Night Vision

Night Vision Eons Ago, Vampires Tried To Turn The Dark Fae In Order To Harness Their Magic, Only To Create A Demonic Enemy Powerful Than They Could Have Imagined Now, Even With Myst, The Queen Of The Indigo Court, Temporarily Out Of Action, The New Queens Of The Golden Wood Find Themselves Facing Incredible DangerDestined To Become The Fae Queens Of Winter And Summer, Wind Witch Cicely And Her Cousin, Rhiannon, Are Eager To Assume Their Roles And Marry The Loves Of Their Lives But While Myst Hides In The Shadows, Seeking To Regroup Her Forces, Another Danger Is Lurking Closer Renegade Vampires Geoffrey And Leo Manage To Free The Blood Oracle And Set Him Upon New Forest, Washington Not Satisfied With Wreaking Havoc On The Town, Leo Ups The Ante By Kidnapping Rhiannon Now, Cicely Must Lead Her Forces In A Bloody Battle To Save Her Cousin Before Everything They Ve Worked For Crumbles To Dust

New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and is the author of over sixty books numerous series, including the Wild Hunt Series, the Fury Unbound Series, the Otherworld Series, the Bewitching Bedlam Series, and She s also written nonfiction metaphysical books She is the 2011 Career Achievement Award Winner in Urban Fantasy, given by RT Magazine Yasmine has been in the Craft since 1980, is a shamanic witch and High Priestess She describes her life as a blend of teacups and tattoos She lives in Kirkland, WA, with her husband Samwise and their cats Yasmine can be reached via her web site at Sign up for her newsletter at

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    Originally posted at Quote Life is often an illusion, Cicely Illusion that is very real, very strong, but still place the right amount of force on the right spot and it breaks Night Vision, the fourth installment of Yasmine Galenorn s dark and sensual fae fantasy, picks up right where Night Seeker ended Well plotted and cast with characters that are strong and personable, Night Vision is filled with taut suspense, delicious intrigue, and dangerous antagonists While Night Seeker was the turning point of the series very physical and action packed, Night Vision is the emotional aftermath Galenorn spends than half the book addressing the emotional changes Cicely is experiencing as she takes her place as the Queen Of Winter We are taken deep into Cicely s psyche as she struggles to overcome her fears of the future and her sorrow at what she is losing A strong storyline with captivating subplots further drives this story towards the finale as Cicely, her wounded prince, and an obsessed vampire all fight for what they want.Ms Galenorn continues to evolve and strengthen her convoluted world with her own fascinating twists on supernatural mythology that first started in Night Veil Detailed descriptions and scenes define this installment as Cicely meets the Winter Court and learns what will be expected of her as Queen There is no turning back for her or Rhiannon The arc remains a subtle presence as long running open storylines are finally closed for good Galenorn is preparing for the end, leaving clues that will have long time readers wondering how she can end this series with our hearts in tact The world continues to blend carnal passions, electrifying action, dynamic characters, and stark reality into a sensuous feast for the senses Well plotted, it creates a satisfying development for the main characters and culminates in two very different sort of conflicts that will be decided in the final book.I continue to enjoy Cicely Waters as a character Loyal, intelligent, and strong willed, she has made choices that many would balk at making yet she made them without batting an eye A perfect heroine whose strong moral code that shines against the manipulations of those around her Born to a drug user with no knowledge of her father, her survival on the streets made her into the warrior we see before us Her maturity has grown throughout the series, though she still has a vulnerable side that preserves her humanity We continue to share an intimate connection with Cicely as her pain, her sorrow, and her triumphs become our own It has been an exciting ride as we have watched her grow from a solitary figure to having friends, family, and a lover She is still scared but she has learned to trust in herself and others She has finally reached the point where she can share her life freely with her lover, Grieve, but her association with the Vampire Court will continue to shadow her.Grieve and Lannan are the two men who are integral parts of Cicely s life Grieve, a former Fae Prince of Summer, has been a part of Cicely s life since she was a little girl Past installments show us that they are actually old souls who cheated death and found a way to reunite Grieve s love for Cicely is a physical entity Their chemistry burns the pages with each small moment they are able to steal Lannan, on the other hand, is a sado masochist vampire whose obsession with Cicely has only brought pain to their relationship Cicely originally signed a contract with the Crimson Court and Lannon for help, but her rise to royalty dissolved the contract and left Lannon angry over the circumstances In Night Seeker, she and Lannan formed a tentative truce that is reinforced in here, leaving us to wonder what new position he will hold in her life.The cast of supporting characters are a vivid and dynamic group Each one fully capable of holding their own story I like that each have distinct, separate personalities and substories ensuring they are never overwhelmed by our protagonists The main conflict of the story is a whirlwind of intrigue, tension, and action, though for me it was short and I wish the two storylines had balanced better As I stated earlier, than half the book is spent watching Cicely and Rhiannon to a much smaller extent , take the thrones and I felt the in depth descriptions and internal thoughts dragged the story down in certain areas I also wish sometimes we could see other POVs besides Cicely s I would pay big money to know where Lannan is emotionally right now.Regardless of my small issues, Yasmine Galehorn s Indigo Court series is an addictive heady noir urban fantasy that stretches all your boundaries I highly recommend I am looking forward to Night s End, set to release in July 2014, though I am sad this is the final book of series.Overall Rating B

