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One Ghost Per Serving Eric Snackerge Has Had A Rough Time Lately After Being Possessed By A Mischievous Spirit, He Lost His Scholarship And Got Blamed For A Scandal That Left Him Blacklisted From The Legal Profession Now He S Working Two Minimum Wage Jobs And Is Desperate To Show His Wife And Daughter That He Can Put His Life Back Together Before His Best Friend Turned Enemy Swoops In And Steals His Family AwayWhen Eric Learns About An Unusual Contest, He Realizes That Winning The Grand Prize Will Help Him Make His Daughter S Dreams Come True But He Ll Have To Overcome His Own Self Doubt Not To Mention The Seemingly Impossible Odds In Order To Achieve That GoalHowever, This Isn T Your Run Of The Mill Sweepstakes Everyone Who Eats The Product Develops An Insatiable Craving For Plus, The People Behind The Contest Are Dispatching Everything From Spy Cameras To Attack Helicopters To Make Sure That Eric Doesn T Get Any FurtherAs Eric Soon Learns, The Contest Was Only The First Phase Of A Much Larger Plan If The Villains Are Successful, They Will Spread A Dangerous Supernatural Pathogen Throughout The Food Supply But With Distribution Of The Tainted Products Already Underway, Does Eric Have What It Takes To Stop Their Plan And Protect His Family From Being The Next Victims NinaPostAuthor.Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaways for The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse and The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse in February

[PDF / Epub] ☄ One Ghost Per Serving  ✓ Nina Post –
  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • One Ghost Per Serving
  • Nina Post
  • English
  • 13 November 2018
  • 9781620070734

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    Book Info Genre Paranormal Fantasy Reading Level Adult Disclosure I received an e galley from Curiosity Quills via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Synopsis Eric Snackerge has had a rough time lately After being possessed by a mischievous spirit, he lost his scholarship and got blamed for a scandal that left him blacklisted from the legal profession Now he s working two minimum wage jobs and is desperate to show his wife and daughter that he can put his life back together before his best friend turned enemy swoops in and steals his family away.When Eric learns about an unusual contest, he realizes that winning the grand prize will help him make his daughter s dreams come true But he ll have to overcome his own self doubt not to mention the seemingly impossible odds in order to achieve that goal.However, this isn t your run of the mill sweepstakes Everyone who eats the product develops an insatiable craving for Plus, the people behind the contest are dispatching everything from spy cameras to attack helicopters to make sure that Eric doesn t get any further.As Eric soon learns, the contest was only the first phase of a much larger plan If the villains are successful, they will spread a dangerous supernatural pathogen throughout the food supply But with distribution of the tainted products already underway, does Eric have what it takes to stop their plan and protect his family from being the next victims My Thoughts This book what can I say about this book It was full of simply ludicrous nonsense of the best type The stores, for instance one sold tools, plus was a bakery and tanning salon Another was called Redemption and Beer Then there is the indoor shooting range restaurant where Eric works part of the time The various entities and spirits that Eric interacts with are an absolute hoot, and their names and the names by which Eric calls the various people around him made me laugh repeatedly One of Eric s friends gives him a text message friend break up link will take you to a Kelly video that I felt was appropriate given the concept.There were a few places where I got a bit lost For instance, I was really puzzled by why, after he had gathered the lids to spell out PUDDING and sent them in to claim the prize, Eric continued to spend his days buying and yogurt It made absolutely no sense to me At one point he says he s sent everything in, but then a day or so later he s talking about needing to send it in again I have no idea Then there is a scene where Taffy supposedly asks to stay at the school to run some tests and Eric is videochatting with her, but then she s there with him I m not sure if I lost track of what was going on, or if there was a plot discrepancy there that was missed.In all, this is a really surreal book, but it s highly readable and a lot of fun I think fans of bizarro fiction will enjoy it the most, as well as those who enjoy fun stuff like Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett This is Ms Posts second book, after Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse Be sure to check it out if you re in the mood for some rather excellent silliness.

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    I enjoyed Nina Post s first book The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse so much, I decided to read everything else she s written I was pleased to find her second book did not disappoint As with her last book, Post s humor is the main attraction, and One Ghost Per Serving kept me entertained the whole way In addition to an absurd and amusing story in order to win his family back, Eric Snackerge attempts to win a contest sponsored by a yogurt company while a pair of shadowy figures within the yogurt company makes it their mission to see him lose oh, and he s also possessed by a ghost who attends regular self help meetings for ghosts who don t want to possess humans any , readers are treated to a portrait of Post s strongest character to date Taffy Snackerge A teenage girl who s terrified and quite knowledgable of infectious bacteria, Taffy serves in a supporting role, but easily steals the spotlight whenever she s featured As a reader, you find yourself rooting for her, even though she s a minor character who doesn t have much ink or e ink devoted to her.All in all, One Ghost is a quick and diverting read, and one which may, in fact, be accessible than Last Condo Board If you were on the fence about Post s first novel, I encourage you to give this one a try It s delightful.

