My Bluegrass Baby (Bluegrass, #1)

My Bluegrass Baby (Bluegrass, #1) Written September, 14 20143 Stars N I C E, NICE, Nice, nice Yeah, a nice oneAn Molly Harper 5 28 hours m f audiobook well narrated by Amanda Ronconi I read How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf 4 stars a year ago That was a light PNR romance and it was a both cute, witty and well written, so it was with great hope I started this one One word describes this book perfectly NICEI m maybe a bit dissapointed It isn t anything wrong with this story, and this narrator Ms Ronconi is allright she as well But I missed the feeling I didn t feel anything than some small smiles now and then More in the chick lit genre than a steamy romance That s okay with me, if I just get something like a lot of funny jokes, witty bantering, good fights, fun events, some exiting drama, deep emotions, or whatever that catches my interest That was not the case here My Blugrass Baby is well made according to the nice novel manual but doesn t stand out in any way Back to myand my nails looks great now BTW It all starts with If one is going to spend her afternoon singing hymns to the great porcelain goddess, she might as well do it in a really plush ladies room Stupid fear of public speaking Sadie Hutchins loves her job at the Kentucky Tourism Commission She is a workaholic and she loves finding unusual sites, hidden gems, and just plain odd tourist attractions of her loved home state She s the future given candidate for the director s job when he, her boss, retires at the end of the year Everything is good and Sadie enjoys her job and knows that she s good.Then appears the goodlooking hotshot Josh Vaughn Sadie has a challenger for the desired position The competition for the manager s job starts and competed hard with all means Even with the ugly and less usual collegial methods in an office Of course there are some admiring glances there too But most of all, we learn a lot about how a tourist in Kentucky, U.Scan soend their days during a visit I m a bit tempted by now Here I come Kentucky Your tourist information works great.I so much WANT NEED to own one of these big beautiful hats and visit the yearly famous Kentucky Derbyin Louisville some sunny spring day in May I feel all this pleasure of standing there and waving in a new stylish summer dress, with a fantastic huge hat in pink, sipping on a glass of sparkling wine just look view spoiler hide spoiler This book was so much fun When you were like this the whole time reading, you knew you made the right choice by chucking all other books aside I have always loved MH s writing The characters in her books were either a bit wild or a lot crazy And either one would guaranteed to crack me the hell up Sadie and Josh were rivals going after the same job position And the story revolved around them butting heads to top each other to get the job I liked Sadie quirkiness all MH s heroines were extraordinarily quirky but I especially loved Kelsey, Sadie s assistant That girl has one twisted sense of humour.Sadie s momentMs Hutchins Great hat He smirked.Kiss my secondhand Manolos You look like Justin Bieber s bastard brother I hope Gina gives you an incurable rash.Those are all things I could have said. Kelsey s momentAnd correct me if I m wrong, but are you not the same person who went into his PowerPoint presentation today and took all of the L s out of his public s He s going to do a speech on pubic funding I was provoked Kelsey snickered. I enjoyed this immensely and would have rated it a 5star if the smexings hotter and made longer Still, I had a great fun Have I mentioned that I love MH I love MH. 3 5 Stars My Bluegrass Baby is a contemporary romance that s loaded with a cast of fun, quirky characters Sadie and Josh are rivals for the same job and Ms Harper dishes up the laughs as these two opponents go all out to win the prized position Sadie Hutchins loves her job as assistant director for the Kentucky Tourism Commission As her boss s retirement quickly approaches she s looking forward to moving up to the director s spot It s a sure thing until the Commissioner brings in hotshot Josh Vaughn from Atlanta to fill the position Sadie is saved when her boss steps in and issues a challenge each is to provide a campaign to promote Kentucky with the winner getting the director s position The fun begins as they compete for the prize Sadie is down home country whereas Josh is big city polished and they each have very different views on promoting tourism for the state And while it s all out war there s no mistaking the heat that s brewing in the south It s soon evident that opposites really do attract Both Sadie and Josh are very likable and the talented Ms Harper made them feel like friends than characters on a page A quick, fun read that I enjoyed from beginning to end The pranks Sadie and her secretary, Kelsey, pull on Josh had me laughing out loud I could hardly wait to find out the winner and how it would affect their budding relationship I loved the snarky humor that s woven throughout and now I look forward to by this author ARC courtesy of Pocket Star via Edelweiss 4 Fun Stars Love this author s witty voice I love Molly Harper s sense of humor and once again it shined in My Bluegrass Baby You can t help but fall in love with her quirky characters as they fall in love with each other She adds to the story by introducing us to many note worthy secondary characters, that bring an extra layer of depth to the book, and additional fun Many times