白鳥異伝 Reads L To R Western Style Oguna Is An Orphan With A Secret Even He Doesn T Know He S A Prince And Heir To A Terrible Power His Best Friend Toko Is A Member Of The Tachibana Clan And A Potential High Priestess Able To Tame That Poweror Destroy It

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 白鳥異伝 book, this is one of the most wanted Noriko Ogiwara author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 500 pages
  • 白鳥異伝
  • Noriko Ogiwara
  • English
  • 14 June 2017
  • 9781421537252

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    The second volume of the Tales of the Magatama is darker and a lot mature in tone than the first volume, both of the main characters had suffered a lot Anyway, to me it s one of the best Japanese Creation Myths retelling stories.

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    There is such a thing as standard Western fantasy and sufficiently experienced readers will, at some point or another, get pretty sick of it There are only so many reluctant Chosen Ones destined to possess the Magical McGuffin that will bring defeat to the Forces of Evil that you can take before all these stories start to feel like the same damn thing.Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince does have a Chosen One and a Magical McGuffin, but it manages to read very different in spite of it Part is simply due to the setting both it and its precursor, Dragon Sword and Wind Child, are novelised versions of Japanese mythology The imagery used is different from your Standard Western Fantasy Kingdom, as is the rhythm of the dialogue and the relationships and attitudes you see between the characters.I found the story to be strange and beautiful, and also well written I wouldn t recommend it to everyone, but if you are sick of standard western fantasy, by all means give it a try.

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    Ben bu kitab y llar y llar nce, daha dolar 1.75 falanken izgi roman oldu unu d nerek getirtmi tim 10 sene falan olmu tur O zaman bir elime al p okumay denedim ama olmad imdi de olmad Art k pes ettim.Birinci sebep, konu yeni ve ilgin de il Fantastik roman d nyas olduk a rekabet i ve yeni eyler yazmak zor Bu y zden yazarlar eski mitleri dev iriyorlar Buna itiraz m yok ancak bu kadar s k c yap lmas na var Hikaye hi bir ekilde kendine ba lam yor, ylesine yorucu bir anlat m var ki, di er sayfay evirmek bile istemiyorsunuz kinci sebep, karakterler geli miyor O kadar y zeysel ve d zler ki, neyi niye yapt klar n anlamak m mk n de il Do ru d r st bir er eve izilmemi zellikle Toko karakteri ok ba ka boyutlara gidebilecekken, s k c bir H r n K z stereotipine d n m nc sebep, hikaye o kadar tekrara d m ki, bir olgunla ma yk s , peki ama bu lyada dan, G lgam tan belki Ta Devri duvarlar ndan beri hayat m zdaki bir tema Kitab n bu konuda ne s yledi i umrumuzda Peki ne s yl yor Binlerce y ld r anlat lan o eski hikaye E er bir yeniden yaz m yap yorsan z, bu ger ekten yeniden yaz m olmal.Kitab yerden yere vurduktan sonra, be endi im iki eye geleyim ok zenli bir eviri olmu Genelde Japonca dan ngilizce ye ba tan savma evriliyor kitaplar ama bu iyi olmu kincisi de kitaptaki desenler, onlar y rt p er eveletece im.

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    This tale was rather interesting, a look into Japanese folklore by the same author As well as imagining them as quite different.The story is like a folktale, which at times captured me for the way it was structured, and also written But sometimes lost me as well Some of it really eluded me while others continued to make a very good impression.I don t have any idea what is the actual story about But nonetheless this was well crafted to say the least, such as the relationship between Toko and Oguna The shift to the palace, for the Emperor and his various secrets The man had a lot of them, no kidding.All the twists revealed later were surprising, but at the same time completely plausible But it all goes down to interpretation, and I barely even knew the Emperor Which makes it hard for me to guess that he will hide something like what was revealed in the book.The ending was rather perfect, in all ways tying up the loose knots As well as giving a rather happy ending to this rather tragic tale.But overall, I did find something greatly entertaining about this tale Not exactly to my taste, but rather enjoyable.

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    3 1 2 stars Whew, this book was kind of exhausting It s not only chunky, but packed there s so much happening with very little breathing room Much like Dragon Sword and Wind Child, it s eerily compelling despite its flaws These books are based on Japanese myth, but they also seem to tap into a sort of proto mythological vein the motifs all seem so familiar, and are played out with such deep dream logic, that it gives one a spooky, distant memory sort of feeling That said, I thought this could really have stood to be tightened up, but given the ancient, rambling myths this was based on, maybe rambling was what the author was going for It seemed like there were a lot of dropped threads I also felt the ending was a little anti climatic, I guess I feel the events that happened toward the end could have been presented in a momentous way, or something For instance, I wish we d gotten Oguna s pov during the time he was view spoiler dead hide spoiler

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    Set centuries or millenia later than the first book, whose events are now only the substance of legends There s still plenty of magic and mythology here, but it feels grittier, historical, and the characters at least start out down to earth Toko and Oguna are childhood friends who are parted when she gets old enough to assist the shrine maiden and he is sent off to become the shadow of Prince Oh usu, his stand in in ceremonies and times of danger.So far both of Ogiwara s male heroes you can t really call them protagonists, the girls get a lot attention and agency are strangely passive, but I kind of like that Toko reads as much vivid and real than Saya a tomboy and stubborn as hell.

