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My Lady Jane3.75 Without a doubt, the silliest book I ve ever read and I loved every joyous moment of it RTC DedicationFor everyone who knows there was enough room for Leonardo DiCaprio on that door.And for England We re really sorry for what we re about to do to your history.Oh, I cannot wait for this. I freaking loved this I m making everyone I know read it ASAP P.S Video review to come It was amusing It was romantic It was slightly based on medieval history And it was a gem.I m dancing like a happy ferretYou may think you know the story It goes like this once upon a time, there was a sixteen year old girl named Jane Grey, who was forced to marry a complete stranger Lord Guildford or Gilford or Gifford something or other , and shortly thereafter found herself ruler of a country She was queen for nine days Then she quite literally lost her headAs the authors kindly inform us, that is not the story they narrate us The original story is flat and a little morbid unless you re enjoying beheadings in that case I can recommend you some great TV shows My Lady Jane though is refreshing It takes place in a divided England, only religion is not the cause of this division There are shapeshifters and the ones who hate shapeshifters and want to burn them alive or chop their heads whatever just kill them There is a spoiled king who doesn t want to die before being kissed There is a feisty girl who loves books better than people no it s not me in case you re wondering and a boy that spends his days as a horse and villains who want the throne for themselves and outlaws and everything you could ask for from a historical fiction fantasy comedic book That s why I m still dancing like a happy ferret The first thing that occured to me as I started reading My Lady Jane was that Jane s books titles reminded me of The Sims Medieval The second was that since Jane s mother was Frances Brandon Grey, her grandfather was the first Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon Which means that this was her grandfather.That lucky bitch.After recovering from the shock that I m reading about Henry Cavill s descendant, I recalled everything I know about british history knowledge acquired by watching every historical television series and searching Wikipedia for hours and I realized I didn t mind the changes In fact, I preferred the changes The writing trio did a marvelous job, there was not a single moment I wanted to put the book down The sarcastic and hilarious narration, the conspiracies, the strong minded female characters and the swoonworthy steed are My Lady Jane s trademarks, and I kept giggling and swooning and thanking the book gods for this creation Three authors yet you could not possibly tell, their writing was flawless, fluid and utterly enjoyable Do not expect a thought provoking, life altering book, but you ll love it nonethelessThrough books she could see the worldJane, Edward and Gifford you can call him G, I call him my lord husband Three different but equally fascinating and stubborn characters that will seize your heart from the start Jane is undoubtedly the main one you know, My Lady Jane , and you can t help but relate to her, especially when it comes to her precious books She s the book girl, supporter of the weak, and does not tolerate male authority Which means she constantly fights with my her husband G, the husband she hated and unfairly judged at first but later she couldn t help but fall in love with, because he has that effect My only problem with her was that she thought she could do everything alone when she couldn t and would never listen to the voice of reason when it came to her safety Obviously it s a trait that every YA heroine shares, regardless the time setting and the circumstances In My Lady Jane, Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows combine their divine writing powers a gift from the book gods if you ask me , which result into a story full of humor, romance, magic and adventure that will make you smile and wish that school history books were written in the same fashion I m off to dance like a happy ferret 4.5 stars This revisionist retelling of Lady Jane Grey s brief reign and romance shouldn t work but it does It s deliriously dotty and clever, with affectionate nods to great absurdist historical comedies like THE PRINCESS BRIDE, Monty Python, and even, I think, Black Adder and LADYHAWKE The ridiculously punny humor had me giggling from beginning to end.It s also superbly well crafted, especially considering the three POVs were written by three different authors, and the historical details and context are inserted with just the right touch Most notably, the strict s and sexism of the time are observed and acknowledged before they are slyly subverted, particularly in the fantastically endearing and capable women only one of whom wields a weapon It s hard to believe a tragic moment in history could be turned into such a delightful confection of joyous alternate history, but The Lady Janies have done it Review to come Love it to pieces. Omg This book was so damn good I can t believe it took me this long to get to it I m excited for the next book Yay Happy Reading Mel I finished this book last night So I literally slept on it, and, up to when I finished this review, continued to have no idea what to rate it Okay, well, not NO idea It was between one star and two s the thing I ve never had so many problems with a book while not wanting, exactly, to give it one star Usually I love slapping one star ratings on books when I feel they deserve them It was hard to decide whether this was that type of book.I did something I ve never done before with this book I took review notes in the app on my phone Why Because I had so many things to say about it that I couldn t be tied down to only writing when my notebook was nearby.Let s start with the characters The main three, whose perspectives we read from Jane, Gifford, Edward Also significant characters Gracie, Mary, Bess I ll air my qualms in the order I just listed them First, a bit of background info this book takes the Catholic Anglican turmoil that exists for, like, over a century of British history and turns it into magical animal shapeshifters versus non magical animal shapeshifters. Am I the only