NáttblindaAs in Snowblind, the once quiet streets of Siglufj r ur are bloodied by murder, this time of Inspector Herj lfur, who is responding to the tip off of a drug deal in a spooky house at the far edge of town Recovering from flu and in the midst of some serious relationship problems, Ari Thor gets outside help in the form of his old boss to investigate the killing This lacked the punch of the first novel, with both the writing and the plotting feeling much weaker There was a stiltedness to either the words or the translation that did not match the beauty and claustrophobia of the first book, though once again the bitterly cold and wet weather effectively permeated every scene There were strands of investigation, such as what happened to a man who died in the same house years ago, that seemed entirely irrelevant to the main storyline, fed into the narrative only for the possibility that it might offer an alternative explanation but in reality failing to provide anything of the sort Another storyline focusing on the mayor and his deputy was unconvincing, especially when that too turned bloodier I quickly guessed whodunnit, the diary entries which are interspersed throughout could only have been written by one of two people, adding to a series of very clear clues Nevertheless, Ari Thor is the kind of character you get a thing for, his troubled relationships and personal flaws are endearing and somewhat amusing I ll have to follow him for that alone. For some strange reason the English publication order differs from the original, I d assumed that this was the second in the series as listed on Goodreads but in actual fact it s the fifth It can be enjoyed as a stand alone adventure but the fact that it s set 5 years after the events of Snowblind and the main protagonist of the series Ari Th r and girlfriend Kristin now have a ten month old son, I feel like I ve missed a lot of character progression throughout the series.The story itself it quite good as the small tranquil fishing village of Siglufj r ur is rocked by the death of a policeman A shooting in the quaint close knit community feels unthinkable, this is the type of place where no one locks their doorsThe mystery was interesting and the solution was perfect, but again it s the location and a feel for the Icelandic way of life that really sells this series.I d anyone who s interested in a good mystery novel with a difference to start this series, but use the original publication order instead It has been five years since Ari Thor has come to Siglufjordur, and he now feels comfortable in the village and his job as a policeman His personal life has changed as well, but lately that has been a bit bumpy He is out with the flu, when his superior is shot at the site of an old house, that has a storied past Crime happens rarely in this small fishing village and Ari is well aware of the fact that had he not been out sick, the man fighting for his life, could well have been him.I love the atmosphere in this series The Arctic winter is closing in, the extreme cold, and since it has been below zero with single digits here, I can relate, surrounds one One gets a very good sense of this village, and the people that live within It is a slower paced procedural with many different avenues investigated before the truth is known Ari Thor, is a pondering sort of man, he is always thinking, trying to make connections, working things out in his own mind Doesn t just accept another s word for something, even Tomas, who brought Ari to this village He is tenacious, and follows every lead, talks to everyone involved, even those who may not lead him to an answer Eventually he will get there.In between chapters, there are writings from a journal, penned by someone who is in as psychiatric ward in Reykjavik Who this is and what it has to do with shooting is not revealed to near the end Added to the overall mystery and the atmosphere as well.A very good , solid story, with an interesting, well described setting I enjoy this series, but I know there are five books so far, this the second the only other one at my library so far Hopefully, as they are translated we will acquire them. 4 starsThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me this ebook It takes place during the bleak, dark winter of Siglufjordur, in northern Iceland I read this book because I spent 3 nights in Siglufordur as part of a Iceland land tour last summer It is a lovely little town that had a thriving fishing industry for hundreds of years until the herrings disappeared about forty years ago Tourism has now replaced the fishing industry.This book starts with the murder of 1 of the 2 police officers in Siglufordur, Herjolfur His wife Helena calls Ari Thor, the other police officer asking him if he has seen her husband Ari finds Herjolfur, who has been shot and is near death The author switches back and forth between the investigation and a diary of a man in a psychiatric hospital The two narratives do tie together in a bittersweet ending There is some domestic violence in the story if that bothers you.One quote He had come to appreciate the summer in Siglufordur, with its dazzling bright days He enjoyed the winter as well, with its all enveloping darkness that curled itself around you like a giant cat. Iceland is a country known for its arts and culture, liberal social attitudes, education, natural wonders, and low crime