PurpliciousIn This Follow Up To The New York Times Bestselling Pinkalicious, A Young Girl Remains True To Herself And Discovers That Pink Isn T Only A Pretty Color, But Also A Powerful OneWhile Everyone Knows Pinkalicious S Favorite Color Is Pink, The Bullies At Her New School Don T Agree All The Girls Are Wearing Black, Painting In Black, And Making Fun Of Pinkalicious For Loving Pink Pink Is For Babies And Stinks They Tell Her Pinkalicious Feels Left Out Until She Learns That Pink Can Be A Powerful Color, And That The Most Important Thing Is To Be YourselfPinkalicious Stars In Five Picture Books Pinkalicious, Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Emeraldalicious, And Aqualicious As Well As I Can Reads, Doodle Books, And Personal Response My little sister s favorite part of the book is when Pinkalicious paints the picture with her friend Her least favorite part was when Pinkalicious got vanilla ice cream instead of a pink sundae When I asked her why she didn t like that part she said, It s sad because she loves the pink kind, but is eating the white kind I don t like the white kind either Overall she really enjoyed the book because it is a part of her favorite series Plot The book starts with Pinkalicious painting a pink picture in art class Then all the girls in her class start making fun of her because black is in and pink is out Pinkalicious keeps getting teased by all the kids about how pink is a baby color She decides that she is going to stop liking the color pink and start liking black things She tries to find something black to play with, but only finds a black plastic spider When her family goes to get ice cream everyone else gets pink sundaes, but she gets a vanilla cone The next day in art class, she meets another girl who finds pink useful The girl added pink to her painting to turn the frosting purple In the end the two girls become best friends Recommended I recommend this book to girls because the main character is a female and it is very much so directed towards girls I think little girls of any age would enjoy this book The moral of the story was that you shouldn t change yourself to please others, so if you are trying to teach that lesson to a child, I would read this book to them. Reviewed by my 5 year old Audiobook edition Pinkalicious was at school and all the girls liked black I loved the best part when she had a purple cake and when she used a pink crayon with blue crayons and it made purple And she said Pink is powerful The other girls really did like black. Having heard so many of my daughter s friends talking about this book, I picked it up I was disappointed I understand that kids will tease one another, and I think showing that kind of teasing in books is an important way to talk to our kids about it But I want books that help my children understand that teasing isn t ok It s great that the girl eventually stands up for her own love of pink, but throughout the book, the name calling is never balanced by a voice explaining that name calling is hurtful The premise was a great opportunity to show kids that different preferences make people interesting Instead, we get a story that simplifies things girls who like black are mean and hurtful, and girls who like pink will be able to find nice girls you know, like girls who like purple. blast I had a whole review written and my wireless internet dropped and I lost the whole thing, but I feel strongly enough about this book to rewrite it.Background info in NurtureShock New Thinking About Children there is a chapter that cites a study about a decrease of violence in cartoons and an increase in social aggression i.e the stuff you see on the movie Mean Girls Educational Cartoons like Arthur regularly have a conflict focusing on social aggression between classmates and friends In the last two minutes they resolve the conflict hoping the kids see the moral of the story Problem is the study shows a correlation between an increase in social aggression in media and an increase of the Mean Girl Syndrome in elementary school kids.Why do I care Because 95% of this book is cool girls teasing this girl about liking pink Now, I m a feminist so I m all for girl power books but what does this main character do Become moody, emotional, depressed, lonely, and ends up caving to peer pressure by trying to give up liking pink Only when she sees there is another person that likes pink is it ok to like pink again Huh What about teaching I don t care what you think That s not a concept beyond a 4yo girl in fact after reading this book I practice it with mine all the time I pretend I m someone who is teasing her or saying mean things and she just has to say, I don t care or Who cares what you think I don t mean to raise someone disrespectful but someone who knows whose opinions matter and whose don t something that 95% of the human population has yet to grasp and yet is vitally important to healthy, well adjusted girls and THAT is DEFINITELY NOT the moral of the story in this little picture book end rant


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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Purplicious
  • Victoria Kann
  • English
  • 07 October 2018
  • 9780061244056

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