to say I ve never crapped on a table view spoiler yet hide spoiler

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    This is my least favourite A.S King book.Yet I still enjoyed it, which shows how talented this author is.It s definitely original A.S King introduces us to Gerald and his family who used to have their own reality TV show So when Gerald was a kid, he was constantly watched and broadcasted all over the country He s particularly known as the kid who would spontaneously crap in random places.What great entertainment for viewers But no one knows how hard this has been on him, how cruel his sister Tasha can be No one has his back Definitely not his mother.I ve read about celebrities or former celebrities before but nothing quite like this.So it is indeed very interesting So why only three stars Why was it not amazing Well, although it s peculiar in the best possible way, it s also repetitive I especially got tired of the bullying among family members, precisely Tasha bullying Gerald I could see Tasha had problems, but I just couldn t believe no one would do anything to help her get better.And Gerald and Tasha are constantly fighting Now less than when they were younger, thank god, but since we re given glimpses of those scenes as well, the fighting it ubiquitous, or so I felt.And meh, the romance is not great I m going to say it, I sure hope A.S King doesn t plan on becoming a romance writer She s great at creating stories that no one else would think of, but romance is not her forte A relatively fascinating book.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    4.5 Stars

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    Couldn t decide between 3 and 4 stars But yes, 4 it is A mix of crazy this is a word that I hold in high esteem and reality tv which I hate by the way Gerald has had just the worse upbringing, a lot of which was documented in the worst way in a horrible Nanny type reality show Gerald has a psychopath for a sister, a mother that has no idea about anything with a mile of problems of her own, a father who is blas about the whole thing when all Gerald needs is some love and another sister who gets the hell out of there, but in a way had abandoned him just like everyone else in his world The story alternates between flashbacks of the filming when he was 5, and now at 17 We witness Gerald work through his internal demons and grow as he discovers his self worth I absolutely loved Hannah as a character, he really does find the ying to his yang finally This is my first A.S King novel, I think she has a truly great voice and will seek out of her work I like how she succinctly covers some of the messed up areas in reality television and the common reasons people watch the stuff.

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    The main character Gerald s family was on a reality nanny show Gerald showed his inner anger toward his out of control sister and passive mom by pooping on camera Thus becoming known as the Crapper Needless to say Gerald s younger life has not been all roses I really am surprised at how much I enjoyed this book It is not a hard read at all You become attached to Gerald almost immediately and go along with him for the ride He works at a concession stand and becomes attracted to the girl that works register 1 The Junk man s Daughter, these 2 characters are like able I did want his older sister Tasha to get what was coming to her Thanks Netgalley for the ARC.

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    4 STARS Some pre emptive clarification I am aware that reality TV as a genre is pretty broad and it s irresponsible to summarily call everyone starring in a reality show a famewhore and anyone who watches it broken and unknowingly depressed, seeking comfort in Schadenfreude But some shows, some really horrible reality TV shows, just begs me to.And Reality Boy reflects on these bizarre human inventions and the collateral damages they incur Everybody knows Gerald Faust Or at least everyone claims to know him thanks to Network Nanny, a cable show that filmed a Nanny help his parents in disciplining him and his sisters, Tasha and Lisi On that premise alone, the psychosocial ramifications and emotional impact on a child as young as Gerald was is already too complex to contemplate but if you add the dysfunctional nature of his family which was the reason for the filming to begin with then it just shifts to plain horrid Isn t that what fame is, anyway Being slaves to little people My slave name was the Crapper My slave job is to crap and make millions of little people happy Predictably, this child rearing experiment fails, leaving the Faust Family a little abnormal than they were in the beginning and are now plagued with rage and violence issues, psychotic breakdowns and desertions Working in a food stand, taking SPED and anger management classes while also boxing yes, WTF on his downtime, Gerald has moved on from being The Crapper to The Crapper Who Will Probably End Up Killing Someone, Getting Killed or Both He has been dismissed to a non existent future and when the only person he trusted and shared that traumatic past with leaves, it doesn t make sense much to fight that inevitability.This was a tough book to review for me because the bigger message that it s trying to deliver just doesn t end in one issue and Gerald s complexity is not the simple sum of his mother s neglect, his father s passivity,Tasha s abuse and Lisi s abandonment Whenever the story shifted back to the past when they were shooting the show with the fake nanny, I forge a sympathetic bond with him as a boy but at the same time Developmental Psychology kicks into overdrive and it will make you wonder if he s going to use a bomb to kill everyone in school or shoot random hotdog buying, hockey fans in the food stand He was a guy on the edge with barely repressed violence that everyone seems to be hell bent on unleashing despite his best efforts not to by receding into Gersday trances with Snow White conversations, traveling on butterscotch roads and trapeze hallucinations with Lisi I am not a Walt Disney character I am Gerald.I am Gerald and I will never be anyone but Gerald There was no romanticizing of his desperate attempts to insulate himself from everyone with dignified strength and aggression He was a sad and broken character who you can t help but smile whenever a small bit of joy and goodness comes his way in whatever form that may be Initially I found his relationship with Hannah a little too charmed and indie film, but somewhere towards the middle I finally got to appreciate her purpose through her backstory I find the symmetry of finding potential salvation through a girl like Hannah a reality TV fan, among other ironic things after being repeatedly failed by the women in his life fitting and perfect There were scenes between them that has been done before in this genre but their chemistry in their banter totally made up for a couple of cliches You re sitting in front of the word asshole which you wrote on my car and you call me dramatic Seriously You the girl who ran away to get murdered, I say That s some kettle calling the pot black That s racist, she says Reality Boy offers most of the staples in realistic contemporary YA fare with elements of romance, witty dialogue and equal distribution of quirky and disturbing in the supporting cast But at the same time it comes across off beat with the evident lack of a dramatic climax, an ending that felt strangely abrupt and Gerald s monopoly of the storyline True, he s an interesting enough character, but I wouldn t have minded a bit depth and insight into Tasha and their mother s backstories I find the issue between them quite fascinating and unique I did find the ending not only abrupt but also a stretch of logic It felt like the metaphor got too abstract and how it related to reality too oversimplified into convenience view spoiler They run away with the circus, he finally tries to jump on the trapeze and when he lets go to drop on the safety net, suddenly he s cured They get home and both his and Hannah s issues are gone hide spoiler