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    FAIRY THOUGHTSFavorite Line s You are my everything You are my Queen Do not let the darkness swallow you, my love We stood there, linked, twin cousins, fire and ice against the shadows outside, as they grew dark and long, and looming I can hardly wait to claim our marriage bed, he whispered Anywhere, loving you is a joy, but when we are married when you are my Queen and I your King, all will be right with the world In every battle, there is a death The loser may laugh it off if the war is short and sweet and without cost Or the loser may bleed out, if the war is to the death Wow Galenorn has done it again Cicely is amazing She has grown into this amazing Character that is amazing to read about In this one the Queens are to be crowned, marriages are happening, and that bad guys are right at the door Geoffrey, Leo, and Crawl are out to get Cicely and Rhia The actually get Rhia and do some horrible things to her It broke my heart to read what happen to her Then when they are trying to get her back Crawl gets his fangs and claws on Cicely The only way to save her is for Lannan to give her blood which will bring on Blood Fever Poor Grieve is a amazing man He knew what would happen but, didn t even hesitate as long as Cicely was ok I m thinking Lannan will end up being a problem down the road In this one Myst was recovering so we didn t see her at all but, the threat is there I m dying to see what will happen with the next book This book didn t disappoint FIVE QUEEN FAIRIES

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    5 starsRIP Rex and Anadey Glad Cicely became the Queen of Snow and Ice Also glad that Rhiannon became the Queen of Rivers and Rushes Nice to see Grieve, Chatter, Luna, Kaylin, Peyton, and Ysandra Bye, bye Geoffrey and Leo Scary that Crawl got released Hope they will be able to stop Myst Can t wait to read Night s End

