Night Star

Night Star Haven Still Blames Ever For The Death Of Her Boyfriend Roman, No Matter How Hard Ever S Tried To Convince Her It Was An Accident Now She S Determined To Take Ever Down And Destroy Damen And Jude Along The Way Her First Step Is To Tear Ever And Damen Apart And She Has Just The Ammunition To Do ItHidden In One Of Ever S Past Lives Is A Terrible Secret About Damen A Secret That Illuminates New Facts About Her Relationship With Jude, But That S So Dark And Brutal It Might Be Enough To Drive Her And Damen Apart Once And For All As Ever Faces Her Greatest Fears About The Guy She Wants To Spend Eternity With, She S Thrust Into A Deadly Clash With Haven That Could Destroy Them AllNow It Ll Take Everything She S Got And Bring Out Powers She Never Knew She Had To Face Down Her Most Formidable Enemy But In Order To Win, She Must First Ask Herself Is Her Own Survival Worth Dooming Haven To An Eternity Of Darkness In The Shadowland And Will Learning The Truth About Damen S Past Hold The Key To Their Future


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  • Hardcover
  • 302 pages
  • Night Star
  • Alyson Noel
  • English
  • 03 August 2017
  • 9780312590987

10 thoughts on “Night Star

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    So The Immortals, number five Second to last in the series Ever and Damen s story is almost over Almost time for Tubby by bye Who gives a flying fuck Fuck s sake.

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    This was a YA paranormal romance story which carried on from the previous book.Ever was an okay character in this, she started to get a bit reckless with her powers at times though One day someone is going to catch her manifesting BMWs in the street and she s going to struggle to explain what she was doing.The storyline in this was about Haven trying to get revenge on Ever and Damen for their part in Roman s death, and about Ever trying to get hold of Roman s shirt in an effort to recreate the antidote to the antidote so that she could have sex with Damen This storyline about them not being able to touch has been done to death though, and it s getting really old The love triangle was explored a bit in this book, with Ever suddenly not being sure whether she should be with Damen or Jude, which was a little odd.The ending to this left us with some questions still I hope things are resolved in the last book.6.5 out of 10

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    This one was better than the last but even so only by a tiny bit I hated Haven from the start, what a bitch I wanted her gone ever since she became an immortal She is annoying Not to mention self centered ALLL OF THE TIME Makes sarcastic surprised face Who knew that Ever would doubt Damen again I hate how she finally says yes I trust him and then one tiny thing, any bit of unknown information that he hasnt shared with her and she jumps ship Right back to the I dont trust you any side In the end she always realises she shouldnt have doubted him Doesnt she learn She seems to run in circles Its gets annoying I mean the guy has been around for over 600 years, he can t have been perfect all the time right Its impossible, everyone makes mistakes Ever should known that She sure makes her fair share This books just like the last 2 or 3 or 4 I honestly cant remember, it is all about Ever and Damen getting the cure At the end they still are no closer than before There is only so long you can drag one problem out for The whole can t touch each other is really old I just wanted them to hurry up and find the cure so that they could finally have sex and move on from it Does Ever believe that all her problems are going to disappear once she and Damen do it Sighs I feel its an overated problem.Im not sure I can handle another book about finding the cure, I will probably read the next one but Im still waiting in vain hope that they get better again I really liked the first one but it has been downhill since then.

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    OMG THANK GOODNESS THAT S OVER.Oh LAWD, this series just it doesn t stop being dumb What am I saying, this is The Immortals series At least this book didn t misuse Wicca, because that damn Hekate thing was going to make me choke a muggle Alright, new book, same shit Ever and Damon still can t have sex with one another, but they manage to have chaste kisses in the memories in their past lives In the mean time, they are dealing with Haven who surprise, surprise is evil Plus, there is teen school drama with Haven trying to become the new Queen Bee Ever and Damon deal with the fact that Damon has been editing out pieces of Ever s past live memories in order to blind her from the troubling issues view spoiler One of her past lives as a slave in the deep south and Damon freed her by buying her, but in the process removes her from her family and boy toy hide spoiler

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    Meh I m beginning to seriously hate these books Not that the first 4 were amazing, but the first one wasn t bad then they all go downhill from there IMHO How long is the author going to drag out this Ever can t touch Damon crap I mean, geesh Give it a rest already As if them being able to touch will automatically create this happily ever after ending we ve all been waiting for It s getting completely ridiculous So once again, Ever sees something from her past that Damon kept from her so once again, she doubts him and can t make up her mind until she almost dies and sees the truth for herself This is just my opinion, but the trust she now has in Damon is total bull S because when she floated in the darkness of the Shadowland, she saw everything he d kept from her No trust needed because she just HAD to see for herself She s stupid, at times self centered and just annoying Add Haven on top of that and you have one hell of an annoying book I have NO idea why I read this I guess I was just curious but I ll have to be seriously bored out of my mind to read the next book Thankfully it was a fast read, a 5th grader could have read it in a day it was that elementary At last I can move on to better books