one who hates that I want this to be spoiler free ish, so I ll just say we meet a lot of these heavenly blessed magical beings called Edians with a fancy d that I refuse to Google copy paste.First Jane Jane is na ve, stubborn, pretentious, and, often, without common sense Her arranged marriage husband, Gifford fifty percent of his personality is that he prefers the nomer G , is an Edian One of her first interactions with him is her telling him that she knows about Edians than he does Cool Later, when she sees a pack of wolves Why were there people with the wolves It made no sense Hm, I don t knowMAYBE BECAUSE YOU F CKING LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE MANY PEOPLE HAVE AN ANIMAL ALTER EGO Plus, she s cutesy and I hate her for it When our heroes are literally putting their lives on the line in mere moments, the darling Jane s reaction She wrinkled her nose Armies aren t very good about carrying libraries with them I can t imagine why We d fight so much less if everyone would just sit down and read Bleh, bleh, bleh edy bleh Dialogue like that can give you a cavity.Gifford, on the other hand no empathy, selfish, also dumb At one point in the book, the husband and wife duo encounter a group of villagers whose lives are being ruined by a pack of Edians He leaves them and forces Jane to leave them Later, when Jane makes him go back, he just watches her tend to their wounds and pass out food Not to learn what she s doing or get a sense of how he can help Of course not No, G is watching because she looks hot Jane is HAUNTED by their marriage, under the impression that he s an asshole, a womanizer, etc etc G is aware of these false perceptions and does NOTHING to dispel them Ugh.Edward justsucks He s boring At the beginning, he wants to marry Jane his cousin , but gives her up to G because he s dying Later, he thinks, Jane was like a sister to him, that kind of affection between them WhatIt s like the first part of the book was a sitcom pilot and the rest of the season decides to go in a different direction Okay, yes, I m thinking about The Mindy Project He s also weak, powerless, helpless, synonyms One point of this book is that Edward s sexist philosophy is proven wrongbut during the 500 pages he gets help from the women around him COUNTLESS times It s exhausting.Okay, smaller characters Gracie literally APPEARS out of the f cking English countryside to be Edward s love interest Since there are approx 300 pages to kill, that takes forever for no reason Beyond Gracie s glossy black curls, vivid green eyes, kissable mouth and darling brogue, she s not given many traits Mary is just a villain, and not even a good one Bess spends the entire book helping out her brother WITH NO MOTIVATION TO DO SO The whole time I was hoping she would betray them or something She dedicates her time and risks her life for a cause she has no reason to care about And her only character trait is nice So when the narrators referenced this group of crazy teens as characters you ve come to know and love, I think you ll understand why I laughed at that than the supposed jokes Now that we ve covered characters, let s move on to their relationships And let s start with the fact that 500 pages is way too long for constant miscommunications ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CHARACTERS ARE MARRIED By the end, I was just hoping they would break up or one of them would fall off a cliff or get mauled by a bear Edian or something WE GET IT, AUTHORS LOVE SPRUNG FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE VERY ORIGINAL.That s what s preventing me from giving this than one star, I think It s not original at all It s a parade of tropes and clich s smashed into a speculative historical fiction narrative Magic versus non magic Check Shapeshifting Check Dethroned king Check Female protagonist obsessed with reading Check Narrator that addresses the audience Check Multiple perspectives Check Journey across medieval England Check Love springing where there was none Check King falling in love with commoner Check ity check Big moment of king convincing opposing forces to join him for the fight of the lifetime Happens than once check Offensive philosophy being proven wrong Took 500 pages but check I could go on but my wrist is hurting because I type weirdly Suffice to say it s nothing new view spoiler Also, NO CHARACTERS DIE OR EVEN REALLY GET INJURED IN THIS It s the unrealistic icing on top of the entirely fantastical cake A rare cake I m not interested in eating hide spoiler If you re looking for a fluffy YA historical fiction that also included fantasy this is it I ended up laughing out loud a few times and definitely recommend it The way the authors decide to retell and let s call it what it is pretty much completely change history, was a lot of fun I hope they ll come out with Some spoiler y quotes ahead Very funny, my lady And that reminds me he pointed a finger at her no horse jokes He was making it too easy Ah, my lord, why the long face That s it You know marrying a horse doesn t sound THAT bad As long as his name is Gifford Dudley, oh hell yeah Who knew I would love a book about a girl getting married to a horse, living in a world where people can shape shift into animals with a 16 year old dying king who has never been kissed.This is one of the silliest books out there, but it genuinely made me laugh and I can t deny how much I enjoyed this DedicationFor everyone who knows there was enough room for Leonardo DiCaprio on that door.And for England We re really sorry for what we re about to do to your history This book is the true story of Lady Jane in the Tudor time period England is divided between Verities and E ians E ians can shape shift into animals, while Verities can not and there has been a lot of tension and war between these two 16 year old King Edward is dying and gets his cousin, Lady Jane, married to a stranger to secure the throne and keep peace in England Little do they know that there are people out there plotting against Edward and trying to steal the throne for themselves CHARACTERSEdward was a character I liked at first, but then started to really annoy me He s only 16 years old and King of England, but told that he has 6 months, and if he s lucky a year, left to live because he has The Affliction Our