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    Fourth in the Indigo Court urban fantasy horror series revolving around Cicely Waters, a young fae queen in waiting.My TakeI had been so looking forward to this story, and ended up gagging my way through it Galenorn can t have it both ways Either the girls are aware of the danger they re in or they re not Because I can t believe anyone can be this stupid Cicely is supposed to be so street smartis she in a coma It was like reading schizophrenia mania with Cicely claiming that, ooh, Gregory, Leo, and Myst are all out to get them and they must take care They cannot be allowed to prevent the queens from being crowned or their friends hurt or yadda yadda yadda So, naturally, in the best of stupid moves, they re constantly insisting on wandering off into danger They go shopping in town and don t get under cover when it gets dark They don t take enough guards with them They wander off for a walk and insist on being unfettered They don t arrange for guards on Veil House When they go off on one of their rescues, naturally, they wait until noon before they go out God forbid they should have to wander in tunnels, etc for than four hours Then there s Crawl of whom Cicely is terrified Does this help her choose to play it safe, to be practical Why, noooo, what fun would that be WTF Why would they think they d be fine in daylight They know the vampires have day runners Heck, Leo was one.It got to a point where I was crossing my fingers and hoping they d be taken Genetic selection at its finest What goes through an author s or their editor s heads when they allow this to slide by It makes no sense and simply pisses me off I didn t want to speak for everyone grin In keeping with the lack of intelligence, Cicely plays with her own wind magic and royally screws up the first few times only to magically get it when she really needs to use it The scene in which Lannan finally gets Cicely into his bed is just lame It feels like it was tossed in for sexual tension Although, to be fair, it is consistent with the rest of this story S T U P i D.Huge info dump some twenty pages in For all Cicely s supposed to be so street smart, I guess she must have lost it somewhere.Why bring up the Lupa clan if you re not going to go anywhere with it To be honest, it reads like Galenorn had to rush this off to meet her deadline There s no finesse, no buildup, no thought involved Try to borrow this from the library instead of wasting your money on it.The StoryThey will be crowned no matter what evil threatens The CharactersCicely Waters is a Wind Witch and an owl shifter, about to be crowned Queen of Winter, an Unseelie Court of the Dark Fae Ulean is a Wind Elemental bound to Cicely when she was young Grieve is the love of Cicely s life, but he was caught by Myst and is now Vampiric Fae and battles the blood lust every day Krystal is her dead mother Lord Strict will be Cicely s chief adviser The guards who have to cope with Cicely s stupid childishness include Check who is an oath brother to Wrath, Fearless, and Teral Druise is Cicely s maid.Rhiannon Roland is Cicely s cousin Together they were known as Fire and Ice, Amber and Jet Rhia will become the Queen of Summer, a Seelie Court Chatter is also a Cambyra Fae and Grieve s best friend and cousin he will become Rhia s husband and king They will rule Lainule s Court of Rivers and Rushes The Veil House is where Rhiannon grew up with her mother where Cicely had spent the best summer of her life Lady Edge is Strict s twin, and she will advise Rhia.The FaeLainule, the Queen of Summer, has regained her heartstone and is fading Wrath is her Consort, King of Rivers and Rushes, and Cicely s father, one of the Cambyra Fae, an owl shifter Shadow is one of the Cambyra maids Tabera was the Queen of Winter assassinated by Myst The Marburry Barrow is near New Forest and where Lainule and Wrath live The Eldburry Barrow is the palace of Winter The Snow Hag is one of the Wilding Fae and a conversation with her is terrifying.The Moon SpinnersThe Moon Spinners are a magical society put together by Cicely to conform to the Consortium s rules Cicely and Rhiannon are both members along with Luna, a yummanii bard whose song is magic, who wants to open a magic business at Veil House Kaylin Chen, a 101 year old martial arts sensei and dreamwalker possessed by a night veil demon, is in love with Luna Peyton Moon Runner is half werepuma and half magic born and wants to open a magical private investigation agency that will operate from Veil House.Rex is Peyton s newly met werepuma Native American father Anadey is Peyton s shmanic witch mother who runs the diner and tried to keep Peyton from her father.The ConsortiumYsandra Petros looks like a librarian until she puts on her catsuit She s the liaison between the Consortium and the Moon Spinners The Consortium is ruled by the Elder Council and appear to be the hidden rulers of the world while the Reverend Mother appears to lead the council.The VampiresLannan Altos is the current Northwest Regent of New Forest, a vampire who loves to humiliate He ousted Gregory in Night Seeker , 3 Regina Altos is the vampire Emissary of the Crimson Court, and Lannon s sister and lover Sasha is her day runner secretary The Crimson Queen rules all vampires and wants the Queens of Summer and Winter safe.Myst is Queen of the Indigo Court, a Vampiric Fae almost too strong to fight A fae with ambitions, she was turned by Gregory who thought to have all her power at his command Cicely was once her daughter, Cherish, many millenia ago who fell in love with Sly, a Prince of Summer, a.k.a., Grieve Shadow Hunters are the Vampiric Fae forces.Gregory, formerly the Great, wants his regency back, for he has a queen to overthrow Leo Bryne was Gregory s day runner and is now a vampire with hate for Rhia Crawl is the Blood Oracle, a seer who is highly esteemed and feared among vampires and wields blood magic, but closely guarded to prevent his ever leaving his prison He s also the sire of Lannan and Regina.Cambyra Fae are the Shifting Ones The Uwilahsidhe are the Owl People of the Shifting Ones The Golden Isle is their homeland, home for all the Sidhe The Vein Lords, a.k.a., the Crimson Court, a.k.a., the Vampire Nation, are the vampires Yummanii are the fully human The Consortium is a worldwide organization of supernaturals, who, along with the Vein Lords and certain officials, run the world.The CoverThe cover is cute and very fairytale ish with its lavender tones in the wintry setting of low hanging trees Grieve is in his wolf form and a very hot looking Cicely, wearing her jeans, bustier, and crown, her knife held down by her side, looks back over her shoulder at us.I have no idea where the title, Night Vision, came from Once the queens are crowned, they become fae It may be a metaphor for what it yet to come with the threat of Myst.

