Out of the Shadows (Shadowlands #1)

Out of the Shadows (Shadowlands #1) I may be just the tiniest bit biased here, but what sort of author would I be if I couldn t back my own book Stay tuned to this spot for news on giveaways and other important book info Now Available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Overdrive as well as in paperback at over 50 online retailers NEW COVER.as you can see there s a brand spanking new and very pretty cover for Out of the Shadows Thanks Laura at The Book Cover Machine for her beautiful design Before I begin my review, I would love to thank the wonderfully talented author, Ashlee Nicole Bye, for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my review Whoa How do I begin to write anything that would express how much I love this fantastic debut from a new Aussie author I mean, the writing is effortless i.e it moves and flows at a pace in which you absolutely forget you are reading In fact, it played out like a movie and was so visually stunning in a way that colours and movement are in a painting, I forgot I was sitting on my couch and thought I was standing in a room with Death, The Prince of Hell and an Archangel. Sounds like an episode of my favourite show, Supernatural, which was mentioned in this book, no less, and any reference to Supernatural is a plus.To continue, the author has created a world mostly set in Melbourne, Australia, woohoo that is rich with many layers This world, known as the Shadowlands, harbours all those supernatural beings we only know exist in stories, in movies or on T.V and never in real life Throw in a compelling story, which weaves beautifully within this paranormal existence, and has many plot twists that are character driven, you have one brilliant, and funny oh yes, did I mention all the laugh out loud moments I found myself having due to the many pop culture references thrown in for absolute effect thus creating a realistic, as well as a relevant, connection to our own world done in a way that wasn t forced, rather with ease and remarkably addictive story I absolutely catapulted in and have no intention of coming up for air I am hooked I was instantly drawn to the fact that there are so many wonderfully, colourful characters who each unravel slowly, like peeling a delicious apple and salivating at the thought of taking a big bite out of it once you are done And let me tell you, there were so many chunks I wanted to chew on when it came to these fascinating characters We have our main protagonist, Sachi Manning. An average eighteen year old aussie girl, who loves her friends, her job, her brother and Disney movies I mean, who doesn t She is fierce, has so much heart and is funny to boot She had me cracking up so many times, I was enjoying every minute of her banters with all the fantastic characters, especially Julian and Moss, who happen to be Grim Reapers, out to protect her from the monsters who want to kidnap her because of who she is Oh man, where do I begin with these two We have Julian, who seems to be plucked right out of GQ magazine, from his immaculate appearance to his British accent Very dapper indeed and sexy as fudge Then there is Moss, who is the complete opposite Blonde dreads, bleached from the sun and surf, who is relaxed and charismatic in a way that has you wanting to just chill These two are hell bent on keeping Sachi out of harms way but in the meantime, end up putting her in danger than she first started out with hahahaha I swear, their encounters and conversations have me in stitches one minute, and filled with so much tension the next ahem not revealing a thing wink wink Anyways, not going to reveal too much of the plot because this book must be experienced Plus if the blurb doesn t entice you to want to pick it up, then nothing will, well, I m hoping my review might sway you a little hehe, cause this debut is freaking awesome I absolutely loved it and I seriously cannot wait for the next instalment So much to discover and so much to love. Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BWKLNobody Ever Said Death Would Be Easy From The Streets Of Melbourne To The Bowels Of Westminster, The Delicate Balance Between Life And Death That Is So Painstakingly Maintained By The Reapers Of The Order Of Dark And Light Is Being Tested By The Return Of An Ancient Threat Tensions Are Rising Within The Hidden World Of The Shadowlands And If This Threat Is Not Contained War Will Be Inevitable And The Destruction Of The Human World Is Bound To Follow In Its WakeAmidst This Tension, Eighteen Year Old Sachi Manning Is Struggling To Cope With The Grief And Guilt That Has Plagued Her Ever Since Her Best Friend Was Murdered Six Months Earlier That Is, Until She Spots Him Seemingly Alive And Well And Being Held At Scythe Point By A Hooded Figure Who Looks Like A GQ Model Than The Grim ReaperSachi Shouldn T Be Able To See Through The Glamours That Shield Shadowlanders From The Human World, So The Reaper In Question Wants Some Answers And So Begins The Craziest Couple Of Weeks Of Sachi S Life As She Is Drawn Into A World Of Mysteries, Magic, Monsters, And Mayhem, Encountering Dragons, Faeries, Soul Sucking Demons, Not So Grim Reapers, And Even The Horseman Of DeathWith A Mix Of Heart, Humour And Hair Raising Action, Out Of The Shadows Is The Adventure Of An Afterlifetime, Perfect For Fans Of Cassandra Clare And Paula Weston 4 5 stars I was blown away by the sheer detail of this fantasy world Creatures after creatures showed up and I soon knew that nothing was off limits I was fully captivated by this book and I could never predict what was going to happen It is fully of action packed excitement, tonnes of sarcasm and a plethora of magic beings The book only got better as it progressed and by the end, I couldn t stop reading because I just had to know what was