Obsession He Wanted His Fun With No CommitmentsNicola Knew All The Reasons Why She Should Remain Nothing Than Lang Hyland S Secretary That Was All She Ever Intended To BeLang Was A Womanizer He Preferred Big Eyed Blondes, But His Interest Waned After Three Months Nicola Had Watched Enough Women Tearing Their Hearts Out Over Him To Feel ImmuneThen Why, She Asked Herself, Should She Feel So Upset When He Again Made His Position Clear I Ve Absolutely No Intention Of Getting Married, Lang Said, And I Know You Wouldn T Consider Anything Else

Sheila Holland,

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  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Obsession
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 01 October 2019
  • 9780373103935

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    What can I say, I m a sucker for a strong, lovable and likable heroine and this heroine certainly fits the bill This was a fun and engaging read about a woman who works for the king of all man whores and is fighting her attraction and his since she doesn t want to become another notch on the bedpost When Lamb wrote this hero, she threw away the mold The story grabbed me from the first page and took me on one of the best rides in HP Land If you missed this one for some reason, or have it on your long TBR pile, I highly recommend moving it up ESPECIALLY for those of you that avoid Lamb like the plague for all the reasons we won t mention here This one is very different from her usual stories and approach.My only reason for 4 stars versus 5 stars, is I am not convinced that this HEA is really in the making I give it three months his usual track record before he starts skipping out on her and doing blondes A ring on the finger won t stop his infidelity and his whole I am caged attitude didn t sit well with me.But hey, she finally got him.so now all she has to do is figure out how to keep him Phew, I get tired just thinking about it Good luck, girlfriend

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    I remember reading this when it came out in 1980 We my two friends and I who pooled our money and bought HPs once a month were so confused by it LOL We knew hero was an unrepentant womanizer and not very nice to the heroine his secretary and yet by the end of the story he was offering marriage, talking of their twenty fifth wedding anniversary and showing respect for the heroine for her cunning ways It all seemed so sophisticated and light years from our high school romances Maybe it was a British thing LOLNow I can read it and see that H h were well suited The heroine was no cringing violet and she had a temper to match the hero s She also matched him in how clueless she was about her own feelings until the hero voiced them And in a satisfying declaration, poor tiger hero showed his belly and said he loved her too Oh, and all those OM and OWs they burned through including his brother and her sister collateral damage, I guess I couldn t take any of them seriously as the H h had all the chemistry The wry hungry tiger tethered goat imagery was hilarious to me and CL didn t over do it Looking at you, Laura Florand If you haven t read this one, or it s been a long time, give it a go It s a fun story.

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    It was an entertaining book but if you are looking for Romance with a capital R, I would not recommend it It was like a farce, with the protagonists one upping each other at every turn, both of them terrified to reveal any real emotions, both of them hiding under glib, distanced masks.He is absolutely agonized by the idea of marriage, a cage where he will be chained up for life and miserable She is too proud to risk becoming another notch on his bedpost Homeboy gets around Even h sister is not immune to his rapacious instincts Meanwhile, she dates his brother so he can be the buffer between them.I don t know I certainly enjoyed the sharp, humorous dialogue The heroine has a tongue like razors and the hero enjoys being cut But overall,it felt sad to me, how terrified these two were of intimacy and commitment I just did not believe in their HE A and I wouldn t be surprised if he returned to his cheating ways shortly after the honeymoon and we would have a divorce to end all acrimonious divorces.Sorry CL, I love you,but you just didn t sell me on this one.

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    Mildly amusing cat and mouse romance with a shaky HEA.Neither Lang nor Nicola seemed convinced in Lang s ability to remain faithful, so I wasn t either consequently 1 Lang, like many a romantic hero, had established himself as a notorious womanizer with zero belief in committed and loving relationships This wasn t a problem in of itself, but it IS problematic when the hero frequently doubts his own ability to commit What would have helped eased my doubts is a long, heartfelt declaration of undying love or an epilogue set into the future featuring a happily married Lang and Nicola.2 The ending concluded with Nicola believing that her relationship with Lang wouldn t last very long Are you kidding me, Charlotte Lamb What a downer.The bright sides were the author s sparkling writing and the cat and mouse chase I found the latter ironic since Nicola kept Lang at a distance because she didn t want to be a passing fancy of his, not to lure him in as he believed There s also a brief and light hearted spanking scene that might offend Taken in context it demonstrated Lang s inability to handle Nicola s cock blocking tactics And I can t forget to mention Lang s tendency to call Nicola a bitch whenever she provoked him, which seemed to be quite often Politically correct it wasn t, but amusing You bet.