poor boy is going to die a virgin and probably won t be able to kiss a pretty girl with tongue Edward was really funny at first and I reallly didn t want him to die, but as I read from his POV, his sexism he does change later on was annoying me and I was starting to find his POV boring I didn t really care if he did die, oops Armies aren t very good about carrying libraries with them I can t imagine why We d fight so much less if everyone would juste sit down and read Lady Jane is pretty much all of us bookish nerds She LOVES books and treats them like her children and would rather read a book at her own wedding She s also a feminist queen and I would actually die for her She s a soft little fire ball and I just oh my god I love her SO MUCH ajkakncjdkv Your majesty, please reconsider, Lord Dudley pleaded Your position will be much stronger with your husband as king The people will see it as a sign of strength She took a deep breath They need signs of my strength, not my reliance on the men around me Listen y all, I love only one horse boy and his name is Gifford fucking Dudley and he s a soft boy who loves poetry and is always brushed off aside by his father because of his uncontrollable horse condition He spends his nights as a man and as soon as it s daylight he transforms into a horse I love this boy He s one of those characters you feel the need to wrap in a warm blanket on a cold day and just give endless amounts of hugs and cookies to Other characters I loved were Gracie and Bess Gracie is a badass queen who bashed Edward in the ribs after he said she should do something womanly Well done Queeeeeeeeen Bess is a fucking ray of sunshine and I am 10 10 working on getting some muscles to protect her from harm These characters aren t really complex or anything, but I still really loved them all minus Edward,,, kind of JANE X GIFFORD I love you than I love books Listen omg, I love these two so much I will willingly get myself cut in half or some insert gross gory shit here for these two They have a super cute hate enemies to lover trope which I am a fucking garbage for These two were my favorite part about this book Their bickering and very funny horse jokes and adventures were to die for You nearly died, and then who would I have argued with You d have found someone No He stepped toward her I only want to argue with you On the night of their honeymoon G is looking forward to Jane asking him to bed, but instead she tells him they should go out and give food to the villagers and help them wounded around and akdsjkbvkfds they do it and it s super fucking cute and I just fuckING SHQLOAVE LOIVE THE KNDSA THEMM What my wife desires and what you should have guessed, had you paid attention is bookcases And books, of course, to fill them Not decorations or useless items She wants books He s also so respectful of her and genuinely cares about her G is just,,, my man Love him No horse jokes, he said My lord, I apologize for the horse joke If you put down the book unharmed I will give you a carrot He brandished the book at her Was that a horse joke Neigh Was that a horse joke Obviously, this is a really cheesy, romantic, light hearted, silly comedy that isn t to be taken seriously Don t expect anything else because you probably aren t going to get that Anyways, I genuinely Laughed Out Loud reading this and my insides were just mush and gooey This book is a treasure It s one of those books you just want to keep holding tight against your chest and never let go of I loved it. It s not easy to write a review for a book when said book is tightly held against your chest.My Lady Jane is wonderful and so, so magical I want to keep it close to me for an indefinite amount of time.You might wonder Three authors three different point of views three stories intertwined How will that play out Comically, apparently.This key to having a great time with this beautiful piece of fiction is to not take it too seriously.Sometimes absurd, sometimes silly but always charming, My Lady Jane will NOT let you fall into boredom.The chapters are brimming with humour, romance, adventure and absolutely delightful characters It s said to be an alternative fantasy story of Lady Jane Grey, and while I am not a fan of historical fiction, I adored this one to bits.As I said earlier, it s not meant to be taken seriously Really, it s all for your entertainment and the many changes that were made to Lady Jane Grey s real story are so interesting because they re original and unexpected and definitely diverting.For a book that was written by three different authors, they certainly nailed the point of views The writing flowed There is no abrupt change in the writing style everything is smoothly done.It works Everything does the not so proper to the century writing style the word vampire clearly didn t exist during that era , the light atmosphere, the shape shifting element, the many dangers and adventures and awkward yet fun situations the characters are put in.I never read The Princess Bride before though I am not unfamiliar with the movie adaptation but knowing they have much in common automatically places it to the top of my TBR pile One last thought It s very rare for me to read five hundred pages this fast, but it s hard not to breeze through My Lady Jane Even putting it down for a second will not be an easy thing to do.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin A Comical, Fantastical And Witty Re Imagining Of The Tudor World, Perfect For Fans Of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Lady Jane Grey, Sixteen, Is About To Be Married To A Total Stranger And Caught Up In An Insidious Plot To Rob Her Cousin, King Edward, Of His Throne But That S The Least Of Jane S Problems She S About To Become Queen Of England Like That Could Go Wrong

Cynthia Hand is the New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens, including the UNEARTHLY trilogy, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, MY LADY JANE and MY PLAIN JANE with fellow authors Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows , THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and the upcoming novels THE HOW AND THE WHY and MY CALAMITY JANE also with Ashton and Meadows Before turning to writing for young adults,

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