going to happen The subtle presence of a slow building romance was also a huge bonus I can t wait to read the next book in this series What is it with you people Why are you all so stabby and kidnappy Sachi was overcome with grief when her best friend died, and six months later she is still struggling to return to her normal routine She thinks she sees him all around Melbourne, despite his death, and she never thought much of it until she saw him being held by a grim reaper type figure This is when Sachin starts to realise that her world is not at all what it seemed, and the death of her friend may not have been an unfortunate accident Not only does she see her friend, Sachi also sees a hooded person who seems to be from a wrong century altogether She tries to forget these weird occurrences, until one day she is kidnapped and thrown right into the chaotic Shadowlands.Unbeknownst to most humans, the world is kept in balance by a bunch of immortals known as the Order of Light and Dark The Shadowlands live parallel to the normal human world and exists synonymously, seemingly without problems Bet when some rowdy immortals stir up trouble, the balance between life and death is thrown out of sorts Now, eighteen year old Sachi is a major piece in the mystery surrounding the Shadowlands, even if she didn t know it before Her mundane life has been completely turned upside down as she must navigate and understand this new world, with the help of two reapers who act as guides, kidnappers and protectors Creatures of all shapes and sizes came into existence, with names like angel, demon, faery, and dragon They existed together peacefully, these new creatures of The Shadowlands Until, eventually, they did not It s so hard to give an urban fantasy book like this a good description, because nothing I can says will do it justice There ware as just so much gong on in the book, it just loses so much when I try to narrow it down to a paragraph or two Just know that the world in this book was alight with magic, intrigue and mystery The Shadowlands was such a dark, but very cool place and I was just enthralled with learning about it The world building became elaborate as the book progressed, and I am now dying to read the next book so I can dive deeper into this world I admit, at the start I was drawing a lot of parallels with The Mortal Instruments at an alarming rate But, the further I delved into the novel, the original it because I watched this book grow into a unique and wholly fascinating story as I was reading.I really just want to gush about the overall pace of the story I never normally go into the technicalities in my reviews, but the pace of this book was perfect It was a slow build at the start, then things just got crazy from there Not only was there an intricate fantastical plot, but there was also emotional development It was all intertwine perfectly, along with the other perspectives in the novel At the start I was unsure how all the little pieces would come together, but they did Everything came together at the end perfectly like a jigsaw piece That s probably why I found this book so addictive, the plot was just so well structured Plus, there was a couple of major plot twists at the end that had me going crazy By the end of the book, my heart was beating like crazy I was fully enthralled in the storyAs a lover of romance, I can t possibly finish this review without mentioning the love interest in this book You know how I was talking about their being two Shadowlander reapers with Sachi Well, I forgot to mention that they were also really hot, like male model status good looking And maybe, just maybe, there was a romance between Sachi and one of these reapers I don t know if it s a spoiler to say who she falls for, but to be safe, I ll just not reveal his name All you need to know is that it is a subtle romance that builds for the most of the book There is also a couple of really sweet scenes where all the built up tension explodes I m excited to see the relationship explored in the next books in the series For so long she d wanted to touch this work of art that was this boy, this too beautiful to be real creation, and now her hands were refusing to be patientI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I m going to be completely honest with you here I had a little bit of fear when I started this one You see, the synopsis of Out of the Shadows grabbed me hard I was all kinds of excited to start this one Despite the writing being flawless, it took me a while to get into this one I can easily assign blame for why this happened I had too many Shadowhunter feelings I realise it says this book is perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare, but at first I feared there would be too many similarities We had meetings in bars We had a hidden world of the supernatural We had the Shadowland, which sounds far too much like Shadowhunter to be mere coincidence Thus, a part of my brain went on the attack I had a serious uh oh, lack of originality moment.Fear not, this feeling of mine was so wrong Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I was so wrong about a book.Whilst there are bits and pieces throughout that reminded me of other young adult fantasy novels, this is an all too common occurrence nowadays It is so rare to find a book that is one hundred percent original This one, though, is pretty high up there After reading a few chapters, once the story got hold of me, I found I was pulled into a unique world that left me wanting Upon finishing, I have one very serious question when can I get my hands on book two It was such a turnaround, my initial view of okay this is somewhat interesting transforming into oh gosh I need to know what happens next In other words, if like me you can be somewhat judgemental and require a bit of persuading