Midnight Shadow (Zebra Historical Romance)

Midnight Shadow (Zebra Historical Romance)I know I was supposed to think Robin Hood, but I found myself thinking caped and masked heroes from the 1920s to 1950s the operetta Desert Song, the Lone Ranger, and of course, The Shadow only the Shadow knows, ha ha ha. From childhood to womanhood Bria was always headstrong He grandfather was no help Stories of the Midnight Shadow had filled her memory for as long as she could remember Was he real or just a tale Bria had to knowfind out how she learned the truth of the Midnight Shadow and her life changed forever. Laurel O Donnell Is One Of The Most Highly Regarded Authors In Today S Romance World Midnight Shadow Is The Tale Of A Noblewoman Who Avenges The Poor Disguised As The Midnight Shadow Until She Learns That The Peasants Oppressor Is Actually The Man She Loves Thrilling romantic suspense Bria is a wonderfully unconventional heroine who takes life by the horns and makes the most of every opportunity Terran is a bit of a dark hero, deliciously swoon worthy and than a match for Bria These two have an exciting road to their HEA, filled with secrets and suspense and villainous machinations.This story is a fine example of what we read historical romances for I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. This book is about a lady who must don the disguise of the Midnight Shadow to fight tyranny and avenge her friends, all the while falling in love with the man she believes is her enemy.This book was excellent A real page turner I thought for 2.99, it would just be okay, but I really loved this book. A story much like Robin Hood, but a female heroine Had it not been a female, I d not liked it as much, that said, I loved the story These happily ever after romance stories by Laurel O Donnell are fantastic, so well written and certainly page turners You won t be left wantinggreat mix of everything a Middle Ages romance can offer. .it was really disappointing, the hero loves another girl at first i browse the pages and there is always a mention of that other girl who dies.., i really got exited after reading the Angel and the Princei started to purchase this author medieval worksi thought it will be great read toowhat a fallacy i have in there, i didn t finish the book Amazing fantasy read I could still shake Terran for his stupid act and not noticing what was going on around him Bria was an amazing well written character with depths and shadows as well as love and energy Loved this book Midnight Shadow had a great start to it For the first part of the book, I couldn t stop turning the pages, and I was completely drawn to the story I liked how so many unexpected things happened, and at various points throughout the book, I wasn t quite sure what would happen next Definitely a surprise The writing is nice and simple, a lot lighter than your usual medieval romance, and I liked that It made it easier for me to follow the story and enjoy it I m not a great connoisseur of medieval language and culture So, the plot was great A female Robin Hood fighting against a handsome evil Lord s tyranny, avenging her friends and bringing justice to the people Who wouldn t want to at least give that a try The pace was fine I never really felt like the story dragged, though it sometimes did feel a bit repetitive The writing was good, and the setting engaging enough The romance, however, is where the whole thing just collapsed It was terrible The reason The characters Oh my God, this novel has the worst types of Hero and heroine you can find in a story There was so much wrong with the romance and the characters, I don t even know where to begin Let s start with Bria Bria is the very annoying kind of heroine that thinks Hit me, but please don t leave me , and also I hate your guts, but whatever you do, don t stop touching me Mix these two things together, and you definitely have the worst type of heroine Terran was supposedly her enemy, the one responsible for her friends deaths, and here she is pining over him and feeling all giddy every time he s near She was so fickle and I just couldn t see how this woman could become the Midnight Shadow I would ve much preferred to see a stronger heroine in this role Terran For starters, he is always in a rage If he s not in a rage, he s lusting after the heroine, and also in a rage There are a few moments when you see different facets to him, but they are so brief and he switches from one emotion to the next so quickly, that I was beginning to think he was bipolar He was also so selfish and stupid, not to mention incredibly jealous and possessive in a very annoying kind of way He had no redeeming qualities that I could see He was a prick.Honestly, I don t think the author gave much thought to the development of the characters They were all over the place, and that resulted in a very inconsistent, unrealistic, flawed and floppy romance. This is dramatic and tragic Terran is bold, demanding, ignorant, oblivious and stubborn Brian is brave, daring, determined and protective After Terran comes to insist the betrothal contract between him and Bria is upheld, Bria decides to fight back against him and his cruel sheriff, Kenric, the man who killed her best friend She rides as The Midnight Shadow, stealing the taxes from Kenric and giving them back to the people But she can t fight her attraction to Terran, even knowing all the evil things he has done As she gets to know him, she becomes confused about the things he does, some caring, some not Meanwhile, Kenric has his own plans for them It s a slow paced story until the end, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midnight Shadow (Zebra Historical Romance) book, this is one of the most wanted Laurel O'Donnell author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Midnight Shadow (Zebra Historical Romance)
  • Laurel O'Donnell
  • English
  • 10 June 2019

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