Pagan Encounter

Pagan EncounterThis is my third book by Charlotte Lamb.Her dramatic writing style,the passionate characters and the angst filled romance captured my heart,and she has now come to be one of my favourite authorsshe certainly is awesome.The war between the hero and the heroine intruged me,and this certainly is a book about a war,a war about the hero who will do everything to force heroine to submission,but thats what the heroine thinks,when all the hero her love.Leigh West was a interesting heroine.Her first meet with the hero was so sexy,how he insolently checked her out and how she showed him the cold shoulder.The scene in the lift were so so so sexy Mattieson Hume is one of the most sexy Alpha heroes ever..Like ever His stubborness,determination,his wildness,his crazyness,his passion..his precious love..his everything intruged me The intensity of this book shook me,and the romantic love story between Matt and Leigh truly are a epic one.Enjoyed and read like a obsessed mad person over every page of this truly remarkable entertaining 5 star book CL really has the knack for writing about totally besotted heroes, bordering on the obsessive side matt was insanely in lust and in love wid leigh this was a hot pursuit wid lots of angst and a heroine who appeared cold most of the time but she was definitely not cold wid matt i especially loved the scene where phil found them in bed bcoz this was so out of character for leigh the lil bitch was not cold at all after all hats off to CL this was another captivating and seriously entertaining read Leigh Thought She Could Handle Any Man Then She Met Mattieson Hume From Their First Stirring Encounter, She Was Powerless To Keep Him At Bay Although She Hated Him, His Caresses Flamed Her With DesireHow Could She Pursue Her Planned Future As Philip S Wife If Matt Kept Barging Into Her Life It Was Time Someone Taught Him A Lesson But Some Instinct Warned Her That Mattieson Hume Was Too Dangerous To Tangle With For The First Time, Leigh Was Not Sure She Would Win I disliked the hero and the heroine immensely The hero was an egoistical swine The heroine was an insensitive woman She played with her fiance s emotions, hurt him badly by cheating behind his back with the hero She let the hero make love to her while she was engaged to another man Her impassioned I hate you won t excuse her behavior I just could relate to her Neither could I sympathize with her The hero was absolutely right when he said that they both were alike in nature and I agree with his assessment They both are insensitive and selfish and deserve each other Both Matt and Leigh make it to my list of most hateful hero heroine. i m almost speechless i got confused when the hero acted so bad because of jealousy, while he had done the same thing to throw the fiancee of heroine away i think this is the only hero that i find so, what to describe it, like living in his own rule he s so infuriating.hmm..i guess i can say this story is pretty much like a thief accused someone a thief too, if you know what i mean yap, the thieves are the hero and the fiance the hero s behavior was very similar with the OM that i got difficult to differ them you can t blame me though and what is it with all the sexual abuses i m getting sick of it but with that strong feeling of hero and the angst, i give it 4 stars.oh i don t like the heroine too, i think she s a little bit slut i know this days kissing means nothing, but i could make sure that she s too easy going to a date okay with other man okay because she s not in a relationship at the time kissing okay kissing briefly on the lip okay kissing passionately or at least long enough than a sec not okay than once really not okay with 2 different men you feel casually definitely not okay what you don t have any pride, woman oh i know you have, you only like to play, of know what i felt every time the hero kissed her after she d been kissed by other men i felt disgusted yuck why don t you get a practice kissing on a pan or orange that s less disgusting you know bleh i hate the heroine she s a cheap bimbo so it cuts 2 stars the final is 2 stars. Full Review here For some reason I expected the hero to be Greek as Pagan Greeks was a common thing in the 70 s romances He is however English, a young Rupert Murdoch so to speak, running a major publishing company The heroine is a secretary, engaged to a nice unassuming young man who is madly in love with her Only trouble is that she is not in love with him She isn t even that physically attracted to him Since an incident at 17 when Leigh fell in love with a married man and only just escaped the worst, she has avoided emotional extremes.Matt Hume arouses than just anger the first time they meet He wakes her up with a vengeance but of course she is going to fight all the way.He comes across as a typical rapey hero, a trope Charlotte used with quite good effect in her time But surprisingly he doesn t although the second time she slaps his face he does slap her back Ungentlemanly but after all she wants equality.This is a fast paced read and while the power disparity appears old fashioned, the important role the heroine plays in his workplace and throughout a crisis is very empowering.I enjoyed the read Not perhaps as much as some of her angsty ones but it kept me enthralled to the end. Pagan Encounter is the story of Leigh and Matt.Now if you ve read CL before, her stories can either make you raving mad or fall in love with them this was both none A LOT was going on.Basically our heroine Leigh is this super mature, dominant femme fatale who is engaged to Phil, her coworker She comes to know her guardian Anna has been misled and fired by her boss Matt and silently vows revenge.As she and Phil go on a conference, she runs into the aforementioned Matt, who is smitten He