Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World

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Harry William Thompson was an English radio and television producer, comedy writer, novelist and biographer Early in his career Thompson produced the radio comedy programmes The News Quiz and The Mary Whitehouse Experience Following his move into television, he produced Newman and Baddiel in Pieces, Harry Enfield and Chums and Monkey Dust, and co produced Never Mind The Buzzcocks In 1998 he was

☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World By Harry Thompson ❤ –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World
  • Harry Thompson
  • English
  • 06 February 2018
  • 9780719563461

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    I m so sad I finished this book I just loved it I loved the type of humour, the style of writing, and above all I loved the subject matter I don t believe that anyone not fluent in cricket would enjoy this book half so much As I drove back and forth to work over the last few weeks with this audiobook chuntering away in the CD player, I often found myself hooting with laughter It was just as well I didn t have a paper copy, as I m sure I would have been unable to resist carrying it with me so I could whip it out and read extracts to unsuspecting friends And of course, this morning as the book reached its tragic conclusion I found myself crying as I drove very dangerous, not recommended , even tho I knew what was coming If you re not sure if you ll enjoy this book, consider the following extract from the opening chapter A leopard seal, perhaps the most fearsome predator of the southern ocean, hauled itself up on an ice floe to take a gander Ignore the seal bit think leopard Imagine the head of Ridley Scott s Alien atop the body of Mike Gatting after a particularly hefty tea.If you snorted at the Mike Gatting reference, this book is probably for you.I thought Glen McCready did a wonderful job of reading the book, giving us a range of accents for the great diversity of people we met And a final note I may be a bit cheeky adding this to my kiwi connection shelf, but if breakfast in Devonport doesn t count I don t know what would.

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    This is one of the funniest books that I have ever read but it also has some parts that raise other emotions Some of the reviewers have mentioned that you do not need to know anything about cricket to enjoy this book, and although this is probably true, a slight understanding of the game would be a benefit A essential experience would be ever trying to organise an event with a group of friends a stag night, a group holiday or even a works outing all seem simple but the number of things that can go wrong is only ever surpassed by the number of things that actually do go wrong.Much of the book covers the events and experiences of a very mediocre cricket team just getting together to enjoy playing the game for its own sake Initially all thought of actually winning is a fantasy many of the players actually take pleasure in sabotaging the match should a victory appear to be imminent in some hilarious and ingenious ways.

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    An utterly delightful book, about the mis adventures of a gang of English cricketers who went on the seemingly hare brained mission to play cricket on every continent in the world.It is part sports commentary, part humour and part travelogue as you slowly warm up to the rag tag team, then get angry with them and then cheer them on with a fair degree of exasperation The droll humour stays intact right through as the book ends on an unexpected note And gives you that fleeting glimmer of hope that maybe just maybe if we can get all those warmongers, terrorists and corrupt politicians to start playing cricket, all will be well with the world.

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    A pleasant, mildly amusing cricket book about a group of English villagers who succeed in playing cricket in all continents hence the title, from playing on the ice in Antarctica

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    Greater than the sum of its parts and the closest a book has ever brought me to crying One of the best sports books ever written.This is part travelogue, part memoir of a village cricketer and part world record attempt handbook It excels when describing and discussing that most writable of sports, cricket however, in describing the colourful characters and cities that Thompson encountered it is no less impressive The fact that it is factual belies the wonderful narrative of Thompson s cricketing life and, at times, it would have been enjoyable if the tales it tells were fictional Indeed, the end would have been immeasurably so.To anyone who loves travel, boys on tour stories, well written non fiction or, above all, cricket Read this book Read it now.

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    This is about cricket, yes, but primarily about humor You will roll on the floor laughing without knowing almost anything about cricket, and if you know enough you will be chuckling a little at the odd inside joke here or there And that is the hallmark of a good sports book, the novice is equally enad as is the connoisseur Harry Thompson started a village cricket team back in his school days, and all they did was lose Miserably Intentionally, and otherwise Two decades of crushing defeats were never enough to crush their love for the game and he and his band of boys middle aged men finally decided to do something no one had done before play cricket matches on every continent, yes, including Antarctica The characters are highly relatable if you ve played any sport at any amateur level The love for the game is admirable, especially after the string of misfortunes as has been brilliantly and hilariously described through the 300 pages While a village team, but since from England, the home of the game and former rulers of the colonial world, they were greeted with an intense sense of history and competition Thompson s team happily obliged by usually crumbling, and sometimes putting up a fight More than the what it s the how that makes this book so thoroughly enjoyable Will keep an eye out on his next work.

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    Laugh out loud funny tales of cricketing and other incompetence Most of it is relatable to anyone who s tried to organise any kind of a disparate group in any kind of joint endeavour, although I did find myself checking the fielding positions chart to remind myself where deep midwicket is.Then the last few pages view spoiler are an abrupt dip into tragedy as one of the author s team mates dies, followed by the author himself hide spoiler

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    Wonderful book describing the travels and travails of an English village cricket team I ve posted a detailed review here

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    The author was an amateur cricketer and a writer of TV comedy The book is his memoir of his cricket team, focused upon an all continent tour taken by his team, playing a game at every stop This book was laugh out loud funny at many points, but much of the humour would be lost on non cricket fans I suspect that some of the anecdotes are made up, and certain that others are exaggerated, but I ll forgive that Thompson had a real issue with British Airways, and I really liked his account of their time in Perth Not deep by any means, but one to pass around your friends Rated PG for frequent coarse language 3.5 5

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    This book has the ability to make you look very silly as you stifle a smirk on the bus so that people will not think you are mad while reading on another joke makes you try and stifle the urge to laugh out loud causing snot to shoot from one s nose, making you look extemely silly Great book, heart renching ending even though it s the second time I have read this I laughed heartily and cried miserably once again I would recommend this to everyone who has a sense of humour, even if the subject of cricket puts you off Yes, there are lots of bits about cricket but there is alot to it than that Read, enjoy and carry a tissue for the snot.

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