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    Earlier this year I read Nina Post s debut novel The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse It was a fun, diverting read, with some issues So I was excited to see how Post had progressed as a writer with her second novel One Ghost Per Serving The short verdict A lot The issues I had with her debut were gone from her sopho effort What remains is a highly entertaining story of a man, a ghost and a hunt for justice In contrast to The Last Condo Board, One Ghost Per Serving definitely does have some deeper themes underlying the fun of the story, creating a richer narrative and a satisfying reading experience.Eric Snackerge is an everyman character having been slapped down by life, he s stuck working dead end jobs which barely allow him to make ends meet and is slowly losing his family However, life s beat down of Eric came with a twist of the paranormal though, as he was possessed by a ghost, Rex, at the end of his college days, which signalled the beginning of the end for Eric s promising future, at least to Eric s mind I liked Eric and could sympathise with him, though he trod the line of being sympathetic to being weak quite closely His development throughout the novel was very well handled and I really like his gradual realisation that he may have been dealt a crap hand, but he s the one that ran with it instead of folding and starting over His interactions with Rex are both hilarious and touching, with Rex genuinely caring for Eric and trying to help him solve his problems Rex has his own issues and while he s flighty at times, he seems to have his incorporeal heart in the right place I loved their support group composed of other spirits and their human sponsors Who ever thought a jar of pickles could be housing a spirit and be sympathetic too I really enjoyed the fact that the other spirits weren t just comic relief, but had a true function in the plot as well Eric s wife Willa is an interesting character as well, with her cool competence and focus, but the one who really stole my heart was Taffy I loved her quirkiness, her precociousness, her obsession with food safety, and her complete disregard to the normal conventions of social interaction She s very much over the top and I might question some of the parenting choices made for her, but I thought she was fabulous.Eric s story is interspersed with that of Nathan and DZ, his opponents in the plot, and a few chapters from both Willa and Taffy s points of view This keeps it interesting and I loved the absurdity of DZ s way of running his business One Ghost Per Serving is set in what seems to be a contemporary setting somewhere in Iowa As in Post s previous novel, there is minimal world building, just that which is necessary to the story, but never so little that it because a problem I enjoy Post s humorous writing style, though weirdly enough it leads to not taking elements of the plot as seriously I kept thinking some of the happenings in the book are rather absurd and implausible, where perhaps in an urban fantasy novel that takes itself seriously, I wouldn t blink twice at some of them This isn t necessarily a problem it s just something I m not really familiar with when reading.Underneath One Ghost Per Serving s humour and shenanigans, there are some serious themes The main one seems to be the message that we need to have self confidence that a lack of it leaves us vulnerable to our own inner demons and the predatory ones in the real world For example, some of the reasons Rex gives for being able to possess Eric so completely could be applied to domestic abuse situations as well Another theme is the need for pro activeness in striving to achieve our goals, whether they re happiness, financial security or the respect of others Eric might be the one being taught this lesson, but it s modelled by several other characters, such as Willa s single minded pursuit of her passion for HVAC, Rex s attending a support group for spirits who want to stop possessing people, and Taffy, who basically strives to achieve financial independence through her secret candy making gig.One Ghost Per Serving both made me laugh and made me think Post s development as a writer is clear and I can t wait to discover what she comes up with next If you d like to try a humorous kind of fantasy tale, One Ghost Per Serving is just the ticket very entertaining and this time with a bit substance.This book was provided for review by the publisher.

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    Eric Snackerge is a handsome and sexy man who has lost 18 months of his life being possessed by a spirit As a consequence of which, his life has fallen apart he was about to become a successful lawyer, but now he lives in a bus he works as a semi naked waiter in a ladies bar his wife wants to divorce him and move far away with their daughter.Things couldn t be depressing, but can surely be complicated The spirit who used to possess him, Rex, wants him to be his human sponsor at a self help gathering of spirits willing to stop possessing humans.Meanwhile a yogurt producer targets Eric during a crazy commercial campaign that aims to make Quantal yogurt the most wanted yogurt in the country by means of addictive commercial ghosts mixed to the yogurt.Through many funny adventures and misadventures, Eric, Rex and the ghosts from the self help group succeed in saving the world and Eric s marriage.Thanks to Curiosity Quill Press for the preview Eric Snackerge un uomo attraente e sexy stato posseduto per 18 mesi da un fantasma, e per questo motivo non ricorda nessuno degli avvenimenti che hanno contribuito a buttare all aria la sua vita era sul punto di diventare un avvocato di grande successo, e ora vive in un camper lavora come cameriere in un bar dove costretto a indossare corna, pantaloncini cortissimi e aderenti e un bolero che non sta mai chiuso sua moglie vuole divorziare e trasferirsi in una citt lontana portando la figlia con s.Sembra che le cose non possano essere pi deprimenti di cos , ma di sicuro possono complicarsi Rex, lo spirito che ha posseduto Eric per 18 mesi, vuole essere accompagnato ai raduni di un gruppo di sostegno per fantasmi che vogliono liberarsi dalla loro smania di possedere gli umani.Nel frattempo la Quantal Organic Yogurt mette in atto una discutibile strategia commerciale volta a fare del Quantal yogurt lo yogurt pi venduto del paese.Eric si trova pi coinvolto di quanto vorrebbe nei loro piani, che prevedono l utilizzo di particolari fantasmi che, mescolati allo yogurt, creano dipendenza.Tra molte spassose avventure e disavventure, Eric, Rex e gli altri fantasmi del gruppo di sostegno riusciranno a salvare il mondo e il matrimonio di Eric.Grazie alla Curiosity Quill Press per avermi concesso una copia in anteprima.