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    Reality Boy is an important book I rarely say a book is moving, because that s kind of generic and cliche and completely overdone But this book is moving We ve all seen reality TV commercials featuring a misbehaving child The attempts to fix the child being broadcasted on national TV Using their unhappy homes to entertain the masses But what happens to those kids when they get older They re teenagers, and everyone knows they re that kid from that show Reality Boy shows what those kids are like 10 years later.Hint they re pissed.

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    Initial reaction I wasn t expecting much from this read from the beginning, but I have to admit I really grew to care about Gerald s experiences over the course of the story and I liked how genuine of a character he turned out to be Caveats everywhere to consider in the scheme of this story and I can see where it may not hit off well in some measures for content presentation Hopefully I can explain that in the full review.Full review Holy crud, this book impressed me I didn t expect to feel that way about the book when I first read into it, but as I went along, Reality Boy drew me into both Gerald s narrative and experiences We start the story from the perspective of this teen reflecting on his embarrassing experiences as a five year old in the media spotlight Namely his stint on a reality series Network Nanny, involving a nanny helping his family But the family itself is far messed up than just Gerald s experiences as a five year old defecating everywhere during the show s run One might think at first that this is just a measure for show, that Gerald is a bad kid and he himself worries about being locked up eventually for his behavioral issues He even bites the cheek of another kid who bullies him at a younger age , but never did this feel like a narrative that included these measures just for show or shock factor Matter in point, they provide context to just about every scene in which Gerald does something, and usually his trigger stems from the actions of his elder sister and surprising revelations from his own mother.This is not a light read by any measure of the word, I did feel for Gerald in that he struggles between coping with his experiences of the past and dealing with matters in his present, whether it may be the neglect of his family to some serious measures enough that his other sister left home for college without calling back to his present relationships with Hannah, who has issues of her own, but they re gradually revealed.That said, as strong as a narrative as this was with wit, honesty, raw depth, and emotional conflict, there were some things that bothered me I don t know if all the defecation scenes were necessary through the narrative, and I had serious issues with the frequent use of the R word though it does have a purpose in the novel, and I m glad that Hannah, among other characters, hangs a lantern on the issue and brings it to term Gerald gradually realizes this through the narrative as well and has a nice coming to terms over it This is probably the best teen book I ve read on the subject matter, fascinating, open, and very real, with some nice touches of other details light romance, coming to terms, etc I would definitely recommend it and I m looking forward to reading from A.S King.Overall score 4 5 starsNote I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

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    It is no secret that I am a big fan of A.S King I recommend her to most fans of slightly dark and odd YA contemporary.Her books are amazing for various reasons The adults matter When was the last time you saw older people acknowledge and portrayed in a realistic way in a YA book In Reality Boy, many of these people are unlikable and flawed King doesn t take sides, but lets them have a story of their own Her stories are a little bizarre.Not only does the magical realism play a big part, but the offbeat, weird writing is unique without being pretentious.The characters are brutally honest in their narration and let us know all the things people wouldn t say out loud King takes well used topics in fiction such as death, family issues and growing up, and makes them her own There s no sugarcoating, no pity party, just people struggling It s all portrayed in a realistic way and No book I read by her has been the same, and she s such a unique voice in YA contemporary All these things are true for Reality Boy, but it is my least favorite book by this author Maybe because Gerald is my least favorite King boy I mean, it s unfair when you put him next to Charlie Kahn. , but mainly because the characters had potential, but I never truly felt for them.Although I ve never had to come out, lost a close friend or a relative, I ve still strongly related to the characters in King s books With Reality Boy, I felt detached from the story and didn t care for the plot.Tasha, Gerard s sister and the villain , was too one dimensional Her only purpose was to make her siblings lives a living hell, with little motive.She enjoys hurting people and we never got a solid explanation for that Few people are born with hatred and anger boiling in their blood, and I was sad to see Tasha remain nothing but a villain, and that s where this book went wrong I wish it had been told in two PoVs, so we knew her side of the story too All in all, this was an okay book I m glad this author took the time to give us an insight on the world of reality TV, and just wish it had been better executed.I think I had too high expectations, and expected it to be just as good as Please Ignore Vera Dietz It s like eating your favorite cake for the first time after that, nothing else is comparable Reality Boy was solid and way better than some contemporaries, but it s the salad I eat the day after, while longing for my favorite cake Ya feel P.S It s scandalous that only one of my friends has read a book by this author What are you waiting for I m sitting here all alone fangirling, which is not okay.Other books I ve read by A.S King Please Ignore Vera Dietz 5 5 stars all time favorite, heart shattering amazingness READ IT.Everybody Sees the Ants 4 5 stars funny, relatable and hopeful Ask the Passengers 3.5 5 stars a story about coming out that I appreciated than liked.

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