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Obsidian and Stars In The Sequel To Ivory And Bone The Prehistoric Fantasy Novel That New York Times Bestselling Author Amie Kaufman Described As A Richly Crafted World Of Life And Death Stakes The Story Shifts To Mya S Viewpoint As Vengeful Adversaries Force Her To Flee The Life She Once KnewAfter Surviving The Chaotic Battle That Erupted After Lo And The Bosha Clan Attacked, Now Mya Is Looking Ahead To Her Future With Kol All The Things That Once Felt So Uncertain Are Finally Falling Into Place But The Same Night As Kol And Mya S Betrothal Announcement, Mya S Brother Chev Reveals His Plan To Marry His Youngest Sister Lees To His Friend Morsk The Only Way To Avoid This Terrible Turn Of Events, Morsk Informs Mya When He Corners Her Later, Is For Mya To Take Lees Place And Marry Him Herself Refusing To Marry Anyone Other Than Her Beloved, And In An Effort To Protect Her Sister, Mya Runs Away To A Secret Island With Lees And Though It Seems Like The Safest Place To Hide Until Things Back Home Blow Over, Mya Soon Realizes She S Been Followed Lurking Deep In The Recesses Of This Dangerous Place Are Rivals From Mya S Past Whose Thirst For Revenge Exceeds All ReasonWith The Lives Of Her Loved Ones On The Line, Mya Must Make A Move Before The Enemies Of Her Past Become The Undoing Of Her Future

Julie Eshbaugh is the author of IVORY AND BONE and OBSIDIAN AND STARS from HarperTeen She used to have trouble staying in one spot, having lived in places as varied as Utah, France, and New York City Julie eventually returned home to the Philadelphia area, where she now lives with her husband, son, cat and dog Her favorite moments are when the unexpected happens and she cheers loudest when the

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  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Obsidian and Stars
  • Julie Eshbaugh
  • 11 April 2019
  • 9780062399281

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    So what is Obsidian and Stars Effortlessly resonanting with timeless themes and harrowing action cinematics sure to freeze the blood and jelly the spine against the backdrop of an imagantively ancient, magnificently beautiful and immutably deadly stage, Obsidian and Stars from Julie Eshbaugh is a sequel so incredible it s like getting your favorite band s follow up album and goingwow Wow WOW Then you end up wondering if you like the first or second book better, because they re so goodso differentbut stillso harmonious Two halves of one whole The sun and the moon The right and left handWait, am I talking about the books Or am I talking about Kol and Mya From the first word, the narrative belongs to Mya Strong, dynamic, self contained, tragically conflicted Mya Lightining in a bottle Mya Beautiful, passionate, perfectly flawed Mya, ready to begin a brand new life with the one she loves, only to find, all too soon, it is that very life changing desicion she has made which will ignite the fuse of destiny and push her down a dark and dangerous path, fraught with enough life and death drama to steal the sleep of every reader who dares tread alongside Mya and her many tests and trials under the thumb of The Divine and the frozen cauldron of prehistoric betrothal and familial betrayal.Bridezillas, eat your heart out This is drama.Mya shocked me in all the best ways, because in Ivory and Bone, she is a puzzle of near mystical locks and keys I didn t know who she was as much as I knew how much Kol loved her The nebulous beauty of her soul was like a swathe of stars in the sky, butobscured by clouds Covered Hidden But listening to her talk, and walking her walk, and feeling the immense burden placed upon her and sifting through her emotions and her senses, seeing with her eyes, I was struck with how much I could relate to her, and how much I knew her down to the depths of her darkest night.How much she was a lot like me.And maybe even a lot like you.Whoever you may be, it s very easy to like Obsidian and Stars Especially if you ve spent the time with Ivory and Bone, as Julie Eshbaugh s skillfully sense driven prose is as sure handed, perfectly balanced and as razor sharp as a hunting spear, with act two of Mya and Kol and the Clans thrilling and satisfying and romantic to the very end.My deepest gratitude and heart felt thanks to Julie Eshbaugh and HarperTeen for this fantastic signed paperback ARC which makes me feel likewell, like a member of the family, pulling up a mat under the rippling bigtop of the communal mammoth hide tent to share the marvelous magic of an amazing story.Recommended for everyone.

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    I listened to this on audio and I really don t think that format suited it Or at least the narrator didn t do it any favors It was narrated by Suzanne Elise Freeman and while her dialogue was fine, she read the long stretches of descriptions in a pretty lifeless way that didn t engage me at all, particularly during action scenes I zoned out very easily and know that I did not absorb this story as much as I did the first book, which I read in print.It s hard to tell whether all of my issues with not being engaged were due to just the narration or in part due to the writing as well It did seem to me like not much happened A lot of time was spent focusing on doing this one task that it seemed everything would hinge on and then it resolved easily A bunch of characters were suddenly thrown in and the clans started to go to war but I could not remember all of the names and alliances so I was not invested in the outcome.I really like Mya and Kol as characters though Ultimately, I wish I had read a print copy to better take in the urgency of the action scenes and remember details As it was, I don t think this was a particularly necessary sequel Will probably still read the 3rd book though.