I found myself wiping tears from my eyes, I was laughing so hard I m a fan of her paranormal books, but she is no less talented when it comes to writing in the contemporary setting I know that when I want to be left smiling after reading, all I have to do is pick up a Molly Harper bookARC courtesy of Pocket Star Publishing via Edelweiss Rating B Heat SweetMove over Parks and Recreation there is a newer, funnier and sweeter show in town Or, er, book Either way, My Bluegrass Baby turns the Kentucky Tourism Commission s department into a rom com that is full of outrageously hilarious antics and sexual tension than you can shake a stick at.Sadie Hutchins is sweet and sassy and smart Independent and maybe a tad lonely, she has been all work and no play her entire adult life Putting all of her focus on her career and an upcoming promotion to director That is, until Josh Vaughn shows up and stomps all over her dreams Cool and prickly, with a tendency to come across standoffish and priggish, Josh s appearance at the Kentucky Tourism Commission ruffles everyone s feathers Especially Sadie s.Josh and Sadie quickly become rivals for a position she was told was already hers And, oh, they put the Hatfield s and McCoy s to shame Those two duel it out at the workplace like a showdown at the O.K Corral And it is Funny As Heck We re talking hijinks, pranks, and mayhem to the n th degree.And just like to sticks rubbing together, the friction is bound to catch fire Because Josh isn t quite what he seems Underneath is a totally different dude And even though Sadie riles him up like no other, she also brings out the lighter, carefree side of Mr Vaughn And Josh challenges Sadie like no one else ever has, making her grow and expand outside her comfort zone And also, maybe, adding some fun and levity to her otherwise structured life.My Bluegrass Baby is witty and sharp and matches my sense of humor to a T I love the mix of pop culture and slightly nerdy references Miz Harper had me at Game of Thrones and won me completely with Star Wars And Sadie s voice as our narrator tied it all together in a merry little bow.Oh And there is even a very, very delightful scene for the historical romance lovers out there It will met your pantaloons Just sayin.Miz Harper has such a fun and humorous way of telling a story, of unfolding a romance You never know what you re going to read next It might make you pee your pants Or cry or swoon No telling And every single character manages to stand out They all have distinct personalities that I can t help but completely adore I can t wait to read of Sadie, Josh, and the gangAnd at 1.99 this a downright steal SeriouslyFavorite QuoteUST I repeated as Kelsey flopped into the chair in front of my desk Unresolved sexual tension You two have UST than you can shake a stick at You know, I ve never understood that expression Who walks around shaking sticks at things I can t believe this conversation is actually talking place Kelsey sighed, dropping her head to the table A Romantic Book Affairs Review.Find us on Twitter and Facebook too My Bluegrass Baby is a delightful contemporary filled with southern charm, laughter, romance, and smart humor Molly Harper has a wonderfully witty voice that always makes me laugh out loud and this one is no exception Sadie Hutchins loves working at the Kentucky Tourism Commission as the assistant director She s saucy, boldly smart, independent, and might love her job a little much She has put all her time and focus into her career, which leaves her no room for a social life Now that the director is retiring at the end of the year, she is up for a promotion to become the new director And, just when she thought she had the job in the bag, Josh Vaughn swoops in and takes it right out from under her The uptight, sexy suit and tie wearing, hot shot thinks he is going to take Sadie s job from her But Sadie is not going to roll over and make this easy on him When these two begin to butt heads in the office with their difference of opinions, and start to cause inner office problems, the current director decides to pit them against each other They soon become rivals to see who is the best man or woman for the job Sadie uses her witty, southern charm to promote her campaign while Josh is of a stick with the facts, books, and sophistication to promote his In order to get the job, these two end up battling it out trying to win the affections of the office staff and pranking one another with chairs falling apart, mail getting lost on the way to the mail room, and an incident with puppets Poor Josh As these two duel it out, the sexual tension begins to rise Sadie begins to realize there is to Josh than just being a prickly, uptight, pain in her rear. He s playful, witty, and totally sexy in a Union officer s uniform And Josh is wonderfully perfect for Sadie as well, with the way he keeps her on her toes by challenging her and adding excitement to her life she didn t realize she was missing I loved this quirky, crazy couple And when the attraction grows stronger, they finally realize they can no longer keep their hands to themselves, and buttons start to fly off their clothes If Molly Harper writes it, I will read it I love her snarky humor and how her characters are always just a little bit crazy and sassy I hope she has plans to write stories about these fabulous characters because I would definitely love to get a story with Kelsey and Charles Rating B A Romantic Book Affairs Review Find us on Twitter and Facebook too A Brand