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Psion AlphaThis book was one of the best in the series I loved it One event from the book is the hospital in the very beginning At this point the only main character is Walter, he is a kind 15 year old that has always dreamed of being a pilot Walter was in school when he found out that best friend kissed his girlfriend He pushed his friend and to his surprise he nearly flew across the whole room That was the first time that Walter discovered that he had special abilities, the abilities of a Psion The Government force Walter and his family to move into a hospital while they due test on him They live there for several weeks, which almost forces them to hate the government Walter doesn t like the doctors, but his opinion was changed when he played a pick up game of basketball with them and realized that what they do to him is just part of their job and they are just normal human beings A recruiter for an elite air force visits Walter and constantly tries to convince him to join The only thing holding him back is the fear of breaking his parents hearts by going against their will Walter s dad Thomas doesn t like the government and thinks that its way of governing is wrong His mom s supports his dad s opinion but at the same time thinks that Walter should be able to choose what he wants After his mom tells him that he has the choose, he decides to join, even though it left his dad heart broken Afterwards, Thomas soon realizes that his son is capable of making his own decisions and that he has proven that he is no longer the little boy they once knew. Sammy, AYear Old Fugitive, Accidentally Discovers He Has The Powers Of A PsionA Surprise Attack By The Continental American Government Has The NWG Reeling Countless Operatives Are Dead Psions, Ultras, Tensais, And Elite Sammy And His Friends Have Joined Thomas And Lara Byron S Resistance, Hoping To Mount An Offensive Against The CAG And Give The NWG A Fighting Chance To Prepare For This, Sammy And His Team Are Sent On A Secret Mission Into The Heart Of The Most Dangerous Terrain On The PlanetMeanwhile, The CAG Isn T Resting The Fox Continues To Lead From The Shadows The Queen S Plans For Revenge Unfold And Horrors Beyond Imagination Await Sammy And His Team In The DarknessThe Silent War Is No Longer Silent It Has Tipped In Favor Of The Enemy One Boy Can Still Be The DifferenceBut To Do So, He Must Survive This is going to be a review for the whole series up to this point.I love these books So much so that I really don t know how to write a review for them so if I end up not making sense, I apologize in advanced xD Even though I ve given each book nothan 4 stars with mostly 3s going around, I actually love the whole package These books aren t perfect by any means, but they are very enjoyable I still I thought they were enjoyable I ve have had this same thing happened with another series that s ended up as one of my favorites Individually the books could use somesprucing up but alltogether They are just awesome.If you want to know what to expect from this series, plot wise, then think something like the Insignia trilogy by S.J Kincaid If you like those type of books then I urge you to read these My favorite book so far out of the 4 has been Psion Delta These books never lack action There is barely any downtime for our MC, Sammy He just goes from one trouble to the next and I ve wanted him to have a break because he has just suffered so much throughout his very short life.What draws me to these books isn t just the action, it s the way the author manages to write about these very young kids in these very adult type of situations You never truly forget that these are kids you are reading about even though they go through training to become killers, they still manage to keep that innocence, that spark that still makes them kids Sammy, has had to grow up muchquickly than the rest because of his background and experiences I loved that he could be both mature when he had to be, but also act like the kid he was in personal matters There was a lot of morality, existential, and religious questions through the books The first two are dealtin the first 3 books with the religious bit weaving through all 4 of them and havingscreen time in the fourth, which is probably why the fourth book is my least favorite of the three It was too close preaching at times for comfort On the other hand I can see why it was needed and it did work for the most part I specially enjoyed how Sammy had to come to terms with what he was doing, the killings, the survivor s guilt, and the torture and the responsibility of who he was, and what everyone expected of him.In short, what I m saying is Give these books a try I loved them and can t wait till the last one So much happened at the end in Psion Alpha, can t wait to see how everything is resolved. Setup for the final showdownI pretty much knew that one of the books in the series would be like The Two Towers or The Empire Strikes Back withback story and character development to set up for the dramatic finale This book is good but has a little slower pacing than the previous 3 books The story hascharacter development and we get a deeper understanding of the experiences and values that make each person who they are There it s still plenty of action so the book is by no means boring or a slog that you have to get through.With each twist and turn we come closer to the final showdown between the Queen and Sammy. Style And plot surprisesThis volume has several distinct threads running through it to its end Multiple threads is common but you usually see them converging or some interaction Not so much in Psion Alpha Switching back and forth for so many chapters is a bit disconcerting at first but, it s acceptable at this point in the story because you ve come to know the characters well enough Maybe Gowans is exploring writing techniques Semi unusual to me I suspect readers who read occassionally are not going to find it easy to follow I m reading the series straight through, np So, readers be ready to remember where and who you re reading about in each chapter And know, of course, there are surprise coming. The ending oh, man I had fallen so deeply and maddeningly in love with these characters, that to have one die It felt like I should of had a funeral or at least wear black Those characters were my friends I saw them peeking out from my real friends and sneaking up on me in the mirror Those characters were so life like Thank you for writing this book. The plot was not as good as the 3 first books.I also hated all that religious stuff that brought nothing to the story It looked to me like the author wanted to show his faith and tried to hide it as spiritual thoughts showing Sammy where trying to make sense of things. In Psion Alpha, the fourth book in the Psion series, Sammy has been promoted to Psion Alpha He is back in CAG territory with his Alpha team and his Beta friends NWG has suffered a series of strategic strikes seriously damaging its ability to fight back.Sammy, along with the remaining Psions and Elites, work with the resistance to try and strike back and hopefully give the NWG a fighting chance.In this installment of the Psion series, Sammy continues trying to figure out not just who he is but what he is The revelation in the third book that Sammy actually has three anomalies not the two he d been told he had The fact that the third anomaly is Thirteen, same anomaly as the psychotic monsters he s been trained to kill, shakes Sammy s world to its very foundations and is understandably unsettling As Sammy learns to deal with being a Thirteen, he s got to help lead the resistance, plan a strike against CAG, learn to deal with all the feelings of having a girl friend, and try and convince the adult resistance leaders that he s not just a kid I think he s actually relieved to get out on a mission where it seems everything is trying to kill him Psion Alpha, like the other books in the series, is another page turner and is a super fun and exciting read It s definitely a five star book although not as five star as the other books in the series Definitely leaves me pacing for the fifth and final book in the series As with the other Psion books, the violence and death makes it a no no for really young or sensitive readers. loved it I got some ugly looks from my wife because I didn t want to put it down I think everyone should read at family mealtimes though.

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