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    2.5 stars If you caught my recent review of Ivory and Bone, you ll remember me saying I really enjoyed the book, but had a few issues with the logistics feeling a bit forced Eshbaugh was modeling the story after Pride and Prejudice, trying to follow the same basic storyline My hope going into Obsidian and Stars was that it would feel a little organic and free flowing which it actually did The trouble is, I found a different set of issues to complain about long the way Obsidian and Stars lost a bit of the magic that made Ivory and Bone so unique The creative story construction in IB around an atypical narrative was my favorite part it was presented as recounting, where a boy told the girl his perspective from the point when they first met It was so cool In OS, however, the POV switched to straightforward first person There was also very minimal cultural immersion, which took away the other element that set Ivory and Bone apart The one consistency I can praise is Eshbaugh s beautiful writing voice if I finish the series, it might be for that alone.My biggest issue, however, were the conflicts.Most of the obstacles the character faced in Obsidian and Stars were caused by what I viewed as bad decision making and a general lack of common sense almost to an infuriating degree Because of this, I felt very un invested for most of the novel while they ran around fixing these self induced problems most of which also felt incredibly unfeasible the juxtaposition between teen angst toleration and the harsh realities of prehistoric life are pretty laughable I overlooked it in IB, but I lost patience in the second Further, all of the remaining conflicts were so similar to what happened in the first book that I found myself losing interest even further to the point where it was a struggle to finish.I d really hoped the second book would ve taken the story beyond the narrow framework of the first and really expanded on this cool setting Despite my disappointment with Obsidian and Stars, I like Eshbaugh s writing voice and the basic components to her story well enough that I might still pick up the third book when it comes out in 2018 I m just really hoping when I do I ll see stronger conflicts and a heavier focus on the things that make this series special.Other books you might like Flame in the Mist Renee AhdiehSoundless Richelle MeadThe Glittering Court Richelle MeadThe Girl of Fire and Thorns Rae CarsonCinder Marissa MeyerVia The Obsessive Bookseller at www.NikiHawkes.com

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    Crazy fast pace happenings in this installment I am actually really enjoying this series Now to wait another year for the next installment Sigh.

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    This book loved it sooo many times it brings you thru the feels, the roller coaster ride of emotion I enjoyed book 1 but really loved book 2 story has action thru the whole book things I love And this book shows even friends stick together no matter what.

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    I am so fortunate to have received an ARC of this amazing book ahead of the presses Eshbaugh completely floored me with the first installment of this series, and I knew I had a lot to look forward to with the second book I award this book 4.5 stars.Because the first book ended so perfectly and without a cliffhanger, I was wondering and I ll admit a little worried about how Eshbaugh would continue the story in the sequel I shouldn t have worried she got me to love a prehistoric fantasy after all, which I thought was impossible We are re introduced to the wonderful characters from the first Kol, the beloved narrator from the first book, takes a bit of a backseat as we are now in a first person narrative of Mya, the girl he has fallen for literally and figuratively Mya and Kol seem to be so close to their happily ever after, and yet, dissent still brews both internally and externally The two clans struggle with combining forces as well as keeping their distinct cultures and history Chev, Mya s older brother and leader of their clan, has passed a decree that causes Mya to make a drastic decision to preserve her younger sister s happiness And while it made sense to me as a reader at the time, what follows at least makes me wonder if it was the right decision after all.What I loved Eshbaugh s writing is gorgeous, lush, and on point As with the first book, I was drawn in with the lyrical prose I m a plot girl and typically just skip through description, but instead, I found myself just wanting to wrap myself in the warmth of her words She absolutely amazes me I loved getting to see Mya s perspective in this book, as she remains quite a mystery from the first She is a powerful woman, and it s nice to see her coming into her own as a leader in her own right I loved the introduction of a new character, Noni, but I won t say to not spoil the reader The book is fast paced and I tore through it in two days would have been one, but I forced myself to go to sleep so I wouldn t be dying at work the next day I really liked seeing Kol and Mya s relationship develop , and getting to see the politics of the clans I also loved the themes of clan versus family and different ways to lead for the same goals I also marveled how this didn t feel like filler, but an entire encapsulated story on its own and beautifully done Definitely no sopho slump here Just a very small point, and this probably would have been rectified if I reread the first installment prior to reading the ARC, but especially with the introduction of so many new characters, it sometimes was hard keeping track of who everyone was I did miss being in Kol s head, but that s probably because he s my book boyfriend.Overall, I loved revisiting this world and the wonderful writing of Eshbaugh this is a fantastic book This second installment should be on the top of everyone s to read list

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    See my full review and much on my blog KissinBlueKaren I have to give my hats off to Julie Eshbaugh for writing such tense fight scenes wrapped into such beautiful prose This story is almost non stop adventure right from the beginning Every battle has authentic touches that never let me forget when we were That thing I said in my review of IVORY AND BONE about the dress , forget I said that Right away Mya is talking about her wedding dress and how she makes it In fact, the dress and the tools are major factors in this story Also, the world is vividly described so it s as if I was right there.Mya was such a mystery for me going into this story I saw her the way Kol saw her and described her in IVORY AND BONE She is a strong girl who values family above all else Mya s voiced proved her loyalty time and again Mya wants to do the right things and will fight for justice I am sad to say that this book is not written as if Mya is telling the story like the first book was I loved that writing but this is a pretty good follow up.The beautiful descriptive writing is still there, but in Mya s POV There was the introduction of a few new characters in this story which added to the story, and the clans The big question after all the battles is how to remain true to their individual clans, aka family, while still becoming a couple It doesn t seem possible for these two distinct clans, with different traditions and customs to become one I think the author solved this dilemma in the best way possible.From what I understand, this will be the last book, so it ends up being a duo logy instead of a trilogy The ending in this book leaves no doubt that everything is as it should be for these characters I really enjoyed these books I felt they were wholly original and action packed.

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    Review to come.

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