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    Let s play a drinking gameEvery time you see the words tingle and heat, take a swig I guarantee you ll be plastered by the time you finish the book in one sitting We get it, your boyfriend makes you feel all warm and fuzzy Move the hell on.If you re not wasted by this point, go ahead and throw in another shot for every cheesy mention of a red tulip If you re not three sheets by now, you have a heartier constitution than I.I don t want to waste too much of my precious free time writing about this book I ve wasted enough already reading it The concept isn t terrible and in the hands of a better writer, it might not have been all that bad But Noel spends way too much time mired down in how dreamy everyone is and the exact brands of cars and clothing represented that frankly I m insulted on the behalf of teens everywhere at her insinuation that they re all vapid brand whores But what really kills her writing style for me in the repetition She seems to feel compelled to say everything at least three ways in just the course of one sentence I don t know if she s attempting dramatic gravity or just trying to drive the point home, but she ends up beating it into the ground and spitting on it for good measure Instances of this are far too frequent and close together to be effective just annoying.Add to the fact that basically the main conflict of the entire story centers around the main characters failed, desperate attempts to get laid It s just bad

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    When I first saw the cover, I thought, Wow, is she finally going to get that stupid antidote image error

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    I m ready for these to be over I have been since shadowland It s the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr again Thanful the next book is to be the last..

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    slowly wakes up and gives a big yawn Thank goodness I m almost over I can t stand this books Now I understand what people meant by the absurdness of this pathetic Immortals series All I want is the last book to arrive, read it, and then get on with my life, mourning the loss of my neurons.Even though the books were pointless and absurd, at least they were fast reads But Night Star was BORING It actually took me longer to read than the other four books After page 80, I was still waiting for something interesting to happen Then 30 pages later nothing This is the same plot over and over Ever and Damen are still trying a cure for their chaste It s getting old already image error

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    Initially, I wasn t going to finish this series which is fairly rare for me Ever was fantastic Blue Moon was great and then it all went downhill from there I was so frustrated with the main character s absolute lack of growth not to mention the fact that the author constantly threw a character driven wrench that was just to convenient whether it be doing something incredibly stupid repeatedly throughout the books or the author writes Ever into multiple conversations and just chooses not to finish them and begins another chapter like the conversation never happened etc Leaving me thinking either a section is missing or Ever is just standing there stupidly with her thumb in her ear Yes, this is fiction, but even fiction has its limits and it starts to become insulting to the reader.I had initially selected this as a pre order for my Kindle and didn t unselect it so I read it This book was better than I expected although it had a few of the extremely insulting wrenches thrown in, I can honestly say it was ok.Now, to the review Ever and Damen are together, as much as they can be Haven has turned into a vicious tyrant, no surprise there she wasn t a good person or friend before becoming immortal so I can t see how gaining power would enhance her personally but our dear Ever is ever hopeful Haven, along with wanting to kill Ever, is on a mission to start senior year as the new Queen Bee and knock Stacia off the hierarchy with a little help from Honor Therefore getting all the attention she feels she s been denied all these years she s spent labeled as a loser Damen is supportive and patient as always Ever catches him in some creative editing of her their past lives and assumes the worse He, of course, is there to assist and protect Stacia from the horrors of being a gasp loser Heartbreaking as it is for Ever, she ll get by Watching Damen protectively whisper in Stacia s ear and hover over her is nothing new Miles is back from Italy and he has some questions for Damen about some paintings that Roman directed him to Miles is my favorite character he is the most realistic person and is truly a faithful friend.Sabine and Mr Munoz seem to fade into the background, making rare appearances Sabine s rare appearances being in turn worried, shocked and angry Mr Munoz s takes a turn at being supportive despite the fact that Ever has missed over a week of school We find Ever, once again battling an immortal to the death, once again making an impossible choice and once again the wrench just happens to be there at the VERY second when it all goes down even though the wrench wants nothing to do with said person involved The reason the wrench is there can be explained, I m sure hey we all feel guilty about something but it lessened the story when it could have been so much better It was kind of a repeat with a different twist.With that being said, there is a new premise being started that will hopefully give way to a new story line for the final book Exploration of Summerland has shown a new development there that bodes ill for Ever and might even offer up a new challenge I certainly hope so, the sixth and final book is ready.

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