البؤساء Sensational, Dramatic, Packed With Rich Excitement And Filled With The Sweep And Violence Of Human Passions, LES MISERABLES Is Not Only Superb Adventure But A Powerful Social Document The Story Of How The Convict Jean Valjean Struggled To Escape His Past And Reaffirm His Humanity, In A World Brutalized By Poverty And Ignorance, Became The Gospel Of The Poor And The Oppressed This is without question one of the most beautifully written novels I ve ever read Jean Valjean is quite possibly the most complex and compelling character you will meet in a work of literature of this magnitude, and the lives and personalities of the secondary characters are interwoven into subplots that make it almost an easy thing to get through the 1400 pages of this book I read the novel after seeing and falling madly in love with the musical, and this is one of the rare cases in which familiarity with one helped me to appreciate the other naturally the musical had to cut out and or alter significant portions of the novel s plot in order to fit a reasonable time frame, but even as I read the novel and discovered all the things that were left out of the musical, my respect for the artistic choices made for the latter were increased tenfold Of course the characters were portrayed in significantly richer detail in the novel, Fantine and Marius in particular The adult Cosette, however, is singularly droll in both the book and the musical, paling in comparison to the character of Eponine in both Hugo seeks to set Cosette up as the perfect angelic virgin, and in doing so, he makes her both unrealistic and mind numbingly boring this is my only complaint about the book, other than the ways in which Hugo sometimes deals with women in general, though you have to consider that he was, to some extent, a product of the times.Hugo does shoot himself in the foot in one way his plots are so absorbing that I found myself temporarily skipping over chapters worth of exquisite prose to find out what happened next, as Hugo had a nasty little habit of setting up wonderfully tense scenes full of suspense and intrigue, only to present you with something like the history of the French sewer system on the next page But his descriptions are every bit as rich and wonderful as his action plots my favorite line from the novel is, Every bird that flies has a shred of the infinite in its claw, which can be found in the middle of a breathtaking paragraph praising the complexities of the natural world, but I cannot for the life of me remember what that was supposed to relate to in terms of the actual storyline of the book.This book is not to be missed But if you have too short an attention span, then at the very least, see the musical, on Broadway or better if you can There is, after all, a very good reason why they call it the greatest musical of all time. 01.02.03. Pobre de m , este a o me ser muy dif cil hacer un top 5 de las mejores lecturas.Al parecer las grandes historias empiezan con el robo de un pan, supongo que algo tan bueno como el pan merece ser robado, pero pocos se pudieran haber imaginado todo lo que iba a desencadenar en la vida de Jean Valjean este peque o hurto.Este libro es sensacional, su historia, su filosof a, sus personajes Que personajes los ame a todos incluso a los que odie extra o lo s , pero es que est n tan bien hechos, todos son muy humanos, no son totalmente buenos, aunque uno o dos est n muy cerca de serlo, ni totalmente malos, aunque hay algunos que lo parezcan Cada personaje tiene fuerte convicciones, la conciencia de Jean Valjean, el extremo sentido del deber de Javert, la abnegaci n de Fantine, la pasi n de Marius dividida entre Cosette y el esp ritu revolucionario , la perversidad de los Thenardier, la picard a de Gravoche tambi n, de una forma u otra todos son unos miserables, pero esta palabra tiene un significado mucho m s profundo de lo que parece, y felicito al se or V ctor Hugo por tener el titulo m s acertado de la historia Aunque la historia cuenta con muchos personajes, no hay duda que en el centro est esta complicada relaci n entre Jean Valjean y Javert, perseguido y perseguidor, pero qui n es el bueno Qui n tiene la raz n A qui n apoyar La cosa no es sencilla, ellos me recuerdan al Dr Frankenstein y a la criatura, a Charles Xavier y a Magneto, estos casos peculiares que se encuentran en la ficci n, que te hacen cuestionar la tica, y si su enemistad tiene sentido Qu si lo recomiendo Un gran SI, a pesar de que la historia tiene m s de cien a os, bien pudiera haberse escrito ayer y ser el xito de hoy, trata temas que para la humanidad son constantes pero Victor Hugo se las arregla para relatarlos de forma emocionante, eso s , sin miedo a filosofar, y a darte datos hist ricos de vez en cuando y eso que le una abreviaci n, bueno ahora se mas sobre el alcantarillado de Paris de los 1800 estoy seguro que alg n d a ese conocimiento me ser beneficioso creo Y si lo tuyo no es leer nota mental, debo recordar que estoy en Goodreads la pel cula del 2012 es una de las mejores adaptaciones cinematogr ficas que he visto con diferencias, como todas las adaptaciones, pero pasables y tiene el extra de ser un musical P.D Vive la france Vive la liberte y que viva el pan

Victor Hugo, in full Victor Marie Hugo b February 26, 1802, Besan on, France d May 22, 1885, Paris, France , poet, playwrighter, novelist, dramatist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, and perhaps the most influential exponent of the Romantic movement in France, who was the most important of the French Romantic writers Though regarded in France as one of that countr

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