when it comes to books, I suggest you give this one the chance to really get a hold of you I assure you, it is a well worth the read.As I ve already stated, it s flawlessly written Ashlee Nicole Bye really knows how to write a story She has her own voice, the kind that pulls you in and really makes the world come to life There are so many emotions throughout, taking you on a rollercoaster ride You get inside the minds of the characters, and you come to really connection with them both the good and the questionable Not to mention the humour Humour is always wonderful in stories, and it s well done in this It isn t so overdone that you re reading a comical book, but there are certain scenes that will cause you to have a good giggle One character in particular I wish to see of in the future, mainly because this guy really had me giggling It s not just the writing that is wonderful, though The world building is also beautiful At first I was unsure, but as the story developed so many things came together It s one of those stories where you need to work to understand what it is you re being given, one of those stories where you need to look for the connections that exist I m not saying it is hard work far from it merely that if you look hard you get to see how well everything is brought together There are wonderful surface connections, but when you take a moment to breathe you can really appreciate what is going on below the surface I cannot say this enough the world building is fabulous, developing well beyond my initial ideas of what we would be given Moreover, there is still so much I need to learn about things I cannot wait to read about in the future books.Plus the characters Oh how I came to love them Although there was a couple of clich s to be seen, each was an individual and I came to love them all Good or bad, I found myself loving them Not to mention the development that occurs and those character twists Damn, things developed in this one and I loved it I really could rant and rave for a long time about how I enjoyed the progression of the characters in this one, but I won t I honestly do not believe I m capable of fangirling without giving spoilers, such are the feelings I m dealing with Just know some of the character arcs will leave you with a hot damn what happened by the end They re just so good.In all honesty, the only thing I really wanted by the end of the story was There was so much happen in this one, it wiggled deeper into my heart than I d anticipated, and now I m left feeling empty I feel as though it was a rather short read for such a wonderfully developed world, with so many stories going on I know it was just an introductory book, the first in the series, but I would have liked it to be a bit longer Yes, I m interested to see where every arc goes however, I would have liked a better indication of where some things were heading.Not to mention that epilogue Seriously, damn, what s next Overall, this one turned out to be a wonderful read The sooner I get my hands on the second Shadowlands book, the sooner I will be a happy fan. Thank you to the Author for sending me a copy of her book in exchange for an Honest Review I m surprised by this book and i really did enjoy the book and i didn t think i was going to after reading the synopsis but my mind was changed once i finished the book Plot This book follows Sachi Manning who lives with her brother in Melbourne Australia in a house they inherited from a family member Sachi is leading a really normal life with no troubles until her best friend is murdered and she is thrown into a whole mystery of what the media is calling the Melbourne Slasher Sachi soon meets Julian and Moss who are members of the Order a group that are led by Lord Mortem, this group are all immortal, Julian and Moss are called the Horseman Enough about the plot i don t really want to spoil that much because you d really want to go into the story without any idea of what the story is about The plot of the book was really strong all throughout which i love in stories it was continuous and very strong the entire time i was reading this story One of my favourite things about this book that i really enjoyed was the Shadowlands because every creature you could think about and imagine are there and i find that it was really well thought out and it gave me a creepy vibe when it was ever mentioned Characters I really enjoyed all the characters they were all a different mix and range of people that i got to know all throughout the story and can t wait to see how they go in the second book if the author continues this series Sentimentality was a weakness begging to be exploited I really don t have that much of bad things to say about this book, apart from the slow start with the plot it really picked up and was strong for the majority book The plot was strong and the characters were all fleshed out, The romance aspect of the book didn t really annoy me either which i was surprised about because i usually have a problem with book romances with book characters but there were a couple of scenes that just worked and flowed really well What is it with you people Why are you all so stabby and kidnappy This book was a very fleshed out urban fantasy book and i m usually picky with urban fantasy books, there was so much happening in this book and it all flowed very well that i had no fault with the story This world has been very well throughout and i love the Shadowland part of the book because it was creepy and had everything that i want in an urban fantasy book The magic, creepiness, mystery and intrigue all made this story what it was, this story was unique and i cannot wait to see where this story goes next 4 5 stars Shadowlands Series Ratings Out of the Shadows Into the Dark Lost Interest in SeriesTBR Thank you to the author for