relentlessly pursues her until her life is turned upside down and she ends up working for him.So view spoiler The h is engaged to the sweet guy Phil who loves her but she only cares for him Then she cheats on him only kissing and heavy petting with the H and the fiancee catches them Apparently that gives Phil the right to repeatedly assault non consensual kissing bruising etc the heroine and our strong heroine takes it as its her fault h is supposed to be an alpha but she is mere putty in the H s hand Her bravery only shows exasperating him When the H finally convinces her to take a new job and move to a new city which is TOO easy considering how confident and determined the h was supposed to be she continues to date a new coworker Kit I mean this woman is prettier than Cleopatra and a literal goddess as per this book She thinks Matt has hurt Anna her ward , and knows Cathy Matt s coworker s spoiled daughter loves him, but nothing else matters once she in being attacked kissed by him And she does get attacked by Cathy too Basically everyone attacks her either by forceful kissing scratching almost raping blah blah hide spoiler This book could easily be renamed as Love is a Battlefield No seriously There were terms like taking of the citadel , total surrender , conquests and private war and other combat references And it still felt romantic Now, CL is the author I generally turn to when I m looking for some angst and boy, did she deliver the goods with this book In fact, this was angst on acid The H Matt and the h Leigh were well matched and perfectly capable of giving it as good as they got and that made for some of the angst iest scenes I ve read in recent times When Matt first sees Leigh she s on date with her fianc one of the two OM yes, two in this book and she s completely in control of the situation and has only to crook her little finger to get the poor besotted sod falling at her feet in reverence Of course, as our super alpha dominant male, the H can hardly allow her to get away with such behaviour Tame her he must, and he sets about doing so by engaging in some old school stalkerific seductions routines But our h isn t a mousy little woman with deep insecurities either She s a good looking woman of the world and knows it and is a bit of a smooth operator as well So even while she s going out of her mind with the passion that only the H can evoke in her she has no qualms allowing her jilted fiance or the man she casually chats up while working for the H from swooping in for a kiss or two nothing too heavy mind you but still, it was very charitable of her She presumably feels sorry for the men and so just lies back and thinks of England or whatever, while the men try and force her to feel things she can only feel for her beloved Matt Of course, as bullheaded as she is she doesn t really recognise or accept her love for the H till the last part of the book and even then holds out for as long as she can under the circumstances And their strife is absolutely delicious to read about This is one read where you can really see the H wear down the h s defences and getting under her skin There s no sudden capitulation or epiphany that feels absurd or abrupt It s all very natural and gradual instead their falling in love And that s what makes this so special and I m reminded yet again, why, Ms Lamb continues to be one of my favourite romance authors of all time Great read and I totally recommend it Heroine is a poised, beautiful heartbreaker who really doesn t want to break hearts Hero is a poised, handsome heartbreaker who really doesn t care if he breaks hearts These are problems I will never have.Charlotte Lamb gives the h the backstory of how the hero broke her cousin s heart, then adds in a devoted fianc and the heroine s doubts before she meets the hero in an elevator A just like the Aerosmith song, this hero takes one look at the heroine, slaps the stop button in between floors and proceeds to kiss and maul the heroine into submission.Heroine feels alive for the first time and hates the hero for it.This is a robo hero who has no off switch, so he follows her to her hotel room and manages to slip in while the heroine is in the shower More kissing and mauling on the bed while the heroine tries to keep her towel in place Unfortunately or fortunately , the fianc walks in on them and the engagement is over.To give the heroine credit, she kept trying to end the engagement and to send the fianc to Saudi Arabia for job opportunity Fianc wouldn t listen He gets a bit of revenge back in a subsequent meetings when he manhandles and bruises her In the first showing of any feeling for the heroine, the hero is appalled that the heroine tried to apologize in person Even he knew a wounded beta was dangerous.The action then shifts to the hero maneuvering the heroine to be his secretary The heroine is determined to keep it all business and the hero is determined to Yes, he s obsessed, yes he s controlling, yes, he jealous But is he in love I don t think the heroine really cares she just likes the heat and light the hero keeps throwing off She finally sees him as human when he has to deal with a worker s strike and is up all night and tired and worried That vulnerability lets her see him as human and then she finally lets down her guard for a happy ending.These two bigger than life characters were a matched set I never worried for the heroine even as the angst stacked up against her However, if slaps, bruises and snarling foreplay are triggers, stay away from this one This is Charlotte Lamb, after all.

Sheila Holland,

[Epub] ➝ Pagan Encounter Author Charlotte Lamb –
  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Pagan Encounter
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780373103287

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