Mommy Had a Little Flask

Mommy Had a Little Flask Looking forward to read the other offerings of A K Turner now She s delightfully raw , honest , disarmingly frank and can probably relax the most stressed person on earth I hadn t laughed out this loud since I read Sophie Kinsella s Confessions of a shopaholic Have become a fan now , after also reading her Drinking with dead women writers I hope she writes something about her teenage years or spinsterhood Its always refreshing and genuinely heart warming to encounter a witty , honest , humorous female and A K Turner s surely one of the finer breed In The Hilarious Sequel To The Bestselling Momoir This Little Piggy Went To The Liquor Store, AK Turner Returns With The Mayhem Of Motherhood From Preschoolers Blurting Obscenities In Public Places To Living With Her In Laws In Mexico, Mommy Had A Little Flask Delivers A Delightfully Raw And Honest Account Of Family Life In Turner S Latest Laugh Out Loud Confessional Praise For AK Turner It S Rare For A Writer To Actually Make Me Laugh Out Loud, But AK Turner Does Just That Robin O Bryant, Author Of Ketchup Is A Vegetable Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves I Laughed Out Loud At Mommy Had A Little Flask, But Make No Mistake, This Book Is Equally Heartfelt And Humorous As AK Turner Delves Into All The Wonders, Challenges And Horrifying Playground Moments Of Parenting The Most Extreme Sport There Is Cameron Morfit, Sports Illustrated Empty Bladder Before Reading Laurie Notaro, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club Witty, Honest And Funny As Hell Fans Of This Little Piggy Went To The Liquor Store Are Guaranteed To Have Another Great Time Holand Peterson, Author Of The Eville Series This Little Piggy Went To The Liquor Store Candidly Reveals And Revels In The Flaws And Dysfunctions Of The Author And Her Family Turner Is Not Afraid To Voice Her Private Thoughts And Never Takes Herself Too Seriously Refreshingly Honest Publishers Weekly Did Erma Bombeck Ever Guzzle Vodka If She Did, She Might Have Come Close To The Ribald Domestic Humor In Turner S Momoir This Little Piggy Went To The Liquor Store The Quivering Pen The Perfect Cross Between Nora Ephron, David Sedaris, And Chelsea Handler Elaine Ambrose, Menopause Sucks If Laughing At Ourselves Is The Best Medicine, Then Reading AK Turner Will Ensure You Live Long Enough To Drive Your Own Kids Crazy Stacy Dymalski, Comedienne And Author Of Confessions Of A Band Geek Mom This is a really terrific and quick read I read this book and the first one after the other, and enjoyed the hilarity of both I didn t always agree with some of the author s parenting choices, and definitely not with the constant state of inebriation, but there were a ton of things that made me laugh loudly because, as mom of a six year old, I could identify and nod my head in agreement I m looking forward to reading book three Funny read, essays of a down to earth mom who likes her alcohol and doesn t have an interest in pretentious asshattery I read the first book of essays and was glad to see this one pop up Despite not having children, I like her writing and still find ti all very entertaining. Good book which reminded me of a blog Interesting what kids say and definitely one for those who have had those little moments when a child announces something which isn t true. For those who are moms, can surely relate I am not a mom and I laughed throughout the book. Mommy Had a Little FlaskNot really all that impressed or enad of this book Truth be told, it s a 3.5 star rating, but didn t want to belittle it with 3 stars, so i rounded up I m sure some of these little anecdotes are truthful, but with embellishments But for me, the result was not particularly humorous or entertaining It was an attempt to make her normality humorous and entertaining I was happy to have it end. Summer ReadThis was entertaining and relatable but felt like one long blog post This was the first book I ever read from this author so maybe I m just missing something. Laugh out loud moments as the author regales us of stories bout her life Very cute More like a series of sixteen short stories or essays, MOMMY HAD A LITTLE FLASK is a funny, eyes wide open look at children and adults, written from the perspective of a mother My main complaint is there was way too much emphasis on the flask It wasn t necessary and was distracting Whatever her point was, it was overdone and probably turned off a lot of readers who would have otherwise really enjoyed the book Now to the rest of the book I was hooked on page 6 when Amanda, a writer and the main character, reacts to an adult using baby talk, in this case nummers to refer to the taste of something Amanda moves on to the use of wawa for water She notes that children may say that when they are learning to speak, But that is no reason for the parent to then begin referring to water wawa It is the parents who is supposed to teach the child how to speak The parent is not supposed to adopt the child s baby talk as the new and improved English Later on she talks of how she gets overwhelmed by crowds of people but I like being in lines They imply the presence of a greater system instead of the anarchy of a free for all, during which I d surely be trampled to death Lines are my friends Amanda is raising her young daughters in an unusual environment The family lives in Idaho but spends three months during the winter living in Mexico near her husband s family The girls attend a Montessori school where they are learning Chinese She notes the differences between the two cultures The playground was minimalist and endearing and somehow reminded me of the simplicity of children at play It s good to remember that children are quite capable of playing with a stick and a rock and don t require video games or even remote control cars Much of her writing is tongue in cheek One day, she comes home and sees a large number of police vehicles near her house As she tries to figure out what is happening she thinks, Maybe they re keeping a sharp eye out in case the culprit returns to the scene of the crimebecause that happens a lot on television and therefore must be true Speaking to her father in law one day about something he said he states, You re going to write about this, aren t you She replies, No, I promise And, of course, she does write about it She writes of how her fear of water has led to her children developing the same reaction When a neighbor asks her if she s going to a pool party, she starts to say how much she has to do until she learns the pool is heated And then there is the chapter when her daughter innocently discovers her sexual feelings long before any of them are prepared to deal with the concept She has a delightful way of observing things and describing them, e.g., referring to some Alaskans who venture south to get warm, she writes, The longer they live in Alaska, theobsessed the become with finding warm, sunny climates in which they can bronze themselves for their golden years She writes about skiing and writing and how Americans believe there is only one way and one place to live MOMMY HAD A LITTLE FLASK was a well written quick read with some interesting observations about both things seen and things analyzed It maintained my interest This book was a freedownload.

AK Turner is The New York Times bestselling author of the award winning Vagabonding with Kids series, as well as This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store, Mommy Had a Little Flask, and Hair of the Corn Dog Her works have received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, IPPY Awards in Humor and Travel, Foreword Indies Awards, Independent Press Distinguished Favorite, and inclusion in BookLife s

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