Opium and Absinthe

Opium and Absinthe From The Bestselling Author Of A Beautiful Poison Comes Another Spellbinding Historical Novel Full Of Intrigue, Occult Mystery, And Unexpected TwistsNew York City,Tillie Pembroke S Sister Lies Dead, Her Body Drained Of Blood And With Two Puncture Wounds On Her Neck Bram Stoker S New Novel, Dracula, Has Just Been Published, And Tillie S Imagination Leaps To The Impossible The Murderer Is A Vampire But It Can T Be Can It A Ravenous Reader And Researcher, Tillie Has Something Of An Addiction To Truth, And She Won T Rest Until She Unravels The Mystery Of Her Sister S Death Unfortunately, Tillie S Addicted To Than Just Truth To Ease The Pain From A Recent Injury, She S Taking And Laudanum And Some In Her Immediate Circle Are Happy To Keep Her Well SuppliedTillie Can T Bring Herself To Believe Vampires Exist But With The Hysteria Surrounding Her Sister S Death, The Continued Vampiric Slayings, And The Opium Swirling Through Her Body, It S Becoming Increasingly Difficult For A Girl Who Relies On Facts And Figures To Know What S Real Or Whether She Can Trust Those Closest To Her

I love salt than chocolate I m somewhat small, yet deceptively strong Sort of like an ant I m a part time doc, full time family member, and if you offer me snacks, I ll be a friend for life.My adult fiction centers around historical mysteries in New York City, with splashes of forensics, anatomy, apothecary medicine, and chemistry A BEAUTIFUL POISON takes place in 1918 at the height of th

[Reading] ➻ Opium and Absinthe  By Lydia Kang – 502udns.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 379 pages
  • Opium and Absinthe
  • Lydia Kang
  • English
  • 02 July 2018

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    2 3 20I historical fiction with death and possible vampires Starts to feel alive again You can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website

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    Immature writing withan underlying perversion.Stopping mid Chapter 2.1 DNF Star.Listen with TTS.Not Clean.Crude Mild Foul Language.

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    Interesting historical fiction murder mystery Very well written Once I started reading, I found myself fully engaged and couldn t put it down I loved the well written characters and the plot was great 4 stars.Thanks to Netgalley the publisher and author for an ARC of this book All opinions are my own.

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    What a fantastic read I absolutely loved this Victorian Murder Mystery with a paranormal touch and a sprinkle of romance The New York City in 1899 was painted so vividly and accurately, I felt immediately immersed in the culture and the environment I was amazed with the detailed and fascinating medical parts, too The main character Tillie was a delight with her forever curious mind, resourcefulness, ambition, and her devotion to her sister Her persistence and bravery to find her sister s killer despite the harsh obstacles such as her injury, spiraling into a drug addiction, and being a prisoner of a strict household and Victorian era etiquette This book made me weep, smile, laugh, and think It was a perfect blend of Sherlock Holmes, Penny Dreadful and a Dress For The Wicked Bonus points for the gorgeous cover

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    Surprisingly New and Wonderful Take on Vampire Stories This novel is hard to box into a category, but I think that is a good thing When I first saw at a book review site that this book would involve vampirism, I initially shied away But I am so glad that I chose this story because it is quite unlike anything I have ever read and as I read over a thousand books a year, that s saying something Truly, it is an immersive read that pulls you right into the Gilded Age in New York City and to the peculiar but wonderful and brilliant mind of the main character, Tillie.I absolutely adored Tillie The author has pulled off deep characterization in a third person story, which isn t easy to do, but she makes it look effortless I loved following the unconventional twists and turns of Tillie s mind You never knew what sort of brief tangent she might go off on, and I loved the tiny surprises that came on every page She revealed much about herself and also sly commentary about her somewhat contracted world and society As she came to struggle with laudanum the 1800s form of opium , I couldn t help but feel for her and want her to break free The author did a marvellous job of showing how someone could become addicted both back in the day and now and how that could alter the person s life But she didn t do so in a heavy or disturbing way She let Tillie, so to speak, tell her story As a nurse, I appreciated the starkness and honesty about something that is even of a plague today Fiction sometimes shows truth than nonfiction, and that happened here.The vampirism aspect comes in when Tillie s sister is found dead with what could be construed as vampire teeth marks I loved that Tillie had such deep love and genuine affection for her sister that she wanted to get this sorted out, no matter what that meant These disparate aspects I ve outlined don t seem like they would go well together, but they do so surprisingly well The author made it work seamlessly I think the author has an incredible talent to be able to pull this story off so masterfully This is the first book that I have read by her, but it will certainly not be the last.The author has created a unique Gilded Age historical mystery with deep characterization, writing an immersive compelling thriller that you don t want to stop reading even if you have other things that you should be doing I highly recommend this story.I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.My book blog

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    A fantastic readI had the opportunity to read this book before publication due to first reads I am so glad that i came across this, i was not sure what i was expecting but this is honestly one of the best that I have read in a long time, what caught my attention was the title Opium and Absinthe A Novel not some thing that i wouldusually be interested in as i do not beleive in the use of dugs whether medially used or recreational or alcohol consumption However, I caught my attention none the less, and i can never say no to an opportunity to read a free book I did not have high hopes for this book, as i mentioned this is not a book that i would typically read, however, when i began i simply could not stop, the plot was enticing, a mystery surrounding a murder, Tillie injured from an accident while riding, tries to deal with her grief turns the the use of opiates, which within the era was not considered to be unlawful as they were prescribed by doctors as simple pain relievers, not knowing what modern medicine knows now regarding the dangers of such medications, the thought of heroin being used for a cough is simply fascinating The plot of the novel also fascinated me, at first i thought oh dear, another vampire book but i was soon mistaken, a murder which looked like a vampire attack was simply committed by a person, and not by the person who you thought it would be There is a little romance also, but not the centre of the story, which is refreshing entirely on it s own I would defiantly recommend this book, 10 out of 10 I am so glad that i gave this book a chance and i encourage others to do so as well.

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    Slow burn, great endingFinally a believable romance without too much fluff Throw in the seemingly accurate period references, Bram Stoker quotes, and plot twists and you ve got yourself a decent read I ve always had a soft spot for historical fiction and this time the romance didn t distract from the historical aspect I will say Ms Kang s writing style tests your vocab in a thesaurus y kind of way that was a little distracting but kind of fun, especially with Kindle s dictionary feature at hand.

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    Interesting ReadI couldn t put this book down It s well written and the mystery of the murders is unexpected Only one caveat, the description of the narcotic use is vivid and I personally don t think this would necessarily be a good book for a recovering addict Just my opinion.

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    I am a huge Dracula fan so when I came across this book I was excited I read this within a day and could not put it down It kept me on the edge of my seat and I had to know how it ended Loved Tillie and Ian

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    What a great book I couldn t put it down.

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