Moment of Fate (Moments In Time, #5)

Moment of Fate (Moments In Time, #5) Hot, hot book with two sweeties as MCs There is a nice story and steamy sex.Only reason why I dropped a star was because the conflict towards the end felt silly to me Other than that, loved it.Qu ganas de buscarle el pelo al huevo y sufrir al pedoC mo todo estaba perfecto, alguna boludez ten a que pasar Salvo por eso, hubiese sido un 5 estrellas para m.Recommend This was a 5 star read for me until about the last 20% I didn t care for Bryan s actions At All.I honestly thought his hang ups were a little ridiculous to begin with but I got over it But when he really let them get the best of him, he lost me Frustrating to say the leastall for the sake of drama The ending made up for it some, but still loses a full star for the eye roll inducing behavior. My first 5 Star read of 2017 and going on my Best of 2017 shelf I ll be as bold as to say that I know Moment of Fate by Karen Stivali will be on my Top 10 for the year I know, it s only February, but I feel this strongly about this book I m still giddy from it, and I finished it a few days ago.At the beginning of MoF, Bryan has received some news that forced him to reevaluate things, and he decides to go on a 12 month long celibacy He figures this way he can focus on school and his band Wasabi Incident All was peachy until he runs into a good looking man on the elevator Luckily by accident learns mystery man was writing a blog but also runs into him at a show and finds out his name.Oliver is attending a summer long program at NYU He were originally from New Hampshire and decided to go to New York for the summer where he will live life as an out Gay man for the first time in his life After meeting Bryan, the two strike up a friendship and Bryan takes him under his wing.Quickly after their friendship began, Bryan realized that keeping his celibacy pact will prove to be a challenge He s attracted to Oliver in all ways and finds it harder and harder to fight his attraction.My highlights Bryan and Oliver These characters were well thought out and their personalities complimented each other well They were endearing and so much fun to read Narration This was one of the biggest high points for me The story is primarily told from Bryan s POV, but we also get an insight into Oliver s thoughts through his blog posts I found myself enjoying these posts as much as Bryan Relationship development The progression from friends to between the main characters felt natural and unforced Chemistry You know those books where you feel the spark between the main characters oozing off the page Whether they were just hanging out or in the bedroom you felt it The pace of the story was smooth and effortless I found myself trying to slow it down because I was reading too quickly, and I didn t want the book to end Angst It was there, but not overwhelmingly so, there was just enough to pull at your heartstrings Milo, Milo, Milo Bryan s best friend was awesome He was witty and a true friend Pleeeeease, let him get a book, too The end Loved how the conflict was resolved and gave me a genuine sense that these guys are in it for the long haul Can this book be read as a standalone This book and Moment of Silence Moments In Time 4 can be The first three Moment of Impact, Moment of Truth, and Moment of Clarity cannot Do I recommend this book If you re looking for a heartfelt story that will have you swooning and smiling and just make you feel happy READ Moment Of Fate ARC kindly provided by Dreamspinner Press to Gay Book Reviews. 5 stars loved Bryan Oliver Hot as hell scenes and lots of emotion too Moment of Fate by Karen Stivali is book 5 in the Moments in Time series, and it is an amazing romance To say I loved this book, would not express just how much, I adored the characters and their story If you have not read the other books in this series, you can read this story as a standalone, but I would highly recommend you reading all the books, they are all amazing I have to also mention, did you see that cover Yummy The MC in this book are Bryan Dane and Oliver Newcastle When the book starts Bryan experiences a shock and it causes him to change some of his behaviours, one of which is sleeping with anyone who is willing Bryan is a bit of a male tramp Which is why he self imposes a year long celibacy vow A year, to focus on himself, his studies, his band, and his friends no sex One year How hard pun intended could it be Enter, Oliver to the scene.Oliver has come to NYC to spend the summer in an intensive summer program, while he simultaneously explores his sexuality and blogs the experience as, Oliver Unabridged The two first see each other on campus by chance in the elevator and then Oliver leaves his journal behind where Bryan is working Bryan, opens the journal trying to find out who is belongs to when he sees the information about Oliver and the website name for the blog Bryan starts reading, Oliver Unabridged without knowing who is writing it, and he is immediatly hooked on the realness and openness of the author.The two meet again, after Bryan s band plays one night and Bryan inadvertently eats something he is allergic to, Oliver is there and he helps him through the allergic reaction and then ends up staying with him to make sure Bryan is okay Its during the allergic reaction that Bryan realizes, the Oliver he is talking to and the Oliver he has been reading about, are one in the same.The story quickly takes off from here as the two start really getting to know each other, spending almost all their time together, and people think of them as a couple Bryan, who has sworn off anything to do with relatioships baulks at the comments and Oliver acts as if they don t affect him one way or another Bryan becomes Oliver s mentor in everything but sex That is until a movie at a friends house gets them both so ramped up they end up in Bryan s apartment watching porn together and getting off That moment is the beginning of the end for Bryan and his celibacy.These two are so hot together