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    Though I enjoyed it and literally couldn t put it down until I d finished it the story is very much in the same pattern as the first and in that sense I was a bit disappointed The biggest difference between the two is the importance of the supporting characters Compared to Wind Child, it is here that they are fleshed out and complex While the first book had some dark elements, the themes within Mirror Sword are certainly grown up and sad Some of which is very relatable.

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    Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince is a sequel to Wind Child and Dragon Sword , though you don t necessarily need to have read both to enjoy Mirror Sword Both are based on Japanese folklore and myth, and are fun and interesting reads I thoroughly enjoyed Wind Child and Dragon Sword and so had high expectations when coming into Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince However, I would say that this did not quite live up to the first book Both are well translated, and very interesting stories, but Mirror Sword tended to falter between extremes of dragging on, or speeding past things that I felt deserved attention Much of the book followed an almost RPG style quest after the events of the first act, the main character Toko, had to travel the land in search of 5 sacred stones, a very common storyline, which if done well, can be very interesting, but in this book felt drawn out excessively Then, the last chapter of the book felt as if it was rushed and haphazard I felt as if it really didn t take the time to address the climax So much of the book had lead up to a final clash, and we saw none of it The book often changed POV characters, but during a crucial event, the POV is of someone not involved, waiting from a distance, unaware of the outcome I felt robbed of closure I also feel that Toko did not get the development that she deserved She began the story as a strong willed, tomboyish girl, and ended it as a meek, submissive woman I would have preferred she kept that fire, especially when the shift was so sudden, and only seemed to come about in order to advance the story according to the writer s benefit I also wished we had gotten development between Toko and Oguna as adults The ending left me feeling unsatisfied and cold No true climax, no closure in terms of Oguna s fight between himself and his destiny, and then the story ends with a we ll be living a quiet life now, bye At the very least, I would have preferred and epilogue that touched on the lives of the characters a few years after the final battle, to show us where they ended up That would have given closure I feel Overall, it was a good book, but I feel it needed some editing in some places and fleshing out in others.

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    Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince is the sequel to the Japanese fantasy novel, Dragon Sword and Wind Child However, it is set centuries or even millennia after the first book and so could be read independently The main thread that ties the books together is the shared mythology and setting.Oguna and Toko have grown up together, but Oguna has never known who his parents are When the emperor s son comes to their village, Oguna goes with him to train as the prince s shadow But when Oguna awakens a strange power, it is up to Toko to gather the magatama, beads with magical properties, and stop Oguna.I mentioned in my review of Dragon Sword and Wind Child that the heroine was passive than I prefer That was true as well for Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince Toko was presented as an active female lead, and she s the one that starts on the quest to stop Oguna However, it feels like in the end she doesn t actually do that much Some of what I initially thought she would do ends up getting given to various male characters, and by the end she feels almost redundant Although she s presented as a tomboy, her actual role in the book is the same as Saya s to be a source of guidance for the male lead.The plot line and pacing also seemed oddly structured The quest format works fairly well, but all interest and urgency seem to fizzle out by the end The last hundred pages or so were the most boring in the book and seemed to be killing time than anything else.As with the previous book, the world and mythology were my favorite things about it This one didn t have quite the strength of mythology, probably due to being set so far after the first book, but it still had an epic feel to it that I enjoyed.While I ve grown tired of the series s treatment of gender, there s still much to enjoy about Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince, and it s one I d still recommend to anyone looking for translated fantasy novels.Originally posted on The Illustrated Page.

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    Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince is the second book of the Tales of the Magitama series, and takes place many centuries after the events of Dragon Sword and Wind Child.We are first introduced to a girl named Toko Tachibana, and her adopted brother Oguna Toko s family are the guardians of one of four originally five powerful magatama, magical stones that had originally been strung on a necklace belonging to a goddess Toko is very close to her adopted brother, and a great deal of the opening action revolves around Toko trying to get her parents to let Oguna take part in family only rituals he can t be involved in because he s adopted.Read this review on A Wicked Convergence of Circumstance on Blogger.Read this review on Rena s Hub of Random on WordPress.

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