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    My progress graph 20% whoa such a cool funky heroine who takes no shit from the H Amazing 40% What what s he doing seducing the h s MARRIED sister Is it a bid for attention NO TF 50% Oh, Lord is the firm s competitor gonna create trouble Is that why he s being mentioned umm..no 60% Other M e n interensted in the h Not one, not two but THREE Ahem P.S I m glad she left the hero He had it coming, yay 75% H s weird why s she going back to him 80% Where TF is this going I m confused 95% Why is he spanking her for C s sake why what d she do wrong 100%The endMy reactiono_O O_O O_o

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    I saw a review of Obsession, checked and realized I had read it and given it 4 stars no less Since I ve delved into HP world, I ve learned to really appreciate Charlotte Lamb s writing so wanted to recall why I gave it 4 stars.Hell if I know The hero is such an out and out stinker that even the 4 star feisty heroine can knock this up to 4 stars Skillet alert SPOILERS.The h is the secretary to Asshat Womanizer and Business Man Extradonnairre Just ask him She s pretty fed up doing his dirty work like ordering yet another bouquet of red roses for the soon to be jettisoned chick Even by HP standards he is a cliche They have a rocky relationship, but he can t get through the day without her In a business capacity He hears that her sister is coming to town and once he finds out the h doesn t want her shallow and married sister meeting him, he pulls out all the stops to get to her and succeeds What s both amusing and kind of tragic is that the heroine is less concerned about the sanctity of marriage than she is about her all about me vapid sister being an anchor around her neck again The h loves her, but loves her better when she s in North England view spoiler The H connives to meet the sister and the h finds them them kissing on her couch, and it is than a little compromising She is disgusted and furious at the both of them Her reaction both alarms and enrages the H as who is she to tell him how to act Stars for her complete dismissal of his pouty all about me routine This is one H who should have spent time in the time out chair The sister is equally gobsmacked as the h has always been pretty tolerant of her bratty behavior As with many weak people caught doing something wrong, she gets petulant and angry with the h and storms home to her poor husband who is equally sick of her hide spoiler

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    I don t know how I didn t read this sooner AMazinnnggggg.The heroine Nicola was great and up there with other h written by lamb She eptiomied everything a woman with backbone should be If only h in hplandia were strong and willed like her eventually she got her man What a ride Loved this one Loved Lang he was broken man by the time he got round to winning her over Hilarious at times, great chemistry and believable HEA Favourite snippet from the book I should have locked the door and got under the bed the day I first set eyes on you, Lang went on Even if I felt like straying I ve got a horrible suspicion I wouldn t get an inch from your side He put a hand to his throat, frowning I hope to God nobody can see it What she asked, puzzled The collar and leash, said Lang with a wry emphasis He looked at her, grinning Admit it, Nicky I was set up, wasn t I You ve played it superbly and I don t believe it wasn t all a cool plot There s still time to escape, Nicola murmured, smiling with her eyes lowered There s the door, Lang I won t try to stop you going through it That s the real cunning of it, isn t it I wouldn t go even if you begged me to You couldn t get me out of here with a loaded gun aimed at my head The cage is too invitingly baited A Keeper for sure

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    3.5 stars Ah, the days before sexual harrassment suits.

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    An okay read, nothing spectacular, but it wasn t that bad either It took too long for the heroine to warm up to the hero though For a good while it was really just a secretary boss relationship and I didn t see the chemistry between them, but after she caught him making out with her sister emotions started running wild The hero kept things interesting with his bad tempered book throwing personality, but I would have liked to see the chemistry between the leads from the beginning or at least see them fall in love gradually, but the hero s POV was missing and the heroine didn t start to show her attraction for him until half way through the book Even the physical obsession which the heroine kept mentioning wasn t shown We should have SEEN her checking him out all the time and thinking how good looking he was if that was her obsession, not told how obsessed she was with doing it As a reader you never once see that, so I felt like I missed out on something whenever she mentioned it With the few CL I ve read so far I ve notice that she doesn t like to SHOW but tell 2.5 stars

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    Loved the spunky heroine in this one I read it in one sitting last night There was even a spanking LOL

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