But remember, Oliver is all but a virgin when it comes to being with a man So, lucky Bryan gets to experience all his firsts with him From mutual masturbation, to hand jobs, frotting, blow jobs, and trust me, Bryan doesn t mind, but he holds back some These two carry on like this and all is well, until Oliver has a date Bryan, can t understand why its bothering him so much, he doesn t want a boyfriend When he finds out Oliver is taking his date to the Bar where Bryan will be playing, Bryan is forced fo start confronting his feelings I d be feeling something That was for sure I d be feeling like a possessive fucking idiot standing on stage watching their date play out When Oliver shows up on his doorstep after the date, Bryan finally admits his desire for Oliver, he stops holding back Is that what you think That I don t want you Because wanting doesn t even begin to cover how I feel about you Crave Need I don t think a word exists that explains how much I want you But even a great friendship and hot as hell passion can t make Bryan forget his past, his hurt, his fear of being hurt again So when its time to either man up and admit he has feelings for Oliver or let him gohe gets scared, he pushes Oliver away, convinced Oliver is just confusing his first sexual encounters with a man, for love He stared at me with love And it scared the hell out of me because I was pretty sure I stared back with the same expression on my own face It s at this point in the book that I want to reach into it and slap Bryan upside the head But, I also understand he is scared, he has been hurt, he doesn t want to go through it again Sometimes thoughyou have to take a chance, sometimes the chance of pain is worth it when you get that elusive happily ever after.So, during a chance moment of Fate when these two see each other a month or so after going their separate ways Bryan takes that chance and leaps hoping Oliver catches him I was already so head over heels in love with you I was too stupid and scared shitless to even realize what was going on Jesus, Oliver I miss you I need you I love you Will these two get their HEA or are they forever meant to be just a simple moment in time 5 Stars Review Copy of Moment of Fate provided by Dreamspinner Press for an honest Review. Sorry to be the party pooper, guys I liked parts of this book, but I also had a lot of issues with it Bryan is the exclusive narrator of this story, and I m so done with him DONE His choices and actions didn t resonate with me at all, and I m not just talking about the shitfest that went down at 80% I m spoiler tagging the rest of this review Read at your own risk view spoiler First and foremost, his yearlong goal of self imposed celibacy felt utterly ridiculous to me A few years back, Bryan was diagnosed with Lyme disease Now his mate, Frankie, tested HIV positive, which serves as a wake up call for Bryan He is afraid that if he catches anything during sex, including HIV, his current health problems won t let him make it through treatment So he decides to abstain from sex for a year There is a thing called safe sex, you know And why the one year time frame What difference does it make I didn t get his hung ups about not sharing the news about his health problems with anyone, I didn t get his hung ups regarding Oliver, and I didn t get the reason he kept some certain secrets from Oliver I understand he had a bad experience but he went too far And the incident that set him off was weird as well As for Oliverhe was great but I desperately needed his POV His reasons for wanting a family with his female friend before he met Bryan weren t explored at all IMO.The sex was hot, but it was just too much Everyone kept getting distracted by someone s crotch, even in the middle of a serious conversation Bryan had an orgasm in secret while Oliver was talking to him, for fuck s sake.As for what happened at 80%Was this a misunderstanding miscommunication thing Hell if I know But it was the cherry on top for me as far as Bryan was concerned The only thin I actually liked about Bryan was the excessive grovelling That was done pretty good But right when I was getting over the fuckeryBAM The end Way too abrupt after what had happened hide spoiler This was near perfect I was in the mood for a completely relationship based romance It definitely delivered for that The good, the bad, and the awesome My other favorite part of this book was the nature of the meeting between the MCs It could be said that they met in an elevator While that s true, no real bond happened there No, it was entirely related to an online blog Bryan sees a blog url in a journal that he finds, and he starts reading it While this book is told entirely through Bryan s POV, we got Oliver s POV through his blogs This was done brilliantly by Stivali Bryan is fucked up about relationships I ve always wondered if people with this mentality exist IRL One failed relationship and you re done Don t want to risk the heartache It was kind of clich , if I m being honest, but I rolled with it Oliver makes him reconsider, though He s never met anyone like him.Oliver is pretty perfect He s been engaged to a woman for 5 years she knew he was gay , and then she met someone else So Oliver is taking classes at NYU for the summer and plans to be out and experiencing the gay life for the first time Bryan is than happy to demonstrate and become his mentor.Stivali knows how to write smexy times They were sensual, emotive, and downright jaw dropping Bravo So, why not 5 stars Sigh Until 75%, this was a 4.5 5 star read But then The Big Misunderstanding happened or maybe it was a small misunderstanding, but still And then some No Communicating Yeah, it was disappointing that that s the direction the author chose to take, because until that point, I was sold Then, when we got our resolution, it just ended very abruptly This book is in desperate need of an epilogue.So I m arriving at 4 stars Definitely worth the read, and I ate up most of the book Fans of this author will like this a lot. 5 starsStunning