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    In One Ghost Per Serving, we meet Eric, a down on his luck, blacklisted, almost lawyer his wife Willa and his brainy daughter Taffy and his attached at the hip ghost Rex Eric was on his way to a bright career as a lawyer until he drank a sample of a POUNCE and with it consumed the spirit of Rex Rex took over Eric s body for the next sixteen months, leaving Eric panicked and confused This book picks up years later, Eric has been fired from the law firm where he was interning and his family life is a complete mess He ll do anything to make things right with his daughter Taffy and goes on a yogurt spree in order to win her a paid research trip When I started reading this book, I spent the first few pages wondering, what the heck is going on here Mostly, why is this guy wearing antlers and talking to a ghost From the first page, I was dying to know what would happen next Eric was definitely a guy who had a lot going for him, good looks, brains, and at one point, he was well on his way to becoming a successful lawyer Yet, he doesn t believe in himself Usually, those type of characters annoy me I want them to just snap out of their self wallowing and take control of the situation, but I liked Eric Maybe because most of the time, Rex was around to tell Eric exactly what I was thinking, but also because his insecurities are believable I connected with his character, but I would have liked an opportunity to see the root of these problems.Overall, the story was as funny was it was touching commerce spirits in the food, secondary characters with names like Sequen Tank, and support groups for ghosts trying to overcome their addiction to possessing people Below the comical surface it deals with deep issues like self doubt, low self esteem and relationship problems My favorite parts include the banter between Rex and Eric Although Rex is constantly pushing Eric to be confident, he exhibits self doubt issues in a very different way Favorite Quote You ve got a little commerce spirit on your pants there My verdict I highly recommend this book, and I ll definitely be checking out other works by this author in the future.

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    Review of One Ghost Per ServingReviewed via NetGalley5 StarsI m not quite sure how to categorise this novel although I give it 5 stars because it is thoroughly enjoyable, memorable, quite thought provoking, and I m happy to have read it so I ll call it comedic psychological paranormal Following the foibles of poor Eric, and his misguided fellow characters, kept me chuckling all the way through, even though I don t usually enjoy comic relief The author did a wonderful job of delving into the psychologies and the psyches of her various characters, many of whom are quite neurotic and could probably benefit from a strong dose of extended therapy who, after all, buys every instance of a particular branded yogurt product in order to win an unwinnable contest to please his scientific twelve year old daughter Or lives in an RV because his HVAC instructor wife doesn t want him around any Not to mention the Shopaholic, wealthy, owner of the firm promoting this yogurt well, you get the idea.At heart, the story is about a man who lost almost everything when he was possessed by a ghost in law school and over thirteen years later, is still trying to make sense of his life, still dogged by the same ghost, and now is introduced to wait for it , a Support Group for Ghosts Grab this novel, laugh along, cry for Eric and just enjoy yourself immensely, as did I.I reviewed an e book copy via

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    This book was a break from the norm for me I usually don t read supernatural genre with the exception of a few adult and YA titles The ones I do read lean toward vampire and witch rather than ghosts.This book was like a Goosebumps for grownups Quirky characters and odd spirits abound in this simple to read story The author infused a light humor and I really liked how the author referred to minor character s by nicknames based on looks We totally do this at my house Simple, light and unconventional, this is a nice read if your looking for something slightly outside the box.

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    A fun, quick read Brit humor, with quirky characters and an unusual plot The main character, Eric, is the ultra paranoid conspiracy theorist since his life was ruined when he was possessed by a spirit, Rex the main principal being that his fears are grounded in the book s reality I received a free review copy of this book from NetGalley There were a few discrepancies in the plot chronology and a couple typos in the copy these errors may be fixed in the final edition.

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    don t miss this one

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