rate It is also has the fifteenth highest level of gun ownership in the world per capita When a police officer is shot one night in Siglufj r ur, exactly one half of the police force of this small town is injured while on duty Ari Th r Arason is alarmed that his superior officer has been critically wounded but at the same time, he is aware that he could have been the one rushed to the hospital, since he was supposed to have been on duty that night, except that he was home sick with the flu There is also the underlying regret about the cool relationship he has had with his new boss Why, he wonders, was Herj lfur at an abandoned home late that night The obvious question Who shot him We first met Ari Th r in Ragnar J nasson s Snowblind Now, in Nightblind, the local officer has settled in with girlfriend Krist n and their infant son When his boss moved to Reykjavik, Ari Th r had hoped to be promoted, but Herj lfur was hired instead T mas is called in from the capital to command the investigation He seems self assured and even a tad pushy now than before, and his fellow officer both welcomes his experience and is a bit bothered, because he, too, has gained confidence in his own abilities and has his own ideas about how to proceed Nevertheless, the two men get along well enough They roll up their sleeves and get to work questioning witnesses.Interspersed between the dark scenes in Siglufj r ur are strange, puzzling messages from another voice This was disconcerting at first until I realized that these were journal entries written by a patient at a mental hospital A mystery within the mystery Who is this person How does he or she figure into the events in Siglufj r ur Was this patient writing in the present, or perhaps decades earlier Each successive note revealed a bit but not quite enough J nasson moves the plot along slowly but surely, setting up conflicts, questions, clues, and red herrings A few suspects emerge, but the tone is mostly low key, except when two police officers burn the midnight oil to solve the crime, because shootings, especially of law enforcement personnel, are so rare in Iceland.We do get to know Ari Th r better in this second book of the Dark Iceland series That s not an easy task, because he is a quiet man with a secret that he doesn t share, not even with Krist n It has to do with his father, and his lack of sharing is partly responsible for the tension in their relationship He feels the tension, yet he is afraid to askBut as we know, relationships are a two way street, and the author shows us Krist n s discomfort as well Yet, Ari Th r does not strike me as someone who is totally comfortable in his own skin His manner of questioning civilians and suspects in the shooting inquiry seems forced and awkward I look forward to seeing how this character develops in future novels.There are other characters who strike me as uniquely Icelandic, at least, as people I would imagine to be individuals who put up with the cold, the darkness, and the isolation of a fishing village They are strong, stoic, and efficient It really did not surprise me that there are some who succumb to the darkness, the damp, and the cold of this northern land More than one resident of this tightly knit community has a secret But which of them is desperate enough to kill a policeman Perhaps the journal holds the key I found myself enjoying Nightblind much than Snowblind, and I will probably continue reading the series I wish to thank NetGalley, St Martin s Press, and the author for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.4 stars The entire country of Iceland is shocked by the shooting of Inspector Herjo lfur in the small town of Siglufj r ur The inspector has been shot down outside an abandoned house with a violent history Ari Th r Arason , the policeman, who missed out on the promotion to inspector that went to Herjo lfur, is home sick with the flu when he gets the call out by the inspector s wife who has not been able to contact him.It comes as a great shock when Ari Th r realzes if it hadn t been for the flu he might have been the one shot since Herjo lfur was covering his shift.Ari Th r old boss, T mas, is brought back to head the investigation into the shooting They quickly fall into their old rhythm, although Ari Th r finds thinking independently, a surprising change for him.As with any book set in Iceland, the landscape becomes a major player in the story, setting a dark atmosphere of claustrophobia and isolation in this small northern town.The pace is slow as the investigators slowly build their case despite the red herrings, one of which has consequences to Ari Th r s home life where he is settled into a happy life with his girlfriend and new son.The story is interwoven with the journal of a new patient in a psychiatric ward It s not until the end that we are given the the patient s name and the main reason he has been committed.The story follows the lines of a classic mystery Other than our access to the journal we know no than the detectives We are swept up in their investigation as they methodically investigate all leads, even those that lead to powerful politicians.Plot and story is key with Ragnar J nasson His characters are well delineated, but don t take center stage, nor do their personal stories, but neither are they ignored As mentioned, setting is important, but not overwhelming.A very satisfying read, with