Precipice (Awaken Online, #2)

Precipice (Awaken Online, #2) My original Awaken Online Precipice audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer Awaken Online Precipice is the second book in the Awake Online series of books The series is written by Travis Bagwell and the audiobook edition is narrated by David Stifel Because this is a continuation in a series of books, I highly recommend you first read or listen to book one and if you enjoyed that, book two is a single credit away The second book picks up a few days after the first concluded Here we are once again thrown into the life of Jason, a high school student who plays Awake Online to escape his real world troubles Not only does he have issues with his parents, but the boy who has been physically bullying him is now his arch nemesis in the virtual world as well This book, like the first, is a Literary RPG coming of age story It is not overly deep or complex, but satisfying non the less However, this book comes at the genre from a different perspective This story follows our hero who is a chaotic evil player ruling a dark city called the Twilight Throne If you are a series compleationist or enjoy unique and interesting LitRPG books, I think you will enjoy this one quite a bit.As many others have stared, once I finished this book, I was ready to dive into the third one However, it does not yet exist at the time of this review and I m uncertain when it will be released Due to the current two books being highly rated and well received, I would suspect book three is in the works As with the first book, the view the reader is given is from our evil main character Jason and his band of companions I was thankful the author provided a brief prologue allowing the reader to catchup or remember what occurred leading up to this book Book one did a decent job of setting up the world and the number of characters involved Book two takes the story to a whole new level by introducing us to new characters some very powerful and controlling We also are privy to many of the deep and dark secrets of the evil side and their attempt to overthrown the good players Even though the story is told from a dark perspective, the actions and activities of the characters under Jason all make sense There are very tight bonds between players of both sides and we see the struggles each face to become the victors The story continues to push the boundaries where you will be rooting for the evil side to win instead of the regular heroes.The book is bigger, badder, and darker than its predecessor while continuing to build upon great technology We have newer virtual reality VR equipment, smarter artificial intelligence AI , and even a company willing to pay players who give them permission to live stream their content Think YouTube or Twitch on steroids We are also granted a deeper view into this mysterious corporation who are the creators of this Awaken Online world and the AI that powers it I found the details on how people reacted to Jason s video stream quite interesting and such demonstrates what our current technology could be capable of in a few years Maybe not to this level, but close The battle between light and dark intensifies in this book as Jason continues to build his undead army to fight against the legion of light players Although the word gets overused in many ways, I will say the battles in this book are on an epic or grand scale As I stated in my review of book one, imaging Lord of the Rings told from the side of Mordor Jason s anti friend Alex is even angrier because of the earlier outcome at the end of book one, and he is bent on getting revenge All of this comes out clearly in this book and I believe this is why the book is titled precipice defined as a sheer drop, cliff face, steep decline.David Stifel is a well rounded audiobook narrator with over eighty five books encompassing over eighteen different categories to his name on Audible It is no surprise when I say that I was happy to hear he was the voice of book two in this series of books I like consistency within a series, and David provides the deep and dark feeling this book so much needs The audio was clear and clean of any artifacts or issues As with book one, I think I can recall one or two places where I notices a slight volume change, but for a book of this size or length over 18hrs , a few slight bumps are acceptable He is able to narrate the many different characters, including female ones, without fail All around, the narration is professional and high quality I like his use of inflection and emotion while reading the story Not only does he read what is on the page, he does it with a passion.For parents and younger readers, this book, like the first, contains some vulgar language It is not overly used, but I find its use within a fantasy world jarring and unrealistic not really in character I understand it is people playing a game, but throwing in vulgar language where other words would work just seem like the easy way out Additionally, the book has some rather dark and graphic scenes of violence which may be intense for some listeners If any of the above offends you, I recommend you pick up a different series instead.In summary, if you enjoyed the first book, picking up the second is not a question Spend a credit, it is worth it If you have not yet read the first book, I recommend you do that prior to diving into this one If not, you will be lost coming into the middle of a series It should be no surprise, if you did not enjoy the first book, do not pick up this one as it is simply a continuation of the story from book one.Audiobook was purchased for review by ABR. 3.5 stars.The Good It s nice to see that the protagonist isn t taking on the entire world as a solo character any I like the inclusion of emotional relationships within the protagonist s social circle as opposed to making everything about leveling and killing stuff.The world seems well developed both in terms of the in game environment and futuristic out of game society The distinction between an evil character and an evil player is a unique and welcome addition to this genre as most people much like GM character at the end tend to not be able to differentiate between the two I was intrigued by the concept of Good and Evil being matters of popular opinion and would have liked to learn about that as it relates to the game world I suspect that in subsequent novels this will be explored in depth because we are told that the protagonist is gaining fans in the real world in addition to enemies As of those fans make undead characters, will we see a shift in his alignment as there will be Pro Jason in game characters I don t know, but I like books that make the wheels in my head start turning like this The Meh The story is entertaining but it drags on a bit with virtual battle after virtual battle in the second half of the book There s only so much pixil bashing that I wanted to sit through before getting back to a scene with some sort of emotional thrust Most combats come down to Protagonist hides, protagonist creates a bunch of undead, protagonist explodes said undead I felt like the earlier battles in the series were