Psyched (Psyched, #1)

Psyched (Psyched, #1) The idea of this story was good, I can see what the author was aiming for Unfortunately it fell short on a number of levels.The relationships and the actions of Aisi s parent s, especially her father, are unrealistic and underdeveloped The first chapters felt unimportant and had me wondering if there was anything about the story going on in them thankfully I found small ties that made them understandable, but at the same time, they could have been bigger and madeimportant The backstory was thinly created, and there is not enough in the book to explain the characters motivations or some of the character s lack of input Aisi is pretty much left to figure everything out on her own without any explanation on why.Some parts of the story lacked proper or any transition to take you from one time and location to another, and I found what characters were doing and where they were unclear, inconsistent, or even contradictory at times The prologue was confusing and it wasn t clear which character was involved or what the relevance or time frame was If used as a flashback instead it could have been much clearer and relevant.One thing that bugged me the whole way through was the tense used for actions and events that occurred in the past Everything was stated in time with the telling of the story and interrupted readability.The relationship Aisi develops with Vance is strange and I just didn t really believe it Some parts were okay, others were forced and unrealistic Mostly his his lack of questioning when weird stuff happens with Aisi just doesn t work with who he is and what he s into.All that aside, when you get 8 or so chapters in, the confusion starts to lift and layers of the past and promises of what is to come fill the pages An okay read, but with a little character consistency and further development, and a solid foundation to explain why everything happens as it does, and this story could be great. Aisi Turay is one awesome girl She has power to see the deadas in their souls Now she s on a dangerous soul risking quest, seeking answers to a mystery that s haunted her family for years People she s lived around her whole life and never spoken to, as well as a new friend, have the knowledge she needs to solve it, and maybe bring her family back together again This is a great read, filled with suspense I NEVER knew from one chapter to the next what was happening It is well written and a very enjoyableand a bit scary Aisi Turay Has It All Under Control At Least, She Thinks She Does Forget That The Most Popular Girl In School Hates Her Guts And Will Stop At Nothing To Embarrass Her Forget That Her Little Brother Is Tormented By The Ghosts And Demons She Sees All The Time Forget That Her Mom Is A Con Artist Who Pretends To Be Psychic To Make Some Cash Forget That Her Dad Is Hiding A Secret Than Can Destroy Everything She Knows About Herself Nope, She S Got This Oneuntil That One Awful Day When She Nearly Loses It All With Ghost Hunting Hottie Vance, A Guy Who Stumbled Into Her Life At The Worst Possible Moment, Aisi Must Search For The Messages Hidden In Visions And Memories To Protect Her Family Maybe, Just Maybe, They Can Reclaim What She Thought Was Lost Forever A DNF for me I stopped shortly after Aisi meets Vance And within moments she s blabbing her biggest secret and her dad blabs his kind of and the best friend and cousin just make out Uh, that scene was ridiculous. Quick read Decently developed characters I m still curious what the folks in chapter 22 had been subsisting on. This one reminds me of each paranormal movie or TV show, but I must admit, I ve never read something like this Maybe I m a bit too much in romance stories lately so I haven t been even looking for something like this It surprised me how good stories like this can be I gave it 3 stars just because everything happens too fast It should go a little bit easier maybe. Very good bookLoved the whole story Really interesting characters who have great interaction A little scary, but I get scared over anything, so judges for yourself Can t wait to read the next one. this was an okay book The characters where well developed and story flowed smoothly Paranormal is normally what I read and this book did not let me down I would recommend this book. If I d have to choose one word and one word only to describe this novel I d say gripping But I wouldn t do it justice because Juli Caldwell wrote a novel that was muchthan that it was fascinating, thrilling, scary, intriguing, mysterious, detailed, RIVETING.Here a few things I observed 1 Storyline concise, cursive, had well defined start, climax and an ending The transition from one part to the next one was well executed allowing the reader to move in and out of them smoothly I had no idea where the story took me next or how it will end which kept me waiting for the next piece of puzzle and when I thought I had it, boom I had nothing.2 Settings clear, well described Works for me.3 Characters LOVED Aisi I remember exactly how I first was introduced to her and how enigmatic, strong and yet underneath all of that I have everything under control mask she was worried for her little brother, mother and father, proving she was just another soft girl Felt her emotions and grew even fonder of her because of her sense of humor Found myself either smiling or bursting in laughter at her comical little sarcastic corky sense of humor Unfortunately she came in so strong that I didn t feel she had an arc, but I m not sure she supposed to have one since this is not the classic romance There was no room for her to grow I ve heard sometimes authors with such strong characters soften them by the end of the book Something to consider for the sequel It could be a double sword if the author plans on portraying her only as the demon slayer Readers need to identify themselves with the characters in order to root for them and sympathize with whatever drama they encounter Supporting characters well drawn as well 4 Narrative very detailed The author has a gift of describing each detail in a lot of words Not only each scene but each detail Nevertheless the story was a keeper for me from the first page to the last and i look forward to reading book 2 Are we there yet 3 1 2 out of 5 StarsI felt the events in the story were rushed and in turn was unbelievable Putting that aside, I did enjoy the overall story.

I ve been writing since I could hold a crayon and probably made up stories in my head long before that I was born in California and have lived all over the U.S., but I admit I m partial to places with a good beach.I hold a degree in English with a minor in psychology, which means I m imagining what goes on in your head and putting it into my next book.Just kidding.MaybeI m married to a guy you

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  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • Psyched (Psyched, #1)
  • Juli Caldwell
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
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