fans hoping for translations of the other books in the series.Thanks to NetGalley for and ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. I sincerely wish I spoke Icelandic so I could read this series in its proper order This one is a fast forward into the future We miss a series of events that left off in book one with Ari Thor s personal life His professional life is also slightly different Tomas is gone and Ari was passed up on promotion for the inspector position That being said Ari is still the quiet, methodical, watchful police officer that always solves the case Another brilliant mystery by Jonasson I didn t guess the killer until Ari had pieced it together I love a mystery that paces you along with the sleuth Masterful storytelling. Nightblind is the second of Jonasson s Dark Iceland series though there are three books, written after Nightblind, that take place chronologically between Snowblind and Nightblind The setting is Siglufj r ur, a village on the northern tip of Iceland, a place where mid winter is a time of total darkness, with only the barest hint of a sun glow at noon The time is November The people of the village are finishing up tasks for the coming holidays and those things that need daylight, before the darkness sets in Ari Th r Arason, a village policeman out with the flu, is called in from his sickbed because his boss is missing In a two man department, each is indispensable In a country with few guns and few murders, Ari Thor is about to find that a policeman has been shot This will send shock waves through the village and the country.On top of this major event there are others that make Nightblind a very interesting and complex tale In many ways relationships are key to the primary mystery and all of the other mysteries and events that occur around it There are so many difficult, if not fractured, relationships involving major and minor characters This seems a reflection of the darkness descending on the area with the midwinter I really don t want to give away plot than this as it is good to have it roll out for you in reading the book.I do recommend this book to mystery readers I also will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book even without having read Snowblind, though I intend to read it in the future There was enough explanation of past events to keep me up to date with the current events A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review. Nightblind is a tricky book to review if you chose to read this after Blackout then none of the spoilers ruined any plot twists and you are continuing in somewhat of a chronological order This was the shortest book in the series so far at only 206 pages I can t give away much in terms of plot, but once again Jonasson has reeled us in and grabbed us from the very first chapter I was pleased to learn of how the personal lives of our main characters had developed, and once again found myself intrigued by the twisty story There s always a grabbing reveal near the end and this one was as breathtaking as the first two I found myself especially intrigued by the journal entries of the psych ward patient and thought they were a profound touch to add an extra layer of eery atmosphere to the story It seems the I read this series the faster I have to pick up the next book to continue on I highly recommend the Dark Iceland books to fans of vivd nordic noir Many thanks to Karen at Orenda Books for providing my copies it always feels like she s doing me a favor by allowing me to review these books Noc To Z A Pora Dla Prawdy W Ciemno Ci Jej Kszta T Mo E Zabi Z Owieszczy Tak, To Jest To S Owo By O Co Z Owieszczego W Tym Starym, Wal Cym Si Domu Ciany By Y Ziemiste I Pos Pne, Szczeg Lne Teraz, W Zacinaj Cym Deszczu Tutaj Jesie By A Raczej Stanem Umys U Ni Por Roku Zima Przysz A Szybko, Zaraz Po Lecie, W Ko Cu Wrze Nia, Albo Na Pocz Tku Pa Dziernika, Jakby Jesie Zagin A Gdzie Po Drodze Na P Noc Herj Lfur, Inspektor Policji Z Siglufj Rdur, Nie T Skni Za Ni Za Bardzo, Przynajmniej Za Jesieni Z Reykjaviku, W Kt Rym Dorasta Zacz Ceni Lato W Siglufj Rdur, Z O Lepiaj Co Jasnymi Dniami Zima Te Mu Si Podoba A, Z Ogarniaj C Wszystko Ciemno Ci , Kt Ra Ow A A Si Wok Cz Owieka Jak Ogromny Kot W Tym Opuszczonym Domu Inspektor Herj Lfur W Rodku Nocy Zosta Miertelnie Postrzelony Pojecha Tam Zamiast Swojego Podw Adnego Ariego Th RaWkr Tce Ginie Nast Pny Cz Owiek, A W Internecie Pojawiaj Si Informacj Z Policyjnego Ledztwa Kto Du O Wie I Jest Bardzo Blisko Policji Albo Blisko Ofiary Trop Prowadzi W Wiat Tajemnic Miejscowej ElityAri Th R, Mimo E Jego W Asne Ycie Znowu Jest Na Zakr Cie, Wbrew Wszystkim Uparcie Szuka Prawdy, Kt Ra Zaczyna Si Uk Ada W Okrutny ObrazSiglufj Rdur Ma E Rybackie Miasteczko Na P Nocy Islandii Jest Jak Pu Apka Wci Ni Te W G Boki Fiord, Rzadko Widzi S O Ce Zim Przychodzi Noc Polarna, Kt Rej Mrok Odbiera Si Y Tu Wszyscy Wiedz O Sobie Wszystko I Milcz Nikt Nikomu Nie Ufa, Zw Aszcza Obcym, Takim Jak Ari Th R Arason

Ragnar Jonasson is author of the award winning and international bestselling Dark Iceland series.His debut Snowblind, first in the Dark Iceland series, went to number one in the Kindle charts shortly after publication The book was also a no 1 Kindle bestseller in Australia Snowblind has been a paperback bestseller in France Nightblind won the Dead Good Reader Award 2016 for Most

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