MidrealmVery Excited to read Midrealm is a story about six teenagers who are in detention one day and pass out They wake up in another world, where they are the Realm Keepers, wizards with incredible powers Each Realm Keeper has a different element to control The world is threatened by an evil wizard called Terrence that they need to battle, to save both Midrealm the fantasy world and Earth.The book is the first in the series and is exceptionally well written I raced through this book, always wanting to find out what was going to happen next The characters are all interesting and distinct The adventures they go on in the first book are largely unique.I highly enjoyed this book, it s the best book I ve read this year, and I doubt anything will beat it in the next three months.In terms of age, I d say it s appropriate from about 12 and up, although advance readers may be able to cope with it There is a lot of violence and thrills, but no real swearing or other adult situations.A great book and I m looking forward to the sequel, Wyrmspire. After getting a free copy of episode one, I thought that this story had a lot of promise so I picked up this full compilation of the first season and read through it all very quickly The authors did an amazing job of taking 6 very unique characters and making them actually feel like unique characters each of the first 6 episodes is told from one character s point of view, and you really get to delve into that character s head and learn their motivations No two felt even remotely like the same person, which is difficult to accomplish and superbly done You d think that the two authors had been writing together for years The story is very epic in scope, using a lot of established fantasy cliches but in such a way that you enjoy the fresh telling of them and want to keep reading.The story is relatively predictable if you ve read much in the genre, but not so much that there aren t plenty of fresh surprises The cliffhangers throughout the book make it hard to put down, and at the very end of the story there is an excellent cliffhanger that makes the reader want to learnright away rather than wait for the next book It s told in such a way that you feel satisfied with the conclusion of this book and don t feel jipped at all which can happen sometimes with series books so I hope that the authors can maintain that throughout each book so that the reader is always left with a complete experience after reading it.I highly recommend this book, it s fast paced, action packed, and was a lot of fun to read I can t wait to continue the story. WOW There, I always wanted to begin a review with wow , and Midrealm gave me the perfect opportunity.At 500 pages and almost a quarter of a million words to quote one of the authors, this is one huge book It took me a while to read it, but I enjoyed every moment of it Midrealm features six main characters, and it does it with style Each character has its own first person point of view narrative If you are a writer, then you know how darn difficult it is to pull this one off Writer or not, you will have your mind blown away.Perfection of style aside, this is a beautiful and compelling story The characters simply jump out of the page, and the scenes blend as seamlessly as if this were a movie Of course, one of the authors is a movie director, so that s only to be expected.Speaking of the characters, you will most likely find one to identify with For me, it was Calvin, the DD nerd That s not to say that if I were sixteen again I wouldn t have a major crush for mysterious Tess.I will not delve into the plot, for fear of unearthing too many spoilers Suffice it to say that it is bullet proof, despite its many unexpected turns.Though I enjoyed it immensely as an adult, my only regret is that I could not have read it as a teenager I would have been a much better writer if I had Midrealm as one of my early influences. i received this book in exchange for an honest review.i will start off by saying that this is one of the few books with good cover pages that i have come across this year i loved how the concept of the book in portrayed in the cover page this book is a young adult which can be read by any age group the story will keep you hooked to the book the book is a little too lengthy i fell it could have been cut short but since it was so much fun who is complaining i would love to readfrom the author this book is a must read for all age groups I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First let me say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book I typically hate first person narration but it actually worked great in this book I loved the author s writing style especially with the dialogue or giving an insight into the main character s thoughts It was just so natural and genuine that it was very believable.While many authors like to put their work in the same category as Harry Potter or Narnia, I did see many similarities with this novel The characters were very entertaining and I love the world building that was done in this book Looking forward to the next novel in the series. This book was reviewed by our podcast and awarded Four and a Half Grails our rating unit.What we liked Well Written Engaging Great Premise A great start to a fantasy seriesWhat we didn t like minor details, quibbles, nothing The podcast can be found at this feed link www dot siegeperilousreviews dot com feedOr streamed directly from out website at www dot siegeperilousreviews dot com episode 07 midrealm by garrett robinson and zc bolger An entertaining read I don t usually read fantasy, but this book was a joy to read that I didn t realize I ve read all the 500 pages XD This book is written differently then I ve ever come across It s main characters are 6 teens, Sarah, Miles, Tess, Calvin, Blade, and Raven In a way it reminds me of the breakfast club gang When you read it you ll see what I mean.The first half of the book is broken into 6 episodes, which are like mini stories with their own chapters Each episode is told from a differnt characters pov The stories don t overlap but start from where one leaves off I found this a really good way to get to know everyone s personality and thoughts.The second half threw me off when it started, I thought it had taken a very differnt turn but a few pages in I realized what was happening This half is told from everyone s perspective.The story itself is very original These kids pass out only to wake up in a differnt world to be told destiny has chosen them to be the new Realm Keepers Basically they re the protectors of Midrealm which in a way is protecting Earth The catch is whenever they are asleep on Earth they are in Midrealm and vice versa The episodes tell how they all come to deal with this and what their responsibilities are.The second half revolves around the war they are fighting against Chaos, and learning to use their powers Each teen has a different one but only while in Midrealm I really like this story I was almost immediately drawn in by the writing and impatient to see what happens next It does end on a cliffhanger but not an omg why did they stop it there one The next book is Wyrmspire which is scheduled to be realized in December 2013 I will definitely be waiting to read it.I recieved this edition from the author in exchange for a honest review Thank you. BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE AUTHORS If You And Your Friends Went To Another World Every Time You Went To Sleep What If You Spent Half Your Life Here, In Our World, And The Other Half Battling For Mankind S Survival Against Foes Too Terrible To Be Real And What If You Could Never Tell Anyone This Is Reality For The Realm Keepers Six People From Earth Thrust Into A Terrifying War Between Midrealm And Chaos Plucked From Their Ordinary Lives And Given Extraordinary Powers, They Re The Only Thing Standing Between Our World And Destruction

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midrealm book, this is one of the most wanted Garrett Robinson author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 544 pages
  • Midrealm
  • Garrett Robinson
  • English
  • 15 October 2017
  • 9781939898029

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