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    Cicely and Rhiannon are coming to terms with being the queens of the fae courts The coronation is fast approaching as well as the plans for their joint weddings But behind all the planning the uncertainty of their future and what they are to become is overwhelming both cousins.It is not all joyous planing, danger lurks around every corner Geoffrey and Leo have released the blood oracle, Crawl, and he is slaughtering his way through town with a single focus of getting to Cicely Leo wants to reclaim Rhiannon even if it means creating another evil abomination like Myst While Myst still lurks in the background waiting for her chance to destroy them all.The story starts out pretty slow but transitions into the fast paced action we come to expect from the Indigo Court series I wasn t happy with the turn of events between Cicely and Lannan or Rhia and Leo To avoid giving spoilers, I just want to say sometimes you can create effect by making actions implied than vividly described I guess I m getting really tired of the non consent and questionable consent situations many authors are including in their works.All that being said Night Vision is vividly descriptive, brilliantly imaginative, and provides hours of riveting reading The cast of characters is pretty extensive and even the sub characters plights are gripping Yasmine Galenorn writes additive characters and creates fascinating stories by twisting the modern world with vampires, fae, shifters and magic.Series An Indigo Court Novel Sequence in Series Book 4Paperback 336 pagesPublisher Berkley Publication Date July 2, 2013ISBN 10 0425259226ISBN 13 978 0425259221Rating 4 StarsAge Recommendation AdultYasmine Galenorn s WebsiteFind this book on Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    Since my Kindle broke this week, I was stuck reading on my iphone Even though I hate reading on my phone I feel like I m constantly flipping pages , I read this entire book on my phone was even up too late because I was so engrossed in it.Is this a standalone book Oh no, I don t believe you should read this book if you ve never read the first three I think most people would honestly start it and stop it and never go back I definitely believe that you need the backstory to have have any idea of what is happening with this one So I can t recommend reading this on its own I ll be honest, I tried reading the author s other series I never made it than a few chapters into the first book But this series has had me engrossed in it since the very first chapter of book one I cannot explain why that is, but I really do like this series.I will say that Cicely did not annoy me too much in this one for some reason there s always been parts where I wanted to strangle her lol But this book was pretty much remiss with those scenes.My one complaint with this book is that the ending came as it did It just felt a bit climatic I guess because I would happily have read about a dozen chapters Final word Give this a whirl if you liked the first three books If you didn t, then I m not so sure you would want to read this, but it could draw you back into the world Unfortunately the world is going to be ending next year when the final book is released.

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    I was hooked the moment I started this series I was fascinated by the work that was created, But as I read through each book, it fascinated me even with the characters, and storyline This one did not disappoint It s got some wild twists and turns in it, that keeps you salivating for And Grive he s the most understanding, most patient being in the world It s going to be an epic book for the finally of this series.

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    Ok we finally got SOME plot which was cool and interesting Of course we then also had OMGCONFLICT and trash romance novel sex Sadly, IMO the most interesting characters are Lannan and Regina Everyone else is pretty dull and boring Hoping this wraps up next book because it s a pretty much headed toward the Anita Blake Series lite.

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    Round up to 4.5 stars This is my favorite in the series so far I loved the emotional, introspective parts I ll be sad to say goodbye to Indigo Court after the next book.

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    CIcely has to fight against the evil of Geoffrey and Leo while waiting to be crowned great book Yasmine never disappoints.

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