creative What s up with introducing a character that has firearms in a fantasy world at the end of the story, only to kill her off right away I would have liked information about how all the raised PCs at the end fleshed out the Twilight Throne populace For example, are there now a bunch of virtual undead clones running around of the same people What new skills did the Twilight Throne absorb Do they have guns now since that firearm girl died, and presumably got looted and raised Are there undead were creature citizens wandering around now The Game Masters seemed unrealistic It s one thing for a player to behave that way if they ve suddenly been given godlike powers, but these people are working This is their bread and butter I just don t see people risking their livelihood behaving the way the GMs did in the game They are employees which suggests that that they have to answer to someone Their in game behavior suggests that they don t fear a backlash from their superiors The Bad Like the previous book, Precipice takes way too long to get into the actual game world which is the whole reason people read LitRPGs At least the long intro wasn t as dry in this book as the first one Still, if there are books after this one, the author needs to learn how to get the story started faster The descriptions of completely skeletal characters somehow showing emotion on their faces pulled me out of the read Every time I came across one I was like How exactly does a skull show fill in the blank emotion BEtter to convey emotion based on how they sound rather than describe expressions that require flesh to produce Like in the first book, the parts from Alex s PoV seemed like a distraction There s not enough of them to make us care about him as a character, and he s a giant butthole on top of that to make readers actively dislike him The story in my opinion would be better without them I d rather just hear rumors about a new light city and NPCs, or nameless PCs challenging the Twilight Throne Bottom LineThis book is entertaining If you read a lot by all means check it out It s not horrible It also has a bit depth than other LitRPGs because it explores philosophical questions like the nature of good and evil, and what it means to be alive Unfortunately, it s also not one of the best reads of the year due to the repetitiveness, long intro, and unnecessary PoV shifts that just seem sort of thrown in It is worth the time of anyone who is a fan of or intrigued by the LitRPG genre. Better and betterIt s not often that a sequel beats out the first book, but this one does a great impersonation of doing just that. Spoiler ahead, not super big ones imo but I talk about plots spanning the whole book The whole gm thing was silly with them all instantly power tripping and causing massive collateral damage it was so obvious that they were set up as powerful enemie to fight ingame and even if your ai prevents big changes of the world you should still have control about the login system so just give them the ability to forcibly log out offenders Also the vr helmets interface with the brain it should be easily possible to add an log out option not requiring the use of your hands, which can t be blocked by other players.Btw what other player would complain about is the abysmal balance, Jason is a one man army in this book too, with two other players they solo an army of 100 players Talking about game design it is quite unappealing, seriously forcibly sitting there to watch their death dozens of times Other players being able to loot your whole corps NPC rulers being able to just confiscate your stuff without you even being able to try to resist I guess perfect vr environment npcs acting like real people makes up for many things but if there were other games witho those I probably wouldn t play this one.Jason not telling the other two about his plan was also silly, it is not like it would even force them into helping them with his plan They could have just logged out for a few days and waited the whole thing out And his plan doesn t actually makes sense if the way other players acted made sense Nobody will wait 15 min to respawn and get spawn camped again and again They would just log out The penalty is just not being able to play for a few hours which is different from being spawn camped with 15min of forced inactivity in between how The end would be a big spoiler so I will just say I have some issues with that too.About the book in general, it was okay I guess It didn t really grab my attention but I wasn t bored either I will probably still read the next. Ej wtf hvad er det for en slutning Giv mig bog 3 nu Til alle elskere af computerspil g r dig selv en tjeneste og l s den her serie Selvom nogle dele af historien gjorde mig rundtosset af at rulle med jnene s er der s meget der g r op for det Loving it Not sure how to review this one There were multiple times in the story where I absolutely wasn t enjoying the listen at all The protagonist is an idiot, and so much of the game world just doesn t make any sense None of the battles have any consequence, so spending so much time on them is pretty irritating It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but at least it s an oh shit, what do we do now rather than crap, I wonder what s going to happen.If these books were half the length I might consider continuing on, but if the next book is a similar length I don t believe I ll pick it up The author spends far too much time on things that are either so obvious that it s insulting, or simply have no consequence And since I don t really care for any of the characters, I m not interested in their struggle. I gave up on this one, which is very rare It was tedious and felt like reading a story from a high school creative writing class I semi enjoyed the first book in the series, but the quality of writing in this second book was unfortunately not worth the time. Whaaaaat THAT ENDING THOUGH.I can t handle it It was amazing. A Few Days Have Passed Since Jason S Confrontation With Alfred And He S Debating Whether To Reenter Awaken Online Alfred Has Made A Proposition That Jason Isn T Certain He Should Accept After The Battle With Alexion, Jason Has Also Been Appointed The Regent Of The Twilight Throne He Must Assume The Mantle Of Ruling An Undead City With Everything That Entails His First Task Is To Investigate The Dark Keep That Looms Over The City S Marketplace This Act Will Lead To A Chain Of Events That Might Ensure His City S Survival Or Create New Enemies Meanwhile, Alex Re Enters The Game Listless And Angry After His Loss Against Jason With His Reputation In The Gutter And No Prospects, He Will Face A Choice Regarding How He Intends To Blaze His Path Through The Game

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and our three dogs I m an attorney by day and an avid video game enthusiast by night Writing fiction had been a secret dream of mine for a while However, between school and work, that dream seemed impossible to squeeze in A couple of years ago, I had a bit time on my hands and I finally decided to put my nerdy interests to work by trying my hand at wri

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