absolutely stunning The waves of sentences were magical The contemplate in them were breathtaking.It swallowed me totally I was in its ban and enthralled.Bryan and OliverThrough Bryan s head and eyes visualisedBryan is a songwriter singer rocker in the evening and photographer student at daylight.He has one witty sexy sensual head, I think he thinks in song lines, and sees through a lens because all those beautiful observations were like love songs, and breathtaking pictures I loved him from the first page And when he lay an eye on a exceptional man in the elevator he sees beauty No facial beauty without inner beauty, that s how I feel about Oliver because I also loved him Oliver working in the same building is in his spare time bloggerBryan was looking inside an open office room and he sees a leather journal on the floor with OLIVER UNABRIDGED www.oliverunabridged on it he starts reading.who the hell is OliverWell he finds out soon enough.Jesus what a sensual build up you get aroused only by reading how they behave around each otherdamn they are hot and sizzling.And damn the way all the eye fucking is put down fanning But there is in this story much a real convincing story, sometimes heartbreaking it felt all so true and honest At first sight Bryan is a hot controlling ass everything has to go his way, only he is much and there are reasons why he is like he is the story will tell.When he meets Oliver his body reacts immediately but..he is on celibate for nine months already and he wants to make a year He was done with his oversexed life.But Oliver is hotness on a stick and he isn t even aware of it Oliver is newly out and want to experience his new life as gay the fullest Bryan and Oliver become friends and Bryan offers to help him in the gay scene.But Bryan is jealous as hell and shoot daggers at anyone who approach Oliver.Finally Oliver ask Bryan what s up and there they gohot hot.Oliver is caring and honest, he knows exactly what Bryan needsIt s somehow deeply emotional between both and they have the best possible time of their life The big L is almost rolling But old wounds and behavior rears its head and Bryan knows only one thing.back offIt s absolutely not written in a predictable wayit just slipped in ugly.Both personalities were well exposed and developed, I felt involved with Bryan as well with Oliver.Amazingly and emotional, almost in a poetic way, written story I really really enjoyed it very much All those emotions were put down in a way you could see, smell, hear and feel it deeply, at least I did Highly recommend to all readers of this review My first 5 of 2017 ARC received from Divine Magazine given by Publisher Review and rating removed 5 Stars.absolutely loved thisYou called me your guardian angel and told me you thought fate had brought me into your lifeDon t worry if you haven t read this series.this can be read as a StandaloneI loved everything about this book.The writing,the characters,the sex,the feelings.I really didn t want it to end.I ve read a few really good books in the last few weeks and this is way up there with may even be top of the pile I don t know how she s done it but Karen Stivali has created passion,chemistry and feelings that just felt so real.Bryan is a photography student in his final year,juggling his school work and also playing in a band.For reasons that are explained he s given up sex for a year but his celibacy is about to be severely tested when he meets Oliver.Oliver was engaged to his high school best friend.A convenient arrangement for both of them until she finds someone she doesn t just love but has fallen in love with Don t worry,no cheating and Oliver is than happy she s found true love.Oliver re evaluates his life,he comes out to his family,leaves his home town and moves to New York,determined to embrace his sexuality.The intensity between them is evident from the start but it s so much than insta lust,believe me.They become friends first with Bryan introducing Oliver to the NY gay scene.Bryan has problems of his own,though and it s not just that he s been hurt in love before.The last thing he s really looking for is any kind of relationship.I can t explain how perfect these men are together and it s not just sexually.Even when they are just hanging out together doing every day things the connection between them feels so strong.The sexThis is hot,I mean really hot,with some of the best sex scenes I ve read.I really can t explain but I think it s down to the writing.Even when they re filthy dirty it s beautiful,you can feel the passion and intensity coming off the pages.Highly it,I m sure you ll not be disappointed Arc from Author. This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession Bryan Dane S Been Living The Dream Photography Student By Day, Up And Coming Rocker By Night His Summer Goals Are To Earn His Last Few Credits, Graduate From NYU, Spend As Much Time In The Recording Studio As Possible, And Survive The Next Few Months Without Sex So He Can Complete His Yearlong Goal Of Self Imposed Celibacy Everything Is On Track, Until He Meets Oliver NewcastleFor Years Oliver Planned A Marriage Of Convenience With His High School BFF, But Now That She S Fallen In Love For Real, With Someone Else, It S No Longer Convenient So Oliver Came Out To His Family, Quit His Job, And Left Small Town New England For NYC, An Intensive Summer Study Program, And A Chance To Find His Own HappinessFrom The Moment They Meet The Sexual Tension Between Bryan And Oliver Sizzles But Bryan Wants No Part Of A Relationship, And Oliver Wants To Sew His Wild Oats He Just Isn T Sure How Oliver Seeks Bryan S Help Navigating The NYC Gay Scene, Which Throws Them Together In Increasingly Sexual Situations Until They Can No Longer Deny They Re Hot For Each Other Bryan Is Desperate To Keep Things Simple, But Fate Might Have Other Plans

Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker, and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies, and fictional British men.

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