New Novel In An Original EBook Series From Popular Romance Author Molly Harper When Sadie Josh Compete For The Same Kentucky Tourism Commission Job, Sparks Fly Turns Out Kentucky Really Is For LoversSadie Hutchins Loves Her Job At The Kentucky Tourism Commission Not Only Could Her Co Workers Double As The Cast Of Parks Recreation, But She Loves Finding The Unusual Sites, Hidden Gems, And Just Plain Odd Tourist Attractions Of Her Home State She S A Shoo In For The Director S Job When Her Boss Retires At The End Of The Year Until Hotshot Josh Vaughn Shows Up To Challenge Her For The Position Josh Is All Sophisticated Polish While Sadie S Country Comfort, And The Two Have Very Different Ideas Of What Makes A Good Campaign So When Their Boss Pits Them Against Each Other In A Winner Takes All Contest, They Re Both Willing To Fight Dirty If It Means Getting What They Want But It Turns Out, What Josh And Sadie Want Could Be Each Other And Josh S Kisses Are The Best Kentucky Attraction Sadie S Found Yet ARC courtesy of Pocket Star Publishing via EdelweissI think I ve found a go to author for a guaranteed good read This is my second Molly Harper book, and both have been solid, sweet, funny as hell contemporary romances I ve not yet delved into her paranormal romance, but I imagine it s much the same Sadie is on her way to taking over her boss s job upon his retirement In fact, everything is set up for her takeover except for the signing of paperwork So when Josh is brought in to be the new replacement, Sadie is understandablypissed off Not only is he a stranger amidst the family like surroundings of the Kentucky Tourism Commission, but he readily admits that this job is just a stepping stone to something bigger and better for him Sadie s boss and father figure sees and understands Sadie s hurt and anger over this development After all, she s put years into her job with the expectation of promotion at the end of the rainbow So he essentially gives her another chance to win back the favor of those in the higher up positions The State Fair of Kentucky is to be the sounding board for both Josh and Sadie s marketing skills, and the common people will decide who does the better job And the twist Second place gets to become assistant to their opponent GAME ON image error Molly Harper is currently my top buy immediately author I have yet to give any of her books less than four stars and I don t think that trend will end any time soon Certainly not with this book.My Bluegrass Baby is a contemporary romance without any supernatural elements at all I say that descriptively, rather than proscriptively Josh and Sadie have great chemistry from the beginning, starting with a classic romantic trope of meeting, having an instant connection, and then finding that he s been used to thwart her next career advancement by being appointed head of the Kentucky Tourism Commission when she had been told she had a lock on the job, already.The usual resentment follows naturally, but that s the end of Harper making this book follow the typical path of the romantic comedy While the plot abounds with misunderstandings and reconciliations, it isn t driven by them, nor do the characters ever seem unreasonable in their prejudices or in overcoming them There was never a point where I thought Geez, if they d get over themselves already and just talk things out, all of this would resolve in fifteen minutes Indeed, there are a couple of places where they do just that sit down and talk things out and only once under duress Heh.Add Harper s fantastic comedic instinct and her grasp of small town dynamics and you have a novel that is as hard to put down as it is embarrassing to read in public because of all the guffawing or is that a personal problem Really, if you like your romance with a healthy sprinkling of comedy, you have to give Harper a try And this book is as good a place to start as any.A note about Steamy There s steam, here, but it s really light. 4.5 StarsYou are heading down a very dangerous path, Sadie If this promotion was the One Ring, you would be Gollum If it was the white whale, you would be Ahab If it was the Iron Throne, I m pretty sure you would be a Lannister, and nothing good ever happens to a LannisterSadie loves Kentucky and she loves her job promoting Kentucky So when she is passed over for the promotion to director of the Kentucky Tourism Commission and a flashy PR man from Atlanta is brought in to fill the job there is some understandable tension They find themselves constantly at odds with each other and as the office starts to take sides the retiring director decides to put an end to the tension He orders them both to come up with a campaign to promote Kentucky and the winner will get the job Josh and Sadie have very different views on how best to promote Kentucky Josh is all about the Derby and Bourbon distilleries, while Sadie is all about the quirky side of Kentucky But despite their professional differences they are attracted to each other and find themselves growing closer My Bluegrass Baby is great fun It has elements of romance, chick lit and travelogue all rolled into a quirky book about a woman who loves Kentucky just a little than is healthy It has Molly Harper s trademark snarky sense of humor and will sit very comfortably on a book shelf right along side And One Last Thing, her other foray into chick lit.Many thanks to Pocket Star Books Simon Schuster and Edelweiss for providing me with this ARC

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