providing me an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.Okay guys bare with me, I m running on next to no sleep and I am exhausted but if I put this off any longer I ll have forgotten everything I read so here s go Wait does that mean Thor s real Sachi asked Julian, eyes wide.He nodded and her jaw dropped to the floor Can I meet him He sighed He doesn t actually look like Chris Hemsworth, you know Sachi frowned Well that s disappointing Out of the Shadows is in urban fantasy that follows Sachi as she stumbles into a supernatural world called the Shadowlands and discovers she is soon to be a big key player in a new war to rival anything humans have faced Out of the Shadows has some major TMI vibes So if you love the Shadowhunters world you ll probably love this kick off to the Shadowlands series Unless, like me, you were hoping for something a bit original It s not a bad world by any means, it s just not a whole new idea either but then again if you prescribe to the whole plagiarism drama surrounding Clare s books, then the TMI world isn t that original to begin with Either way I wasn t mad about the similarities, I liked that this series was sans incest and that what might be the makings of a love triangle wasn t too heavy and in your face Sachi is also an artist like Clary, we also get the smart ass, cold and distant protector who comes flying into her world, you have someone willing to risk Sachi s death just to prove that she s different The I think on it, the I see the similarities Okay, I ll try and stop the comparisons now There s also a Julian Blackthorne Hawthorne in this story,Okay, now I m done I found the start very slow and it shows in how long it took me to finish this novel Most books don t take me over a week to complete I just didn t find myself wanting to read it until the latter half, when the plot finally picked up The author definitely found her stride at that point Character dialogue was better, the story line picked up the pace, the stake got a bit higher By the end there were a few twists that snuck up on me as well that I enjoyed I loved that this novel was reasonably diverse, though it could have used It is set in Australia after all and we re a pretty damn diverse country I would have also liked to have seen at least one LGBT person There were so many pop culture references that I loved, I am here for all the nerd culture making it s way into books lately Sachi was a fun character, and although she never really rubbed me up the wrong way, she did fall a little flat compared to all the other interesting characters we got Moss was easily my favourite with his graphic t shirts that referenced all kinds of movies and such He was lovely and so very kind of Sachi but it was clear there was a darker side, where as Sachi was a whole lot of trash talk and not a lot of deliverance I don t know I can t quite put my finger on what it was that was missing We just got depth from literally every character but the main one.Overall I enjoyed this novel and I m open to giving the next book a chance as I do love supporting Aussie authors, I just hope the Ashlee Nicole Bye gives us , of everything Well, that s rather inconvenient His tone was as dry as the Sahara as he stared at the spot Gabe had just disappeared from He turned to Sachi, features arranged in an expression of mild frustration You couldn t have come along five seconds later You were going to kill him, Sachi said, her voice small Semantics He gave a dismissive wave of his hand Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr This was sooooo good My second read and still had me hooked and laughing Totally fell in love with the characters and can t wait to jump into the next book My original reviewThis book was fantastic and promises to be a brilliant series It is a delightful read full of page turning action and intriguing characters with a hefty dose of humour A feisty heroine, hot guys, demons, reapers Out of the Shadows has it all Set in Melbourne, Australia, where a string of vicious murders are being investigated by the Shadowlanders, paranormals hidden from human society, who suspect that the crimes are not being committed by humans The story centres around Sachi, who is struggling to cope after her best friend is murdered, until she sees him one night, alive and well, being held at knifepoint by a reaper This draws the attention of the reaper as she shouldn t have been able to see him through his glamour Sachi is unwittingly drawn into the world of Shadowlanders, and reapers Julian and Moss decide to protect Sachi from the demons that are after her The further that I read into the book, the intrigued I became and the I fell for the characters, the LOL humour and the incredible Shadowland world By the 30% mark, I was totally hooked and ignoring my family and other responsibilities altogether I loved Moss and his cool, laidback attitude, and found Griffin to be intriguing and mysterious And the banter between Julian and Sachi was hilarious I loved the TV and movie references, Moss s T shirts and the Shadowlander influences on historical events such as WWI.I found it to be a rewarding read, well written, and entertaining It is a delicious blend of mystery, romance and action, and I laughed out loud at some of the clever moments and one liners I ve fallen for these characters and their paranormal world, and I cannot wait to continue on with this series. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for a honest review I m rating this book 4 stars One thing I loved about this book was all the detail Every single aspect in this book was perfectly detailed I also want to say this book gets better and better and believable as you read on It did take me a little while to get into this book but once I did it was worth it One thing I really liked about Sachi was her art My favorite chapter was the chapter with Beelzebub I loved his character and overall that chapter was very humorous I thought that one thing unique about this read was all the different first person point of view switches The most interesting character was Griffin I know he was the villain but I found him really interesting And I hope we learn about him later on in this series Unfortunately, I got lost with some of the references to movies and some TV series while reading this And I don t really think that Olivia and Jordy were necessary after the first part of the book Lastly, I want to say I really liked the infernal kingdom aka ice wonderland setting And I hope the author brings it back in the future books I liked and enjoyed this read and will for sure continue this series. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Once, there was nothing but shadows An entire world made only of darkness, absent of all light.One day, so it is said, a star exploded to set the darkness aflame and with the light came life Creatures of all shapes and sizes came into existence, with names like angel, demon, faery, and dragon They existed together peacefully, these new creatures of The Shadowlands Until, eventually, they did not I honestly wasn t sure what i was getting into before reading this, new authors can either be a smack bang hit or disappointing miss Ashlee Nicole Bye is definitely a big old hit Being her first novel, her writing is beyond amazing and i cannot wait to see what else she comes up with The pacing flows, the writing is descriptive but not overly so, the world is unique and the characters are amazing Finding a new Australian author whose book is based in Melbourne WHERE I LIVE is so bloody cool This will be a series i will definitely continue on with, and i honestly cannot wait for the next book Sachi Manning has a relatively normal mundane life, or she did, until her life long best friend Gabe is murdered by someone the media calls the Melbourne Slasher Now Sachi is plagued with nightmares, she has become a recluse and no longer can venture into the city where Gabe s body was found When finally giving into her friends pleading to come out and support their friend at a local gig, Sachi starts noticing things she never noticed before Wings, horns, pointed ears and Gabe But how is he there He is dead Fearing she is slowly losing her mind, she follows him and finds him being held at knifepoint by a hooded figure Did he fake his death If so why Who killed him Why is this man holding a knife to her best friend Julian and Moss are members of the Order of Light and Dark a secret society of reapers led by Lord Mortmen, the Horsemen of Death Their current job, finding out who is behind the mask that is the Melbourne Slasher and why the people killed were killed in the way they were See part of the Order of the Light is to schedule deaths, who, when and how someone is to die, but everyone killed hadn t died in the manor they were supposed too Someone is throwing the balance of life and death and by doing so, could lead to the end of the secret hidden world of the Shadowlands and the human world as they know it.So i haven t even gone over half of what happens in this book, but thats the point right This is a review not a breakdown of the entire book You guys need something to look forward too, so i will say this if you re a fan of Shadowhunters world and Supernatural, this will be the book for you, there are definitely some Shadowhunter Supernatural feels in here, but its also entirely its own and uniquely different This book also has some awesome pop culture references from books movies tv shows video games like The Hunger Games, Star Wars, Final Fantasy , the Vampire Diaries and heaps.The characters themselves are all so different, from a dreadlocked surfer , to a male model plucked right out of GQ magazine, to a biracial badass female protagonist with quirks and a love for Disney movies let s be serious, who can blame her Sachi Manning is not only fierce and funny, but she has a heart of gold for an eighteen year old THE BANTER I loved loved loved how these characters communicated with each other, i literally laughed out loud so many times due to the sas and smartass comments that came from mostly Sachi We also have an array of different creatures, from demons, to angels, to dragons, to fairies and many What is it with you people Why are you all so stabby and kidnappy Why must I always be cast as the psychopath You don t look pleased to see me, love And here i thought we had such a lovely evening the other night You mean after you killed me Yes After that My rating is based on the fact that i honestly loved every single part of this experience, there isn t a single thing i could fault and for a first time author THATS HUGE It had everything i loved, a unique world, supernatural creatures, loveable characters, mystery, romance but not as the main focus , no stupid love triangle, strong female protagonist and awesome banter I also connected with certain scenes, like travelling by train to the city, the state library, Flinders Street and the City Loop all things that i have grown up with and places i have had my own adventure at I will be buying this book as a paperback and will be snapping up the second book as soon as it is released This book will also be added to my favourites list, as it is honestly the best book i have read in awhile Should i mention again that this is Ashlee Nicole Bye s first ever novel Honestly guys, if you are looking for an awesome new series, and love everything i have mentioned above, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU Support a new Australian author, because honestly we need and this book is beyond amazing.Recommended for Fantasy YA Paranormal

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